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T-Mobile Rolls Out Prepaid eSIM App for Android Users

Android users, T-Mobile has some good news for you! After a short wait, the Un-carrier has finally rolled out its Prepaid eSIM app for Android users.  With the release of this app, Android users with a compatible device can now activate service directly from the app.  The information comes from a leaked document shared by The Mobile Report, who revealed that this has been available since October … [read full article]

T-Mobile temporarily disables self-service SIM swaps

SIM swap fraud continues to be a big problem that carriers have. What happens here is that criminals swap your line with their own SIM card so they have access to your two-factor authentication codes. With this, they are able to perform their fraudulent transactions.  In a way to help protect its customers, T-Mobile may be planning some changes to its SIM swap process. Unfortunately, this also means that customers won’t be able to do their own … [read full article]

T-Mobile now lets you try its network for 3 months for free without switching

T-Mobile’s latest move proves that breakups can be easy and painless. But no, we’re not talking about the romantic type of breakup– those are always tough, messy, and complicated. We’re talking about switching from one carrier to another.  Earlier today, the Un-carrier revealed that they are making it easier for users to switch to T-Mobile. And this is all thanks to a newly updated T-Mobile app.  The update adds three new features to both T-Mobile and non-T-Mobile … [read full article]

Bug currently affected eSIM-activated iPhones on T-Mobile

It looks like there is an issue affecting a few T-Mobile customers. And according to the person who discovered it, the issue is affecting customers who are using eSIM via an iPhone.  Earlier today, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shared a series of tweets detailing the issue. As it turns out, customers who had their lines activated with eSIM have suddenly been deactivated from FaceTime and iMessage. They also had no … [read full article]

eSIM feature now available on T-Mobile Galaxy S21 phones

eSIM is one feature that many smartphone users are looking forward to. But despite its availability on the Galaxy S21 series, it is still not yet available for US carrier models. The good news though is that the latest Android 12 OS update with Samsung One UI 4.0 has activated this feature on the Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, and S21+ models.  The problem with eSIM functionality is that the feature has not been activated by US carriers. … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users on T-Mobile getting eSIM support soon


Even though there is still a vast number of people who use physical SIM cards in their phones, there are some who are slowly adapting to the new trend of using eSIM. And in the US, there is a slow yet steady growth of devices that are capable of eSIM functionality.  Thanks to carriers, this functionality is slowly becoming more available. Apart from an iPhone or a Google Pixel device, there is one new smartphone model that … [read full article]

T-Mobile officially launches eSIM support for postpaid customers

  Looks like the rumor was correct. T-Mobile today confirmed that it now officially supports eSIM for postpaid customers. Starting today, August 28, T-Mobile customers with an eligible eSIM-capable phone can visit a T-Mo store to get their eSIM set up. T-Mobile says that the the current phones that are compatible with its eSIM offering include the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. I’ve asked about support for … [read full article]

T-Mobile prepping updates to Assisted Support and SIM card charges, leaked docs show

T-Mobile is making some updates to the charges that it applies when you buy a new phone. T-Mobile employees are now undergoing training for Assisted Support charges. Documents viewed by TmoNews show that customers will be assessed a $20 Assisted Support fee for new postpaid device activations performed in a retail store, through virtual retail, or through customer care. These include new devices purchased from T-Mo, Bring Your Own Device, Bring Your Own SIM, devices activated on [read full article]