T-Mobile now lets you try its network for 3 months for free without switching

T-Mobile’s latest move proves that breakups can be easy and painless. But no, we’re not talking about the romantic type of breakup– those are always tough, messy, and complicated. We’re talking about switching from one carrier to another. 

Earlier today, the Un-carrier revealed that they are making it easier for users to switch to T-Mobile. And this is all thanks to a newly updated T-Mobile app. 

The update adds three new features to both T-Mobile and non-T-Mobile customers. These are the new features in more detail:

Easy Switch

This feature allows people to switch to T-Mobile’s network in as little as five minutes. All they need is to have an unlocked eSIM-compatible device. With this option, people no longer have to drive to a physical store or make a phone call to customer service. The hours-long ordeal can be completed in just a few simple taps on your mobile phone all from your couch. 

Network Pass

Network Pass lets customers and businesses experience T-Mobile’s plans for three months for free. And yes, this includes 5G data. This allows interested individuals to check if T-Mo is the right carrier for them before they even decide to switch. 

Network Scorecard

And finally, the third feature is the new Network Scorecard, which allows users to see how T-Mo’s network fares compared to their current carrier. You can get a customized report based on third-party data. 

As T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, explains:

“Switching is another insane artifact left over from a stupid, broken, arrogant industry … and it’s hard on purpose. As the industry juggernauts in the 3G and 4G era, Verizon and AT&T designed switching to be difficult, keeping their hordes of customers from leaving to protect their billions in revenues. At the Un-carrier, we’re laser-focused on being the wireless provider you want to stay with, not the one you’re stuck with. Now through digital innovation we’re making it easier than ever to switch with no worry, less hassle and tons more value than ever before with T-Mobile.” 

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Source: T-Mobile

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