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Motorola Android Hints Abound

We are just two days away from Moto’s big Android announcement and we are sitting here hoping and praying that Moto drops something beautiful. Fortunately, for the inter-webs we may have just gotten a preview of what to expect with Two XML pages that have surfaced courtesy of the WiFi Alliance. Codenamed MB200 and MB300 little is known about both phones other than a few specs, which do not really give credence to inspirational … [read full article]

HTC Click Gets A Tattoo

While we patiently wait for future Android announcements, HTC has gone and made the Click official while branding it Tattoo.  Some important things to note with this compact phone, it has that glorious Sense UI (Yes, please), it will have customizable design covers (HEY! that sounds familiar) and it will have a resistive touch screen (BOO!).  Now, before you get all upset about that, resistive technology … [read full article]

Oprah Rocks Out With T-mobile

Look, let me just throw this out there, I’ve managed to keep secret for some time now my desire to watch Oprah re-runs late at night. The way she consoles/counsels guests and feels their pains and of course, the way she gives out free stuff makes staying up late with Oprah a secretive but joyful experience.  As Oprah celebrates her 24th season kickoff today in my hometown of Chicago, T-mobile is helping the celebration as co-sponsor of … [read full article]

Blackberry 9700 Gets Spied

Update: Video is dead, removed due to Copyright, looking for a replacement now! Found the replacement, thanks Worms Looking for a little more info on the Blackberry 9700? Look no further as a lucky individual dropped off a lovely 7:29 video to the boys over at Crackberry. It’s 3G, it’s T-mobile, need I really say more? Truthfully, if you aren’t looking to become an Android fanboy, this is easily the next best thing T-mobile has lined … [read full article]

Holiday Weekend Open Comment Time

Unfortunately, it’s been a rather slow week in the land of magenta. I hope that that will all change with a wildly anticipated Motorola Android announcement happening Thursday.  In the meantime its Labor day so get outside, enjoy the last few days of summer, or if you’re in Florida like me another day of 90 degree plus weather. I know I’ll suffer through the humidity however and enjoy a barbecue with good friends tomorrow! I hope everyone … [read full article]

Android Market Update Shows Off

The Android market has come a long way since its inception and while still considerably behind the Apple App store as far the numbers tell, the market itself may be better all around. I mean out of 70,000 apps in the App Store I’d venture to guess about 12,000 are “pull my finger” apps. Newly added to the Android market are: Application screenshots Promotional icons Improved application descriptions Also added according to my bud at HTCSource are … [read full article]

What Does $649 Buy?

So what does $649 buy you? The N900, which has become one of the most discussed phones on the internet and of course has received the label, the next “iPhone killer.” Part of it may be due to the awesome videos showing off the device or the trance music playing in the background.  Regardless, word has come down that the N900 has found its way to the Nokia USA website for a completely not shocking price of … [read full article]

Do You Sidekick, Twitter And Facebook?

Sidekick users have yet another reason to rejoice this morning and T-mobile continues to open up the catalogue of goodies. Introducing Facebook and Twitter to Sidekick (2008), Sidekick LX (Tony Hawk included) and to the Sidekick slide. Interestingly enough the Facebook application is free while Twitter will charge a recurring $1.99 monthly fee. Not sure, what that is about as the Sidekick catalogue appears to be the only Twitter application looking for monthly charges rather than … [read full article]

More 3G Launches


Magenta countinues expanding their 3G network rapidly. I’m proud to inform the lucky folks in Oxnard, Ventura, Malibu and Santa Barbara California that you are officially blessed with T-Mobile 3G! Congratulations guys! Feel free to sound off in the comments with your excitement. If you still are the few waiting patiently for 3G to be announced in your city every morning, we will keep you updated!

Samsung Android Speculation

It hasn’t even been 24 hours and I have already put some puzzle pieces together, now lets hope they all fit together.  Today, David posted an update regarding the Behold 2, which just so happens to be an Android phone (apparently).  This isn’t the first time we have heard this rumor either.  This had me thinking, is this “Galaxy Lite” just the Behold 2?  Now, sure, it looks like … [read full article]

Behold2 Def Going The Way Of Google

The Behold is one of those phones whose mere presence in my hand gives me joy. I believe it is truly the most size friendly phone I have ever held, just perfection. That being said, Touchwiz needs some help, an overhaul if you will in its current state. I like it, don’t get me wrong and perhaps Samsung’s upcoming app store will bring a much-needed influx of apps and shortcuts. In the meantime, courtesy of … [read full article]