T-Mobile launches eSIM support for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR


T-Mobile’s support for eSIM on Apple’s new iPhones has arrived.

T-Mobile today launched its eSIM app for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. With this app, owners of Apple’s new iPhones can easily add a secondary prepaid line to their device. Just enter your email address into the app, select a prepaid plan, and you’ll be good to go.

Currently, T-Mobile only offers prepaid plans for eSIM on the iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR, but the carrier says that it plans to support postpaid plans on eSIM “in the future”. Here are the T-Mobile prepaid plans available for eSIM activation:

  • T-Mobile One Prepaid with unlimited voice, text, and data, priced at $70 for a 30-day plan
  • Simply Prepaid with unlimited voice, text, and 10GB of LTE data, priced at $40 for a 30-day plan
  • Tourist Plan with 1000 minutes, unlimited text, and 2GB of LTE data, priced at $30 for a 21-day plan

The T-Mobile eSIM app is supported on any T-Mobile or unlocked iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR running iOS 12.1.1 or later. You can find the app in the App Store right here.


Some T-Mobile customers have had success getting eSIM on their new iPhone activated through customer service in the past few days, but it’s good to see the eSIM app officially launch so that everyone can easily add a secondary line to their iPhone. While it is kind of disappointing that T-Mobile only supports prepaid plans at launch, at least we know that postpaid plan support is coming. Hopefully it’s rolled out sooner rather than later.


Once you activate a T-Mobile eSIM on your iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR, let us know how it’s working for you!

Sources: T-Mobile, T-Mobile eSIM (App Store)

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  • Jonathan Glabman

    What about Pixel 3? Although not a T-Mobile phone, John Legere wants us to bring it over and it supports Esim

    • Ray W

      Yeah, that’s why I decided to go through customer support and have them do a manual swap to the eSIM.

      This app is useless for us postpaid and Pixel 3 users.

      I’ve been using eSIM on my Pixel 3 for about a week now. So far so good. TMobile ONE postpaid

      • JiGSaW525

        Hi – so it is possible to use my eSIM for T-Mobile and a real SIM for a international line on my Pixel 3? Should I go through Customer Support for this manual swap?

        • Ray W

          Yes. That’s what it’s for. You just won’t be able to have both numbers actively receiving calls and text simultaneously like you can on iPhone Xs. Because Google didn’t think of enabling dual active

        • JiGSaW525

          OK cool, was hoping for dual active, but one or the other is good for the time being. Easily switchable I hope without a reboot?


        • Ray W

          Very easy to switch. One tap, 5 seconds later, you’re on the other SIM

  • Frankwhitess

    Bro …. is t mobile Serious ????? To add a line to a phone that already has a line with them should be $5 a month period ! It’s Not like you can use both lines at the same time ! This is a robbery if they charge a lot..

    You can only make calls one line at a time .. granted that you might receive a call from the other number while being on a phone call , but that’s almost like call waiting ……

    Again , if it’s a completely other phone … fine .. charge away .. but to charge me twice while using the same phone ?? Some would say that is Nothing Short Of Madness !

    • EF

      Not everyone is in the same situation as you are. In particular, think about why one would want to sign up for the 21-day “tourist” plan? This is primarily for FOREIGN late model iphone owners who are in the US temporarily and want a US plan, but don’t have a phone that supports two SIM trays. While in the US, they can receive calls to their home (international) number, while also being able to place/receive calls, text, and use data on a US plan that is probably cheaper than roaming on their home SIM card.

      Other uses could be if you have a work phone that supports this, and want to add a personal line so you don’t use up the company data/minutes. Could be you have an unlocked work iphone that runs on a Verizon SIM, and now can add a T-Mobile personal line with the eSIM at a lesser cost than it would be to get a separate phone (along with the convenience of having two phone numbers on one phone).

      Of course, if you already had a T-Mobile personal post-paid account, then you can still add your personal T-Mobile line to any other carrier’s phone by the Digits app, which would add about $15 per month and use the data from your primary T-mobile line, and it works on ANY phone, including older iPhones and Android phones. Another good way to not have to carry two phones with you.

    • Phil

      5.00 dollars for 500 minutes + Unlimted text.
      Count me in when that Esim plan becomes available.
      If it requires purchase of John Legere cook book to qualify for such plan , I’m ok with that

    • frankwhitess 5++

  • Eric A

    T-Mobile never ceases to amaze. You actually have to add a line in order to use an e-sim.

  • Fan_Posting

    LOL, Does anyone remember the MyFaves feature, unlimited calling to your favorite five (5) people? Simply said, we have come a long way in the mobile tech world, now we have e-SIM support, GO T-mobile!!

  • Phil

    John has gone uncarrier Bizarro!

    How it should work,
    T-mobile will esim primary line if requested allowing those that travel etc to pop prepaid sim in when needed.
    EIP customers using Esim for primary Line must keep line active for sim card function.

    So basically , your device will be a brick if you fail to complete EIP commitment.