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T-Mobile Rolls Out Prepaid eSIM App for Android Users

Android users, T-Mobile has some good news for you! After a short wait, the Un-carrier has finally rolled out its Prepaid eSIM app for Android users.  With the release of this app, Android users with a compatible device can now activate service directly from the app.  The information comes from a leaked document shared by The Mobile Report, who revealed that this has been available since October … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users on T-Mobile getting eSIM support soon


Even though there is still a vast number of people who use physical SIM cards in their phones, there are some who are slowly adapting to the new trend of using eSIM. And in the US, there is a slow yet steady growth of devices that are capable of eSIM functionality.  Thanks to carriers, this functionality is slowly becoming more available. Apart from an iPhone or a Google Pixel device, there is one new smartphone model that … [read full article]

T-Mobile officially launches eSIM support for postpaid customers

  Looks like the rumor was correct. T-Mobile today confirmed that it now officially supports eSIM for postpaid customers. Starting today, August 28, T-Mobile customers with an eligible eSIM-capable phone can visit a T-Mo store to get their eSIM set up. T-Mobile says that the the current phones that are compatible with its eSIM offering include the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. I’ve asked about support for … [read full article]