Apple unleashes iOS 11 update


iPhone and iPad owners, grab your devices, because it’s time to update to iOS 11.

Apple has released iOS 11 to the public, complete with new features and improvements to existing features. There’s a new Files app to organize and access files on your device and in the cloud, an updated Control Center that you can customize to fit the way that you use your device, and a Do Not Disturb for driving that’ll disable notifications while you’re behind the wheel. Apple is making a big augmented reality push with this update, too, adding ARKit to help developers create AR apps.

Also included is an improved version of Siri with more natural voices and the ability to translate English into select other languages, a refreshed App Store, and both lane guidance and speed limits in Apple Maps.

iPad users have some new goodies to look forward to with iOS 11, like a Dock for quick access to select apps, improved Apple Pencil support, and Drag and Drop for moving content from one app to another.


One other iOS 11 detail worth noting is that Apple plans to add person-to-person Apple Pay payments to its Messages app. However, that feature is now slated to launch this fall.

To update to iOS 11, go into Settings > General > Software update on your device. The iOS 11 update is available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone SE, and iPhone 5s. It’s also available to the iPad mini 2, 3, and 4; iPad 5th generation; iPad Air and iPad Air 2; and all iPad Pro models.

Also being released today is watchOS 4 for the Apple Watch. This update adds new features like a Siri watch face that’ll proactively display the info that you need and the ability to pair your Apple Watch with compatible gym equipment to sync info like heart rate and speed. With watchOS 4, the Apple Watch can also alert you if you’re close to reaching an activity goal in the evening and push you to complete the goal.

You can update to watchOS 4 by going to the Watch app on your paired iPhone and then selecting General and then Software Update.

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  • Sharti24

    It’s just iOS 10.4

  • rex2745

    Apple needs a new makeover for iOS just updated and it doesn’t even feel like a whole new update

    • The One

      Android O will be the same user interface as well. In fact, Android hasn’t changed much since Lollipop launched 3 years ago. Both operating systems are reaching a point of maturity where each update will largely bring under the hood changes that aren’t very exciting to the user.

  • Jason Caprio

    I’m a Google Pixel XL owner and I love Androids because of their extra freedom of customization compared to Apple. Most of the employees at my company use iPhones. I just updated a couple iPhone 6S for them. I have to say, iPhones are butter smooth. I still prefer Android but iPhones have a very refined experience.

    • Nearmsp

      I have used both and both do a good job. The only reason I use iPhones is for the better photos and because Apple does a better job on keeping viruses out of the apps that come through to the App Store.

  • Patrick McLaughlin

    The TMobile App keeps Crashing when I refresh it after the update. But, I do love the new signal meter bars.

    • Captain Insano

      I love them too. I feel like it’s actually a little bit of a better signal.

    • Check for app updates

  • Iphart

    This update is awesome for iPad.

  • Carrier update 29.1 after the iOS 11 update

  • Joseph Guy

    i have an ipad pro not the new one and after the update it’s faster then before

  • Sharti24

    How is battery life?

    • (J²)


      It was so bad yesterday my phone battery life went from fully charged to 20% or less at least 3 times. What’s worse is I was at work and left it charging until I needed it. Today, it doesn’t seem as bad but is noticeably worse.

      • Sharti24

        Ty. I’ll hold off till 11.01

        • Brad

          Yes wait for 11.01! My 6s Plus did go all day without a charge, now I have to charge it twice in one day doing the same on my iphone. Glad I kept my old HTC One 9M at least it can go on one charge for the day!