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T-Mobile Makes Changes to Port-in Offer

T-Mobile has since been offering a port-in credit to customers. This is something that customers enjoyed receiving after they ported in from a competitor.  And since April, T-Mobile has been offering a $200 rebate credit for porting in a postpaid number. The offer can even be redeemed by up to five times per account, bringing this up to $1,000. Unfortunately, this offer doesn’t seem to last long.  As revealed by [read full article]

T-Mobile stops running Apple rebate program


Back in November, T-Mobile acknowledged that its Black Friday iPhone 13 promotion encountered an issue. This was also the case with Verizon and its Apple rebate program. A few months after and both carriers have decided to pull the plug on the rebate program.  One of the people affected by the offer, 9to5Mac’s Ben Lovejoy, wrote about how much of a struggle claiming the rebate was. In addition, some customers … [read full article]