Rumor: T-Mobile “All Hands Day” Set For September 21st – 24th


With all the iPhone and refarming news we’ve seen come out of T-Mobile in the past few days, or really come through us in the past few days — our curiosity is again piqued as word drops that T-Mobile is holding “all hands days” from September 21st-24th. Coincidentally, these are the same days that AT&T and Verizon are both rumored to have employees working with the release of the next iPhone.

Given that our most recent bit of information has us almost 100% sure T-Mobile won’t be picking up the next-generation iDevice, what exactly ARE they planning for this future Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s certainly possible they could be planning a marketing campaign against the release of the iPhone, with an emphasis on their unlimited plan, Android lineup and 4G network, but we’d be naïve to say if anything could really overshadow the launch of a new iPhone.

On a separate note, it’s possible T-Mobile is doing something with the launch of another device this day, or maybe it’s not a device at all. Perhaps there is a bit of refarming news dropping this day or perhaps we’re completely off the mark and we have no idea what T-Mobile wants these days blocked off for.

We do know one thing however, whatever this is, we’re eager to find out more.



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  • Dumbazz

    Hmmm that would be rad if it was the Note 2 but probably not. SG3 for free?

    • Bobyg

      I work at tmoile in Maryland we jus had a managers meeting today and our bsom told us T-Mobile is nit getting the iPhone this year. he said we have several promotions coming out in September and he also said able wanted tmobile to buy 12millions iPhones at $600 per phone which is retail price.

      • Mariog009

        Our BSOM told us the same thing ^

      • Littlesis1774

        Is it that crappy HTC? HTC works fine for like fourth months then it turns S&^%

        • note_lover

          I know a whole family that got HTC last year and love them!  Out of the 5 phones they purchased on day of release, 1 overheated too frequently (11 months after purchase) so it was exchanged for a brand new one. They haven’t been any problems since so not all HTC phone are bad! 

  • Arnokris

     I sharted when I heard this news. 

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    C’MON T-mobile Compatible iPHONE!!! *Crosses Fingers* (pretty sure it won’t be happening)

    • Why not? why the heck do you think T-Mobile is doing this refarming anyways? Its specifically so that any iPhone on AT&T can work on our network because AT&T bands are more widely used than ours so it widens the possibilities. Weeks short of the iPhone 5( or as I like to call it the iPhone 4ss) there will be people on our network touting 4g/3g iphone running on our network.

      • Drew

        I completely disagree… They are refarming because they are ramping up the LTE build out… Nothing more. The 1900 MHz spectrum is HSPA+ and was what they were awarded from the failed merger/acquisition. You expect them to pay $Millions in HOPES of getting the iPhone and nothing to show for it??

        • CRT24

          You have no freaking clue what you are talking about. We already have the 1900 mhz band operating as pcs. Currently our hspa+ is 1700/2100 which is not compatible with the iPhone or most other unlocked devices…..thus the reson for moving hspa+ over to the 1900 mhz band so we dont have to spend billions to actually carry it right now. Then that frees up the 1700/2100 for lte which will be the standard. All this will position t mobile to allow any current 1900 device or future lte 1700/2100 device ro run on our network with the best prices around.

        • funky iguana

          Best comment on here and without speculation- just the facts. You’ve restored my faith in human kind

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    I would hope its another smartphone sale… free or whatever. 

    +10 if they launch the One X+

  • thirty5thrifters

    This is pretty weird considering we have heard some info stating that they are NOT getting the iPhone. There also doesn’t seem to be any other devices launching that day.

    Maybe since they aren’t getting the iPhone they are preparing for a bunch of people to drop them as a provider (Hopefully not though)

  • Eanfoso

    perhaps, and hopefully, is the day when they release a new device or drop the prices on current devices, it’ll be nice if it was the galaxy note 2, but being that Europe is getting it until october, we then won’t see it until november or december at earliest

  • Drew

    Keep that good for nothing POS iPhone off my network!! That is all…


    Mobile Makeover Is Back! aka. Bill Shrink!! L.M.M.F.A.O.!!! All jokes aside those dates are when the remaining employees will get whacked…

  • Mc


  • Bleeding Customers!

    They need all the employees working all 3 of those days as they expect thousands of customers to come into the stores to port out to The Big 3 carriers for the New i-Phone 5— Sad but true.Smh

    • Bratty

       Ok, this is funny but sadly, probably true as well. Oh TMo, I worry for thee. 

    • could be for call centers. stores wouldn’t handle port-outs.

  • randomnerd_number38

    I’m willing to bet the farm on this being just another smart phone sale. T-Mobile should probably call it the “OH GOD PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US FOR iPHONE WE CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE LOSSES PLEASE OH PLEASE WE’LL EVEN LET YOU HAVE A FREE GALAXY S III” sale.

    • funky iguana

      Lol, so sad, but true….

    • highdefdinardo

      the iphone 5 is not impressive. not at all. its actually seem clunkier & much uglier than the 4/4S. But still people will flock to it.


    Will T-Mobile give this F4G the iPhone already so he can shut up.

    • David

      Damn, never seen anyone come out of the closet on a blog. That’s a first. Don’t know what to say IRIE4PIER, congrats with you coming out? Have fun?

      • Note Lover


  • Taron19119

    Ok hell well freeze over if t-moble gets the iphone but something don’t add up how do t-mobile know that the iphone is comeing out and apple did not makt a announcement about it so I say t-mobile is geting the iphone

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      Their parent company sells the iPhone in different markets, and the fact that their competitors have 21 as a circled day on their calendar.

      • Taron19119

        Nope cause uk dont get iphone on day one it’s always later

        • David

          Dude you like to pretend you know more than others. You are really dumb if you think Deutsche Telecom is only in the UK and US. Why don’t you go buy an iPhone so you can trade it in for an iPhone. There’s no catch other than the standard 2-year contract and a required data plan.

        • Taron19119

          Well I will do that cause im betting on 3 of them on ebay so I well get a 4th one

  • Jshy82

    Trade your iphone in for a free gs3 is what I was told at the sarasota Florida store.

    • Taron19119

      If so what’s the catch to geting a gs3 free cause I can get a iphone off ebay and then get a free gs3

  • TMobileAustin

    More than likely, this is a Magenta Day sale, like our Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day sales earlier in the year.

  • TayshaunBoba

    Two things strike me as odd about this: For one, if T-Mo were to get the iPhone (and that’s a big IF), why have an all-hands day only from the 21st to 24th when AT&T and Verizon are blocking out vacations from 21st through the 30th? Seems like if anything T-Mo would need even longer for all the attention they’d be getting. Second, (and more likely) if it’s a big sale or trade-in iPhone program as some suggested, why do this right when the iPhone is released? If anything you do it the week before to lock new customers into a contract so they don’t leave for an iPhone. Hmm..

    • Aaron vita

      U have a good point.

    • Dagawa

      You can’t lock a customer in a week before when there’s a 14-day grace period.  That would need to be done this weekend in order to lock them in before the iPhone release.

      • Forest Gump

        That’s what happens when a person named Tayshaun thinks… Nonsense. Now this brother is going to say, that it would have made sense to do it 14 days before. Then someone smarter is going to say, rubbish, in some parts the 30 day buyers remorse period is applicable… Then Tayshaun will have a headache and go back to his drawing board with his “marketing strategy”

      • TayshaunBoba

        Oh that’s a good point! I’d forgotten about that grace period. So if anything, it seems even more strange they’d do it then when customers could so easily return their device(s) for an iPhone. Well, whatever the case, I’m sure Magenta knows what they’re doing. 

  • Bkidko

    People might be buying iphone out right and bringing it ti tmobile. With the way plan pricimg is structured I dont see why anyone wouldnt just buy their phones for cash. In a way iphone5 IS coming to Tmobile.

    I seriously considered getting the iphhone5. Winamp seems to have a work around for itunes and that was one of the biggest annoyances for me. I know its dumb to make shopping decisions this way, but after their suit against samsung, I changed my mind.

  • omnirep

    NOT the iphone yet !!! Soon. Sale days while everybody is out looking for phones.

  • Kristin

    Sorry guys no iPhone, as history has shown I would expect the usual free phone after Mail in rebate….to try to keep current customers from switching to get iPhone 5.

  • Bud

    sgs3 for free. To compete with iphone 5 launch

  • Lol

    All hands on deck is for all the customers calling in or going in to the stores to cancel their contracts to leave to another carrier that will be offering the new iphone.

    • TmoTbag

       Lmao awesome answer

    • guest

      Well that’s a big fail because of the fact that contracts are not cancelled at the stores. They are cancelled over the phone with customer service.

      • GazaIan

        That all depends on location.. I had my contract cancelled years ago in store. I’m back now though.

        • unknown

          currently they no longer cancel contracts in store. you have to call customer care and cancel.

  • TheEnd

    All Hands On Deck is to announce: The End Is Near!!!

  • john johnson

    What if it’s a $200 subsidy to port your unlocked iPhone? With 2 yrs of course.

  • Snapdragon S4

    This date seems to be around the same release date as the supposed HTC One X+. Unfortunately, there has been absolutely ZERO news on this phone and it’s almost September already.

  • They are not getting the iPhone, let it go.

    • Bkidko

      Tmobile gives you $200 if you bring your own iphone and activate it?

      • Bkidko

        Sorry that was meant for john johnson

    • Littlesis1774

      If it HTC that is one hands day I am going to miss. I hate HTC with a passion

  • Junior

    I just got out of a T-Mobile training and the instructor told us that T-Mobile Retail Stores will receive live demo iPhones in order to showcase the iPhones capabilities on T-Mobile’s refarmed network. Maybe that’s what it could be.

  • Poser’s!

    These Joker’s(T-Mobo) aren’t even getting an i-Phone 5 Dummy Phone(Display Model) let alone the real thing!!! Give it up people, it ain’t happening…

  • Keepingitreal

    I hear it’s because they are selling the Galaxy S 4G for free after $300 MIR and 2 year agreement with 10GB data plan.  

    • Tomboy_1us

      For these days u mean? U sure! Jw cuz I’m hoping so

    • Yozo

      Offer good for new customers or add-a-line with 2yr agrmnt.

  • Joelaxel

    yesh finally the iphone!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Bajamin

      Horray an outdated phone!!!

    • Yeah, that’s not it.

      • Taron19119

        But if it was what word u do

        • David

          Get hooked on phonics…

        • Apple Eats 3~

          haha BURN

  • Yozo

    I predict it will be the same kind of promotion at Tmo stores, as they had on iPhone4 release day, and the iPhone4S release day.

    Lets look at the history.

    When customers walk in to the TmoUSA store and ask for the iPhone5, tell them….

  • Nkemp45

    HTC one x plus.
    September 21st according to a HTC rep that stopped by our store the other day.

  • Hopefully an announcement of LTE test markets? :)

    …A man can hope.


      LTE will not be installed until 2013. 

  • This would make a lot of sense. Those rumors pointed to a September 25th release date but maybe now that the iPhone 5 release is confirmed HTC and TMobile decided to push the HTC One X release date up. Would make a lot of sense.


  • John

    If T-Mobile does not get the iPhone it will be a sad day! Even pre paid services now have the iPhone!

    T-Mobile will never do good without it! People can say all they want that it doesn’t matter if T-Mobile has the phone but in the end it gives consumers a choice to decide what phone they want!

  • All Hands!

    All Hands Weekend will be when all employees report to work and hold hands and say a prayer that they don’t lose too many customers that weekend—

    • Whitney


  • Apple has always sucked

    T-Mob should charge a $20 a month surcharge for activating any Apple product. You know, a what are you thinking, come to your senses charge. Take that extra cash and maybe add some towers so you can go from sh*tty coverage to decent coverage. No I dont have a Motorola phone so you cant blame reception on that.

  • Michael Grubbs

    iphone, meh. I just left Sprint for Tmo because I get 20000kbps download here in Austin, and there will be no iHordes sucking down bandwidth. I guess I am in the minority, but I consider Tmo not getting the iphone a selling point. Unlimited and usable (lookin’ at you Sprint) data is nice too.

  • Milad

    Iphone …please :-)

  • PhantomWraith

    And this is why I call this a Biased Apple editor. You get word that there will be an all hands meeting during the same time as their competitors and the first conclusion and the most unlikely conclusion that is jumped too is of course OMG its the iphonez I haz to haz my iphonez OMG. I’m like really? I come here to hear about news going on with T-mobile not about the latest iphone fanboy fantasy’s that are most likely not going to happen. Much more probable is T-Mobile will be pushing a marketing strategy to beat the iphone but of course thats listed as if an afterthought at the bottom of the article….

    • Mike in FL

       This is just a stupid comment. Of course speculation is that this has something to do with the iPhone, seeing as how it’s the same date that the Big 2 will be having employees on hand for the next iPhone’s release. Like it or not, the iPhone plays a major role in cellphone service in this country nationwide, and many people do care whether T-Mobile will get the iPhone (at some point).

      PS I’m an Android user.

  • This iPhone hype is growing old. The dumb phone works on the network now. SCrying because it’s not carried officially. . . .. I hope it doesn’t come ever

    • Whitney

       and yet T-Mobile are losing customers for it

      • how ???? The iPhone still works on there network…. one million can’t be mistaken. Those who want the Shit phone on T-Mobile can and do


    • Ragnar

       SCrying – Isn’t that what happens when you buy a Samsung?

      • Bajamin

        Apple Registered Trademark “SCrying and ICrying”

  • True. I still struggle with why people want the iPhone. It’s out there…go get it……I hope T-Mobile never carries it. It’s so obsessed and overrated. Hell all these phones are. Call home text your lover check your email. Browse YouTube but jeez it’s not as serious as we too often make it…..

    • Spanky

      An iPhone seems to be more of a fashion accessory than a personal communication device. In the 90s, when I was attending high school, it was a must to have a Jansport backpack. Same with the iPhone – Apple has become a designer fashion label.

      • The_Guest_Who

        You’re exactly right… it would explain why so many accessories, like cases and skins for iDevices, have windows or cut-outs just for the Apple logo.

        iPhones are amazing devices, in a vacuum… however, compared against the myriad of choices in Androids, BlackBerrys, Windows Phones, and plain ‘ole feature phones, they’re nothing special – except for that logo.  And, as time has proven again and again, people will spend more money for the “premium” brand to be part of the “in” crowd – even though several other items offer better value and the same (if not better) utility.

    • Littlesis1774

      I struggle to see why people want the android or window phones. I don’t know maybe it personal prefence

  • Mike in FL

    (To Jecrie) People want the iPhone because it’s a fantastic device. It may not be for you, but you can’t argue that it was the iPhone that revolutionized smartphones in the world. Yes, it’s out there, but many with T-Mobile (myself included) are nto willing to pay a lot more on the other networks to get it. Some people (shocking, I know!) actually want to have the iPhone on the T-Mobile network they know and love (and pay a lot less for). Nothing wrong with that. To each their own. No need to post stupid stuff like you did.

    • PhantomWraith

      (to Mike in FL) People don’t want the iphone becuase its not a fantastic device(I Know Right?). It may be for you but its clearly not for me and you can’t argue that Android phones are like Heaven and Earth better then the iphone. Yes, It’s clearly still got alot of isheep that like having a fashion statement to prove they are worth something based on what model of phone they are using and there are alot of people on T-mobile that does not want the iphone on T-mobile(myself included) and want to keep a reasonable bill thanks to NOT carrying the iphone to raise prices so that I can KEEP paying alot less on my bill (shocking, I know!). Nothing wrong with that. To each their own. No need to post your stupid undying isheep fanboyism like you did.

      • Mike in FL

        You might think that it’s not a fantastic device, but obviously plenty of people do. What’s wrong with that? I will certainly argue that Android phones are NOT “heaven and earth” better than the iPhone. From a GPS that never worked (Samsung Vibrant) to constant forcecloses for no reason, to frustrating fragmentation (the Vibrant still doesn’t have GB officially), so an app store that isn’t half as good as the iTunes store…I could go on and on.

        If you don’t want the iPhone, then good for you. There are plenty of people who do want the iPhone, though, and you shouldn’t fault them for that.

        I’m an “undying isheep?” OK, lol…

        • PhantomWraith

          You can’t send attachments with email with the iphone, also fragmentation with iphone is starting to kick in as the 3GS doesn’t have the processing power to run IOS 5 and certainly will not be getting IOS 6. Let’s not forget to mention Siri that could of run on Iphone 4 but they chose not to run it. Then there’s that excellent product support about how they wanted to deny the iphone 4 had a reception problem and just told their customers they weren’t smart enough to hold the phone right. I currently have a Galaxy Note and don’t have any of the problems you have mentioned and even If I did I could go to XDA and flash a different ROM that would work even better then the stock one, Which is something else you can’t do with an iphone.

          If you don’t want an android phone, then good for you. There are plenty of people who do want an android phone (like over 60% of all phones are androids), though, and you shouldn’t be calling people stupid for that.

        • Mike in FL

           Phantom, you can’t be serious trying to compare the fragmentation issue between iOS and Android! You lose all credibility there. When the Vibrant was released, Gingerbread was already out. We never got it. When the 3GS was released, it got the latest iOS. It may not be able to handle the next iterations of iOS, but it got the latest version. Us Vibrant owners never even got that.

          You’ll get no argument from me that the reception thing was ridiculous. Look, I’m no Apple fan, but I’m also not dumb enough to try to say the iPhone is crap. There are things on the iPhone and in iOS that are much better than Android and vice versa.

          Sure, a person can go to XDA and flash a ROM (I am running ICS on my Vibrant), but many people don’t want to have to do that. Many people just want a phone that works, and that’s why the iPhone works for so many people. People shouldn’t “have” to root and flash a device in order to fix it.

          My main argument was never that I wanted an iPhone over an Android one. My argument is that it’s absurd to call the iPhone a bad device and feign indignation when people want it on TMO. I never called anyone stupid for “wanting an iPhone.” I called the following comment stupid because it is stupid:

           “Hell all these phones are. Call home text your lover check your email.
          Browse YouTube but jeez it’s not as serious as we too often make it…..”

        • You cant send an attachment with an email?  Ive never heard that…why would that be?  That seems like  a pretty basic function that I think people would be complaining about and Ive never read that in any articles….

        • PhantomWraith

          IF you don’t believe me ask all your iphone buddies you claim to have its a true story. Also my friends all have androids except one who is a business owner and switched to the galaxy note and loves it, so much that his wife got excited and switched to the HTC one X  and got his mother a One X but thats my experiences.

        • Bud

          Yes u can send attachments with iphone.(var). I have a 4s and sgs3. The sgs 3 is the best android phone on the market,right? In the three weeks i have had the sgs three at least 10 battery pulls. Lock screen freeze, wi-fi hang ups. Gps not accurate in manhattan. Since i have had my 4s not one problem or crash. Iam jail broken and run allot of cydia apps.

      • Bajamin

        I’m sorry, but your post is ridiculous. I hate the iphone personally. I think it’s slow, boring, basic, and for first time smart phone users. Having said that it’s still a phone that people want because it’s better than 90% of the phones out there. Do some people get it because it is the “Iphone,” of course. Do some buy it because it works well enough for them and it does have great build quality, you bet! The only reason you seem to buy other phones is to make a point of not supporting apple, which is fine. But don’t sit here and act like the phone is not a good phone (not great, but good). The phone has its merits, and if you deny that you are a bigger “sheep” than apple fan boys. The term “sheep” is just asinine anyways. There are more android devices than IOS, so you are no trend setter, you are purchasing what is available and are following a bigger crowd than the apple base is. 

        • PhantomWraith

          so let me get this straight the iphone is “slow, boring, basic, and for first time smart phone users” which would mean android phones would have to be faster, exciting, advanced, and for power users but its still a phone that is 90% better then all phones out there… by your own words the iphone is worse but is somehow better? build quality? a glass phone is whats considered good build quality? I’ll tuck that away and keep that in mind although I can’t remember the last iphone I saw that didn’t have an otterbox on it. I don’t support apple because their product is inferior. does it have its merits? sure it has a cool half eaten apple sigil on the back android sure can’t compete with that. The term “sheep” wasn’t coined by me but by the general public to reflect apple fanboyism. Never stated I was a trend setter and never plan to be I just buy products that are better. I’m not big on crowds just FYI.

        • Bajamin

          I’m not going to reply to all of this because the argument is weak. 90% of what you are trying to debate me on is rendered moot by two simple words in my post, ”
          I think.” You know, personal opinion, like all of what you are spewing out. I also never claimed you coined the term, because I am not a 90 year old having my first day on the internet. The fact is, the term is stupid when comparing the two largest operating systems in the world(in cellular). Lastly learn the difference between FRAGILITY and QUALITY, they are not one in the same.

        • PhantomWraith

          Then likewise I won’t talk about most of anything you said since its just an opinion but FRAGILITY is a QUALITY which makes up the OPINION of a PRODUCT. I’m 100% sure that FRAGILITY is not a QUALITY anyone wants with their cell phone.

        • Henry

          You guys don’t
          know what you are talking about.

          I am Tmo costumer
          since 2003. Tmo is a GSM provider and as a European I am not willing to
          subscribe at any CDMA provider.

          Is there anything
          wrong with my choice?


          The only reason
          why I need GSM is because I travel a lot and I like my international version
          phone to work everywhere. Tmo USA is not compatible with the international
          phones on data capabilities. If Tmo is continuing doing that means that all of
          you guys are slaves of what phones thay have in the stores. In the other hand
          we all know that this is the beauty of GSM. We all know that Tmo gets the good
          ones too late. Now as a costumer if I whant an int unlock version either iPhone
          or whatever, Tmo got to make me happy with their standard network.  Today’s standards we all know is 1900Mhz. Tmo
          at least need to serve us on today’s standards Frequencies.

        • yes the phandroid vs apple sheep that go at it on tech blogs just cuz they hate Apple or Google or just are bitter and hate everyone who doesnt think like them are ridiculous and exhibit childish behavior

        • Gouv

          Well said, but also in a partially biased defense to apple… They’ve been around forever.  I went to my first mac meet up in boston with my dad when i was 14 and i’m going to be 30 soon.  So its easy to understand where and why apple have such a loyal following.  The Mac users have been around for a long time and even back then it was like a technological religion for people to grab onto.  Most people don’t even remember the day Steve Jobs came back to apple… I DO! it was epic and that was in ’97 and it was totally kick-ASS to see all the stuff that changed dramatically over the following years.  So it always kinda bugs me when people say iSheep because myself and many alike have been Apple freaks for YEARS!!

      • All I can tell you is that most people I know love their iphones and IVe never heard a complaint from any of them – even the ones overseas.  My Android – and this may not be typical but was my experience – was full of so many problems and bugs that no one was willing to fix, that Im close to giving up on it.  Apple also provides great support , has free classes to help you get the most out of your phone – and if you have other Apple products, your advantages multiply…Android youre left on your own and Samsungs service in my experience was terrible almost as bad as Tmobiles has gotten.  Just yesterday, both of the reps I spoke to had no idea what they were talking about and again gave me incorrect information.  So yes the iphone isnt for many people but others love it…and I keep asking my friends about iPhone vs android and many of them said theyve had iphones since day 1 and have no interest in Android.  It would be great if the avg person could get an iphone and an Android to test side by side for a month – just like all the reviewers- then they could really make an educated decision.  I havent used the iphone so I dont know exactly what its like, but Im planning to go to an Apple store and let them show me what it does and hear their sales pitch on why they think its better.  If I go to a carriers store, I cant get it.  The Tmo rep even told me the only difference between the HTCS and SG3 is beats audio.  From reading these blogs, I know there are a lot more differences.  He also said ATT HTCONEX is the same as the S except for ATT; thats also wrong.  and they couldnt even tell me what Android can do that iphone cant (yes they dont sell the iphone but these are some basics they should be able to answer)…

    • But many Id think wont want a 3g iphone5/new iPhone when all they hear is about the big change of the iphone finally getting LTE.  I dont see many wanting to buy it full price cuz the savings wont really add up ..I think the main target are ATT iphone customers who are out of contract, want to keep their iphone 4 (cuz the 4S people are still on contract unless they pay their ETF) are ok with staying on 3G and want to save some money since their phone is paid off.  But where is the refarming done to ensure people will get that 3G coverage on their iphones.  Some people also will be skeptical becuase the iphone isnt officially on tmobile…and in this economy a lot of folks arent prepared to shell out $650 in one shot.  Many of you guys are but the average American probably not

  • Udubb

    That message must have been sent from a T-Mobile phone as there is only 1 bar of service at the top..

    • u guys are too funny but these types of comments that are based on reality of your experiences does make me leery of Tmobile, especially a 2yr contract for a company that might not even exist in 2 years.  So far, Ive been mostly on wifi so havent used a lot of data but I know my speedtests on +21 average 2-3 mbps which isnt LTE/4G speeds no matter what Tmobile wants to cal lit

      • Chris

        that’s your experience. my experience with T-mo is completely different. 16mbps down on a new sgs3.

        • zacamandapio

           I agree.  My experience has been excellent since 2006.  And I used to be with all networks before that.  There’s no way I’d leave T-mo.  Unless they disappear.

        • Baba

          Ditto! 15-18mbps down here!



    • bob90210


      • So you pay $650 or more instead of 199 – thats a $450 difference…If you save $20 a month on a value plan , its gonna take you near the end of your 2 year value contract to realize any savings.  Am I not understanding the Value situation? Oh and instead of LTE speeds, youll get 3G speeds – and from what Ive read, thats only working in a few markets right now…so you dont wnt people getting mad and only getting 2G just like Sprint customers who bought LTE phones

        • The value plan is best for family plans – three or more lines is the sweet spot. Most people lambasting the value plan only need a single line. 

        • Chris

          exactly. just switched to it a few months ago. and savings have been good.

        • GwapoAko

          Correct and to add to that, people who lambast Value Plan do not know basic math :0)

    • needgoodQWERTY

      That’s cool and all, but still from a customer standpoint it’s still a pretty big disadvantage to be paying up front and waiting for the reimbursement. It would be better if they could set up a system of having the prepaid visas in store ready to be activated the same day. Not realistic I know, but tmobile should really be pulling out the stops here.

    • Posting in caps reduces the credibility to zero. My ears are aching after reading the first few lines of your all caps blather. Are you learning to speak English?


  • Hector F.

    A free brand new Galaxy S 3 with one year contract! That’s the event!

  • This is strange – unless theyre going to do a big push in the next few weeks about unlimited data plans , hoping to steal some of Apple’s thunder.  Is there even  .01% of them miraculously getting the iPhone?  I know the answer is NO but it can help.

    Do you guys think it would be stupid to get a Galaxy Nexus right now?  I keep reading conflicting reviews and it only runs on the slower +21 network, which a Tmo rep told me yesterday is really just 3g – not 4g (which I found a little strange although it really does get 3g speeds; they advertise it as 4g)…I know it was released Dec 11 and its rumored to be getting a new one…But Ive also seen people post here that theyre really happy with it, and using in on Prepaid can save a lot of money with no contract so youre still ready to jump to another carrier if and when you wish.  Or should I try to sell it and use the money to basically get myself a “free” iphone.  I really appreciate your advice…Im not a tech expert and its hard to compare anything.  Im  pretty sure the SG3 is a better phone but its $600 instead of $350 which seems crazy cheap.  (wasnt it over $800 when first released – thats what I found on Google)…Also Im not sure theres great advantage of unlocked GSM because the only way to save money is Tmobile Prepaid or sign a 2 year contract (like you would anyway) but get $20 off with a Value PLan.  You dont get any advantage with ATT as theyll still charge you the same as if you got a subsidized phone so ifor ATT, an iphone or SG3 would be a better deal, savinga bout 150…I dont really travel overseas a lot either

    • Bratty

      Get it. At $350, you really cannot go wrong.

    • It’s fast enough :-)  I consistently get 8 Mbps Down/ 2 Mbps Up on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • YoureProbADumbass

    htc one x+?

    • highdefdinardo

      the one x+ has been recalled.

      • YoureProbADumbass

        source? wheres the proof? i hope you are wrong, you bastard

        • I posted the same thing…fwiw.

        • YoureProbADumbass

          what do you mean? is there still a chance?

        • note_lover

          lol you’re funny!

        • YoureProbADumbass


  • Ron

    Is TMO releasing BB10 phone?

    • zacamandapio

       I hope they are.  When AT&T and Verizon jumped on that BB10 thing to be the first ones I was a bit disappointed.  I wish T-mobile releases a BB10 phone as soon as they’re available. 

  • fsured

    I think TMO would probably drop the money to carry the Iphone officially.  They have taken a beating by not offering it and can’t deny it would help improve things while being costly.  I suspect Apple doesn’t want to sell the phone on TMO since it was the flagship company for Android.  Given Jobs rather annoyance with Android, it is probably not offered to TMO and been denied as a spiteful action against TMO and Google.  TMO did launch the G1 and Android sprang to life.  The Iphone is no longer limited to ATT, Sprint, and Verizon.  If they wanted more market share then TMO should have been the next option with its customer base.  It can’t be that hard to add a HSPA+ cell chip.  That is my guess.  TMO has already said they want to sell the phone but they don’t own the phone to sell.  I hope people will realize this and stop blaming TMO.

    To combat this TMO is doing the re-farming to try and get some Iphone customers back.  I don’t know how effective it will be.  This is great for the people traveling around the world and want one phone that works with various companies.  But the majority of people would probably just renew their contracts with ATT or Verizion instead of buying the phone from Apple and then go to another store to do the activation of phone service.  It will be people who are Tech savvy enough to following blogs like this and know what the re-farming means who will be at the advantage here.  People who are smart enough to know the trap of 1-2gig shared data plan. Or people who are already on TMO service and want the new Iphone.  For them it would be no big deal to make the trip to Apple.  I’m more excited about using a Android phone other than the HTC or Samsung stripped down models with my service. 

    The extra sales people may be to keep potential customers in the store and push the SGIII with buy one get one promotions.  They could try enticing people with free HTC OneS phones.  TMO will have to do major network upgrades nationwide and fast to push buy your Iphone5 and bring it here with unlimited “4g”.  I’d be pissed to drop the money on a unlocked version at the Apple store and only receive 2g speed.  They can say the upgrades are coming to my area but until it’s turned on it’s only a promise that can be broken and delayed.

    • Gouv

      Sounds good in writing but would not work on a mass scale once implemented.  Also, i doubt tmo has the buying power to make a deal with Apple right now.  From the looks of it… it won’t be for a very long time the way tmo is heading.  As someone recently pointed out, its clear DT is just waiting to sell and bail out of the American market.

  • Rfgenerator

    The lack of T-Mobile offering a subsidized IPhone is due (IMHO) primarily due to 2 reasons: 
    1) T-Mobile won’t pony up the cash to Apple 
    2) Apple doesn’t have much faith in the T-Mobile network.  Much of the T-Mobile network is GPRS and Edge.  The last thing Apple wants (in theory) is for someone who purchases the IPhone to have a bad experience with it.  T-Mobile needs to convert a much larger percentage of their EDGE/GPRS to 3G/4G before Apple is comfortable suppporting the IPhone on the T-Mobile network.
    That said the reason for the “All Hands Day” is probably another variation of the Buy 1, get 1 complete with sketchy rebates and lots of paperwork.  Remember when T-Mobile swore off rebates?  I really wish they would get back to that.  Too many possible points of failure with a rebate.

    • guest

      so you’re saying T-Mobile needs to change their whole network for one phone only the iPhone? makes no sense to me.

      • Ceefu

        He isn’t saying they NEED to do anything. Just hypothesizing that the network attributes to why T-Mo hasn’t yet gotten the iPhone. It’s certainly a reasonable / logical statement.

        • 30014

          The network doesn’t have a damn thing to do with T-Mobile not having the iphone. T-mobile doesn’t have it because Apple wants a arm and a leg for it and T-Mobile can’t afford it on apples terms. Too people know this and still cry iphone this and iphone that. It’s a damn phone, it won’t change your life. And if by some chance it does change your life then i pity you.

        • Ceefu

          My (our) bad, as we didn’t realize you were privy to those negotiations. Again, it’s all just hypothesis, which no one swore to be fact, in the spirit of having an intelligent conversation.

          Are you saying it is neither reasonable nor logical for Apple to have concerns regarding the product “experience” as affected by the network on which the iPhone is being used?

          It’s easy to say “Apple (just) wants a arm and a leg for it”, however one would be foolish in a business sense to think money is the sole deciding factor. Yes, Apple is as greedy as they come. However part of what has made them as successful as they are is the consistent product experience across ALL of their product lines. Product Management / Marketing 101 concepts. If Apple feels the T-Mo network isn’t up to snuff to the point that the user experience will suffer, then the cash cost to attain the phone is going to be exorbitant to the point where it isn’t viable for T-Mo to pay it (for example, Sprint’s gamble).

        • PatheticLoser

          I don’t think there’s much hypothesis to it. Look how much Sprint invested in subsidizing the iphone. Look at it like this – you can spend billions of dollars building out a kickass network that benefits millions or you can spend billions of dollars on one phone. And looking at the numbers for Sprint and Verizon – they really haven’t made any money off that phone which is the point of being in business. 

        • Ceefu

          I agree with that completely. But the original statement was that from an Apple perspective, not T-Mo.

        • guest

          Actually T-Mobile can afford it, it’s different can’t from wanting they are just not gonna accept apples stupid terms.

    • no

      Yes mobile blames iPhone for losing customers, but they aren’t going to make a deal with apple. Tmobile has over a million iPhone users, and making deal with apple won’t give benefit to current iPhone customers. Only to new iPhones. They are putting 3G/4G hspa+ on 1900 MHz band to clear up the 1700/21000 band for LTE. Tmobile USA is the only country there is o iPhone. Check UK or German tmobile, all sell iphones

    • TMoFan

      If #2 were true Apple would have never made it available on Sprint. More #1 and the fact that aws isn’t as widely used. 

    • Omard312

      I totally agree with Rfgenerator and probably wouldn’t have 1 month ago. I recently took a nice road trip from Chicago to Texas. I was so disappointed with T-Mobile’s lack of 3g coverage, it’s Recockulous! I had no gripes whatsoever, since I live in a major city–Chicago. But I found that T-Mobile’s is miniscule compared to the other major carriers. Disappoing. And I’m no apple fan, fyi ;)

    • Guest

       I’m happy with T-Mobile for this.  There is no need to give Apple that much money for this phone.  Moreover the fact they already have so many people on the network tolerating 2G speeds with the iPhone.  Hopefully something will change to benefit them to pick it up but with T-Mobile keeping people first I respect their decision to not dump that much out of their coffers into a single product. 

    • note luvr

      Lol, had to laugh, the iPhone doesn’t support 4g yet, iPhone 4 & 4s run 3g and “like 3g” which ask a tech is like 3.5g so why is that even an excuse here? I’m happy with Android, if TMobile got the iPhone I wouldn’t want it unless it was truly 4g or faster speeds.

      • note luvr

        Oh and that 4g symbol on the iPhone is something carriers worked out with apple based on “like 3g” speeds since it was 3.5 instead of 3g lol…. Apple and the carriers of that product are pure marketing genius but that’s it

    •  What about the iPhone being on Sprint and their poor, widespread 3G speeds with their strained EVDO Rev A network?

      • Brian

        Yeah, I thought the same thing.  Sprint has lots of coverage, but speeds are atrocious.  They also have less cash than T.

  • Ceefu

    Hate to admit it, but a re-farmed T-mo network here in the greater Seattle area that would allow at least 3G speeds on an iPhone, would probably have me getting an iPhone.

    I used to use an unlocked iPhone 2G, then got smoking deals on the MyTouch4G when it was released. The MT4G has worked admirably, but I’m somewhat tired of dealing with Android and it’s various short-comings. The most irritating thing I currently deal with is constant switching between 3G and 4G that kills my battery. What surprises me is the stock OS allowed me to chose HSPA only, but CM7 doesn’t (just 3G only via service menu). Android CAN BE pretty darn awesome, and 10 years ago I probably would have loved spending the time to tweak/hack/flash the various phones till the wee hours of the morning several days a week to get it to do what I want, how I want. I’m just not in that place anymore.

    Fwiw, I’m running CM 7.2 on the MT4G. Slight overclock and minimal apps running (I’m semi-OCD with this). Wife was running stock OS on hers and it was unbearably slow after just over a year. She did the WinMo challenge at the Microsoft store and got a free HTC Radar and hasn’t looked back. 

    I’m ready to go back to a phone that just works (from my experience). Without hacking or putting different OS’s on it. With a refined (arguable) music interface/sync app (I’ve tried 2-3 apps that supposedly work with android phones). With excellent, no make that AMAZING 3rd party accessory support (this is the problem when every company carries multiple models of Android phones. Show me a car stereo with built-in Android controls). Anti-iPhone folks like to argue that the iPhone is just a fashion thing. What they fail to realize is that this argument is no longer valid, simply because so many people have it now the “OMG U HAZ IPHONEZ?!?!” draw/reaction/sentiment no longer exists.

    I’m also growing somewhat tired of the T-Mo coverage. Which I would expect to be better given that this is where T-Mo HQ is. We also frequent places for vacation where only VZ has coverage. The nearest major town, which is only ~25 minutes away, only has 2G T-Mo. I’ve been fishing 15 miles off the coast of Westport WA with no signal, while my Father-in-law’s VZ phone has solid signal (non-iPhone). Same thing fishing the Strait of Juan De Fuca out of Seiku. Or family vacations in Seabrook, WA with zero signal.

    All in all, I do love T-Mo, as my 9+ year tenure shows. And I’m interested in what this next “All Hands” weekend will bring. History shows however, that it’s usually just some sub-par sale that only new customers and upgrade eligible (I’m due in Nov) folks can partake in, as a half-hearted marketing attempt to dissuade them from leaving on the heels of a new iPhone announcement.

    • Tmo fan

      If you’re eligible in November, you can probably switch to Value now without a fee. This would make you eligible for current promotions and you’d be ready for an unlocked iPhone in due time. 

      • Ceefu

        Well, we’re on an old family plan that works out to be $10 bucks cheaper for us. The closes Value plan gets us a bunch more minutes, but a high month for us is using ~75% of our current allowance. So no real draw for us there.

  • Getsel23

    pretty sure all this means the iphone is coming.

    Example: “selling against the iphone” is training verizon and att have to complete as they need to be able to sell many phones they carry.  Verizon and ATT don’t just sell the Iphone, it is a part of their network, but i’m sure they make more money selling a product like an android phone. 

    and you don’t think that this latest meeting, which coincides with att and verizon’s meetings means anything either?? plllleeeaassse.  This is the last peice of SH** article I read on this page.  At least use some analytical thinking when you get information like this.

    • needgoodQWERTY

      Lol! As if you know what you’re talking about.

    • Taron19119

      At&t and Verizon do selling against the Iphone to so you have a point and I can back up that they sale against the iphone

    • Yeah, that’s not at all what it means. This isn’t about analytical approaches, this is about understanding industry terminology and their training techniques. This does not mean they are getting the iPhone, not in any way shape or form. If Verizon and AT&T were to do something like this, it would be set in an entirely manner, with an entire document around it, not just a brief paragraph. Sorry, but I’m not the one looking at it wrong.

      • guest

        It seems like someone really doesn’t want the iPhone on T-Mobile.

        • randomnerd_number38

          You people seriously are slaying me. I’m sure when September 21st rolls around and it turns out to be some big campaign to get people to bring unlocked iPhones to T-Mobile you’ll crow that you were right all along.

          “See? The iPhone DID come to T-Mobile! Just buy it unlocked for 700 bucks and you got yourself a T-Mobile iPhone!”

        • Dumbazz

          He uses an iphone on Tmobile Dumbazz

        • I haven’t used an unlocked iPhone in months, but I definitely wouldn’t object to it coming.

        • Aaron vita

          Hey what phone do you use on tmobile david?????????

  • Littlesis1774

    Isn’t suppose to be the day the iphone 5 comes out?

  • TMCraver

    people this is no different thatn last year…

  • Jay20

    I would venture to say it might be refarming info and iPhone 4/4S at next to nothing with a contract. There is NOTHING which will overshadow the iPhone. What better way to get in on the action than T-Mobile selling free or close-to-free iPhones when a new $200+ comes out?

  • Mittlerd

    Had a problem with my G2 so I called customer care. My phone’s just about done, but I mentioned even though I’m upgrade eligible, I don’t care for any of the phones available now. She then mentioned that T-Mobile is getting the iphone officially in December. My immediate response was that I’ve read many people in these forums have been told the same in the past and its never true. She assured me it was. She couldn’t help with my phone so transferred me to another department. I then asked him about her claim. He put me on hold for a bit and then came back and said it was absolutely NOT true. What gives? Have they gotten so desperate they have been instructed to lie?

  • doug

    Had a problem with my G2 so I called customer care. My phone’s just about done, but I mentioned even though I’m upgrade eligible, I don’t care for any of the phones available now. She then mentioned that T-Mobile is getting the iphone officially in December. My immediate response was that I’ve read many people in these forums have been told the same in the past and its never true. She assured me it was. She couldn’t help with my phone so transferred me to another department. I then asked him about her claim. He put me on hold for a bit and then came back and said it was absolutely NOT true. What gives? Have they gotten so desperate they have been instructed to lie?


    We just found out today we gotta work that weekend (I’m a TMO retail employee). IT SUCKS! They give us 3 weeks notice. B S! My BF wedding is that saturday now I gotta work. My co-workers are pissed, many had requested that weekend off. One part-timer put his 2 week notice in today because he has a can’t miss event that weekend. The sale going to suck just like last few “all hands day” have at my store. The only one that was ever worth working was fathers day 2 years ago. There’s gotta be a lot t-mo retail employees around the country that are livid they gotta work that weekend if they had plans. If the iPhone was getting I could understand but most likely it’s gonna free phone after a high-ass rebate.

    • Taron19119

      Stop crying u mad cause u have to work I know people that loved to have a job that find a job

      • TMO EMP

        No wonder you and the illiterate people you know can’t find a job dumbass

        • Taron19119

          I have a job I work for a phone store

        • Sorry…

          Hopefully you’re not in charge of chatter.

    • Hawaiian

      While they may not be very literate, I tend to agree with the side of be happy you have work.  I’m thankful for my job and if one weekend of the rest of my life is messed up, then okay.  You probably have known about that wedding for longer than 3 weeks, yes?  If you had requested it before that, chances are they would still work with you on it if you went to your boss and explained it.  Myself being in the same situation during an event of the past and had no issues since I was forthcoming in talking to my leadership.

    • Dumbazz

      Your reaction explains why you are stuck in retail.

    • Dumbazz

      Those employees who are worth a crap will not have a problem working. You sound seriously disgruntled employee. Maybe it’s you?

    • Guest

      Why are you working in retail if you don’t like working weekends? The whole idea is to be open when people are out shopping and not working, so obviously big sales will be held on weekends and employees will be expected to work. If you don’t like the job, quit complaining and get a different one, do everyone a favor

  • WirelessRefugee

    LOL… why does David REFUSE to use the correct word, it is “piqued” not “peaked.”

    I think this is the 4th time someone has mentioned it in a comment. (Me being the fourth.)

    For people who don’t know: Peaked as in “He lost the race because he peaked too early and by the final 200 had nothing left for the sprint to the finish.”

    Piqued as in: “Our curiosity is again piqued as word drops that T-Mobile is holding ‘all hands days’ from September 21st-24th.”

    • Dumbazz

      What the hell is wrong with you that you actually track how many times he has done this?

      This could however explain your virginity.

  • WirelessRefugee

    I notice that a lot of T-Mobile commercials are emphasizing prepaid. That’s a smart move. As I said early last year, T-Mobile’s best bet to survive is to become the premium prepaid carrier.

    I’m telling you that with $4+++ gas here on the west coast and the economy remaining tanked, carriers are suffering. They are doing all kinds of tricks and gimmicks to hold on to the profits of old, or to not enter into loss territory, down there with Sprint.

    Times are changing. People are stopping the use of credit cards because they know that on a job loss loads of debt make it harder to survive until one finds another job. People are now using debit cards instead of credit cards.

    Have you noticed the big push now for prepaid cards. They show a middle class couple in commercials, in a nice house, eating at a nice restaurant. And he pulls out the Chase Liquid prepaid debit card. Whoever they portray in commercials, that is their target market. So that tells you times are bad and people are scared, when they push prepaid credit-card-looking cards on the middle classes.

    • guest

      you’re an idiot.

    • Dumbazz

      That would be the WORST move Tmobile could ever make.

    • Brian

      There’s no reason they can be the cheapest “full service” carrier as well as the premium pre-paid carrier (I’d argue they already are the latter).

      $70/month for all-you-can talk/text/download on HSPA+ is a stomping deal.  Cheaper AND faster than Sprint, and about half what Verizon and AT&T are charging for their much more restricted plans.

      Add in some high-end Windows Phone hardware to go with the strong Android lineup, and target iPhone buyers with the value plan on a refarmed slice of spectrum, and you’ve got a strong strategy.

      As the economy continues to snooze and wages stagnate, the idea of paying half as much to get more is going to increase in appeal.

      I also think Apple’s going to continue to fall behind its competitors like Samsung, HTC and Nokia.  The iPhone 5, if specs leaked are to be believed, is well behind the Galaxy S II from a year ago.  A little aggressive marketing to ask “why pay more for less” should hit a big sweet spot.

  • Crickets!

    Your gonna hear nothing but crickets in those stores that weekend! The stores are gonna be deadzones!!

  • Apple Operative

    if you would all be so kind as to report to your nearest T Mobile on this date with your Samsung phones we would appreciate it. Thank youI

  • Amit Biswas

    If tmobile brought in ANDROID phones IN TIME like ATT and VERIZON, MAYBE they wouldnt lose customers. Wheres the ONE X. Where was the NOTE I a year ago?? where the fuck is LUMIA 800? are you serious TMO?? get it together baby and add 1900

    • Eanfoso

      You’re one uneducated/ignorant fellow, with all due respect, a year ago the note I was still being processed for the European market, since it was released in september last year to fight some ground against the iphone & did not make it to the americas until THIS YEAR, t-mobile was the first carrier in the US to release an android device, lumia 800 does NOT have AWS support, and if you want one (lumia 800 or htc one x) that bad, there’s a way you can order it for t-mobile : BUY IT UNLOCKED ON AMAZON.COM OR EBAY.COM!!!! And the 1900mhz spectrum is already there….everywhere…’re not suggesting that they should switch all antennas and have the 1900mhz for AWS are you?? ROFL practically impossible, the 1900mhz has been in place since it was voice stream, so no.

      • Tmo fan

        I agree with you both but I get what the fellow is trying to say, the lack of 3G on the more widely used band has hurt T-mo in more than one way. Different times are coming with all the spectrum upgrades and I am very curious to see how all the cards will be played. 


    i just spoke with customer care, she confirmed NO TMOBILE IPHONE THIS YEAR< CASE CLOSED<

    • Get_at_Me

      Im confident shes right but i doubt any csr would tell u if we were getting it.

    • I don’t know why people believe that a customer care representative has the last word on the arrival of such a phone. There has never and will never be a time when a customer care rep can answer the iPhone question, even if T-Mobile DID carry it, Apple announces dates, not the carrier.

      • exeot

        For all we know? Tmobile could be selling against the iphone while still offering it given the profit margins are better on android. Right? RIGHT?!? Other carriers do the same thing D:

        Don’t mind me.. just a bit disappointed is all.

    • Snoopyalien24

      Hey guys I asked the CIA agent if their are aliens at Area 51. He said no >CASE CLOSED>

  • Richie013

    I dont need the Iphone. Tmobile doesn’t need the iphone. You don’t need the Iphone. What we all need is our unlimited data back. 

    • Jessiegillie

      Thx for telling me what I need, I had no idea what I wanted.

    • note_lover


  • Sept 21st is looking more like it will be a record loss of customers for T-Mobile.

    • Tbyrne

      Yeah, I’m so glad we have someone who has so much insight on what’s going on with T-Mobile. GTFOH!

  • Brian

    I’ve owned several iPhones.  I use Windows Phone now, and will be picking up a Windows Phone 8 handset from whichever vendor is smart enough to drop one on T-Mobile first.

    I’m already queued up to get the $70 “all you can eat” plan, which is literally half of what I was paying AT&T for 900 minutes and 3 GB of data with an iPhone.  Looking forward to seeing what this announcement is, and if people want to go pay 2x as much for less on AT&Terrible or Verizon (or pay for dial-up speeds on Sprint), more power to ’em — that’s more bandwidth for me on my Windows Phone! ;)

    • Aaron vita

      Whats so special about a I never had one ? Not a insult just asking .

      • Setzer715

         Windows Phone actually works very well with what is on it.  If your an app freak, need VPN, gaming or a huge app store it’s not for you.

        If you want a phone that does messaging very well, browsing, watch movies, listen to music it’s a great phone.  I used one for a while on 7.5 and it’s a solid phone.  Great for businesses that don’t need VPN.  Hoping 8 brings in VPN, if it does it will blow away ANY competition on a business platform.

        For me though?  I prefer Android.  I like tweak my phone, hack it, modify it, make it do what I want and there is only one platform for that, Android.

  • pops87

    Any chance its the one x+ or galaxy note 2 that’s being released on those days?

    • Doubtful for the One X+, I believe it may have been canceled.

      • Get_at_Me

        : (

      • Herb

         Whaaaaaaat?! More info, please!

    • note_lover

      Hoping for the Note 2 but don’t honestly think it will be…probably won’t see that one until next year :(

  • RotaryP7

    No iPhone in 2012 for T-Mobile. The refarming isn’t done yet. It would be pointless unless Apple made an iPhone just for TMO; doubt it. It’s coming out in 2013 when LTE is finally rolled out. Those 3 days will probably be a FREE phones sale.

  • Iphone

    T-mobile DOES carry the iPhone 4s plus many other devices that are not available online or in the store. However its only available for business customers on value plans. It started about 60days ago, try it for yourself. Just go into a store tell them you want a local business sales rep to contact you about a 20line deal. Not sure why a business customer would want a iPhone that only works on edge but its available.

    • Taron19119

      Prove it

  • Former Emp

    One T-mobile store has a received an unlocked iPhone 4s, and the assistant manager told me that it is to demo that it can use T-mobile’s 3g/4g network.  They start showing customers this on September 21st.  So it’s not about T-mobile releasing an iPhone.

  • Liz

    I’m sure we’ll find out about whatever the ‘All Hands Day’ will bring to our stores during our Earn More meeting this coming weekend. I know for a fact that the iPhone is already picking up our 3G frequencies in NYC, so a big network refarm announcement would logically be held BEFORE a roll out. I -as many of my co-workers are- am anxious & excited to see what the company has in store, be it an iPhone or not.

  • ant

    tmobile dont need a iphone i love the android phones they already have

    • note_lover

      I agree

  • lovemysgs3

    Is there any more news about this all hands day?

  • custom1

    Okay, Sept 24 is past. Next rumor!