T-Mobile’s Major League Baseball Relationship Finally Bears Fruit With MLB At Bat 13 Trial


T-Mobile’s announcement of a multi-year Major League Baseball partnership was first announced back at the company’s January 8th CES press event. That was the last we’d heard of any partnership, until now. T-Mobile has announced in celebration of their partnership free access to the official app of Major League Baseball, MLB.com At Bat 13 who download the app from May 1st to June 30th.

The app, available through Google’s Play Store and Apple’s app store will offer season-long access to customers who grab the app inside that timeframe. Included is free MLB.TV streaming Game of the Day, access to live home and away radio broadcasts from around the league and highlights, scores, and more from the day’s games.

The offer is available to both new and existing customers, but not available to customers who have previously purchased the app before May 1st. MLB At Bat 13 isn’t available on Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices and any additional in-app purchases are not included in this offer. The total value of the promotion is $19.99 which is pretty decent if you are a die-hard or even a casual baseball fan who didn’t feel the need to splurge on the app prior to T-Mobile’s promotion.

The full detail rundown is below:


MLB.com At Bat App Free Beginning May 1

To celebrate T-Mobile as the Official Wireless Sponsor of Major League Baseball, we are offering FREE access to the official app of Major League Baseball, MLB.com At Bat® 13 ($19.99 value). Beginning May 1 to June 30 T-Mobile customers can download the MLB.com At Bat 13 application from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This season-long access will provide customers with:

Free live MLB.TV streaming Game of the Day
Access to live home and away radio broadcasts from around the league
Highlights, scores, and more from the day’s games around the league

Offer Requirements

Offer only available May 1 – June 30.
Offer is available to new and existing customers.
Must be on the T-Mobile network to initially download the app to meet validation requirements.
Offer is available for download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Compatible devices include:
Android phones and tablets (OS 2.2 or later).
iPhones and iPads 3GS/4/4S/5, (iOS 5.0 or later).
MLB.com At Bat is released every year for the new baseball season. This offer provides full access to the 2013 MLB season only.


App is not available for Windows Phone devices; Offer is not available for Blackberry devices.
Offer not available to customers who previously purchased the MLB.com At Bat app prior to May 1.
Not available for download on Wi-Fi or while roaming.
After download and registration, you may access the app over Wi-Fi.
MLB.TV and/or additional in-app purchases are not included in this offer


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  • Oscar Dominguez

    Great news now I can watch the Miami Marlins loose on the go !

    • mdosu

      here’s the first pitch……..and the season’s over. Marlins will have to be the “Game of the Day” game for you to receive the live stream, at this point of the season, you’ll be lucky sportscenter even has a Marlins highlight.

      • StarMenace

        There will be plenty of videos from Marlins games, they will just be either bloopers from them or highlights from the team playing against them.

        • Mark

          You would think they could at least come up with some pretty pictures of the Beach to show. Anything else will probably have to wait for new ownership.

    • AG

      you know it’s bad when I, a Cubs fan, feel sorry for you. As much as I hated what happened in 2003, your team deserves a better ownership group.

      Also, I just installed the app and redeemed the offer (It appears as soon as you launch it) with no issues. I’ll at least be able to listen to the radio broadcasts for afternoon cubs games while I’m at work.

  • Can’t wait. Glad I didn’t purchase it this year.

    • mdosu

      yeah, me too, i was pretty close to buying it in April as well. Can I get a woot woot?!

  • mdosu

    This is great, but the real benefit of the partnership is getting LTE service at my MLB park. Last year, I got no service at AT&T park (no surprise) and Edge speed at Nationals Park. This year, I’m blazing with LTE at Nationals Park.

    My Note 2 also lacks a radio tuner, so live streaming would suffice, but I prefer no to use data when possible.

  • trollfacedotjpg

    Sweet! I tried to buy it, but the page times out and I wasn’t charged. What a fortunate thing to happen!

  • moolahmitch

    It is definitely available on BlackBerry 10, shame the offer is not being extended to those users. Poor show!

    • David

      I agree, I have it on my Z10…it’s a great app

  • Herb

    I was hesitant to buy it since the price went up this year so I’m pretty excited I put it off.

  • Bud

    Lol, I went to citi field lastFriday absolutely no data service.

    • mdosu

      sorry to hear that. I would think TMo will try to give LTE service in every MLB stadium given that they’re also providing in-game communcation for the teaws.

      • Bud

        i can only wait and see.

  • A$AP Chris

    Is MLB.tv blocked for use through MHL? I know some other apps that restrict this feature as well.

  • Nick Cannon

    Does this work with Monthly4G? Do I just charge it to my tmo account?

    • Jay W.

      It looks like all you have to do is download the app over your data connection (not Wifi)

    • I don’t think it is available for
      Monthly 4Gs subscribers because they are prepaid customers. I think it’s only available to contract customers like my self. I recommend that you download
      MLB tomorrow.

    • Nick Cannon

      Yep it worked with prepaid!

  • ruskastud

    Not til tomorrow………………

  • Jim Mack

    Grrrr just bought the app Saturday. Oh well it is very cool and I still worth the money as a die hard baseball fan

  • taron19119

    So it says 19.99 what do I have to do

    • Mark

      Well, first you have to wait until tomorrow, just like the article says.

      • Clarkkent113

        It’s really amazing how some people can’t read, or comprehend, a simple article. smh

    • mdosu


  • So, I’ve been using the app with it’s basic features for free. I guess I’ll try re-installing it tomorrow over T-Mo’s network and see if I can get the paid membership and features with this deal. It should still work even if I already had the free app installed on my phone right?

    • Jay W.

      You may just have to access the app via your data connection??? I uninstalled it for now though, and will re-install tomorrow.

      • That’s what I did too. I guess we will find out tomorrow if it works or not. With no paid membership already, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

  • David

    David you should edit the article, Blackberry 10 has this app, if the offer is available for BB too you should add that information.

    • Yes, I agree that this app is available for BB10

  • Alex Di Giacomo

    Again, Windows Phone gets neglected…I’d like to see T-Mobile being a robust alternative to other carriers for those of us who prefer Windows Phone. We’re a little weak on the offerings, both hardware and software, not to mention services like Wi-Fi calling. Sigh…

    • wilde_ride

      I agree but this is because Microsoft will not put its full force behind windows phone (per normal). This isn’t because of TMobile.

  • branshaw09

    Do we download the free version and get access to the premium version once I’m verified on TMo network or do I download the paid version? Additional instructions would be great!

    • Jay W.

      There is only one version this year.

      • branshaw09

        Ahhh. Yes, I forgot about that when I downloaded it. It’s now an in app upgrade. thanks for the reminder!

  • Clarkkent113

    Sweet. I’ll definitely be downloading. I would definitely prefer the NFL exclusivity that Verizon has, but finally T-Mobile has SOMETHING exclusive to offer their customers that’s really worth something. Go Yanks.

  • steveb944

    Just downloaded it. As soon as you start it up it shows the T-Mobile offer.

    I didn’t notice a download link in the article


  • taron19119

    Don’t waste your time it only let u watch the mlb tv game of the day

    • mdosu

      that’s what I wanted to confirm too, this “upgrade” only allows additional access to radio feeds and ONLy the “game of the day”. You’ll still need premium access for out-of-market video feeds/replays

      • taron19119

        Yes I try every game and only the game of the day work’s

        • mdosu

          not to say the ad was misleading, but this access isn’t worth $19.99 equivalent of premium access. I believe if you pay $19.99, you get all out of market game feeds, no? Or do you need to pay that premium $130 of MLB-TV access?, anyways, it’s still getting something for nothing, and depending on your team, you might get lucky and get a few “game of the day” accesses while you’re away.

        • taron19119

          this is a lie this is not worth19.99 cuz if you pay 19 99 you get access to all the games

        • bob90210

          You should contact the Washington Attorney General and have him take corrective action against this egregious outrage.

        • taron19119

          Y its free u get what u get u expect T Mobile to pay 19.99 per person

  • graywolf323

    what if we already paid for the At Bat app sometime in April? :-(

  • wilde_ride

    This is meaningless to diehard baseball fans like myself who purchased the app at the start of the season.

    • david

      I agree, it’s an odd promotion a lot into the season. I bought mine on my BlackBerry Z10 on opening day.

    • mdosu

      don’t worry, you’re not missing much with the “free” version. You only get to watch the game of the week. I presume when you paid for the app, you can watch any game, correct?

      • graywolf323

        no, you only can watch any game if you pay for MLB.tv Premium

        if you buy just At Bat you get the audio feeds

        • mdosu

          Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense that you have to buy MLB.TV premium (which is like $130) for full video coverage, plus I believe you can’t receive “in-market” games. But getting free radio coverage is worth it. I noticed At Bat’s radio feeds are better than ESPN Radio’s version, for some reason, ESPN Radio is very choppy.

  • Bob In Peoria

    Thanks!…..I deleted my pre May 1 version, and downloaded the new FREE version on May 1. It works, and I get more info than I did before from the old free version…