T-Mobile once again offering free MLB at Bat access for 2014

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Last year, a few months after announcing a multi-year partnership with the MLB, T-Mobile began offering free access to content through the MLB at Bat iOS and Android app. And it looks like it’s back again for 2014.

A few customers have tipped us to let us know that they were able to get free access to MLB at Bat 2014, but there’s yet to be any official announcement on this from either T-Mobile or MLB. From the screenshot above, it appears the offer is available until September 30th, slightly longer than the May-June limited offer of 2013. Still, we’re not 100% sure on the details.

However, delving through T-Mobile’s support pages revealed the following: “Try streaming a game and it should offer the option to “Redeem Free At Bat”.  It also says, “Thank you for being a T-Mobile customer.  Enjoy a full-season of At Bat  2014 on us.” 

The offer is also seemingly confirmed by a “T-Force Specialist” on the support pages:

“UPDATE: As the official sponsor of Major League Baseball, we will be offering MLB At Bat 14 to our customers for free starting May 1 through the entire regular season! With our unlimited data and nationwide 4G LTE, you can enjoy all the great features MLB’s At Bat has to offer!”

We’re also told to await official confirmation through T-Mobile’s usual newsroom.

We’ll bring you more on this once it’s been officially confirmed. Hopefully being able to clear up any terms and conditions, and official guidelines on how to redeem and who can redeem on what devices. It’s a great offer for baseball fans, saving you from paying the $20 annual subscription fee.

If you have success on this in the mean time, please leave your experiences in the comments or shoot me an email cam@tmonews.com.

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  • CalicoKJ

    Out of curiosity, I installed the app. When I launched it, I was given the opportunity to redeem.

  • Garblicks

    I can only listen to games, not see them live

    • Mike Coleman

      thats what the offer is for. the watch live subscription is much more expensive and isn’t part of the free offer

    • Moby

      You can watch the game of the day live.

  • Mike Coleman

    Yeah, you just download the app, go to listen to a game, and there is a redemption offer through T-mobile. I just got it too.

  • Trevnerdio

    This is a good deal. Bummed that T-Mo left the NBA for the MLB, but still cool.
    On another note, I’d love to see the forum section where we could list what cities are LTE and what bandwidth they’re utilizing.

  • KLynn

    I, too, was able to redeem upon installation and creation of an MLB.com account. SWEET!!!

  • CJ Jacobs

    Just downloaded the app and it immediately offered to redeem the offer.

  • S. Ali

    How popular is Baseball these days? I’m hardly a sports fan, but I catch the occasional Football, Soccer, Hockey, or Basketball game. I’ve never been interested in Baseball.

    • PMB01

      It’s America’s pastime. The appeal is quite wide and always has been.

  • steveb944

    You download the app, open it, redeem offer. Goes through WiFi even.

    I love it, wish I knew about last year’s offer.

  • yankeesusa

    This is great, I just got it. Awesome!

  • Xzrane

    And this doesn’t work on the Windows Phone app because……..?

    • breal

      T-Mobile hates Windows Phone? I just tried it on my Lumia 925 and it did not work, I do have the 8.1 preview though, so not sure if that is effecting anything.

      • Xzrane

        Yeah, running the preview on the 8X. Seriously don’t understand the disregard for WP.

  • mnaz105

    Just downloaded the app and I’m able to listen and watch the games live.

  • Peter H.

    Worked for me!

  • JohnnyFB

    Boreball, I’m not sure many care. Wish they had this for something more interesting with broader appeal.

    • PMB01

      You must not be from the US, where baseball is “America’s pastime”. This has plenty of appeal. You do not represent the majority of the population.

      • kalel33

        The majority of the population doesn’t watch baseball in the US. In the US, NFL is king…..by a long shot, but Verizon has the lock on it. I hear more people talking about NCAA basketball and NCAA football than baseball. Baseball is popular on the East Coast but not so much elsewhwere, when compared to other sports.

        • PMB01

          I can provide anecdotal evidence that supports my view too cause I hear WAY more people talk about baseball on the West Coast. Baseball is definitely watched by a large portion of the US and its popularity is proven by the TV ratings and stadium attendance numbers.

        • kalel33

          Regular season football games always outdo World Series games in ratings. The World Series also has lower ratings than the BCS game, any Final Four, NBA Finals, and is not that much better than the NFL Draft. So if we go by what people watch on TV then baseball is behind NCAA football and basketball, NBA, and NFL trounces all of them by a long shot. At least MLB beats golf and Nascar.

          Baseball hasn’t recovered since the 1994 strike. They thought the fans would come back but they didn’t.

        • PMB01

          You know nothing. A sport where each team plays 170+ games in a season (including spring training and playoffs) easily has more fans than a sport where each team only plays around 20 games. Each team draws in over 2 million fans a season to watch a game in person (not saying those are 2 million unique people), with many drawing over 3 and close to 5 million. The World Series is WAY more popular that the NFL Draft (especially in LA where there hasn’t been an NFL team for 20 years)!

          If you don’t like baseball, that’s fine. A large portion of the US does, though.

        • kalel33

          Ratings say I do know what I’m talking about and the NFL draft had close to the same ratings as the average World Series game. By ratings of the championships of each sport, which most fans of that sport watch, MLB is behind all the one’s I mentioned. The sport hasn’t been near “America’s Pastime” for 20 years. Believe what you want but ratings prove who watches which sport more.

        • PMB01

          And actual game attendance proves you wrong. It’s still “America’s Pastime” and most people agree with that.

        • kalel33

          Casual fans usually don’t go to games, because it costs quite a bit. Most fans of sports watch them on TV, which shows that MLB is still far behind other sports. Seriously, you say that baseball the 2nd favorite sport(because nobody touches the NFL) but the World Series doesn’t get much for ratings?

          Also, if you look at the top average attendance per game for a season then you see that, other than the Yanks, all of them were pre-1994. They have never recovered.

        • PMB01

          It seems your numbers are ALL pre-1994. Quit the BS. Man up and admit you’re wrong or I’ll know you’re trollin’.

        • kalel33

          My god, your reading comprehension is abysmal. My numbers show that MLB hasn’t been that popular since the strike in 1994. It USED TO BE big but now it’s not even in the top 4 sports watched.

          Man up and admit that numbers don’t lie on who watches which sports more and that MLB last heydays were over 20 years ago. You have not been able to come up with one fact, other than “nuh uh, you’re wrong”.

        • PMB01


          Thank you, come again.

        • kalel33

          So, if I didn’t reply then you win the debate but if I did reply then I’m a troll. Nice. You can’t come up with a single number or fact to back up your argument at all, so you go with the cliche term of “troll”. Way to win an argument with name calling and “nuh uh, your wrong”. Stay ignorant my friend.

        • jto

          Lmao what a delusional tool. Good luck with the average life you have ahead of you :)

        • Brian

          Baseball is indeed very popular in many parts of the country, especially in the NY Metro area. Football is popular for one reason alone….gambling. People are glued to NFL games because they either have money on all the games or they have fantasy leagues going. Look at NCAA basketball and it’s popularity as a result of the many brackets that people are involved in and which can be very lucrative.

          Ask a football fan or even a player what the record is for rushing yards and who holds it. How about the record for passing yards, TDs, receptions? Maybe 2% of them will know the answer. Now ask even the casual baseball fan who is the TRUE Homerun King, who held it before that, who the TRUE single-season HR king is, who has e most stolen bases, who is the stolen base king. I would say that 40% of casual fans will know the answers and upwards of 90% of true baseball fans will know as well.

  • JM

    Can anyone watch archived games? Is this listen only or can you watch all the games?

  • JetRanger

    Worked for me. Good deal!

  • Rob Karp

    installed the app but no offer … is it because my phone is rooted??

  • locomambo

    How can I redeem on an android phone I downloaded but no redeem option

  • stl user

    does this apply to premium access? i was not able to watch the cardinal’s away game yesterday.

    • Brian

      This is only for MLB At Bat which has no blackout of local and nationally (Fox, ESPN, TBS Postseason) broadcast games since it’s only the audio feed. MLB.TV does have the blackout restrictions, even on the free game of the day via the At Bat app, so if you’re in the Cards’ tv market, you won’t be able to watch their games. If, however, you go on vacation outside of the Cards’ market, you’ll be able to call up Customer Support and give them the IP address where you’re logged into and they can put the exception in the system so you can watch them. Again, if the game is on Fox or ESPN then you’re still going to be blocked.

      • Marc Klein

        I’m not being offered free acess. What gives?

  • Dan

    Everyone’s situation is a bit unique, but for the vast majority the bottom line is if you want the latest phone every 12 months switching to T-Mobile saves you NOTHING, if your ok with a cheaper device (maybe last years model) and you hang on to your phone a few years then you will save a bundle.
    In our case comparing apples to oranges I’ve figured a savings of about $80/month (not adding phone costs in w/ t-mo or overages with AT&T)… now to bring it back to apples to apples – my parents only want a entry level android and a flip phone… so our net cost for phones is around ~$50 month on the 24 month finance deal. It’s a no brainer we’re still saving $$. Other things to consider is T-mobile’s international calling/texting/roaming options great deal if you need it. This savings also doesn’t compute in our typical costs for overseas calls/texts now or our fairly freqent data overage charges piled on – and all lines will have an extra GB of data to boot.
    Don’t forget to calculate the true cost with AT&T you have to factor activation/upgrade fees with each new phone, phone cost, and the added cost per month (subsidy). When I ran it all down I came to the conclusion if you got a Samsung S5 end cost after 2 years is almost identical. If you got a cheap phone or don’t use your upgrade with AT&T, AT&T is making out like a fat rat on the subsidies.

    • Dan

      sorry wrong article :o

  • Marc Klein

    I am not being offered this option on my IOS device

  • Bob Brown

    No problem, as long as you have an MLB ID and password. Had it last year, and now I have it again. Above info correct on video content. You do NOT get everything, but Game of Day is available. Also, radio calls are out there, which is great when travelling!! Thanks, TMO and MLB!!

  • qmc

    Wasn’t able to get this to work on my tablet tethered to my t-mobile phone. Month later, picked up an LTE nexus7, and it worked immediately. Now the weird thing is it still doesn’t work on the old wifi-only tablet, even when signed into the same mlb account. So it must do a check and drop something in locally on-device, rather than have an account-level access grant.

  • Dats

    Didn’t work either..What’s up? Unless it’s just the game of the day access