T-Mobile versions of OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7 Pro now getting Android 11 update


A lot of Android users are still waiting for the announcement on when Android 11 will be available on their devices. 

And although there are some devices that have already been updated to the latest OS version weeks ago, some are just starting to see the update arrive in their phones. And today, two OnePlus devices are finally getting updated to the latest Android 11 OS with OxygenOS 11. 

The two devices that are getting updated are the T-Mobile variant of the onePlus 7T and OnePlus 7 Pro. 

T-Mobile confirmed that the Android 11 firmware has been approved for the two devices. This means that the update should start rolling out in batches. 

The update comes with the version number (OnePlus 7T) and (OnePlus 7 Pro). Apart from OxygenOS 11, the update includes improved features such as one-handed usability, improved camera interface, Game Space, February 2021 security patches, and many more.

The unlocked global models of the OnePlus 7T devices started getting the Android 11 update last March 22. A few days later, the update started rolling out to the regular OnePlus 7 series. The T-Mobile OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition is still awaiting to receive the update. 

If you are using either OnePlus 7T or OnePlus 7 Pro on T-Mobile, you might be able to start seeing the OTA notification in the next few days. Since it will be rolling out in batches, you can manually check for an update by going to Settings > System > System Updates. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • steveb944

    I have global Plus, no update. It’s always been slow.

    Go TMobile!

  • marque2

    Motorola is the worst with updates. But if they promise an update you will get it, even if it is 3 years later.

    • dcmanryan

      They backed out of the promised update for the Moto Z2 Force and only updated the Verizon model as they pretty much had to as the 5G mod was already released and only compatible with Verizon’s service. My T-Mobile version never saw the promised update.

      • marque2

        I got an unlocked Moto g5 plus and had almost given up on getting an update since I heard they gave the update in India two years prior – then in the third year, after I already started using a new phone with 2 android revs ahead one day I got the notification and it updated!

      • Bklynman

        Moto really screw ppl with that phone!! It wasn’t cheap phone either! I was thinking getting one from Swappa when the word came out no updates. I notice after that the price drop down really fast for it on ebay and swappa. Tell the truth was I going buy it,was waiting another one day sale Tmo had on it couple of times,miss them both times. glad I did.

  • Glenn Gore

    It’s about time, T-Mobile has been promising this update for months and months while “testing” has been going on. I will install it on my McLaren even though it has been put in the drawer for several months now in favor of an iPhone 12 because it will receive updates day/date they are released for many years. OnePlus used to have an excellent rack record on Android OS updates along with OxygenOS, but that record really took a hit with the 7, 7T, and McLaren model year.

  • krisstofer

    I thought LG was the worst when it comes to updating their phones? Well too good to be true they’re gone.

  • JR

    No update for the McLaren. Womp womp.

  • Michael Cherry

    I got the update on my T-mobile one plus7 pro today.

  • Rolando Sanchez

    I reverse back to the OnePlus stock firmware to tmobile because android 11 unlock version has serious issues

    • MachtSchnell

      I was hesitant to progress to Android 11 but after doing so I did find a few features that I really appreciate. On the other hand I did not see the Facebook bloatware I was fearing. So far I am pleasantly surprised.

  • kanakamaoli

    Well a month later the One Plus 7T Pro McLaren Edition finally gets the.