T-Mobile Offering $100 Mail-In Rebate For Unlocked iPhone Owners Until September 30th

As T-Mobile’s campaign to entice to bring their unlocked iPhone’s from AT&T over to Magenta kicks off tomorrow, at least some retail locations are offering an extra incentive. Right now we can only confirm this offer for the Northeast and Southeast regions of the country as they take part in a pilot to promote T-Mobile’s network with unlimited data allowing customers who activate a Value Plan with their unlocked AT&T iPhone to receive a $100 mail-in rebate.

Just in case you didn’t catch that, that’s for Value Plan activations and only confirmed in the Northeast and Southeast regions. Eligible customers must activate their unlocked iPhone with a two-year contract on a Value Plan to qualify and this offer is good for new activations only. Customers must choose a 2GB data plan or higher to qualify for the rebate. The offer runs from September 12 through September 30th with rebate forms mailed in by October 31st. The offer is also good for existing customers who add a line onto their existing account, with the unlocked iPhone activated on the newly activated line which will be validated prior to mail-in rebate payout. 

Of course we should mention that all of this is contingent on a bit of patience while T-Mobile works to launch their refarmed network to offer “4G” speeds for iPhone customers. As per their blog post yesterday, T-Mobile expects to have a good part of the top 50 markets up and running sometime during the fourth quarter.

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  • MacRat

    18 days seems to be a short window for an offer like this.

    Many AT&T iPhone owners are still just learning they can unlock their iPhone. Many don’t qualify for an unlock yet.

    • Justin

      Well I got mine from Craigslist and its was locked I went to a local spot and got it unlocked for $25 you don’t have to get AT&T to do it.

  • 813MANNIEB

    First Yeah. This isn’t going to work.

  • charles4

    really smart move!!!! well done tmobile

  • Full Price Fool

    IPhone only? No Lumia love?
    And $100 isn’t enough incentive to lose flexibility with a BYOD plan.
    This won’t stop them hemorrhaging post paid customers without a TMo iPhone.

  • Archerian

    Aren’t most of the folks who want to use an iPhone on TMo already doing that, albeit at Edge speeds? However, getting 3G speeds on their devices is a good thing. I don’t think a $100 subsidy can break the mindset in most customers about getting “free” or “$100” smartphones

  • Marie Endraca

    I’ve beEn using my iPhone 4 on tmobile for awhile now and today I had 3G in las Vegas!! Wow!

    • kitpogi

      Las Vegas? Really? I was just there 3 weeks ago with my HTC one X international version, supports, 1900/2100 band…no 3G :-(

    • Soun Maokhamphiou

      I was there 2 weeks ago and I had 3G on my iPhone 4

  • taron19119

    T-Mobile is going all out who every is running t-mobile now is doing a hell of a good job and all t-mobile need now is 5 million or more useing the iphone on T-Mobile and apple will have to give t-mobile the iphone

    • Apple won’t “give” T-Mobile the iPhone for anything less than a few billion. I’d rather T-Mobile focus that money elsewhere rather than stop all the progress they’re making just to pay for the iPhone – they’d be stuck in a rut at that point, doing nothing but trying to pay off their debt.

  • Enzowned

    Would be great if I could take advantage of the new plan I setup a month ago, one line of which was an iPhone 4s.

  • Nearmsp

    I got a $200 rebate for my Samsung Galaxy S2 during an all hands day. I was then locked in for 2 years. Fair enough. My question is would I be willing to go on a 2 year contract for an iPhone that I bought for full price and get $100 to lock myself in for a 2 year contract. I am not sure why would anyone commit to a 2 year contract for $100? Am I missing something here?

    • lomao187

      As a former At&t and Sprint service rep. This is a great plan. Id gladly buy an unlocked iphone that i could use on t-mobile than pay the outrageous prices on At&t. The ammount of money i would save would far out weight the cost of the phone. On t-mobile a user could save 40-100$ a month. Multiply by 24 and sign me up! :-D

      • kamy

        Agreed 100%. Just take data package for example, Tmobile charges only $10 for 2GB (granted that you will need to wait a while for the refarm in your area to get 3g on iphone). Saving is even more with family plan as they have promotion now to give you 3rd & 4th line for free until 2014 (and $5 each after that).

        • Archerian

          The math is soundly on the common sense side of buy an iPhone and using it on Tmo and saving several hundred dollars over the course of the two year contract, but if math were the dictating terms for customers, ATT and VzW would have no customers at all. Most customers still dont see the long term higher prices for their plans, they want a “$100” smartphone or feel that Tmo coverage isn’t as good as ATT or VzW. If Tmo can get their message across and find enough people to spend the $500 upfront, sign a 2 year contract and wait a few months for 1900 refarming to come to their location, this will work. The other problem is the iPhone 5 being released now has LTE, which would offer faster speeds over the next two years as compared to HSPA+, so like existing customers, iPhone users on Tmo will be kind of 1G less than ATT and VzW.

        • 21stNow

          There are customers who get better service from AT&T and VZW than they would from T-Mobile. I’m in a major metro area and there are plenty of spots where my T-Mobile phone drops to EDGE, but I still have either 3G or 4G on my AT&T phones.

        • kamy

          I think the major group that Tmobile is targeting is the off contract AT&T people. After the not-so-exiciting (LTE is not important to me, sorry) iPhone 5 announcement today, AT&T users will have to decide whether pay $200 to get another “similar” phone or move the contract to Tmobile and get $100 back along with great money saving every month. I think the refarming is a very smart move.

      • note_lover

        That’s what I was thinking…people would save more in the long run by switching to TMO since their monthly rates are cheaper. It would be worth it to switch.

  • achusaysblessyou

    nice, buy a cheap iphone 3g to activate, get the money back, sell back the phone and use a tmo phone and profit!

    • Smart man

    • 21stNow

      How is it a profit when you would have to start a new line of service to do this, and keep that new line for two years?

      • achusaysblessyou

        Well, if you’re going to get a value plan anyways, then it’s profit. In any other case, the Value plans are still a great price even without the $100 back…

  • MatthewMurawski

    I hope new York city gets covered soon

  • justmee02

    I think that the mail-in thing is useless…They usually reject you!

  • Alan713

    they write only ATT iphone compatible for TMO. But what about factory unlocked? i know it should also be. why don’t they write this.
    For this matter unlocked S3 quad core should also be the same

    • enoch861

      That’s true. Basically all international phones will be useable at full speed now

  • don

    here is my dilemma. i am currently using an ip4s and carrying my own tmo hotspot. since i was planing on getting the new ip5 does tmo even have nano sims for us to use?

    • andy budhu

      great question. i wish we had a answer for this.

    • enoch861

      They will by October.

  • Rob Daman

    so ironic that i have a friend that has at&t in the suburbs of indiana for several years and they fastest data he has is EDGE. haha

  • Rob Daman

    1 thing i don’t care for tmo is they supposedly have a specific data plan for each type of device. they say there’s a blackberry data plan, an android, and a smartphone plan in which none of these are compatible with other type of devices. i’m wondering if they’re going to make up an iphone data plan only so you can’t swap different platforms.

    • enoch861

      Actually, that’s not the case at all. There is no Android and Smartphone data plan or even a BlackBerry one.
      What happens is if you have an Android phone and you get, let’s say, 2gb data and then you switch your phone to a BlackBerry, your data plans name will change to BlackBerry automatically and vise versa. That doesn’t mean that it’s a different plan. Although in days of old BlackBerry used to have its own data plan because of how the tiers were set up to enable different things at different tiers.

  • Wish they had the 1900mhz 4G up in more places. It’s going to be hard to convince people to sign up for a 2 year plan when they might have to deal with 2G data for the next few months.

  • rfgenerator

    and now we know why T-Mobile has been screwing customers on the price of the Samsung S3 and other high end phones. A subsidy for customers bringing their CRApple IPhone to T-Mobile.

    • That has nothing to do with it, they aren’t subsidizing the iPhone at all so that doesn’t make any sense.

      • rfgenerator

        Is T-Mobile not giving $100 to IPhone users who bring their device to T-Mobile? They have to get that $100 from somewhere and I’m sure part of the equation is the higher prices they’ve been charging in the last year or so for new phones. T-Mobile is not paying Apple a subsidy but they are definitely subsidizing/bribing IPhone users directly to come to T-Mobile utilizing money from other parts of Tmos operation. So yes to a degree Android & Blackberry users are being forced to subsidize T-Mobiles attempts to gain IPhone users.

        • Archerian

          The $100 comes from the revenue they get from the monthly usage bill they charge you for the next 24 months.. Tmo roughly spends around $200-$300 in what it calls new customer “acquisition costs” which includes cost of any phone subsidy, marketing fees, commission to sales reps etc. $100 for all of this is a good deal for Tmo, it can perhaps offer lower prices with savings like this.

  • Whiskers

    If T-Mobile really wants to make a statement they should offer to pay the ETF of iphone users on other providers to switch to T-Mobile with their unlocked phones.
    Then they will get peoples attention.

  • If AT&T doesn’t unlock your iPhone so you can switch to T-Mobile, you can use UnlockStreak activations for iTunes, which basically turns iTunes into iPhone unlock software. The UnlockStreak activation is executed through iTunes and does a permanent unlock just like the unlock from AT&T.

  • Sounds good to me.

  • David, I hope you can get a review copy of the 5″ vanilla Android phone from xtreamermobile dot com. Can’t wait for the avalanche of high quality, unlocked Android phones that will be hitting the market later in the year. Value /prepaid customers will rejoice!

  • nonebetta16

    I work for Tmobile and with unlocked iPhones going 3G thisi Is a huge deal. at this time it makes no sense for Tmo to purchase the iPhone it’s just becomes a huge debt. Everyone I know who has a iPhone with Vzw, AT&T are paying ridiculous prices for 1 line. not to mention the Iphone is ridiculously slow on all carriers.LTE is the main focus for mobile.

    • Tony

      I work fro TMO too. I think too this is a brilliant plan to remove the half-burnt firewood from ATT’s iphone stove. It’s like ATT has to subsidized billions to Apple to maintain its iphone population and TMo get all the benefit without spending a penny. I don’t think ATT can sustain their business model for long.

      People don’t understand why TMO don’t get official iphone from Apple. But we from inside know clearly that TMO is too smart to just throw money to Apple. TMO’s BYOD is a win-win situation for itself and customer at the expense of it’s arch rival competitor and the greedy Apple Corp.

      If only 10% of ATT iphone subs switch to TMO, it would be a huge boon for TMO sub base. We have nothing to lose, but gigantic opportunities to steal customers from ATT.

      Of course this is just a stop gap strategy for short term, but it will buy us enough time to build our real LTE Advanced network in mid-13 while maintaining solid bottom line.

      I’m sure ATT will be in a very awkward situation this time next year because TMO will have the most advanced 4G LTE network and compatible spectrum to win huge customer flop from both ATT and Sprint.

      I’m really excited.

  • Dakota

    do you really think a lot of iPhone 4 owners are going to want to sign a 2 year contract with T Mobile even I’m w value plans? I think they be more likely to tryout prepaid and have the ability to jump ship whenever they want. I don’t know that they want at 3 G iPhone until the end of 2014

  • Dakota

    I do find it a bit ironic that T Mobile which has always been criticizing the iPhone and saying how poor it is compare to Android is now going all out to recruit iPhone customers. It’s very clear that T Mobile is desperate to get the iPhone, and I just don’t understand why they can’t get it done

    • setzer715

      When has T-Mobile ever criticized the iPhone? I remember them criticizing data rates while using an iPhone on ATT’s netowrk.

      • exeot

        I think all the galaxy s2/amaze 4g vs iphone 4 advertising on their website is a sign of criticism.

    • Soun Maokhamphiou

      I believe what T-Mobile is saying is “Although having an iPhone (via agreement with Apple) on our network sounds great… not having it wont stop us from still being in the top 4 list of carriers. So we will just let customers who already have an iPhone come to our network.” No need to bend over.

      Sure people are leaving T-Mobile to get the iPhone on other networks, but that’s not the primary customer base T-Mobile targets. If I want to bring my own device or buy one at full price and sign for a cheaper plan, then T-Mobile it is.

  • Mark

    If I have an unlocked IPhone now that I purchased to put on Tmo’s network and have been running it on TMo’s network for almost a year, can I get $100 rebate?

    • Huh, very funny!

    • 21stNow

      No, because you are not a new customer.

    • archerian

      if you activate a new Value Rate Plan you will :)

  • Whitney

    When is the refarming done in Michigan because I live in metro detroit and I want the iphone 5

  • tomnewtn

    Just looked and noticed I have 3g on my iPhone on tmobile in Seattle area!

  • ACNJR28

    Just finished looking at the new iPhone what a joke. Every year its the same crap. more excited about windows and blackberry then the Apple products now

  • WEJ354

    A1428 (GSM model) uses Band 4, which is 2100/1700 MHz, AWS. It means
    that it will work on AT&T’s LTE and T-mobile’s LTE-Advanced. Of
    course, this model will work on T-mobile’s HSPA+ after its re-farming of
    1900 Mhz.

    Good news for T-mobile consumers. Time to buy unlocked iphone 5 to experience 4G and true 4G (LTE-Advanced).

  • WinDroidGuy

    This is only available in Atlanta and New York BTW it’s pilot program…….

  • john johnson

    If they can do $100 on value. They can do $300 on classic. That could pull in a lot of people who don’t think an upgrade is worth it.

  • FireMarshalWaterPump

    Maybe if they dropped the OUTRAGEOUS ETF (per line, on a value plan) on the 2 year contract, considering users would bring THEIR OWN PHONE. T-Mo, I want to like you, but…

  • Lordfinesse

    Does anyone know what iPhone someone would need on Tmobile to get 3G speeds? I know the iphone 3 does not.

  • Vinh Nguyen

    If they are smart, they will offer $200 rebates for iPhone 4 people to get them into an apple store to buy a new 4gs for their network. $200 sounds like a lot but, they have done it before for phone promotions that they currently carry.