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Report: T-Mobile Customer Care Agents Will Try to Get You to Stay With a Discount 

T-Mobile currently has an offer in place for customers who are thinking about leaving the platform. So if you’re considering doing this, you might be interested in hearing out the Un-carrier’s new offer.  As leaked documents obtained by The Mobile Report show, T-Mo currently has two different promotions for customers who threaten to quit. The company’s customer care agents can offer … [read full article]

T-Mobile offering free unlimited data refer-a-friend deal from next week

T-Mobile has responded to Sprint’s “disruptive” offer with its very own offer for any T-Mobile Simple Choice customer and their friends on other carriers. In short, if a T-Mobile customer “throws a lifeline” to a Sprint, AT&T or Verizon customer, both will get 12 months of unlimited data free of charge. It’s a pretty amazing offer: Starting next week, whenever a T-Mobile Simple … [read full article]