Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) coming to Galaxy S4, S3, Note 3 and other Samsung devices


Today, Samsung announced that it would be pushing out KitKat to a slew of its Android-powered smartphones. Although we’re not precisely sure on specific dates for T-Mobile devices, the 4.4.2 update will be rolling out from today.

Among the list of devices being supported are the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S 4 and S 3 as well as others. Full press release below:

DALLAS, February 18, 2014 – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) announced today that a number of Samsung Galaxy® devices will receive the Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) software update, enriching the Galaxy experience.

The upgrade provides a number of innovative, easy-to-use features that enhance the user experience, including a more intuitive user interface, enhanced messaging capabilities and updated applications:

· Location Menu: An integrated location menu enables users to easily activate GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks, while simultaneously checking the battery usage of apps running location service capabilities.
· Enhanced Messaging: Enables users to choose between Messages or Hangouts as their preferred default messaging application, and select from a larger assortment of updated Emoji icons.
· Upgraded Google Mobile Service™ (GMS) apps: Users can automatically back up photos and video and can open, view, rename and share Google Docs and files.

Samsung Galaxy U.S. devices currently scheduled to receive the KitKat update include select carrier variants of the Galaxy Note® 3, Galaxy Note® II, Galaxy S® 4, Galaxy S® 4 mini™, Galaxy S® 4 Active™, Galaxy S® 4 zoom™, Galaxy S® III, Galaxy S® III mini™, Galaxy Mega®, Galaxy Light, Galaxy Note® 8.0, Galaxy Tab® 3, Galaxy Note® 10.1, Galaxy Note® 10.1 2014 Edition.

Availability varies by carrier and product, with updates beginning today and continuing throughout the coming months.

If you have one of the Galaxy devices mentioned in the announcement, be sure to let us know when/if the update lands. T-Mobile isn’t always speedy when it comes to giving the green light to software updates on Android. Let’s hope these start to land pretty snappish.


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  • ProudPapa

    This is another pain point Mr. Legere could help address. Please, don’t hold updates hostage, just let us have them. That would be VERY uncarrier. :)

    • Bo

      You should tweet that to him. Maybe he would agree.

      • ProudPapa


    • JP

      Sprint only received theirs last week, and U.S Cellular yesterday,

    • Paul

      Sadly, they have to mod it. Magenta has to enable the WiFi Calling feature, as well as others. They also have to include their bloatware!!

      • ProudPapa

        They don’t HAVE to include the bloatware, they force it on us. WiFi calling should be an app, not built-in, and it would eliminate a lot of problems, imo. Hopefully they don’t wait for a device manufacturer to release an update before testing their bloatware and WiFi calling on different versions of Android, since KitKat came out last year.

        • bkin94

          Wi-Fi calling app in the app store would be fantastic for Nexus and moto devices. I don’t see it being possible on iOS, but that would be killer if it is possible.

        • Alex Zapata

          The current implementation of WiFi calling makes it too difficult. Things like SIM authentication are much easier when the feature is built-in at the firmware level. That and even the old Kineto app wouldn’t work on every device. Just ask the people at XDA.

        • ProudPapa

          There are plenty of Android VOIP apps. They may be too lazy to take the time to create authenticaion via an app, but it isn’t impossible. It’s always about priorities. :) Besides, their current baked in method has problems of it’s own.

        • JBrowne1012

          Wi-fi calling on app side would not be reliable

        • ProudPapa

          Wi-Fi calling baked in on the Note 3 isn’t reliable either, so not much would change, except that T-Mobile could actually update the app regularly to make improvements.

    • Ordeith

      Nokia’s update availability page is currently making T-Mobile look very bad.

  • S. Ali

    This is why Samsung is an industry leader and HTC/LG/Sony are in last place

    • Jay Holm

      Not first hand, but from what I hear, LG is the worst when it comes to updates.

      • Ordeith

        T-Mobile is the worst when it comes to updates.

        • Jay Holm

          I thought Verizon is the worst?

        • Ordeith

          Nope, T-Mobile has taken that particular title away from them.

    • jimv1983

      Samsung is the industry leader? Leader in what? Buggy updates?

  • Brian Bloom

    I want my updates just as fast as the next fella, but I also would like them to be *tested*. If I have the choice between the very first release of a new Android update that leaves my phone working less well than before (something I experienced with my HTC Sensation) versus waiting a few months and getting something [hopefully] more stable, I’ll take the latter every time.

    Sony on the other hand seems to be usually known for abstaining from updates altogether (at least that’s been so with my Alpha DSLRs…) :(

    • ProudPapa

      These updates have been tested by Samsung. The Note 3 update went out a couple of weeks ago in Poland. The carriers hold them up to inflate them with their bloatware. It shouldn’t take months to test by the carriers. KitKat has been out for months, and is actually a lighter OS than Jelly Bean.

      • jimv1983

        Samsung’s QA process is a joke. Their “tested” updates end up having huge issues most of the time. Battery life and performance drop a HUGE amount. They probably do it on purpose to make people think they need a new phone sooner.

        • superg05

          thats apple

    • Spanky

      Carrier testing = ensuring that carrier bloatware is compatible with the new software version. As ProudPapa has mentioned, it has already been tested by Samsung.

      • Jay Holm

        Google, and Samsung,their the only ones that matter when it comes to testing software.

        • Adrayven

          Same with Apple.. Though Verizon pushes hard.. like you won’t find a Nexus 5 on Verizon because Google won’t put Verizon bloatware on it..

        • Spanky

          Google learned from their mistake of making the Galaxy Nexus available on Verizon.

    • JBrowne1012

      Doesn’t matter if its tested it will still be buggy

  • Flyincloud

    I already have it, Nexus5

  • havenmayor

    About Friggin Time, lol. All jokes aside, I love Samsung product but TouchWiz makes the Android experience a little less desirable, somewhat. Only because now Samsung has developed their own App market and musicplace, as well as Kies sync software, and all of this is to compete with their Cupertino rival. This is the reason I think they take so long with updates; it’s hard to make them into their own personal clutter. I understand making Android devices unique between manufacturers, but high-end devices like my Note 3 deserve the purest Google experience possible with very little Samsung clutter. I only have dealt with Samsung this long because they have the only high-end device on the market that still uses my 32 GB Micro SD (data hoarder, lol). I know that’s gonna change soon as well, but if Samsung doesn’t get it together, this may be my last device from them.

    • ProudPapa

      Unfortunately, unless you own a Nexus, none of the manufactures are quick to update. I’m not excusing it, because I think it’s stupid, but it is the reality of modern manufacturers. Rush new models out the door, but update them slowly or not at all. I wish we’d get back to the software being separate from the firmware like we all got used to with Windows over the years so that the updates could come directly from Google. I know it’s nearly impossible, but I can dream. :)

      • jimv1983

        It’s not impossible it’s just not what the manufacturers want to do. It is actually pretty easy if they were willing to do it.

    • jimv1983

      Micro SD cards just make things slower anyways. Plus, I’d much rather have one storage area than several partitions. If you really need that much space than your claim of being a “data hoarder” is pretty accurate. Plus, how often to you ever swap out the micro SD card because you need more space? I had a phone with a micro SD card for almost 3 and a half years and I only touched the SD card like 4 or 5 times and all of those times were to move it to a different phone due to warranty replacement/repair or getting a new phone.

      • havenmayor

        I never swap it out. Plus it’s a class 6 so it not extremely slow. I’m a High End user. I use a lot of network data on my device between email and work transferring stuff through a shared cloud storage. So to the point that I can’t use my cloud storage to play all my music and videos. So I have a large SD card. When I need to make space, I delete and add. Phone storage is usual for apps images and video I take. When that runs low, I save to the laptop. I barely even use my laptop since I got the Note 3.

    • Rod

      TouchWiz is what makes the Note series. With a pure Google experience it would just be a large phone with a useless pen.

    • 21stNow

      If you’re willing to use the Galaxy S4, you can get the Google Play edition and have expandable storage and faster updates all in one device.

  • Johnson

    Is there a way to update a Galaxy S2 somehow?

    • ProudPapa

      You will have to root it.

    • Liony

      i believe its time for you to upgrade sir…not trying to be rude but you kinda outdated

      • Jay Holm

        At this point, I would advise waiting for the S5 though. And quite the upgrade it will be coming from the S2!

    • Fury Fain

      You’d have to root your SII and then find a compatible software update to flash. Odin is the easiest way unless you know how to talk command prompt and are more comfortable with that

  • GreatNews

    And what’s with the LG G2?

  • jimv1983

    As someone that has had very bad personal experiences with Samsung updates as well as many friends and family having problems I would suggest to just skip it.

    • Jay Holm

      The 4.3 update has been working just fine on my S4.

      • jimv1983

        Consider yourself lucky. That is not what the majority of people experience from what I have seen. My cousin noticed a decrease in battery life(which was already pretty bad to begin with) and noticeably more lag(although not terrible and no where near the lag that ICS and JB cause the Galaxy S II). He actually very much regrets getting a Galaxy S4. After using my Nexus 5 he is thinking about selling his S4.

        • Landen Isbatman Waite

          Completely agree with this, the Gallery app on my S4 force closes itself at least 2/3 of the time I try to use it. Happens at least 20 times a day. Other than that the battery life has been poor, the phone flips out and randomly types things sometimes and it’s a hell of a lot slower.
          4.3 is by far the worst experience I have ever had with an update. On any phone.

        • eneka

          Yup same thing happened to my friend and his gs3, it bricked it and he ended up just buying a new phone

        • Mushdagrt

          Im Experiencing the exact same issues, & was contemplating selling mine to buy a nexus 5 as well only thing that’s kind of stopping me is lack of sd card & the fact the largest space option is 32 gigs..

        • jimv1983

          It hasn’t been an issue for me at all. Internal storage has actually made my experience better. Internal storage is much faster and there is no need to manage multiple storage partitions.

        • Mushdagrt

          I know its just the amount of space that concerns me supposedly the nexus 6 is going to have hardware variants with higher storage I might jump on board if this indeed true when they drop..Im totally sick of t mobile bloatware too lol..thanks for the info..

        • Jose Hernandez

          Our S3’s all updated just fine. No issues.

        • jimv1983

          Consider yourself lucky. Battery life and speed suffer in every situation I have observed. It is unbelievable how bad the battery life has gotten after updates on the Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 in my experience. Samsung phones have never had impressive battery life. After the first update (4.2 or 4.3) my dad’s S3 requires a full battery and like 70% of a second battery to last a full day(about 15 hours) off the charger with 4 hours screen on time. Still better than his previous Droid Charge that needed 3 full batteries to last the same and was so slow he couldn’t even answer calls half the time because the phone wouldn’t respond to the swipe to answer fast enough and it ended up going to voice mail. I had this same problem with my S2. My cousin has an S4 and has no choice but to carry an extra battery or external battery pack if he is going to be away from a charger for the entire day. His phone goes from 100% to totally dead in less than 9 hours with only 2.5 hours of usage. That still beat the battery life of the Galaxy S2 I had at the time. I have a Nexus 5 with a 2,300mAh battery and IPS LCD screen so the S4 should easily out last my phone with its 2,600mAh better and more power efficient AMOLED screen. In reality my Nexus 5 absolutely destroys his S4 with 15 hours off the charger and 4 hours screen on time.

        • Calvin Leon Crank

          Consider yourself lucky is an understatement. I went to the Samsung website and tried their fixes… no results. Then I did the same with the t – mobile fixes. When I restarted my s3 I had a very nice little brick. T – mobile customer support was less than helpful, only telling me to try what their website had already suggested, and then telling me to file a warranty claim. For the money it would have cost me to get a refurbished s3 on my “warranty” I went out and bought myself a note3. Unhappy with the USB 3, but otherwise a great phone. Just waiting for t – mobile to finally push kk to their “flagship” phone.

        • jimv1983

          So you had a phone from a manufacturer that has known issues with updates. You experience those problems yourself and end up bricking your phone. Now you buy another phone from the same manufacturer and you are looking forward to another update from them? Sorry but are you retarded?

          “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

          After my experience with my Galaxy SII and the experience I have observed from friends and family I will never buy a Samsung phone ever again.

  • Fury Fain

    Just had to put my two cents in but uhh I have a T-Mobile SGH-T999 GS3 and I have the 4.4.2 Gummy update. My cousin’s GS4 on T-Mobile has the same software. Of course I had to root the phones and use Odin to flash the devices but hey! We got 4.4.2 Kit Kat software before EVERYONE we know and it works like a charm! Love it!

    • David Casanova

      So Not a custom firmware but the actual stock touchwiz kitkat 4.4.2? Hells jea! Could u be So kind as to putting a link up to the site u found the Update or point me in the right direction. I could Google it but knowing the one u flashed is authentic and safe i would be way be way more comfortable and very thankful. I have the T999L

      • Fury Fain

        Its an AOSP custom ROM of the Gummy series for Android that I’m using on my GS3 with 4.4.2 nightly software. The ROM i chose for my lil cousin’s GS4 is an AOKP custom ROM but made with the exact same 4.4.2 nightly software. Email me and I’ll send you the necessary information for your specific device and answer any more questions you may have.

  • Oliver Jackson

    What the Note 2 doesn’t get KK?

    • Mathew Colburn

      You should read a little closer/read the whole article including the press release.

      • Oliver Jackson

        Didn’t see that.I was in a rush to get to work….and watch your tone.

        • Chimphappyhour

          It’s text on a screen. His sentence doesn’t really have any dead giveaways about his intended tone.

        • Taya D.

          I wish he’d had replied to your message. “You too . D:<" hahaha

  • Jose

    Will the galaxy s4 SPH-L720 get the update ? I have sprint but I haven’t gotten the update yet :/

    • christian

      could of sworn that sprint got the update last week.

      • Jose

        I haven’t gotten it yet…But they did say they released the update last week….Hopefully it’s not like the 4.3 where it took months for some people to get the update

    • Chimphappyhour

      You’re on a T-mobile blog asking about Sprint phones.

      • bob90210

        He’s probably here because even Google can’t find sprint fan sites.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I guess T-Mobile Galaxy S III is never getting priemum suit upgrade. Sprint got it. Guest it got lost somewhere

    • Evan Lam

      What was included in the premium suit upgrade? I’m pretty sure that we got it. Which version of the S3 do you have, the SGH-T999, or the SGH-T999L???

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Multi window. Group messgaing. Group play. sgh t999.

    • havenmayor

      Premium Suite came to T-999 sometime in Spring 2013.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        On samsung site it said it came with Andriod 4.1.2 so we got it. Which is good.

  • Rod

    Galaxy Note 10.1 :)

  • Benson

    Nice am happy to be part of this new and I guess it is going to enhance Samsung technology the more.

  • David Daniel Hendricks

    Is that only for the U.S.? What about the other countries where people use those devices. I’m in South Africa, does this news affect me as well?

    • Chimphappyhour

      This is posted on TmoNews about the T-Mobile variants of these Samsung phones. T-Mobile is a US carrier. TmoNews is a blog about that US carrier. Take from that information what you will.

  • Coyle

    I have a Sprint galaxy s4 in Colorado springs and just updated to 4.4.2

  • Still waiting for 4.4.2 on my Note 3 N900T. I’m in Boston.

  • Claude

    I have a T-Mobile Note 2 in Houston, Texas, and it is updating now.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Is that over the air or using kies?

      • Claude

        Mine was over the air. Not Kies.

    • pete

      u are liyng theres no update yet

      • Claude

        Pete, just because you don’t know what you are doing or what to look for doesn’t mean I am lying. My Note 2 was updated this morning and it was about 644 MB download.

      • Claude

        FYI It looks like Jose Hernandez below updated OK. Check out his posts elsewhere. So it looks like you don’t know what you are doing.

    • Jose Hernandez

      What carrier do you have?

      • Claude

        I have T-Mobile and I have a Samsung Note 2.

  • Half Crazed

    I did the KitKat 4.4.2 custom rom, and I really hope TMobile fixes all the network problems before it rolls out. Hopefully so since this will be a “carrier variant” versus a stock rom.

  • Anon

    I hope they start rolling it out soon… T-Mobile is good at everything else except speedy OTA releases…

    • Calvin Leon Crank

      T – mobile is what? Have you ever talked to their customer support?

  • John

    Nothing here in Colorado on my Tmobile Note 3.

  • Tapan

    Galaxy Note N7000 & Galaxy S2 I9100 left out but Galaxy S3 mini still getting updates…. big shame on Samsung for upgrading low spec devices and not update original Note and S2

    • john

      lol that was more that 3 years old. read the samsung policy

  • alex

    Nothing for note 3 in California

  • Chimphappyhour

    “The device is up to date”

    No! No it isn’t!!!!!!! :P

    • Calvin Leon Crank

      Lol… that’s how I feel

  • Hasa Nastyoder

    No update yet on Verizon for Note3 in AZ…

  • Guest

    Just got the update now, about 30 minutes ago. (10:30am PST, California) I’ve got a Galaxy S4. =)

    • John

      Whos your carrier?

      • Lucas

        What about S4 mini?

  • bno

    Dang none yet for the s3 in so cal hopefully well get it before the week is up.

  • pete

    the ppl that are saying they got the update are lying cause theres not update yet

    • Claude

      Pete, just because you don’t know what you are doing doesn’t mean others are lying. I got the update this morning.

      • Jose Hernandez

        What carrier?

        • Claude


        • Asante

          I don’t. I still have the 4.3 from TMO

      • Jose Hernandez

        Note 3 on T-Mobile, no update ota or kies.

      • Calvin Leon Crank

        Note 3 on T – mobile… not a thing

  • Steve B

    S4 in Orange CA updated 9AM PST.

  • Brandon

    Just got the update 2:45pm Central, south Louisiana GS4 on AT&T

  • Luke B

    Still no update…. 4:12pm EST Verizon

    • Luke B


  • Luke B

    No update for me yet… 4:12pm EST Verizon

  • fitnfab

    Galaxy Note 3 here in IL and still no damn update and Verizon won’t even tell me crap about a supposed update!

    • Jose Hernandez

      The only Carrier’s that seem to have started the update process are Sprint and US Celular. Nothing yet for T-Mobile or AT&T. Verizon is usually a few weeks or months behind every one else.

  • Louis

    No update for tmobile note 3 in Houston yet

  • Neil

    Nothing yet. Note 3 on T-Mobile , Seattle.

  • Michele

    I got my update galaxy s4

  • Michele

    New Jersey

  • myk13

    no update for AT&T Note 3

  • Neil

    Still no update but I did just receive a text from T-Mobile letting me know that the new single from Shakira ft. Rihanna is available for free but the free downloads are limited.

    While you guys are waiting for 4.4.2… I got a bitchin song to go download.

  • Flip Jumpman

    Nothing yet for the note 3 (at&t) in nj. Also, nothing for the note 10.1 wifi only (no carrier).

    Just waiting… Hurry up At&t!!!

  • Christopher M

    Looks like it’s hitting Galaxy S III on T-Mobile, downloading 527 MB
    update currently. Unless I missed an update in the past, I assume this
    has to be KitKat? Update: Looks like I was right in missing an update. Just updated to 4.3, so I guess it’s coming eventually to 4.4..


      Yeah it is Just did mines

  • paul

    Just started my update 503.61mb on my sprint note 3 in florida

  • paul

    For the record, I checked for an update and it said up to date. I restarted my phone then tried again.

  • paul

    Restart your phone then try the update. It may just start the update…worked for me

  • David Amodt

    waiting for it in california

  • Lance

    northern IL no update t-mobile Note 3

  • Sam

    No Tmo update in Texas yet for the Note 3 or the 10.1

    • Claude

      Sam, I am with TMO in Texas and I have the update, but I have the Note 2. To get the update, you need to go to
      Settings>System Manager>About Device>Software Update

      • Jack Trippa

        I’ve done the software update sooo many times, but to no avail. I’m in Texas and I have the Note 2. It keeps saying my device is up to date.

  • Tim Brandt

    I have a galaxy note 10.1 and galaxy s3 and have no update for either yet. located in mankato, mn

  • TediBear

    Nothing in Memphis. Restarted, connected to WiFi, nothing (Note 3). Starting to get antsy.

  • ProudPapa

    According to tweet from T-Mobile Support, they don’t have any details on when the update will be released for the Note 3 or the Galaxy Light, meaning it ain’t happening soon. Even Sprint and U.S. Cellular have released the Note 3 update today.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I know. This is embarrassing.

  • Dissatisfied Customer

    All I noticed was it put pre-installed browser favorites (the ones you can’t delete) up to the top of the list and shoved my favorites down to the bottom. I’m about to root it just for that. I didn’t notice (or care) about any other update.

  • Ed

    I have “new downloads” the same one 50 times “downloaded” today. By far the worst experience I have had with a phone since I got one when cell phones first came out back in the 90’s! A serious pain in the rump!!!!! I liked it the way it was and had no problems…new “update” nothing but problems!

    • hsan77

      Delete all your downloads in the “downloads” app, happened to me last update

  • frank

    Hi, I have a Micro usb to hdmi adapter cable and it will show up on the tv but it wont stream vidieo?

  • don

    Friday morning no update in Florida, not much time left in the week. Someones may need to recant their tweets.

  • Nzr

    Got the update this morning (Galaxy S4) and I don’t see any useful features, just more bloatware.

    • wilfredo

      Whatt update 4.4 ? Tmobile s4 ?

  • Hec

    No update yet for tmobile note 3 in Houston

  • 이베아

    i got update yesterday~! galaxy s3 intl vr

  • Jose Hernandez

    Has anyone got an update with a T-Mobile branded gs4 or note 3?

    • wilfredo

      Not yet :/ (s4 tmo)

  • dhkeywest

    No I figured it be out no later than today. I just do not understand why they do not hand us out a dvd with the upgrade if they cannot handle the update over the internet.

    • Jose Hernandez

      It’s not that they can’t handle it. They are busy adding their own bloatware and testing it.

      Also, they would never give out dvd’s for this. I’m not sure what you mean by that.

  • dhkeywest

    no upgrade in Savannah, Ga

  • quinn

    Just upgraded mine and it went smoothly!!!



  • Luis Marrero

    No upgrade, S3 in Buffalo, NY

  • TJ

    updated my Sprint Note 3 yesterday & rooted again

  • brody

    S4 updated this morning

    • John

      Carrier and location?

      • jovanny

        What’s the name of this site? Lol

        • John

          If you’d read most comments below you’d see that everyone is posting all carriers!! No need to be a jerk.

  • jennifer

    Why flagship note 3 get the update too late?

  • wilfredo

    Has anyone here updated a TMOBILE S4 yet ? If so reply to this comment, say your location.

    • The Man

      The 4.3 version was so lousy for my usage I was hoping they corrected the errors in 4.4 to allow equalizer functions to work again

  • Jose Hernandez

    Well, this is all on T-Mobile. Samsung provided the update to all of the carriers. Sprint was the first one to approve it and send it out. Followed by US Celular.

    T-Mobile should really put this on their uncarrier map. Having the latest version of android on our devices is more than just bragging. Its having access to up to date software, security features, bug fixes etc.

    T-Mobile already sent out the HTC update for the One, I just don’t know why the Samsung one is taking them so long.

    Specially the Note 3 and GS 4 flagships.

    • dar

      Its taking long on the samsung because they are not updating s4 and not3 before s5 launch.

  • phuck yew

    Hawaii note 3 tmo no update.

  • mjs64

    I definitely won’t hold my breath, been through too many upgrades and there all coming “soon”.

  • Matt M

    Anything yet for tmobile note 3. I’m in Fl

    • Jose Hernandez

      Same here

  • Ronnie

    Nada on my T-Mobile Note 3 in Dallas, TX

  • chloecowab


  • Joe

    Us cellular updated note 3 today

  • Ram

    Tmobile needs to hurry up with these updates

    • dar

      Don’t expect the update before the s5 has been released my friend.

  • Tazz

    I just spoke with a Samsung tech rep and she said that the S3 will NOT receive the update and that the S4 will receive the update BUT that will be the last major update for the S4, she also said that their may be something to be released before the S5

    • tray

      I seen on site, it said not the 1 ram s3’s, but 2gb ram s3’s will get update, so it very by model

  • Randall Lind

    I been waiting for this for S4 said it would be late January. The 4.3 update was large and didn’t do much or anything II can notice.

  • Jose Hernandez

    So AT&T will start updating their GS4’s to 4.4.2 beginning tomorrow.

    What the heck are you waiting for T-Mobile!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Sprint, US Celular and now AT&T beat you to it.

    That is not very uncarrier of you.

    • daceatx

      I agree. Tmo tweeted me and told me no update at all.

      • Joe Gibbs

        They tweeted saying its coming. They are finishing up on adding new versions of bloatware (My Magazine, S Health, Tmo Account apps, Wi-Fi Calling, etc.)

        • Jose Hernandez

          I really hope so

      • dar

        No update at all????? Then why do they have the s5 already presenting with the kitkat update??

    • dar

      It’s because they don’t want to release the update before the launch of the samsung s5.
      It’s all about business.
      So that’s show a company that just cares about their business and not costumers satisfaction.

  • John Cleveland

    This was the tweet they sent me this morning. “Hey! We don’t have info on that at the moment. Keep an eye out for any update here: . ^DB”

    • dar

      Yhea sure they don’t have any info…. but already tmobile be presenting their new s5 with a kitkat update.

      It’s just stupid!

      I put this comment on their facebook page and they delete my comments every time.

  • Cal

    This is from a chat I just had on the official T-Mobile website when I asked about the kitkat upgrade,

    “Roel R: We’re not receiving any update from Samsung for the Note 3 yet. And if we do, we have to test this first to provide the best phone functionality and software to you. I know the new software is really good but at the moment, no official release has been forwarded to us.”
    Looks like no update for the Note3 in the near future.

  • Rick

    Still waiting for the update!

    • dar

      It’s stupid how long they taking with the update.

  • Claudine Gandolfi

    Still nothing in White Plains, NY.I’m on the Galaxy Note II

  • paru limbu

    what about on samsung galaxy s4 (SGH-M919)

    • Dats

      Yea what about the S4

      • Bear

        Yeah Whats up with That ! I have an S4 SGH-M919 Wheres the 4.4 update ??? come on t-mobile lets get on the ball !

        • Dats

          Exactly..the N3 already has it..the S4 needs to get it this week..we have to get it before Vzn

  • Joe Gibbs

    waiting. GN3 N900T Boston.

    • skywalkr2

      GN3 Philly here… waiting. Probably won’t be for awhile I am guessing.

      • Joe Gibbs

        Gotta Be Mobile says the update is on Samsung’s Open Source site so it is very close. One week close, hopefully.

  • James

    Just got it at 5am on 3/3/14

    • daceatx

      Where are you at? I’m in austin, Texas and haven’t receive it yet.

      • wilfredo

        People who say they received it never reply back

  • Kevin Still

    I got mine, im in cali/LA

    • Neil

      Was it pushed OTA or did you manually check for the update?

    • daceatx

      Did it come Ota, Kies or did you check? Nothing yet for Austin, Texas

    • Saad

      What device and carrier? People are commenting from all different carriers and devices.

      • wilfredo

        People who say they received it never reply back.

  • David

    Nothing yet in Austin, TX for note 3. I’ve waited for it a and did software update button nothing.

  • justin

    Nothing in San Antonio tx…tmobile

  • eliyahuhanvi

    Just got OTA update on T-Mobile Galaxy S4 over wifi (only-would not update over 4G) in Los Angeles. Ends up the update is to 4.3

    • Bear

      Hows 4.3 responding ? any problems like I have been hearing about ?

  • Jerome

    Nothing yet austin texas

  • Test subject 1

    TMO hasn’t released the update yet for the Note 3. It’s buggy. Serious issues (crashing, battery overheating and draining/etc) with the 4.4 release. 4.4.2 is undergoing review, don’t be looking for it yet.

    • Joe Quinn

      It’s available OTA as of about 3 hours after your post. Looks like the engineers read your post and worked really hard to fix it. Thanks for updating them. You’re a lifesaver! ;0

  • Neil

    Downloading now. TMO Note 3 Seattle. 495 MB. Manually checked. Will update with version when complete.

    UPDATE: Upgrade was to 4.4.2. Only noticeable difference so far is the lack of color in the status bar. No more green battery.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Same in Houston downloaded Note 3 Tmobile

    • Joe Quinn

      Yeah, I’d already sideloaded the new Google Now Launcher, new dialer, etc. Not sure how much difference I’ll see although I’m told overall performance was supposed to be much better among other things.

  • Joe Quinn

    Downloading in Kansas City metro area right now. TMO GN3

  • downloading update now as of 7:35AM EST on Tmobile GN3 in Boston. 495MB size. OTA.

  • John Cleveland

    Same here, Note 3 Tmobile in Colorado. Downloading 495MB. EDIT: Is it just me or does it take forever to charge since this update?

  • oldskoool

    I manually checked and I downloaded it it was 495 mb. I noticed the green for the status bar is gone. I also realized a lot of ram is freed up. I think I have 2.71 gb available now.

  • Saad Yaseen

    Nothing for me yet on my T-Mobile S4. I’m in SoCal, in the Inland Empire Area

  • Ashley

    Mine just updated this morning.. Samsung Galaxy S4

    • wilfredo

      Tmobile s4 ?

      • Ashley


        • wilfredo

          Oh ok.

  • John Cleveland

    Extremely slow charging after the 4.4.2 update. Am I the only one experiencing this?

    • wilfredo

      Tmobile s4 ??

      • John Cleveland

        Note 3

        • wilfredo

          K thanks

        • Joe Gibbs

          Update: TMO GN3. I’ve been on 4.4.2 for about 36 hours. My battery before update lasted 36-50 hours. Now, one full charge from 100-10% lasted 20 hours.

        • John Cleveland

          Yeah, its definitely draining a lot faster than before. What can we do about it?

        • Joe Gibbs

          We have to wait for 4.4.4. Turn off everything you dont use. Read my full update at the top

    • Eian

      My note 3 battery takes forever to charge now…When will this be fixed?

  • Jose M. Berumen

    Waiting for M919 Kit Kat

    • Kevin Byrd

      Me too this sucks as usual

  • Kevin Byrd

    Looks like us TMO S4 people are left in the cold for now

  • Jolly rancher

    Don’t update unless you want your note 3 to run like crap. Antutu bench went from 36000 points to 26000 points that’s like a 1/3 drop in ability and performance. I’m so pissed. I can’t believe this. Epic fail

  • Jared Berrett

    My Note 3 is now updated to 4.4.2 and it’s awesome. Better signal strength and battery life. The lock screen interface for the new Milk app by Samsung is brilliant.

  • Amnon Buchnik

    galaxy s3 with custom roms like cm11(and more) encountered a “call ended” issue with no ability to dial out calls, everything else work except that issue, and i think the official update for s3 would not published soon.

    • Mark Adams

      CM11 hasn’t even had an RC release yet, let alone a Stable release, for the S3…

  • Dats

    If not this week we need to question them on social media especially T-Mobile’s Twitter.. I’ve noticed better signal on the N3 with the update

  • Dats

    Just got an update notice on my T-Mobile S4..downloading now

  • Dats

    Yup its kit well..also have a 5th signal bar now

  • Dennis

    updating to Android 4.4.2 on my T-Mobile S4 right now

  • Here’s my review after close to one week on 4.4.2 for my TMO GN3. My first real itch is the battery life. It has lost 30% of efficiency. Secondly, there is an overall lag time of +0.80 seconds. Transitions are so slow compared to 4.3. I like how the screen turns off (cute fade.) I also like the snappiness when opening the lock screen, the “FINALLY” white battery icon, & 5th signal bar. My magazine is still there

  • Bear

    Well I got the 4.4 update OTA for my Galaxy S4 , well let me tell you that I went from having 20 hours of battery life to 10 hours. That I say sucks not only that I was playing a game and it made 4.4 crash and when I reboot my wi fi gets turned off mhey when I want my wi-fi turned off I will do it !!! Samsung ,Google ,T-Mobile you folks need to get your sh!t together ..FIX IT NOW!!!

  • Lillian Ike

    I have an s4 with tmobile and got the update, but how do you use the emojis. People text me with emojis and I can see them in color and all. Just curious

    • TylerCameron

      Use Google Hangouts and Google Keyboard

  • Lillian Ike

    Nvrmind lol

  • Jc

    Just got notice of an update for my S3 LTE. Want to do it, but still feel burned by last update. ha.

    • Jonathan

      It wont change nothing. I just got a notice for an update and when it was done, nothing changed. It stayed 4.3

      • neymar

        Same problem for my s3

  • Jonathan

    I havent received the 4.4 update to my Galaxy S3 LTE. Pretty bummed out

  • Alicia Tucker

    Only got the 4.3 update for some reason. Sigh…

  • Cherrie Belle

    Well after all those negative experiences I don’t wanna push it to get the 4.4.2 update. Going from 4.2 to 4.3 made my Note2 very slow (interface speaking) and I’m used to it already. I’m not looking forward to less battery life or longer time to get it charge.BTW Don’t forget when you’re leaving a comment here with your experience to mention what device you’re using, it would be really helpful Thank you.

  • Waiting In Seattle

    T-Mobile’s MetroPCS subsidiary now offers the Samsung Galaxy Light for sale with Android 4.4.2. This press release from Samsung is nearly nine months old and T-Mobile has yet to update existing Samsung Galaxy Light phones from Android 4.2.2 to Android 4.4.2.