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T-Mobile Considering Partnership With Clearwire

Hmm, here is a bit of interesting news.  Reuters is reporting that T-Mo is trying to find a way to boost its spectrum capacity.  Within this goal, the company is considering forming a joint venture with Clearwire.  According to Robert Dotson, the chief executive of T-Mobile USA, the company is “looking for additional spectrum… there are a number of different options we look at, (we) have been talking with cable companies, with Clearwire,…” The big magenta does … [read full article]

Wirefly Is Giving Away A Free Sony Equinox

Warning, shameless promotional plug ahead! The HD2 it isn’t, but our friends at Wirefly have asked for a little help in promoting their Sony Ericsson Equinox giveaway.  I have to admit that I’ve been using this phone steadily over the past few weeks and it’s been a real pleasure to use.  It’s not a smartphone and I’m not under any delusions about what it can do, but what it does do, it does very … [read full article]

T-Mobile Extends BOGO For Upgrades (Updated)

Note: The Upgrade offer is only available through Partner channels, NOT through corporate-owned retail stores!  This makes for two separate BOGO’s, one for corporate retail which is doing new lines only and one for retail partner sales which is doing new lines AND qualifying upgrades. Quite a few of you took notice of the fact that to participate in the current BOGO promotion running now through the 31st , you had to be a new … [read full article]

Motorola Cliq XT Now Available (Updated)

Update:  There seems to be a bit of confusion as quite a few of you have emailed in stating that the $99.99 price is showing up in your upgrade. However, some of you are also reporting the upgrade price to be $189.99.  We’ll try to get to the bottom of this ASAP! That’s right, Android fans.  Today is March 17th, otherwise known as Cliq  XT arrival day.  Unfortunately, though, the news isn’t all sunshine and rainbows … [read full article]

T-Mobile HD2 Event Going Down In NYC, Live (Sort Of) (Updated)

Update: Almost forgot that the @TMobile_USA tweet finally finally finally is confirming what we already knew.  Many many thanks to the @WMExperts crew who gave me their blessing to repost their info.  Enjoy the show, guys! Thanks to the good folks over at WMExperts who have so graciously and thankfully blessed us with the use of their pictures at the T-Mobile HTC HD2 launch event.  Things are happening live … [read full article]

T-Mobile Advertising The Upcoming Trifecta

Nothing says “buy me” like a glossy advertisement and that’s exactly what T-Mobile is dropping in their stores.  The trifecta of upcoming phones arguably covers the entire gambit of needs for smartphone lovers everywhere.  If you want some Android goodness, the Cliq XT with some MotoBlur window dressing has you covered.  Perhaps you want a touchscreen without all the smartphone frills but with some extra horsepower over that standard flip.  The Nokia Nuron is waiting … [read full article]

The Magenta Mothership Confirms HD2 Launch Date

Finally, after months of speculation and rumors, rumors and more rumors, the Magenta mothership herself has confirmed the date of launch.  It’s March 24th.  So get your piggy banks cracked open or beg and plead for money from your Mom but come one week from this very Wednesday, this baby is all yours.  If the price is right. It’s been a nice run of HTC HD2 posts though up till now, right? Sound off … [read full article]

Nokia Nuron Confirmed For March 24th Launch

We’ve been hearing whispers through emails and smoke signals that the Nokia Nuron was indeed facing a short delay to launch.  We can now officially confirm the delay as well as the March 24th launch date.  Originally slated for the 17th, we’re not sure what the cause of the delay was and, frankly, since this phone only requires a $10 data plan, we’re willing to wait an extra week.  The pricing details were missing from … [read full article]

HTC HD2 Pricing Leaked (again), Confirmed (again)

We’ve had the good fortune of knowing the HTC HD2 price point for almost two weeks now.  Some of you wanted to wait until it got a little closer and/or wanted something else “official.”  Well, now we have an HTC HD2 leaked price card bound to grace the shelves of T-Mobile retail stores once again and it confirms that beautiful $199.99 price. Of course, with the price so low you can always buy two, especially … [read full article]

Quick Look At The T-Mobile HTC HD2

You guys asked, and we delivered. Yup, that’s right. We’ve got some more exclusive T-Mobile HTC HD2 goodness. Above you will see a quick look at some of the HD2’s multimedia features on a huge 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen. Leave your thoughts in the comments! Sidenote: The video above was taken with another T-Mobile HTC HD2. Definitely shows how good the video quality is.