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T-Mobile to Present at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference


T-Mobile will be presenting at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference. T-Mobile US, Inc.’s president and chief executive officer, Mike Sievert, will be presenting and providing a business update at the event. The event will take place on Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at 9:45 am ET. If you are interested in joining the event, you can tune into the webcast around that time. During the virtual event, there will be a live webcast of the talk. … [read full article]

T-Mobile CEO Shares Insight on How Important Fast & Reliable 5G Network is in Immersive Sports

After last week’s Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, T-Mobile’s CEO Mike Sievert has released a blog post talking about the experience. In his post, Sievert shared that even though the event was for Formula 1 fans, Las Vegas had enough to offer everyone.  As for the racing event, T-Mobile’s 5G hybrid network was able to give super fans (both virtual and in-person), staff, race teams, and more what they were looking for. Aside from real-time visuals, … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile No Longer Testing Forced Migrations (For Now)

Recently, T-Mobile unveiled its Q3 2023 Earnings Report where it showed customer growth for the postpaid brand. At the said event, T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, gave an update regarding its planned forced migrations.  As The Mobile Report revealed, the Un-carrier has scrapped its plans for these migrations. Sievert pointed out that they received backlash over the “erroneous context” found in their leaked internal documents.  Sievert was quoted … [read full article]

T-Mobile Reports Q3 2023 Earning Results

Earlier today, T-Mobile unveiled its Q3 2023 results. These numbers showed promising growth on the Un-carrier’s customer count, thanks to its best-in-class network.  For this quarter, T-Mobile’s results showed the lowest Q3 postpaid phone churn throughout its history. They also earned the highest postpaid phone and postpaid account net adds and industry leading growth in consolidated service revenue and Core Adjusted EBITDA.  The highlights of its Q3 2023 results are:  Postpaid net customer adds of 1.2M; best … [read full article]

T-Mobile CEO Releases Statement to Clear Up Forced Plan Migrations

The latest update in T-Mobile’s forced migration comes directly from the Un-carrier’s CEO, Mike Sievert.  As shared by The Mobile Report, the executive has sent out an email to all employees to shed more light on the confusion. The email reiterates the previous update that the automatic migrations were part of “a very small test.” The new update also shares that T-Mobile has not yet changed … [read full article]

Mike Sievert Looks Back at First Ever iPhone Offered by T-Mobile

Time surely flies. Would you believe it’s already a decade since T-Mobile started offering iPhone devices to its customers? This is something that T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert is commemorating in his latest blog post.  In the post, Sievert looks back to 2012 and shares how T-Mobile used to be a “distant fourth in wireless with limited financial resources to improve its network.” At that time, … [read full article]

Report: Is T-Mobile Planning to Acquire USCellular?


Is T-Mobile hinting at acquiring another rival?  As reported by PhoneArena, T-Mobile’s CEO Mike Sievert has been hinting at purchasing USCellular, which has recently been put up for sale. If the Un-carrier is able to purchase the carrier, it will give them more spectrum and significant assets in the rural markets.  Currently, T-Mobile’s rural wireless market share in the country has increased to 16.5% from 13% in 2021. Still, … [read full article]

T-Mobile Makes Bold Move After Layoffs

Last month, it was announced that 7 percent of T-Mobile’s workforce was getting cut. This roughly translated to 5,000 employees. Shortly after this, the Un-carrier announced the first-ever dividend program for its shareholders to enjoy.  In its announcement, the company is said to be preparing to pay dividends of $3.75 billion in the next five quarters. In addition to this, T-Mo plans to buy back $15.25 billion of its shares. Shortly after the announcement, the company’s shares … [read full article]

T-Mobile Lays Off 7% of Its Workforce


Once again, T-Mobile is in hot water over today’s news. Despite promising to be a “jobs positive” company, the Un-carrier is apparently laying off around 5,000 of its workers. This is roughly around 7 percent of T-Mobile’s workforce.  As reported by The Verge, the positions that will be affected by this include those working in corporate, back-office, and technology. Employees in retail and customer care will not be affected … [read full article]

Mike Sievert’s Sidekicks Conversations Videos Turn 1

It’s been a year since T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, released his video interview series called Sidekicks Conversations. In this series of videos, he talks to other CEOs in the fields of tech, business, sports, and beyond.  Today, Sievert shared a blog post related to his latest interview. The blog post touched on the importance of mindful listening. The CEO also shared what happens once we express curiosity about others.  He also shared some of the things he … [read full article]