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All hail multi-touch!!

First let me say, I know the article about the White G1 in stores is delayed and should have been up here long before other websites covered it. Expect it tomorrow with some new photography. For now, enjoy this video regarding the multi-touch prospects of the G1! Engadget

T-mobile launches web2go, yahoo search, slew of services that brings peace and joy to the world!

We’ve pretty much already covered most of what todays official unveilings brought to the T-mobile customer base. Web2go, data pricing and the app store are all starting their rollouts with this week. Oh yeah, in case 4 or 5 people cared, the Cameo launched as well. Notable about the web2go that hasn’t really been covered on this blog is the yahoo based search bar that dominates the top … [read full article]

Go Birmingham, its your birthday…

Birmingham, Alabama has officially launched 3G this morning and thereby joined the ranks of T-mobile fans everywhere can take advantage of all the grandiose aspects of 3G life. Admittedly I know nothing about Birmingham, so no funny jokes or quips are forthcoming. However, on behalf of all of us at Tmonews I’d like to formally extend our congratulations for becoming a member of the elite 3G club, high speed services just rock. Thanks … [read full article]

Good news for G1 fans, who haven't bought the phone yet!

One of the larger complaint prior to the G1 launch was the lack of a genuine 3.5mm headset jack. You had access to all the tracks Amazon’s music store could offer, but no way to listen to them without a fancy little get up headset style. Fear not, now included and shipping with the G1 is a 3.5mm adapater for all your music listening pleasure. According to the forums, at least … [read full article]

Extra, extra read all about it…

As the snow starts to fall and the holiday music starts taking over the radio we all begin to long for a getaway. Luckily T-mobile has a solution for your problems, fly for free! We’ve previewed this before and given a round-up of the requirements for your reading pleasure. Just a quick recap, starting today walk into a T-mobile store/ and add a new line, upgrade (2 year qualified) or both … [read full article]

White G1 before Thanksgiving?! Someone needs to make up their minds!


Last week, based on no part to information I still consider absolutely accurate we wrote about the White G1 and its oft-discussed delay. The information gave credence and hope that ordering would start right after the Thanksgiving holiday with shipping to complete by December 8th. T-mobile however, is apparently in a holiday gift mood and is looking to start offering the device a few days earlier than anticipated. After a sudden and unanticipated appearance on … [read full article]

I've been wanting this moment for a while

For the uninformed, adobe flash is one of the most sought after “products” that has yet to become available for most mainstream popular cell phones, ie the G1 and the iPhone. While the wait for G1 owners has been significantly shorter than iPhone owners, G1 users may not have to wait much longer. As a recent “Adobe Max 2008” developer conference, Adobe showed off flash 10 running on Android and the G1. In laymens terms this basically … [read full article]

T-mobile launches Samsung Gravity

This one goes out to text messaging fanatics across the US, T-mobile has launched the Samsung Gravity. Available today via T-mobile, magenta is gearing up with holiday releases to ensure that cell phone fans from tweens to adults are covered from top to bottom with a multitude of devices to choose from. Sporting a full qwerty keyboard, the Gravity will sell for $49.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Not bad for that … [read full article]

Talking about G1, delays…

The elusive white G1, rumored to have been recalled due to paint chipping, is not expected for a launch at least until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I know this might not come as a shock to most considering the amount of chatter about the release date for the phone that spreads across numerous discussion forums. This is a little delayed I grant you that, this article was supposed to post a number of … [read full article]

Attention Cameo fans!

I know the lines were already getting started for this soon to be holiday blockbuster but unfortunately I am the bearer of bad tidings. The cameo has been delayed till the 19th!! After you’ve grabbed your box of kleenex and calmed down, we should mention that its only a 4 day delay and that you will still be able to send pictures of yourselves to Grandma before you know it! On the … [read full article]