T-Mobile To Have Unlocked iPhone Displays In Store Demonstrating Refarmed Network?

Our confidence level with this story is pretty high considering the sheer number of reports starting to come in regarding the idea that T-Mobile will have unlocked iPhone’s displayed in store running on T-Mobile’s 3G network. We’re pretty short on details but we do know that store managers were asked to activate a new microSIM before the end of August, but not told what device it would used with.

All the intel streaming in seems to point to a “bring your own iPhone” demonstration in store, which lines up perfectly with what T-Mobile’s been saying all along for their refarmed network. We’re also told that these in store displays all align with T-Mobile’s “selling against the iPhone” strategy in the hopes that customers will be enticed by bringing their own device, and pairing it with T-Mobile’s newly launched unlimited data plan.

There’s no telling when exactly these displays will start popping up in stores or how widespread they will be, but given that there’s plenty of iPhone response activity planned for the month of September in T-Mobile-land, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started showing up in the next few weeks.


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  • alfonzso

    Where can I find more info about the network refarming, specially timelines and geographic areas?

    • This is what people need to know. It can make all the difference for those on the fence about bringing over their iPhones (or purchasing the new one unlocked).

    • GwapoAko
      • Fabian Cortez

        I was about to post this but my EDGE tethering on this 4S is abysmal, lol.

        That site is unofficial but better than nothing at this point.

        I would argue that the refarming efforts would be complete in the top (25? 50? 100?) cellular markets by the announcement of the iPhone 6 (yes “6,” not “5.” The 5th iPhone is the iPhone 4S) in a few weeks.

        • Enzowned

          I don’t understand some people’s obsessive reasoning to call this the 6. Since when do product names and designations have to represent build version/revision? They simply don’t. It had to be called something. 5 just makes sense from their own designations and naming convention. This clears up confusion. Whether they use it or not is Apple’s call, until then we’ll call it what’s easiest for people to discern what exactly we’re talking about. Everyone else needs to get over it.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Since when do product names and designations have to represent build version/revision?

          Oh I don’t know: Galaxy S/Galaxy S II/Galaxy S III? Galaxy Note/Galaxy Note II? iPad/iPad 2?

          It had to be called something. 5 just makes sense from their own designations and naming convention. This clears up confusion.

          And how does “iPhone 5” make sense? In case you didn’t know, their “own designations and naming convention” actually make sense. Let me break it down for you:

          iPhone (original/1st model): Simply called the iPhone; big duh there.

          iPhone 3G (new design): “3G” naming due to the inclusion of a [rather weak] 3G radio.

          iPhone 3GS (milking the 3G’s design): “S” appended to “3G” for “speed.” Twice the ram, faster processor, 7.2 Mbps vs. 3.6 Mbps when compared to the 3G (same upload rate though).

          iPhone 4 (new design): “4” for it being the 4th iPhone. Nothing more, nothing less.

          iPhone 4S (milking the 4’s design): “S” appended to “4” for what people initially thought stood for “speed.” It was later revealed that it stands for “Siri.”

          So no, the new iPhone will not be called the “iPhone 5.” Apple’s marketing department is much smarter than that.

          If anything, it may be called “the new iPhone.” You know, how they did with “the new iPad.”

        • Enzowned

          You either didn’t mean to reply to me, or you misunderstood. I was basically saying they can name it whatever they want (regardless whether it makes sense or not, which it does) and that naming something over it’s release iteration is definitely not the norm. If anything, it’s the exception, not the rule. Furthermore 3g/3gs/4/4s,
          by the people I was referring to, the 3g should be the iPhone 2, the 4s should be the 5, that is clearly what I was talking about. We all know their current naming convention. The point is that there’s an inherent disconnect from what people call it, and what release iteration is is, and even from what Apple may end up calling it. Lastly, if you look at their invite for next week’s announcement, it prominently displays a giant 5, so as of this moment, chances look good it’ll be the 5.

        • Adrayven

          In case you’re really this dumb, lesson incoming.. The name is not based on the release,.. it’s the revision.. major or minor. The fact that they lined up at 4 was a FLUKE. 

          People such as your self simply show your ignorance.. iPhone 4S is a minor release. iPhone 5 is a MAJOR release.. some companies even skip whole versions because vX of whatever never cut the mustered.

          If Microsoft went by release, it would be Windows 203948102… Stop being a dumb@ss please.. and thank you..

        • Fabian Cortez

          So, by your logic, what exactly would “5” signify? Just another random number? Last time I checked, every iPhone’s name had some significance.

          Silly poster, the iPhone 4 wasn’t named so as a fluke. Are you serious? It was totally named that way due to it being the 4th iPhone and the fact that the whole “3G/3GS” nomenclature was played out.

          It’s time to wake up and actually believe your Apple overlords for once.

    • You can’t, they won’t post that info, that’s something we’ll try and do. T-Mobile won’t commit to a timeframe they may not be able to make for reasons beyond their control.

    • Enzowned

      This is what everyone is dying to find out, since last year. Very little info is out, it’ll be out when it’s out is the best we ever get. They have said something like, that it’ll be mostly done by the end of this year. 

      • Bud

        No love for NYC from tmobile. How can tmobile compete with the iPhone if the reframing is not done spet21

        • Guy

          Actually, a friend recently visited NYC with her unlocked iPhone and reported that it switched to “3G” and she was able to get HSPA+ speeds (“4G” speeds) on T-Mobile’s network. So some of the refarming is already done there.

        • Where in NYC? Specifically where? I want to go to that place and test it out!

        • bleeew

          I think because of spectrum shortage

  • JimInChicago

    But if I get an unlocked iPhone 5, it will stay at 3G speed.  If they eventually get the iPhone 5, would it be possible to boost up?

    • Guy

      It would be on “HSPA+” speed, which everyone calls “4G”, even though it’s technically not, so your data on T-Mobile’s network would be faster than what it is currently on AT&Ts “4G” network :)

      • Eanfoso

        Yes, unlike at&t we have back haul and our network is not as congestioned, none the less we have the best HSPA + in USA 42 mbps where at&t has up to 21 mbps

    • Fabian Cortez

      The new iPhone will also get LTE speeds once T-Mobile has their LTE network rolled out in 2013.

      No tricks and no gimmicks this time as three out of the big four wireless carriers are using AWS for LTE.

  • Sidekicker89

    Will they provide a coverage map of exactly where they will get 3G coverage? It won’t be everywhere T-Mobile has 3G right?

    • It will be wherever they have 3G/4G right now on the AWS band.

  • Laz

    I’m waiting with my iPhone4 and considering the iPhone5 in Phoenix. I’ll stick with AT&T until an official date of the 1900 band refarming is released. I will not switch onto 2G speeds and lose my grandfathered unlimited data plan. I can’t wait to save some money!

    • Bud

      I agree

    • Nijakyng88

       …T-mobile truly unlimited plans start on September 5th and 3G on the iPhone is already available in select markets…

  • (big yawn)

  • alfonzso

    Regarding refarming, I don’t care about the iPhone. I want to use the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 on T-Mobile (if only AT&T is getting it).

    • Eanfoso

      You mean if it’s released in Europe, nokia is noted for making penta bands in EUROPE, like the nokia n8 $ n9, which even had AWS for t-mobile, which is kind of weird since t-mobile in Germany and UK have AWS in 1900/2600 & czechoslovakia has AWS LTE on 850/2600, anyways it looked like those phones were going to be t-mobile exclusive but oh well, even the new asha series has t-mobile AWS! , shame crapple hasn’t figured out a way to develop AWS in the iCrap

  • Taron19119

    Yeah ok T-Mobile is going to have unlocked iphones on display so what are they going to say to someone that see a iphone in a T-Mobile store and ask can they buy one and can apple sue T-Mobile for having the iphone on display or is T-Mobile geting the iphone sometime soon

    • JB

      I don’t see how they can sue if T-Mobile bought the phone in question and sales associates are just demoing it to customers to show that it works on their network… I’m sure it’s not going to have an official spot on the sales floor.. Heck, it probably won’t even leave the manager’s possession…

    • bleeew

      Iphone or apple suing jokes are old

    • Eanfoso

      Dude gamestop sells ipads and are by no means affiliated with apple….same thing with the indian people at thee mall

  • Chatter

    A few thoughts/questions:
    1. Why do we need unlocked iPhones to showcase byop plans? I mean, the focus is on plan savings right? The assumption is that the customer has a phone so why not use their phone and swap in a Tmo sim for demo?
    2. Is speed really that important and what happens when you travel to an unfarmed region? Does the customer then claim “lying” and create bad press for Tmo? This is not just for the iPhone but other 1900 devices.
    3. I agree with Taron to a certain extent where a customers asking to buy the iPhone could create an awkward sales situation (not lawsuit).

    Just pondering so feel free to chime in if you have seen some info I am missing.

    • bob90210

      The customer’s iPhone is probably locked so putting in a T-Mobile sim will not work. Even if the phone is unlocked, having an iPhone already hooked up to the network is a much better demo experience.

      The iPhone already works on T-Mobile’s network but at edge speeds. The refarming allows the iPhone to run at 3G speeds.

      Yes, it is strange if T-Mobile demos a phone that they don’t sell. Without an official version I don’t know if there is anything more they can do. 

  • Tmoninja88

    My local tmobile store already has them displayed on the sales floor next to the galaxy s 3.. In Florida

    • What store?

      • Tmoninja88

        The one in florida.

        • Bmg1001

          There’s a billion in florida. Can you specify the address? 

        • Larrrs

          he did, the international Mall, but there are no stores carrying it on the sales floor, International doesnt have it on display

        • Alda


      • Tmoninja88

        Tampa store at International Mall

  • Whitney

    I will not buy the iphone 5 until refarming is done so I don’t have to be on edge

    • Eanfoso

      Just don’t buy it period dude, iphone is the most pathetic phone ever, you can’t even have a freaken widget!! (I love my weather widget) you can’t go wrong with android, besides if I were you stick around for the galaxy note 2

      • bob90210

        Or you can buy what you want since you will be using it instead of some random guy on the internet.

      • Guest

         Yeah man, what are you going to do without a weather widget!? Look out a window? Pft. Anyway, same here. The day I see a 3G signal on my girlfriend’s 4S is the day I go out and get an iPhone 5.

      • MasterTan

        Lol. No freaken widgets!! Omg! Dude…STFU.

        • Eanfoso

          Um it’s one of the things the iphone hasn’t developed yet, retard. The absence of flash compared to todays phone market is just pathetic, it’s a shame even ZTE makes AWS smart phones, crapple hasn’t developed that yet lol shame shame

        • Whitney

           Eanfoso it my money not yours so if I want to buy the new iphone instead of android then I will buy a new iphone.

      • Adrayven

        You realize that you simply sound like a jerk, right? OMG, Weather widgets soooooo cool! :D

        • Eanfoso

          What I like my weather widget man, my point was about how poor the iphone is, what kind of modern day phone doesn’t support flash for browsing?! Or some java script, pathetic, or swype, not to forget google wallet and NFC, BUT ultimately it’s his decision he can buy whatever phone he wants lol

        • samagon

          lol, well as soon as Apple invents the revolutionary, and game changing home screen widgets and implements them in iOS, Apple fans around the world will herald in a new era of not having to peek through their blinds or do more than unlock their device to review the weather for today because of this magical invention made by Apple.

      • MatthewMurawski

        Or maybe you can stop being a douchebag phandroid who thinks he knows what is best for everyone?

        • Eanfoso

          First, I’m actually a meego fan, but I know that such a name may scare you americans, and I’m meerly suggesting, this mate is free to do as he will, mainly also being that the iphone will be limited to 3g while everyone else runs on 4g


      I am pretty sure the iPhone 5 will be a Penta-Band device and will work on either AWS or 1900.

      • Rafael

        TMOTECH you do not know that. No one
        knows (other than Apple) if the new iPhone would support 1700/2100. Besides, it
        appears that you don’t know much about the iPhone. On a previous message you
        indicated that the 4S uses nanoSIM, which is totally incorrect. 

        • TMOTECH

          I didn’t say I knew anything. I said I was pretty sure about the iPhone and I said ” I Think” the One S uses it. I stand corrected. And I said that about the iPhone due to AT&T and Verizon prepping their AWS bands for use.

      • Fabian Cortez

        The next iPhone [6] will support the AWS… in LTE. Just because it has AWS for LTE doesn’t mean it’ll have AWS for UMTS/HSPA.

        • Fabian Cortez

          *the AWS band

          David: can we get an edit button?

  • mreveryphone

    I saw 4g on my att unlocked galaxy s3 running on tmobile the other day! It stayed for about 5 minutes! It has to be close!

    • OneRcknMan

      Where you at, city/state?

      • mreveryphone

        Kansas City Missouri

    • John Vu

      I pick up 3G on my iPhone 4s only on on street in Quincy Mass hope it’s coming soon.

      • Which way is Up?

        John, that’s awesome. I’m in Boston and had all intentions in keeping my Tegra 3 One X but took a gamble when I heard of the One X+

        I’m currently with a black T Mobile One S and will go back to the Tegra 3 One X if the rumors dont hold true. Glad to learn that a close neighbor is experiencing 3g speeds…

  • Jp_flores23

    Has anyone found or gotten the “new Sim kit”? I went down to a T-mobile store and they gave me a microsim but 3g didnt turn on. Asked if they knew anything about new sim cards and no one seem to have info. Will we need a new MicroSim for this?

    • Nijakyng88

       You will only need a new “nano sim” if you are buying the iphone 5, the current micro sim cards work fine. Just as with any other phone or service the 3G speeds on the iPhone are not available in all areas.

    • JN51

      the new sim kits are just merchandising designed to advertise on endcaps that T-Mobile offers SIM only service for customers with their own phone. The size of the SIM depends on which phone you’re using, and the speed of the internet (3g) depends on the frequency your phone has and the area you’re in. Currently in most areas TMo is still running its HSPA and HSPA+ (3&4g) on 1700, but by the end of the year most markets should be switched over to 1900. This is beneficial to iphone users (and almost any other unlocked phone) because basically only tmo phones are built with the 1700 band. so once the spectrum is refarmed, users with currently EDGE service will be upgraded to 3g – in most cases the 14.4 Mbps. Keep an eye on your signal indicator, and watch the blogs for news on when your area will be lit up on 1900.

    • Omin97

      no new micro sim is needed, spoke to tmobile loyalty dept 2day. they told me, whenever the 3g service is available, your phone will pick it up, hopefully it’s soon

  • Napster87

    from what i’ve heard from various sites, this floor model of the iphone is just to compare how much better t-mobile’s current products are to the iphone. doesn’t seem very smart for tmobile to push an unlocked 800 dollar device when you can get it on any other carier for 200.

    • Bud


    • Nijakyng88

       Clearly you don’t know how much the phone actually costs or you don’t pay attention to the $600+ price tag the iPhone has without 2 year contract…

      • Napster87


    • close to churning 2iphone

      they’re not selling the iPhone it’s just going to be to show them how it would work on the T Mobile network. It’s so funny that everyone claims how expensive the iPhone is but its been 649 the Samsung Galaxy 3 is 599 that’s only 50 dollars

  • i think it’s a good idea to have iPhones in the store .. is that even allowed though considering Apple hasn’t agreed to sell it to TMO?  idk .. anyway i think it’s a good idea it can only lead to questions about it working and being fine on TMO’s network.

    • guestiebestie

      it’s pretty funny. Have the iPhones in the store while at the same time all you do is despise it. It’s a terrible phone but hey we’ll sign you up and take your money

    • Dragoonxgears

      Deac, Sure hope TMO can do this. I want my Iphone to be able to run on 3G as soon as possible. Since they are advertising unlimited 4G, they should be able to do the 3G.

  • RotaryP7

    As a TMO employee, it’s true the stores were asked to hold and activate a MicroSIM. We should be getting a iPhone 4S. The only thing I heard was to sell against, not with. Although, I do like the idea of showing off the refarmed TMO network on the iPhone.

    • guest

      and all the talk in the next 2 weeks is going to be about the new iPhone. I saw an analyst today on Bloomberg say this is going to be the best phone ever made. Everyone’s going to want a larger screen, the L T E speed, the different look. I don’t know how many people are going to want to use an iPhone 4 on T Mobile 3G. Most of the iPhone 4S customers are still going to be on contract

      • JN51

        I think the idea is that people who have unlocked iphone 4 or 4s will be enticed to take advantage of the UNL data on Value plans which would only be $70/month for everything (TTW) and is much cheaper than any of the competitors. VZW and ATT don’t even offer UNL data, and Sprint’s is slow and more expensive (albeit slightly so). If we can take advantage of those customers who already have the phone and are looking to save money on service, that’s a big chunk of core customers. 

  • Guest

    We have it live at my location already, the idea is to increase sales of unlocked iPhones, not sell against it.

    • Alda


  • Nijakyng88

    I am a T-Mobile employee and yes the reports are true we will be getting iPhones for display in stores to use for “selling against” the iPhone. The stores that will be receiving the display iPhone are only high volume stores though. I do not like the idea, if we are going to do that we might as well sell them at full price on our unlimited Monthly 4G plans. To have them in the store seems contradictory to me.

    • Gr8skilz

      You’re going to have to deal with customers wanting to buy the iphone right from the store. Then they will make stupid remarks like “So are you telling me i cant buy these iphones?! What kind of business is this?! *stupid chuckle.

      Then youll say “Man some customers are bitches” as they walk away.

      • Kenny O

        You clearly can see the future. I would bet this is exactly what is going to happen. “Look honey, T-Mobile has the iPhone now…..I need that phone to validate myself as cool and hip.”

      • Nearmsp

        I think the whole wide world knows there is no iPhone on T-mobile. So people will understand if T-mobile rep says Apple does not sell us iPhones as yet. However, if you bring your own or buy at full price from the local Apple Store, we will set it up for you. Anyway, only people on value plan will go for it. In the absence of EIP it will be deep pocketed consumers.

        • Boricua Boy88

          You put too much faith in people. I work at a T-Mobile Kiosk, and am constantly getting asked if T-Mobile carries the iPhone, or when we’re supposed to get it.
          I don’t like the idea of having iPhones on display, because as stated above, it would be counter-productive, and would potentially hurt sales with more people being mislead and wanting to buy iPhones from us.

  • another android disappointmnt

    using the Galaxy Nexus on T Mobile 3G and it’s pretty slow. by the way does anyone else have a Nexus and have a problem with volume. The volume is really really really low. Almost a dealbreaker right now. I’ve seen plenty of blog posts &YouTube videos talk about this but theres apparently no solution and Google doesn’t even know about the issue

    • Urmom

      I have it but don’t use it anymore. Download volumeplus. It helped mine out a bunch. Might have to search the web.

    • ColoradoGray

      I’ve been using the GNex as well and normally get about 8 Mbps down, which is pretty good.  I’ve notices issues with the volume when I’m playing audio through the speaker though.  Might give volumeplus a shot.

  • Heisenberg

    I was told we were actually going to sell the 4S through a vendor, similar to how the Small Business channel already does.  Has to be shipped, and no subsidy discount (no word on whether EIP would be available).

  • Urmom

    3g on iPhone is already working in Houston

    • Jarrod

      What part I live in humble a few miles from bush Iah?

      • Mloudt

        im northeast side Houston and have u noticed in Deerbrook mall coverage has gotten worst I was there two weeks ago for like no tax weekend and my 4g phone kept going to E and the signal kept going out I never had a problem like that before in Humble what about u?

        • Jarrod

          I work around there and my iPhone is always on edge but one night my Internet was actually fast which is not ordinary because the tower is always so jammed. When on my 4G phone it would go to edge and no service in the lower level of sears in the back.

    • Amigo

      Not true. !

    • Eanfoso

      Um where at? I go through bay town and take hwy 10 then 59 & no where in downtown do I get 3g

    • jonathan3579

      I’d like to know where as well because I have turned up with nothing…

  • cellularcrazy09

    I can confirm. We were told to expect the iPhone this week at our t mobile kiosk.

  • guest

     Question:  Since the iphone 5 will use nano-SIM card, that means even if I buy an unlocked iphone 5, I still can’t use it on T-Mobile, right?  (Because T-Mobile doesn’t sell nano-SIM card?)

    • Taron19119

      You can still use it you just have to cut the sim card down to nano size look it up


      We sell Nano sim cards. The the one S uses them i think.

  • Vegas steve

    Spotty 3G in Vegas. : )

  • Anonymous

    valiant effort, but it’s kind of sad and will just leave a lot of consumers confused walking away from the store with nothing…

  • allen sokoupatham

    still left without 3g here in so cal

  • A.D.C

    Has anyone got 3G on their iPhone in Denver?

    • GwapoAko

      Nothing in Denver yet..I’m also waiting here in Colorado Springs :(

  • jonathan3579

    No iPhone 3G here in Houston.

    • Justin

      That surprises me because I was told that Houston was going to be doing a lot of testing for the LTE network.

      • jonathan3579

        You’d think… It’s ironic that T-Mobile seems to be playing the testing game in smaller cities. 

        • Mloudt

          I am on the northeast side of Houston and a few ago coverage was going in and out on my unlocked phone. Shortly a few weeks later coverage came back better than ever on my unlocked device and recently I bought a 3g and 4g t-mobiles phones and had almost full bar coverage on both devices. I don’t have an i-phone but I haven’t heard any stories of people from in Houston getting 3g. I thought the same way you did since Houston is a major market we would hear something by now. The other 3 carriers first released LTE in our city and I am sure t-mobile will do the same. However like I said coverage has improved for me on my 3g and 4g devices. In smaller citys around Houston like Greenspoint coverage has gotten better where it use to be worst. I was in Humble Deerbrook Mall two weeks ago and I never had any problem their before but I was in the mall on my 4g android phone and I was trying to send texts it kept failing, I had 4g drop to E symbol on my phone, and dam I even had to take battery out and put back in to try to get a signal. So maybe that means they are working on it more who knows. Also, in Willowbrook mall area coverage works fine.

        • Mloudt

          in the first line i meant a few months ago

        • jonathan3579

          I had some spotty coverage when I was living around Jones and West Rd. I can tell you though that if you run speed tests outside of Willowbrook by Champions Forest, you’ll see some EXTREMELY fast speeds.

        • Jarrod

          I live in the atascocita area and in my bathroom which has tile to the ceiling I used to get 2/3 bars now I can get 4/5 I’m thinking they might be deploying the radio heads that improve coverage also there was a day where the Internet was failing to load things and it was timing out in everything.

    • Jarrod

      I was reading though a forum on T-Mobiles forum and they said they got it in the galleria for a min, but other then that I have been patiently waiting as best as I can. I would have thought we would have been high on the list because we have so much pcs spectrum.

      • jonathan3579

        I wonder if they just got it from the store in the mall or if there’s a tower that’s actually broadcasting. I’ve tried all over Houston from Bellaire, Jersey Village, all the way to Baytown and turned up with nothing whatsoever.

  • Johntaajacobs

    Im glade to see some people want to save money and switch to tmobile with there iphone.

  • DRod9

    Does anyone know if there is 3G/4G in the Northern VA D.C Area?

  • Justin

    I have a iPhone 4 unlocked and no 3g here in St. Louis yet I have been driving around so I can report it to everyone. If you have any iPhone and you are getting a TMO 3g signal please report it to this site http://www.airportal.de

    • Broos3

      3g showed up on my atrix today for a bit in saint charles

      • Justin

        Are u serious? If so please report to the site provided please.

  • Justin

    None for St. Louis

  • Justin

    If anyone anyway has spotted 3g on any iPhone you can report it to this site and also see what cities has 3g for the iPhone: http://www.airportal.de

    • Passity

      I had 3G signal on my iPhone 4 but it did not last long though…. I live in New York

      • jzielin

        I’ve not seen the 3g in dumbo or midtown… boo :(

  • John

    Is the reframing for t-mobile’s entire nationwide network or only for select major markets? Im in a relatively minor market for t-mobile so I concerned that t-mobile won’t even bother in my area.

    • Bronze 6

      If your area already has HSPA+21 on the 1700/2100 you’ll get the refarm by 2013, otherwise by 2015

  • Jack

    This article implies that Apple will be offering factory unlocked iPhone 5’s at release on the 21st. They have never done this before. The unlocked iPhone 4s from Apple wasnt available until a month after last year. Interesting, anyone hear anything about this?

    • dtsquire

      This article does not imply any such thing.

  • Bronze 6

    I think i know what they’re doing, Theyre going to set it up, and have it compared to some of the T-Mo phones with HPSA+42 Radios, the “sell against it” But I do see some retail kisoks stocking them and selling them.

  • Sigewulf

    Man, this really seems like a bad idea. What can they get out of this? Maybe a hundred or less people actually having unlocked iPhones with them and and going for this refarming story. 80% of them would be back in less than a week saying their internet doesn’t work and demanding to have their contract canceled.
    In regard to the other angle of upselling, people who are probably heavily invested in itunes are really going to need to be sold on how all of their stuff will continue to work on android with minimum effort required by them.
    Is the reward for T-Mobile really going to be worth all of this smoke and mirrors stuff?

    • Bratty

      Check your facts on how many unlocked iphones operate on Tmo.

      • Android!!

        1 million iphones on T-Mobile network.

    • What are you talking about by working on Android???? They are just changing the radio frequency not the phone’s running system. What a dumb ass question. Customers will be able to get at their I-Tunes and probably a hell of allot faster then on AT&T.

    • Sneax673

      Know your facts before you speak dude…

  • guest

    @ Our location we activate approx 2- 5 unlocked iphones a day. T-Mobile actually has over 1M iphone users on their network now. Increasing the data capacity for them is a brilliant move. People who activate iphones typically are on Prepaid not contracts

    • Patrick

      they’re smart to be prepaid … anyone locking into a tmo contract is crazy.

    • Guest

      This does make sense but that sucks you guys only do 2-5 a day. We activate dozens, upon dozens a day because of the volume our store does and 90% or so of customers (mainly tourists) don’t mind the 2G speed

  • Skip Bayless

    Sooooooo does this mean i can have faster internet not that edge shit???(noob question)

    • bleeew

      YES, until they are done refaraming, and your in a future lte-a area

      • Skip Bayless

        ughhhhhhhhhh im not patient lol 

  • Udubb

    Yay, a 3g iphone!!! Welcome to 2008 T-Mobile, congratulations!!!!

    • Helena

      iPhone 5 will be 4G capable?   Welcome to 2010, Apple fanboys!

      • Udubb

         It will be 4g LTE capable, remind again what markets T-Mobile has LTE in again?

        • kevin

          Welcome to 2011, then. Apple fanboy

  • RotcivSF

    Isnt it obvious. T-Mobile is about to get the new iPhone (HSPA+ 21), iPhone 4S (HSPA 14) & iPhone 4 (HSDPA 7.2 /HSUPA).
    AT&T – Largest 4G Network
    Verizon – most reliable network (3G)
    Sprint- truly unlimited data (3G)
    T-Mobile-unlimited nationwide 4G data

    iPhone LTE in 2013 (all US carriers will have LTE by then)

    • bleeew

      Verizon is also the largest LTE network. Sprint has unlimited lte(if you can find an lte area, but you will only find that in .atlantis)… Iphone wont have lte-a radio. Tnobile will not shell out that much cash for an iphone, becayse it will cause price hikes, but to show off to att customers that they can activate it on tmo

  • Helena

    my comment got deleted?

  • Spumpking_head

    I dont have an Iphone, but i have an international GAlaxy S3 (i9300) and i’d LOVE to have 3g/4g on my phone (edge only right now) so i’m happy for all these iphone people are pushing Tmobile to refarm the network so my phone will work in 3g! It already does in the bellevue square mall area, i’m guessing this is true as a few reps from tmobile stores have told me the Bellevue square mall is the ‘main store of the state’ this would be the store they’d be show casing these unlocked iphones at i’ll bet, and its right smack dab in the middle of the HSPA+ speeds. (yes my phone worked in HSPA+ mode when i was at the mall, but i lose the signal about 3-4 miles out and goes back to Edge). I just hope the farm continues faster, cuz the mall has had it for about 2 months now, and i haven’t seen a signal anywhere else…