Rumor: T-Mobile “All Hands Day” Set For September 21st – 24th


With all the iPhone and refarming news we’ve seen come out of T-Mobile in the past few days, or really come through us in the past few days — our curiosity is again piqued as word drops that T-Mobile is holding “all hands days” from September 21st-24th. Coincidentally, these are the same days that AT&T and Verizon are both rumored to have employees working with the release of the next iPhone.

Given that our most recent bit of information has us almost 100% sure T-Mobile won’t be picking up the next-generation iDevice, what exactly ARE they planning for this future Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s certainly possible they could be planning a marketing campaign against the release of the iPhone, with an emphasis on their unlimited plan, Android lineup and 4G network, but we’d be na├»ve to say if anything could really overshadow the launch of a new iPhone.

On a separate note, it’s possible T-Mobile is doing something with the launch of another device this day, or maybe it’s not a device at all. Perhaps there is a bit of refarming news dropping this day or perhaps we’re completely off the mark and we have no idea what T-Mobile wants these days blocked off for.

We do know one thing however, whatever this is, we’re eager to find out more.



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