Google sending invitations to Pixel 3 event on October 9th


One week before Apple’s new iPhone event, Google has revealed when we’ll get to meet its new flagship smartphones.

Google is hosting an event in New York City on October 9th. The invitation says “I <3 NY”, which seems like a hint that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will officially debut at the event. Both devices have leaked before, but it’ll be exciting to finally meet them for real and learn what makes them tick and how much they’ll cost.

It’s unclear what else Google might show at its event, but new Pixel Buds wireless headphones and a new Pixelbook laptop are both possibilities. Rumors have suggested that Google is cooking up new versions of both products, and the original Pixel Buds and Pixelbook were both announced at Google’s Pixel phone event last year, so it’s possible we’ll see new Pixel Buds and a new Pixelbook on October 9.

Are you excited for Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL?

Source: Droid-Life

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  • John Doe

    Why are you promoting a Verizon exclusive device on a T-Mobile blog?

    • Phone Guy

      It has the T-Mobile 600MHZ frequency.

      • John Doe

        So most phones that use Qualcomm’s latest processor with integrated modem comes with it now.

    • KOLIO

      Because it’s not a Verizon exclusive:
      While VZW may be the only carrier selling the P3’s,the carrier-free version will be sold by Google & it’s fully compatible on all US Carriers.

      • The Borg

        If Verizon is the only one selling it, it’s an exclusive!

        • KOLIO

          Google is selling it unlocked,so,how is it that it’s a VZW exclusive?
          Yes,they’re likely the only US Carrier selling it,that doesn’t make it a Verizon exclusive.
          A phone exclusive to VZW would mean it’s not available anywhere else.

        • Finx

          Not if I can buy it new at and put a T-Mobile SIM in it (I did this with the Pixel 2 XL)

    • bkat11

      You can also buy it online via EIP….also some rumors this is the final year Verizon has exclusivity

      • mascenzi80

        how do you do that?

        • bkat11

          Go to Google’s website and apply for financing

  • pda96

    Nobody gives a damn. There must be a ton of ex-Apple employees working at Google. It’s rotting from within.

  • Philip

    Dual speakers? Are they loud?

  • Kevin Wu

    For the buyers who are in the market will care. Hopefully they price it correctly to gain marketshare, otherwise it will be niche product.