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Victoria, Texas Gets 3G Goodness!!

Residents of Victoria, Texas are rejoicing!   Thanks to T-Mobile, they are now experiencing 3G goodness! Anyone in Victoria experiencing it now?  How are your download speeds?  Victoria, if you have 3G, let us know!

Friday Picture Fail

We can’t say for sure exactly where this came from but seeing as how it’s Friday, it’s time for something fun.  This  picture above certainly represents someone’s cruel humor for MyTouch fans or Motorola fans, depending on how you feel about MotoBlur or knowledge fail.  Either way, it’s Friday so enjoy the weekend!

The HTC HD2 Marketing Campaign Courtesy Of HTC

Looking for more HTC HD2 news?  Good, because we’ve got it but THIS time it’s actually something we’ve been awaiting for quite some time.  That’s right.  It’s a marketing campaign for the HTC HD2, the newest, most exciting, best multimedia and possibly the best phone in the T-Mobile lineup.  Check out the video above and the video after the break and fall in love with the HD2 or shrug it off and wait for the next … [read full article]

New HTC HD2 Buyers Can Receive Six Months Free In-Flight WiFi

There is little question as to which phone has been dominating the TmoNews headlines lately, and while we can’t wait for the next “big thing”, the HTC HD2 is the phone of the moment.  New owners of the HTC HD2 or at least those of you who have been able to get their mitts on one will receive six months of Gogo in-flight WiFi, free of charge.  Register with the company any time before June … [read full article]

Deutsche Telekom CEO Says They Are Keeping T-Mobile USA, Reaffirms “Stick Together”

For quite a while now T-Mobile USA has been the subject of mergers, marriages, divorces and a few “make- me-want-to-throw-up-in-my-mouth” rumors with Sprint.  Recent months have seen the possibility of a partnership with Clearwire (that is not counted as a rumor here since it was straight from Robert Dotson’s mouth), a T-Mobile IPO and spinoff and more Sprint/T-Mobile merger rumors.  For now, however, Rene Obermann has insisted to the Wall Street Journal that … [read full article]

HTC HD2 First Day Sales Numbers?

I think it will not be a surprise for most of you to learn that the HTC HD2 sold quite a bit during its first day.  Current rumors, and we emphasize the rumor portion here, peg first day sales at 21,700 units between retail and employee sales only.  Our tipster says these numbers do not include phone sales and we are not sure if that includes online orders as well. If those are missing, we are … [read full article]

T-Mobile Announces Inductive Charging Pad for MyTouch 3G

Today T-Mobile announced that it will be offering an inductive charging pad for the myTouch 3G handset.  The Go Charging Pad will include a new backplate for the handset that, when installed, lets the device charge wirelessly when placed on the pad.  Interestingly, the pad will use magnetic induction to transfer energy from the pad to the phone’s battery.  It works the same way Palm’s Touchstone charger for the Palm Pre device works.  The Go Charging Pad … [read full article]

TmoNews Goes Hands On With The webConnect Rocket And Dell Mini 10


So my streak of T-Mobile luck continued this morning with a one-on-one with some super super nice T-Mobile PR folks who allowed me some hands-on time with the Dell Mini 10 and webConnect Rocket.  Let me just say, the webConnect Rocket is fast, very fast.  The Dell Mini 10 is no slouch in the speed department either but the webConnect Rocket is the real story. It’s been one thing for me to read the reviews from [read full article]

T-Mobile HD2 Sold Out?

Update: Looks like there are still some stores with devices on hand, but it’s certainly moving quickly so you better act fast! Word coming down from all sources is that the HTC HD2 is sold out across the board in retail stores. You might have some luck if you call around but as we hear it, it’s sold out, sold out, sold out.  We’ll update this as we learn more!

Dell Mini 10 Now Available

The Dell Mini 10 netbook is now available from  It looks like it’s going to be a fantastic day for T-Mobile with the release of something for everyone, the HTC HD2, Nokia Nuron and, for you road warriors out there, the netbook!  Let me just go on record as saying I have my netbook with me at CTIA and it is perfection to carry around and use.  I feel quite bad for those lugging around … [read full article]