Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users on T-Mobile getting eSIM support soon


Even though there is still a vast number of people who use physical SIM cards in their phones, there are some who are slowly adapting to the new trend of using eSIM. And in the US, there is a slow yet steady growth of devices that are capable of eSIM functionality. 

Thanks to carriers, this functionality is slowly becoming more available. Apart from an iPhone or a Google Pixel device, there is one new smartphone model that comes with eSIM support: the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

The latest update brings eSIM support to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra devices on T-Mobile. This was recently revealed by a Redditor. Once the update rolls out, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the first Samsung device to be equipped with eSIM support in North America. Even though the new Galaxy S21 devices are said to feature eSIM support, it has not yet been enabled in any major US carrier. An update to enable the feature has not yet rolled out to these devices too. 

eSIM support lets users enjoy dual-SIM capability on their device without the need for a physical SIM card. The update also brings support for Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) along with some security improvements and bug fixes. 

If you are a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user on T-Mobile, you can expect an update to arrive to your device in the coming days. 


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  • Now we need this on Z Fold2.

    • S9779

      Been waiting for this since the release.

  • nino almeraz

    Just got the E-sim update for my note 20 ultra

    • marque2

      What do you need to do then to use the eSim and trash the physical one? Do you just call T-mobile up?

      • Mark Cucchiara

        Log into your account and activate the esim then trash the physical sim

  • Costa Vest

    Does your phone need to be unlocked to use a different carrier in addition to T-Mo?

    • KMB877


  • asudave

    I’ve never quite understood this. What, if anything, would the ability to use an eSim do for me, practically?

    • KMB877

      Is going to release the physically SIM port and you can use a 2nd SIM. Excellent solution for international travelers, you can see who is calling you (and you can call back using WhatsApp or calling card), you can use your contacts list, and you can avoid expensive roaming charges. But, you need to unlock your device if was sold by T-mobile.

    • Mark Cucchiara

      If you have a second line and currently use two phones (example a personal use phone and a work phone) you now can use one phone. Once you unlock it. I have two lines on my Pixel; T-Mobile on esim and H2O Wireless on the physical sim.

  • William Thomas

    Does not apply to Unlocked models, even Unlocked models purchased directly from T-Mobile.

    • Noel Polanco

      Was this confirmed? I messaged tmobile support, and they said that it will get the update. I have unlocked version. I’m hoping this gets updated soon.

      • William Thomas

        I did not get it confirmed, so if you heard directly from T-Mobile Support then I would believe them. The question is when will eSIM support arrive.