T-Mobile “very interested” in selling iPhones through MetroPCS


Just a year after the MetroPCS deal went through, T-Mobile announced yesterday that over half the subscriber base has moved over to a T-Mobile compatible handset. Which is great news, considering the CDMA network shutdown going on in at least three more major markets very soon. But, there’s one handset not currently available through MetroPCS: iPhone.

In a comment to Re/code, Mike Sievert told the site that the company is “very interested” in bringing the iPhone to the MetroPCS brand. Adding, “We think the Metro PCS customer would be as well.”

Of course, it’s not really surprising to hear a T-Mobile-owned property taking its time to make a deal to get the iPhone onboard. Magenta itself was the last of the 4 major U.S. carriers to offer the device to its customers. Admittedly, a lot of that was down to Apple’s unwavering terms, and the network incompatibilities with older models.

AT&T was the first, with an exclusive deal that lasted from launch in 2007 until January 2011 when Verizon finally started selling a CDMA variant of the iPhone 4. Later that same year, Sprint began offering the device. Other, smaller regional and prepaid carriers started selling it too, before the device finally arrive on T-Mo in 2013.

And it’s not the first time T-Mobile has indicated it wants MetroPCS to sell the iPhone. Last year, John Legere confirmed the same, but stated that it wasn’t a foregone conclusion and certainly wasn’t imminent at the time.

As for MetroPCS, since the merger, T-Mobile’s spread the brand to 30 new markets and has been busy shutting down old CDMA networks to free up spectrum for use in its own GSM/LTE networks. By all accounts, the plans to completely move on to T-Mo frequencies are way ahead of schedule, as are many of T-Mobile’s network-related movements.

Source: Re/code

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  • Jeffrey Wang

    Great to hear! About time!

  • ProudPapa

    I wish they would convince Apple to allow them to add WiFi calling to the iPhone.

    • S. Ali

      They should just release a WiFi calling stand-alone app, then they could include MMS support.

      • bkin94

        unforturnately, there are permission problems with that. iOS developers are rather limited in what they can access. t would be very difficult to do anything like this that uses your real phone number

        • S. Ali

          Vonage app uses your own phone number, shouldn’t be a problem.

    • KingCobra

      Agree. No Wi-Fi calling is the only thing I dislike about the iPhone on T-Mobile

      • Fr0stTr0n

        Who the hell bothers with wifi calling? Its mostly a joke

        • ProudPapa

          Definitely not true if you live in an area without good reception. My wife and I use wifi calling all the time because we can’t get reception in our house. WiFi calling works great. Because of this, Android is our only real choice since iOS won’t allow it, and we had a ton of problems getting WiFi calling to work correctly on Windows phone 8.

    • Alex Zapata

      I don’t think anyone could convince Apple to allow WiFi calling on iOS.

      • Roger Sales

        iPhones don’t even have a decent hotspot application, wifi calling would be a reach.

        • Alex Zapata

          And this is why I have a Lumia 925.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah. Sadly, this is Apple. It doesn’t allow any carrier to have any pre-loaded features/apps on its phones.

      • Jay Holm

        Why not just make it an app made by T-Mobile that one can d/l onto the iPhone? It doesn’t have to come pre installed.

  • Pitahson

    wait but..you can go to a tmobile store and buy one..or buy an unlocked one..or buy a verizon one. or head to swappa and buy any of the 3 versions I mentioned used in good condition and save money if it floats your fancy.

  • Rick Rudge

    I’m glad to hear that MetroPCS will be selling iPhones now. Good work T-Mobile.

  • Ben

    I’m guessing the reason it is taking so long is that T-Mo is holding out for a better deal – Apple is not in the negotiating position it was 2-3 years ago and T-Mo probably doesn’t want to have any minimum order quotas (or wants it counted under T-Mobile’s quota).

  • Dakota

    Still don’t understand difference between Tmobile and metro pcs. Are they both on the same network. Us metro slower speeds?

  • Aurizen

    I wonder how long before metro to sell the iphone :/