Tmo HTC One update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat finally here

Apologies for grabbing this so late, but for those of you who haven’t already downloaded and installed it, 4.4.2 is finally here for the Magenta-flavored HTC One. It landed late last night, very inconveniently while I was in the middle of travelling to Barcelona for this year’s MWC conference.

As for the update, it marks the start of HTC’s campaign to ensure that all future devices will support the latest software updates, and will receive them for two years after launch. In theory, it’s fantastic for those of you who hate having the uncertainty of whether or not there will be an update to your device’s OS.

Screenshot 2014-02-22 at 15.45.26

If you haven’t already had a notification for the update, head in to your settings menu, and check for software updates manually. Once you’ve downloaded, be sure to let us know what you think. What’s the most important part of the new OS for you? Sound off in the comments, or grab me on Twitter: @TiP_Cam

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  • brand1399

    Anyone notice issues with the camera being very slow and laggy? It takes forever to focus now and freezes at times. I still have the pink in low light situations.

    • Orlando G.

      I dont have a focus issue but the pink in the low light is there

    • KingofPing

      Pink/purple is a hardware issue. Exchange it. Known for months now. HTC will give you a new one with no questions asked.

  • cody

    My update downloaded but won’t install:( a red triangle and ! Pop up

  • Bryan

    I had that camera issue last night after the install also. it was taking forever to focus and wouldn’t snap the photo till it became blurry again. Once I turned on the flash though it took the picture right away. hopefully this will correct after the update settles down for a day or so but if not they need to find a patch cause I use my camera for pictures of my kids all the time.

    • brand1399

      Yeah, I hope they release a patch for it soon. It really has ruined the camera.

  • tonyfatex

    Updated mines this morning! Quicker! Smoother! And I haven’t run into any issues with the camera yet! One thing I’m curious about it the Tap & Pay. Does it work? It says it does but does it really?

    • bkin94

      I don’t think many stores have anything to receive the tap yet. it’ll be awhile before it becomes universal

  • $15454173

    Go get it beta testers :)

    • Napster87

      this already went through the soak test. So if you’re trolling, you’ve failed.

      • $15454173

        “I dont have a focus issue but the pink in the low light is there”

        “Anyone notice issues with the camera being very slow and laggy? It takes forever to focus now and freezes at times. I still have the pink in low light situations.”
        “Am I the only one with the “Unfortunately Google Calendar Sync has stopped working” issue? ”

        Read the responses so far. The “soak test” did not get make things right for these people. My post was saying beta testers because the people who are the real true beta testers are right here.

        If you are looking for trolling maybe “TMOFAN4EVER” might be a bit more in that direction :)

        • Napster87

          These are hardware issues.

        • $15454173

          Hardware. Too bad. I would have returned this phone but with JUMP this can be “fixed”. New phones coming out soon.

  • Chynegal

    Wasnt the contacts and the call I’d supposed to be different? I thought that the caller Id now would be linked to Google maps so if you didn’t know the number Google maps would identify it for you if they had the information

    • Chris

      That’s Google’s dialer for Nexus 5. It’s not part of AOSP. Just like when they released Photosphere it’s Google’s proprietary camera rather than part of AOSP.

      • Chynegal

        Thanks for the info altho I’m a little disappointed

  • tmobile

    does this finally turn off blinkfeed?

    • J-Hop2o6

      I’ve had 4.2.2 for awhile (custom rom). But yes, you can turn off BlinkFeed by holding down the regular home screen (not blinkfeed), and hitting the BlinkFeed on/off button. Not sure why you would want to turn it off. HTC has improved BlinkFeed (more sources + custom sources) since its first iteration.

      • tonyfatex

        I was really excited about the ability to turn off BlinkFeed but then I played with the updated version and I have to say… it’s a lot better.

      • Nick Gonzalez

        I absolutely love blinkfeed. But the weird thing is, with this update, and even the last update my blinkfeed has gotten slower. Before these updates it seemed to load faster, whenever I clicked a tile it would load up almost instantly. These days it takes forever and sometimes won’t even load. I haven’t heard about this problem with other people.

        • tomnewtn

          Blinkfeed won’t show gallery now. I factory reset after update, and selected gallery in settings, etc etc.

        • Nick Gonzalez

          Do you mean the Highlight reel in Blinkfeed?

  • Guest

    Am I the only one with the “Unfortunately Google Calendar Sync has stopped working” issue? Overall, update seems smooth. And for the purple hue camera problem, I truly believe that’s a hardware problem (exchanged my One under warranty).

    • del

      I have the calendar sync issue aswell since updating to 4.4.2 !
      Everything else seems to work ok , very frustrating !

    • tmonovice

      I just fixed it on my ZTE Avid. enter calendar settings, accounts, click off android box, click on and off gmail account, after click it on and off a Google message popup says Warning, Google will stop supporting this sync method in the future, probably in November..please use oauth2 instead. when tapping the convert now button below a backup will be created and then the account will be converted into an oauth2 account. i cilcked convert now, within half a minute, it processed, then when return to calendar, no more message popup above saying unfortunately…google sync has stopped. Solved after two days of aggravation with can search oauth2 protocol online.



    • philyew

      Astonishing that you knew this “days ago”, since HTC only announced that they had received technical approval from TM (and AT&T) yesterday (21st) and would be “getting the OTA out shortly.”

      TmoNews reported on Wednesday (19th) that the update would be coming this week. The update for TM launched within the last 24 hours.

      Usual hollow criticism.


        HEAR ME OUT…

        • philyew

          And yet you choose to complain about, at most, a few hours delay over any other coverage when Cam explained that he was traveling to Barcelona for the MWC Conference during the key period.

          Your original statement was flat-out wrong. You’re still exaggerating the delay. No one published this news 24 hours before TmoNews. The first reports of the update being downloaded hit XDA in the early hours of the 22nd – the same day this article appeared.

          You have some rose-tinted recollections of David’s era. I liked the guy, but there were days when he didn’t post anything here and, despite his obvious passion, there were stories that were covered by others before him. It’s just the nature of the business.

        • THETRUTH

          Philyew youre an idiot stop being biased and taking the side of the tmonews because the honest truth is tmonews no longer has the same response time to new news that comes out. The fact of the matter is Cam worries more about his crappy iphone blog then this.

        • philyew

          It amazes me that people come by here with half-baked criticisms and patently incorrect assertions and expect to be given a free-hearing with no responding criticism when they are demonstrably wrong.

          I at least do the person the courtesy of researching the dates and times to come up with evidence that they are mistaken.

          You, on the other hand, offer nothing but biased opinion to bolster the biased opinion of the OP.

          When you people start coming by here with irrefutable evidence to support your criticisms, I’ll respect the point of view.

          Until then, if the evidence is there to prove your claims wrong, then expect me, or someone else who is trying to be fair-minded, to point out that fact.

          Resorting to name-calling really doesn’t help your credibility.

        • MoveOn

          So heres a few examples as to why tmonew has fallen down the drain. First off I have given this website’s fair share of chances for my exclusive T-mobile news since the changeover but recently the delay just isn’t sufficing. The unpacked event for Samsung was today and look still nothing. When he posted that kitkat had come out for the HTC One it had already been pulled. Philyew here are the evidences of lack of speed and knowledge hence is the reason why this website is a site I will no longer visit. I would say the criticisms above are not at all half baked it is a chance for Cam to read them and realize that there may be errors in his way and a chance for him to rectify them. The internet is a vast space for people to express themselves and if it in any way offends you then suck it up, because at the end of the day nobody cares and in a sense this post is also unimportant.

        • philyew

          Claiming that the Kit Kat release had been known about for “days” and then “24 hours” was half-baked. Those claims were untrue and remain so, even with your more detailed support.

          I’m obviously not using the right search terms because I can’t find anything about the update being pulled. Where is that reported, please?

          I’m not in the least offended, but people seem to think that their freedom of speech somehow means people shouldn’t disagree with them.

          If Cam fails to cover the S5 today, when he is actually in Barcelona, then your criticisms won’t meet any comment from me. Ironically, he was the one who covered the S4 live launch last year, not David.

        • Rick

          Sorry, TMONews was a little slow, and given that travel was involved, I’m not finding fault.

        • philyew

          Seems like we are agreeing then, Rick. I said there was “at most, a few hours delay over any other coverage when…he was traveling…”

          The point was that it wasn’t “days” or even “24 hours”, as falsely claimed.

      • Rick

        I downloaded my update Friday 2/21 about 2100MST. I dropped a note to TMONews that night.

  • Rob916

    Checked the wife’s phone and it indeed showed the update was available. I started the download but canceled it because her battery was low. Charged the phone and now it says there’s no update available and it’s still on 4.3. Anyone know how to get the update to pop back up again?

    • Chynegal

      Go into settings and then about phone and click on software update

      • Rob916

        Yeah. I do that and it says no update available.

        • aphotix

          T-mobile didn’t approve the update, HTC rolled it out without approval so its been pulled.

  • rsg

    I didn’t get the update, but I’m now using the Nexus 5 and was hoping my HTC One would update without a SIM on wifi. Is this possible, or I do I need to put the SIM in to get the update?

    • dom

      That’s how I updated mine

  • dom

    I’m sad I can’t use the music lock screen anymore and the music app got worse I got the phone for the build but I loved it for music possibilities. the software feels slower for me anyone else

    • Chynegal

      You can but you will have to add it as a widget

    • Hari Uday

      Reset to factory defaults. The slowness will go forever!
      Cant help on music app though!

  • Debra Premo

    I never got a notification and when I went into the settings it says my phone is up to date…. Anyone else not able to get the update?

    • Chynegal

      Do it again ….it happened to me

      • Debra Premo

        No I tried several times, I reset the phone tried again… Nothing :(

        • Chynegal

          I would say call tech support and see if they can help

        • DapperDan

          I called tech support, they said it can take up to 45 days to get an update. I still don’t have mine :-(

    • Hoang

      They usually do these updates in sets. The first wave yesterday, then follows the second wave, and third wave, and so on. So I say just wait patiently.

    • Jared

      I checked mine Saturday and it said update available while I was at home, when I got to work today to use Wi-Fi, it said no update available and system up to date.

  • OCF

    I updated my phone, but now Google Maps doesn’t give directions. It says it fails to connect.

  • thatguy

    i dont mean to be “thatguy” but how are you not covering the S5 launch and all that, not a single peep out of you, pathetic. Can we get someone in here who is actually interested in tmobile and the north american cell phone industry please, no offence to you cam, you do a good job at your iphone website but thats clearly where your interests are, not here.

    • Bud

      this site is about tmobile not a specific phone. join a samsung fan site for coverage of that pos.

      • randomnerd_number38

        No need for name calling. And are you seriously suggesting the Galaxy S5 will not launch on T-Mobile, Bud?

        • thepanttherlady

          Not sure how that response slipped by me but I agree. No reason for name calling. Edited their response to remove it.

    • philyew

      The launch event was scheduled to start four hours ago at MWC. Since Cam is at the event, let’s see if we get anything today. I’d agree that we should see something about it here, since he is in the house.

      It’s not that pressing an issue that we should see a blow-by-blow blog of the launch as a few tech sites have provided, but it’s certainly relevant enough to warrant an article.

      • thatguy

        its up, all is well. late is better than never.

        • philyew

          I would have been shocked if there hadn’t been anything, given that he was in town for the event. LOL!

  • MarkieE

    It’s been almost FOUR HOURS! since a major flagship has been announced and not even a single mention about that on here. I miss David…

  • jay

    is there a reason why i can’t get the update? i’ve checked numerous times and yet nothing

  • I cannot get the update – tried resetting my phone, going to the update link in About – System and refreshing 100 times. Nothing! I finally called Customer Service – SHOCKER – they could not explain why I did not have the update. The guy was aware of the Tmonews post however but could not explain the lack of Kitkat on my phone. I called back and asked to speak to Tech Support. The rep said that 1000 people received KitKat for a beta testing phase – as a result, he speculated that it would not be available to the rest of us for upwards of a month but that it was coming barring any issues with the beta. Hopes and Dreams were CRUSHED!

  • Debra Premo

    okay i finally was able to get the update today… so far not impressed… the only things i notice are cloud print (which i had the app for anyway) the battery icon is no longer green its white (which id rather the green) and i no longer see a place to customize my lock screen!! (which im really not happy about) …so what exactly did this update do besides remove features/settings i liked?

    • Debra Premo

      Oh and my notification light doesn’t work.. and the battery doesn’t change colors when low either :(