JUMP! changing to include tablets, unlimited upgrades and no 6-month wait from Feb. 23


Looks like T-Mobile’s plans for February 23rd are going to be a big more major than we’d anticipated. We’ve already heard of the companies plan to introduce a new Stateside International Talk and Text feature on that day. Today, we’ve heard of further plans to make JUMP! more appealing to customers on the same day.

We got hold of an internal memo from a source. From the 23rd of February, JUMP! will no longer have any time restraint on when you can upgrade your phone and you won’t have any limits on the number of times you upgrade.

  • No more 6 month (180 days) waiting period
  • No limits on how often customers can upgrade
  • Customers can JUMP! whenever they want – trade in an eligible device and receive full credit for all remaining payments on that device, up to half of the phone’s original cost
  • Expansion to Tablets

We’re yet to see if this will have any major affect on sales or the number of times customers decide to JUMP! One huge positive is that it’s taking away any criticism that JUMP! may have received from skeptics. One point that seems slightly unclear is the third one. I circled back with our source and got the following information:

  • Current customers with the original JUMP! feature will be grandfathered in and will still be able to upgrade before paying off half of the device, as long as they’ve had JUMP! for 6 months or more.
  • New customers adding JUMP! will be able to upgrade whenever they like, as long as they trade-in their current phone and 50% of the phone cost is paid by doing so. At least, that’s how we understand it.  (You might have to pay something towards paying off the EIP yourself if your phone isn’t the right value. Again: I think. Not 100% on that). So, when they say “T-Mobile will pay off the remaining EIP balance on your device”, they are really saying “We’ll pay off the remaining balance, as long as the remaining balance is not more than 50% of the original purchase price.”

Like I say, there is some uncertainty. For some devices, that could be a pretty big caveat and end up leaving you a little out of pocket. In all honesty though, are there many out there that get so fed up with their phones after 1-2 months that they want to change? I think once every 6 months or so seems about right.

Below is a table outlining the difference for customers taking out a JUMP! plan before and after February 23rd.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 22.12.35One of the biggest changes here is that it now includes tablets. Which may not be a big deal to everyone. After all, customers generally don’t change or upgrade tablets anywhere near as often as they do phones. But they might, with the new inclusion in to the JUMP! plan.

Over the past couple of weeks, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T have all announced more competitive pricing. It’ll be interesting to see whether the new flexibility in JUMP! from Feb. 23 stirs more response from the competitors.


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  • Kit Pogi

    OMG! Is this for real? Mind blowing changes man! Mr. L done it again!

    • bluemoon737

      The reality is that this effectively changed the 6 month trade up to a 12 month trade up. Clever attempt at marketing, but the reality is they increased the time before you can jump in financial terms (you must pay money if before 12months) yet reduced the calender time (jump whenever you like).

  • UMA_Fan

    Hopefully they don’t lose the simplicity appeal with new Jump over the old Jump. The neat thing with the old jump is that current customers would pay out of pocket for a phone what new customers would pay as long as they trade in their phone. I guess if you wait six months on the new Jump you would hit the same point regardless

  • thepanttherlady

    A couple of things to keep in mind:

    #1 EIP doesn’t kick in until the 3rd bill after you get a new phone. 6 months will only = 4 months of payments.
    #2 Using the LG G Flex as an example and at $0 down, it will take 12 months of payments ($28/mo) to hit half the original purchase price.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah. Exactly. It’s why the uncertainty over the 50% seems like the deal might be getting worse. Not better.

      • S. Ali

        This matches Verizon EDGE point-for-point. My guess is they were losing money on JUMP (with the inclusion of insurance)

        • 21stNow

          I noticed that this happened seven months after JUMP!’s inception. Stir up excitement, realize the loss, tweak the plan and repeat.

        • KB

          They knew that going in, that is why the media attacks from T-Mobile against Verizon and AT&T about the upgrade plans worked. They wouldn’t be stupid enough to lose money to compete with #4. But T-Mobile was willing to take some losses to make them look like the big greedy anti-consumer corporation. If you look back at comments here and on other news stories when jump was announced you see lots of people wonder how they sell used devices after 6 months without dipping into the red.

    • xmiro

      that’s odd never knew EIP takes 3 billing cycles

      • thepanttherlady

        If you go through some of the older articles here when JUMP! was first announced we discussed it quite a bit. Seemed like a nice little loophole for the 6 month waiting period to be able to do your first JUMP!. Guess they realized it too. LOL

        • Dion Mac

          Soo… if you buy a LG Flex today, $150 down with $20 EIP(Total cost being approx 630(im guessing)) and three months later you upgrade again, they are only going to give you EIP credit worth $305(610-(1 month EIP $20) divided by 50%)??????

        • thepanttherlady

          This is the way I’m reading it:

          $672 (cost of the Flex) / 2 = $336 (your cost if they’re going to credit 50%)
          $336 – $150 – $60 = $126 which is what you have left out of pocket.

          Rinse and repeat with new phone.

        • Dion Mac

          But you said the eip is two months behind. Either way, I guess it’s ok. I never took advantage of the jump program because I’m still on the plan that came out before it. Cheaper

        • thepanttherlady

          3 months of payments = $60. The way it’s reading above is half of the phone must be paid off so no matter how you slice it, it will be $336 (plus tax if applicable).

    • Guest

      While I agree, the store I go to however all the employees have said that all the customers they have been getting they actually put a big chunk of money down up front. So while I can see the deal not really working for the $0 downers. It does work for those that actually put a chunk down upfront. My Aunt and uncle actually bought the Note 3 (2 of them) and put like $300 down on each.

      • thepanttherlady

        Maybe. I guess I don’t understand why someone who has to pay a large down payment like that would want to turn around and JUMP! and repeat the process in a few months.

        • Whiskers

          My EIP kicked in the following month after I bought my wife the i5s , don’t know why though but it did .

        • thepanttherlady

          Interesting. Any that my girls have done on theirs have always been on month #3. We also discussed this in the older articles here when JUMP! was leaked/announced.

        • Stone Cold

          I got a tablet in November and the EIP just kicked in.

        • UMA_Fan

          The ‘higher down payment’ is roughly what two year contract prices on phones used to be. So there is still the benefit of getting that kind of pricing as long as you trade your phone back in versus waiting two years.

    • Cam Bunton

      What I don’t get – and this is wording from the internal document (emphasis added): “receive FULL credit for ALL remaining payments on that device” sounds good and clear, awesome. Until the second bit: “up to half of the phone’s original cost”.

      It reminds me of that scene in Anchorman: “60% of the time.. it works every time.”

      What does that even mean?

      • thepanttherlady

        This quote always makes me laugh because it’s regarding a panther perfume and well….. LOL

        The way I interpret this is if the phone is $700 and you paid $0 down but have made 6 payments of let’s say $30 a month, they’ll credit $350 and you will have still owe the remaining $520. This is why I think this is a really, REALLY bad deal but will wait until we know for sure what they’re doing.

        • TS50

          Just wondering but if the phone is 700 and you made 6 months of 30 dollar payments and got 350 credit on trade in wouldn’t that be 700-180-350=120 that is owed?

        • thepanttherlady

          You’re almost correct…. $170 would be owed. I took a call when I wrote that but should have checked my math before hitting post. Thank you!

    • TmoEmployee

      Correction for #1: EIP doesn’t kick in until the 2nd bill after you get a new phone.

      • Whiskers

        Mine kicked in the following month so i must have been unlucky , lol.

        • thepanttherlady

          I think it depends on the timing of the purchase and what your billing cycle is.

    • Trevnerdio

      Oh…well that throws a monkey wrench into things :|

  • Erik Papesh

    I jumped from my HTC one to the note 3 the day my 6 month waiting period was up, hadn’t paid half of it off, and they didn’t say anything about it

    • thepanttherlady

      Maybe you missed this?

      Current customers with the original JUMP! feature will be grandfathered in and will still be able to upgrade before paying off half of the device, as long as they’ve had JUMP! for 6 months or more.

      • Erik Papesh

        Lmao, yes I did!

        • thepanttherlady

          It happens to the best of us. ;)

  • Jason Mauai

    You mean “a *bit* more major”. Wrote “big” instead.

  • Tanner

    Not sure I like this. If benefits lower credit customers more than those higher quality chambers who have to put money down on the phone. This will make it harder to sell to your higher credit customers because it makes $0 down less appealing in combination of jump.

    • thepanttherlady

      The only “benefit” I’m seeing thus far is that it levels the playing field for both low and high credit customers. I do not see the benefit in JUMP! at all if 50% of the device must be paid.

      $0 down customers will have to pay the difference before JUMP!’ing. Customers who have to pay a larger down payment will be able to JUMP! sooner so where is the benefit in repeating the process?

      This seems like a bad move for customers but without additional/concrete info it’s hard to make that determination.

      • Cam Bunton

        For sure. If it had been clearer, and I knew that definitely was the case, you can bet the tone of the article would have been entirely different.

  • thepanttherlady

    I don’t know if this is common knowledge but do know when JUMP! was first announced many readers had this same question. Now that many of us early adopters are able to start using this program here’s an answer:

    If you decide to cancel JUMP! can you turn the phone back in and remove the program without further obligation?

    According to my local corporate store, no. JUMP! requires turning in the original phone and purchasing a new one. I didn’t ask additional questions but assume if you cancel JUMP! you’d pay off your EIP and move on.

    • James

      No, jump is a feature and can be removed anytime like insurance.

      • thepanttherlady

        My comment isn’t regarding the feature, it’s regarding the phone itself.

        • James

          Oh ok, you made it sound like you had to pay off the EIP all at once or something. Lol that would not be good.

    • UMA_Fan

      Yes you have to trade AND purchase a new phone but the new phone could be as low as $50 outright in some cases

      • thepanttherlady

        Except that it doesn’t make financial sense to JUMP! backwards.

  • Doro

    So I’m in the classic plan. I’m thinking about changing to the jump program? Is it worth it? I do have insurance included in my plan now unlimited text, talking and data

    • thepanttherlady

      I suggest you wait until we know what these changes truly mean. The 23rd is right around the corner. :)

    • steveb944

      Wait for Cam to post a bit more on it before you make the choice. And if the grandfathered plan is better make sure to lock it in before the new one starts.
      I don’t know of any devices worthy of Jumping to at this moment when there are so many soon releasing.

      • Moby

        Why wait on Cam? That’s ridiculous. The features of the current Jump plan are well known. As to Doro’s question, Jump is most advantageous to those who switch phones often. You must also buy phones on EIP because they will forgive your the remaining payments when you Jump.

        • Jay Holm

          Personally, I think I’m more likely to upgrade once a year, rather than every 6mo’s.

  • asudave

    As written, this makes JUMP! not as attractive as it once was. I just switched over and added JUMP!, so will not be at 6 months when this kicks in. I also paid $0 down for a Note 3, so it will be over a year from now that I’ll be able to JUMP! At least, as this article is written. I guess we’ll wait and see on Feb 23rd.

    • James

      Since you already added jump you could be grandfathered in to the original 6 month /twice every 12 month plan.

      • thepanttherlady

        Unless they still require the grandfathered ones to pay 50% of the device before JUMP!’ing. I think that’s the main issue here.

        • James

          Yeah that would be lame. Hope not, but we’ll see.

        • JB

          Though Cam’s first bulletpoint concerning grandfathered JUMP!ers indicates that we can JUMP! before paying half. So I think we may be safe…

        • Whiskers

          I’m guessing that may apply when you try to jump the second time around. If what is written is true , i bet we will be grandfathered in for only the first jump without having to pay 50% of the phones value off.
          After that i bet T-Mobile gives us the shaft , they don’t want to lose money which i’m sure they realize now from the original JUMP program .

        • Trevnerdio

          That wouldn’t be good! I got my S4 on launch day…how much was the down payment on it then? My JUMP! upgrade is available next month and I pay $20 a month. If I paid $200, I’ll be fine, but I think I paid $100 which would put me at a slight deficit.

    • James

      You may be grandfathered in to the original jump plan, which would be awesome if true.

      • GreatNews

        And what is so Awesome to be grandfathered? I see the other way around much better

        • thepanttherlady

          If the full JUMP! program as some of us joined is grandfathered then we can JUMP! without worry as to how much is remaining in EIP payments. The original program eliminates it all upon JUMP!’ing. The new program (or so it appears above) will only credit up to 50% of purchase amount of the phone. This means you have to pay more out of pocket than the original plan.

        • GreatNews

          Oh! This makes more sense so being a grandfather is for a chance good.. Lol thanks for explaining

        • Tina

          I am sure after the first jump, you will then be bonded by the new rules and have to pay half of the new device. They aren’t going to let you do it forever.

        • jeff grace

          I just made comments on my input of what is going to happen ,can i get you and cams input.

        • James

          Because in the old way, after 6 months of paying EIP, you have not even paid half of the phone off. Yet t mobile would still pay entire remaining balance if you upgraded. Then in only 3 months from that time, you could potentially upgrade yet again and have only made 2 or 3 phone payments, and tmo would still pay off your entire remaining Balance guaranteed. Now they will only conver up to half of the original retail.

  • Now this whole JUMP! program is just going to be back to what it used to be (before it was a JUMP! thing)… back to regular waiting times for good upgrades… Ridiculous…

  • Joseph L

    This is a terrible deal now. if you pay the full device over 24 months then to not lose out a lot you need to do 12 months of the EIP to not have to give them cash to jump. a 1 year cycle to upgrade is no longer appealing like 6 months like it was before. definitely a step back.

  • samsavoy

    So how is T-Mobile Marketing going to spin this when it comes out?

    • Cam Bunton

      You’ll find out in an hour-ish. ;-)

    • Spanky

      Doesn’t matter how they spin it, all the cheerleaders will still think that John Legere can do no wrong. As another person has already pointed out, T-Mobile realized that they were losing a lot of money on JUMP! and had to restructure the program.

  • kev2684

    that’s like $350 for every flagship you jump to and you won’t end up owning the phone either. that’s kind of worst than 2 year contracts TBH. jump at least puts $0 down flagships at 25% if you take 2 upgrades a year.

  • S. Ali

    Actually, what they did was change it match Verizon EDGE. Their program lets you upgrade after 30 days and 50% payment of the device. So what we really get is a program that forces you to pay off half the device before you can upgrade. The previous JUMP program let you upgrade at 6 months not matter what.

    The addition of tablets is nice, but this is TMO doing EXACTLY what Verizon just launched.

    • Mark

      …and which TMo laughed at Verizon for. I think part of the issue is the rise of the $0-down phone; when JUMP! was originally launched, TMo was having customers pay $$$ upfront, so only part of the cost went on the EIP. Since then, they’ve introduced all these $0-down deals, so customers had comparatively little equity in the phones they traded in, plus they likely traded for a new $0-down phone, and TMo was left holding the bag on the remaining 75% of the cost of the phone, minus the resale value of the trade-in. So the customers were getting the greatest deal ever: a subsidized phone that wasn’t actually being paid for in the contract!

      • Yeah… This is actually a good thing if you pay a down payment on a phone like I payed around $300 for my note 3 and I have $21 monthly equipment fee… so for me this is good as I’ve payed more than half the phone already. It’s only a “carrier” thing when you consider that some may get new phones for $0 down (which I guess tmo is now doing) then you’d have to wait a while. But you can always pay off your eip early if you want to, whether incrementally or fully…

  • Jonny Boy

    I guess they realized they were losing money on the deal. The phones probably lose too much value too quickly. They can’t resell them and break even, probably take a loss if you paid in less than 50%

  • jralphroman

    those who are grandfathered in don’t get too excited I’m sure once you JUMP youll have to agree to the new terms

    • Whiskers

      That’s my guess as well but atleast you can pick the phone you really want and lose the first one before getting stuck with 50% of it’s losing value.

  • CRT24

    Not sure exactly how we will spin this but this makes the JUMP program less attractive not more. Its still a good value but this did not improve the product from a consumer perspective as they will now have to pay 12 months of eip on a zero down phone to break even on payoff…..while current customers do have to wait 6 months they can pretty much upgrade whenever they want afer that (2 times a year) with full payoff. I guess we will see how this is received.

  • HiyaBuddy

    So I signed up with JUMP back in August and upgraded in January. I am wondering if I will take advantage of unlimited upgrades and not have to worry about any sort “extra” money that I would have to pay if I were a new customer. Would I hypothetically be able to get a new phone at the down payment every month (+ tax) and the phone I turn in would clear my EIP?

  • ugh

    The new JUMP is deceiving!! NO LIMITS, NO WAIT BUT you have to pay 1/2 the phone before JUMPing to the next? So, I have to pay $300+ before getting a new device? Thats an average of 15 month installments. I think this will piss a lot of people off… There seem to be some limits!

  • jeff grace

    I think what John legere is doing is giving all customers equal benefits if they just joined tmobile or have been with tmobile and added jump when it first came out ,that would not matter with the modification of the JUMP program. What is most likely to happen is you are not strapped to a time limit with each device or said amount of months before upgrade, like when a nee customer from at&t were to come iver and switch T-Mobile pays the ETF and the others carrier value of device and that gets applied to new one. What i think they are going to do is not only allow you to get a new device when you want they give you 50% value of the device you trade in ,funny money not real more of a credit, they in turn wipe out your outstanding EIP and apply the 50% of old device to your new one ,you just pay taxes about $70 for a 708 device in wa state 8.5% tax rate. They are doing this so credit evaluation disappears as in your score does not matter anymore ,we all qualify for 0 down standards in a sense.

  • jeff grace

    That way the value of the device you just got versus new does not loose to much value and can be sold by tmobile to make more off it nee devices come out in 3,6,8,12 mo periods .

    • kalel33

      “lose”, not “loose”.

  • Kevin Yeaux

    I think some of you are misinterpreting what the 50% threshold is. I’m pretty sure it’s saying that the trade-in value of your phone at the time you JUMP! must equal at least 50% of your total EIP to be eligible, which would actually make most people eligible to upgrade a lot earlier.

    For example, I own an iPhone 5s on an EIP for $600. Tmo’s current trade-in value for that phone is $350, which is over 50% so I’m JUMP eligible even though I’ve only had the phone for two months.

    • CRT24

      “trade in an eligible device and receive full credit for all remaining payments on that device, up to half of the phone’s original cost”…….that has zero to do with trade in so the misunderstanding lies with you it would seem

      • Kevin Yeaux

        No, I don’t think so. It clearly says in the quoted part of the article “New customers adding JUMP! will be able to upgrade whenever they like, as long as they trade-in their current phone and 50% of the phone cost is paid by doing so.”

        So if you have the “new” JUMP plan, you trade-in your old phone and as long as the trade-in value plus any monthly EIP payments you’ve made equal 50% of the original financed cost ($300 of the $600 in my hypothetical case), T-Mobile will cover the rest and you upgrade like normal.

        EDIT: I think the biggest problem with this change is the ambiguity. They took what was a simple plan and made it more complicated, which is supposedly what they’re trying to avoid. Of course, we’ve yet to see how they’ll actually sell it, so it could be simpler.

        • Bill

          You’ve got to have paid half of the device off. Your trade-in pays off the other half. This is a big downgrade.

        • Kevin Yeaux

          I’m just not seeing that.

          “So, when they say “T-Mobile will pay off the remaining EIP balance on your device”, they are really saying “We’ll pay off the remaining balance, as long as the remaining balance is not more than 50% of the original purchase price.””

          They will cover half of the original EIP. That’s what I’m reading. If I had paid off half the EIP already and my trade-in covered the other half, then I wouldn’t need JUMP, that would totally cover the EIP and I could upgrade anyway.

        • CRT24

          Yes that is what it says…..if a current jump customer buys an S4 at $624 with zero down then they will owe approximately $520 in 6 months since the eip payment are delayed by a couple months. The current program would then pay off the full $520 where the new one would only pay off “the remaining eip payments up to half the original full cost” which would be $312. So on the new plan for this example you would eirher have to wait 8 more months for you to be at break even or you would havr to pay the additional $208 that would bring your balance down to half the original cost. …..or if the new phone you where purchasing was $512 or less you could still do zero down but you would be paying payments on the new $512 plus the $208 that remains….current customers would have their entire balance wiped and would start fresh, not a better deal.

        • guest1003

          device only has trade in value when you own 100% of the phone

    • Whiskers

      Trade in value of what T-Mobile thinks it’s worth , well that’s real assuring .

    • Cam Bunton

      I got some official word on this. Trade-in value of your phone makes no difference to the fact that you have to have paid at least 50% of your phone’s price.

  • krym_73

    This will only be for customers that dont qualify for the $0 down, customers that do qualify for the $0 down will still keep the old JUMP! plan

    • Peter


    • Chilehead

      So if I’m Grandfathered and subsequently JUMP to a new phone are you saying I won’t get switched to the new JUMP program where I now have to pay off 50% of the cost of the phone before I can JUMP again?

    • Bill

      It’s for all customers regardless of credit.

  • Peter

    I just cracked my Nexus 5 and have JUMP – I have already paid off the $60 down payment (I just got it), It be cheaper for me to pay the $138 and JUMP (Total price would be 1/2 of $396 – $198) or because I cracked it I’m no longer eligible to JUMP?

    • guest1003

      you would have to wait the 6 months then you can trade in at tmobile store paying deductible since its not after feb 23 new jump program

  • Test

    JUMP is also insurance. You will have to make an insurance claim first then can JUMP.

    • Killa

      Wrong. You can bring phone into the store and pay the deductible and jump

  • Mystery Man

    If they do this then they should let people choose to do 0 down whenever they want not just for “sales”. If you have good credit of course.

    • TylerCameron

      Why would someone wanna do 0 down? That means you pay more per month….

      • Jay Holm

        I’m currently paying $20/mo for my S4, I wouldn’t want my payments on the S5 to be any higher than what it already is.

      • donnybee

        I got my GS4 at $0 down. I would rather do it like that. Yes, I pay more per month, but the whole point of Mystery Man’s post is to let the customer decide. If you don’t want to do it like that, don’t do it like that. I personally would rather walk away with little out-of-pocket and spread that out longer. In the end I pay just as much as you do (assuming it’s the same phone) except I had the ability to get it for a lower price up front.

        Now with the requirement of paying off half of the phone, it shouldn’t matter how much someone puts down on a phone. So the original poster has a very valid point here and I completely agree with him. In fact, I think they should make ALL phone $0 down as of the time of this announcement. But in return, they should allow your monthly payments be determined by how much you’d like to put down on the phone at first, if any. Fair for you, fair for me, fair for T-Mobile. That’s the only way I’d be happy with this change. As it stands right now, I think this change to JUMP! sucks. Not looking forward to it..

        • TylerCameron

          I guess I understand that (:
          I would rather only have my monthly tariff to pay than have to pay off a monthly EIP, as that would bring my bill to Verizon process. I know it is not exactly the same, but I would feel silly paying $100+/month for service without getting that expensive Verizon coverage. As awful as Verizon/AT&T is, for $100/month, you DO get much more expansive service at the expense of tiered data and a 2-year contract. My teacher was considering switching to T-Mobile, but when he did thr math, his monthly rate is about the same as he pays with Verizon, and he thinks thay’s a bit silly. (Ubless he bought used lhones or something like that) And I don’t like to owe money :p

          On your other point, T-Mobile already let’s you choose how much money you want to put down. If I wanted to, I could go to a T-Mobile store, put down $350 for an iPhone 5s, and have a drastically lower EIP. I’m not sure how well T-Mobile educated their customers on this, though.

        • donnybee

          Oh, that’s interesting. I knew you could pay more down already, but what I heard was it didn’t affect the monthly EIP. If that’s true, that’s pretty cool! But in either case, I’m a little concerned at the direction T-Mobile is heading with this one.

          People would be better off just selling their phone themselves and a slight additional (if any) to cover the rest of the EIP that selling it privately didn’t cover. Then just upgrade normally. I’m sure they’ll end up paying less than half of the phone. But if that’s the most beneficial way to do it, doesn’t that eliminate the whole premise of JUMP! ? It was originally a way to upgrade sooner, but now it sounds cheaper to do without. I know it has insurance too, which is good, but T-Mo seems to be eliminating the largest benefit of JUMP!. That’s not cool..

        • TylerCameron

          There’s a few things keeping me from JUMP:
          1) I prefer not to buy phones directly from a T-Mobile store. I either buy them gently used, sell my old phone, and put that toward the next. It’s my own little cycle. I had trades my Note II + $50 for an unlocked T-Mobile HTC one from someone from Craigslist.
          2) that $10/month premium.
          3) I would have to migrate to a more expensive Simple Choice plan. I currently have a Value 500 minute talk+unlimited text and truly unlimited data with a 12% discount. I only pay $60/month. I’m very happy with this price. I’m unwilling to give up my truly unlimited data, and the new Simple Choice plans aren’t worth the extra money to me. I’m cash-strapped enough :p

  • landmarkcm

    I’m thinking about canceling this “Jump” that i’m paying 10.00 for all together. My case is I’m happily running my Moto G on Tmobile & it is a much better device then any of the mid rangers that are on Tmobile directly right now like the Lg’s F3 & F6 & L9 the Samsung Light etc & let’s not forget about those garbage Alcatels! My point being the market has changed such that I am now someone who leans towards just getting a decent unlocked device like the g on my own at a good deal. I was only hesitating canceling the jump right away as it says i’m eligible for my first upgrade in April on it & was thinking hmm what if I did want to grab another higher end handset on eip… Decisions decisions. Probably will drop it as I don’t need the highest tier device out there. The deductibles are also getting so high. I actually just cracked my screen on mine & got another at a decent rate on amazon..

  • Doug Baker

    Absolutely a “carrier” move.

  • Jay Holm

    Hmm…what if I’ve only been enrolled in Jump since January 18th, and I want to get the S5?

    • Prod1702

      Your on the old jump and have to wait 6 months before you can jump. The old jump is way better then the new jump. Since with the old one you do not have to pay off 50% of the phone before you can jump.

  • Dakota

    Surprised no big valentines day sale.. I own my phone but this is saying you have to pay 50 percent of the phone price regardless of when u decide to trade devices? So it wouldn’t make financial sense if you jump earlier? This seems targeted to Android as new iPhone cones out once per year & most people probably do best selling that one year old device if they’re desperate for the new device

  • Shadowleo

    what i got from this article which i think alot of people missed is this on sentence. “New customers adding JUMP! will be able to upgrade whenever they like, as long as they trade-in their current phone and 50% of the phone cost is paid by doing so”.

    Now if i understand correctly this means that you trade in your device and recieve a trade in credit for it plus you pay whatever the additional is to make it half paid. Not really a big deal. lets say you purchased a gs4 $0 down (retail 624, trade in amount is 225). You get the trade in credit of 225 plus you make an additional $100 dollar payment to meet the %50 requirement. Essentially this is great marketing. If you bought the phone and 30 days later dont want it you just bought the new s5 for essentially $150 after difference and taxes fr the new phone.

    For everyone whining and crying STOP. T-Mobile is a business and they are not going to sit by and continuously lose money hand over fist to accomodate the masses. The jump program and plans are still miles ahead of the other companies in terms of value and price for your money.

    One more thing. All of this is speculation until the announcements are made on feb 23rd. So until than just take everything with a grain of salt and stop with all the crying. You all want something for nothing and think that you should be entitled to these things. You are not entitled to anything. You could be worse off and on att, sprint or verizon getting banged with no lube.

    • Whiskers

      That will be a big “grain of salt” if they don’t grandfather in the ones who originally signed up and honor that agreement after the first jump and on ….

      • Shadowleo

        They only technically have to honor the first Jump Upgrade. if they choose to let you keep the grandfathered plan great. If they dont great suck it up and deal with it. Its still better than any other plan. If you want them to keep making strides in the right direction you have to be willing to make some compromises

    • guest1003

      when you dont own 100% of the phone you have no trade in value you are still responsible to pay 50% then the other 50% goes away. so that 225 trade in value will actually wont be their that would be your money either by monthly installments or at time of trade in

  • donnybee


    It’s an interesting play on words, and really means nothing. I’ve seen AT&T and Verizon “grandfather” people into unlimited data. AT&T would let you upgrade your phone under subsidy and still have unlimited, VZW would make you buy the phone outright without subsidy to keep it. “Grandfathered” is a term with no REAL definition, as it’s defined by the company instituting it.

    So that means I’m currently grandfathered. But what about when I use my JUMP! upgrade? Will I still be grandfathered in? Or will I have to be bound by the new rules? Remember that JUMP! is completely separate from the EIP, since it’s a standalone service, so it shouldn’t change at all when upgrading. BUT, they could still enforce it. Should I be afraid to JUMP! ? Will I be bound by the new rules that are coming out? Or will I really be grandfathered into my standalone service and be able to use it as it was designed when it was introduced?

    I waited my 6 months. I’m over my 6 months actually. I’ve got the best plan on T-Mobile that’s possible and I’ve referred others that now have T-Mobile. I have a strong feeling I’m going to get screwed over by this change. Where did the un-carrier go?

  • mdco

    So what this really effecively means for a new customer is that you can trade in your phone once a year, not every six months.

  • David

    T-Mobile is still junk IMHO. They are still the only carrier that doesn’t allow conditional call forwarding for prepaid accounts and other silly little restrictions like this.

    Stepping on the little guy.
    This is why i refuse to port our contract accounts to them.

  • Randall Lind

    I doubt people will upgrade any more then 6 months at a time. I really don’t see phones coming out that much. I am a Samsung user and been on jump for a tad over 6 months and the Galaxy s5 is still not out.

  • Reneygade

    The above information is not applicable nor is it current.
    Nice binged effort though tmobile. I’ve used T-Mobile as my service provider for the last ten years.

    I’m more than ready to gtho of this situationshio.
    So good luck to me but bit I’m tired of the T-Mobile bs.
    Ya like I need one more Problem to have to resolve. Seriously, how many times does one person need to say the same thing for team magenta to comprehend-
    You probably wouldn’t believe it EVEN IF you read it yourself. It is THAT unbelievable.

    • thepanttherlady

      This article is 3 years old

  • Reneygade

    I will say this much and that I
    know for a fact… in regards to jump, JOD..
    Wow – there’s hardly anything to choose from and ‘certified pre- owned’ means..
    a used device. Red flag. Give me a few minutes just maneuvering around any android device- ( smart phone etc) i can tell you with confidence if it’s a pre-owned phone or a new one. Idc what some cellular tech specialist tells you, To me it’s obvious.
    NOT that it matters I am NOT ORDERING ANOTHER PRE OWNED DEVICE. OMG. T-MOBILE is losing customers AND they’re about to lose me also.
    With either the T-Mobile JUMP or Jump On Demand ‘feature ‘ there’s
    definitely not much variety as far as new phones for me or you.. whomever. I just counted and there are 5 different non ios phones and 1 iPhone.
    My best guess, last time I equal – graded was about a year ago, there were at least twice as many phones available then.
    Damn the luck