T-Mobile Adding microSIM Kits For iPhone 4/4S, Training Employees For “Selling Against The iPhone”

Based on both pieces of information that just came into our inbox, we’re trying to draw two conclusions, one that T-Mobile isn’t getting the iPhone 5, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. The second is that with the receipt of new Monthly4G microSIM kits supporting the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, T-Mobile is close to announcing some news about their network refarm.

The second bit of interesting news comes from the second image and the “Selling Against the iPhone” portion. Perhaps it’s coincidental that the information for employees to utilize against the iPhone will drop on September 21st, a date being tossed around as a possible release date for the next-generation iPhone. Perhaps it’s just coincidence but we can’t envision a scenario in which T-Mobile would prepare their employees to sell against a product they are about to receive.

These two pieces of intel might seem minor in the big picture, but they are matching up with other scattered talk we are hearing on T-Mobile’s network refarm, unlocked iPhone’s and September, but that’s another story for a bit later today. Stay tuned!

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  • Tmo-employee

    yeap i knew it no iphone for tmobile gonna be a horrible winter season 

    • I wouldn’t place your bets just yet…

      • Whitney

         I would with Apple banning Samsung products

        • YoureProbADumbass

          i’m waiting for htc one x+

    • Taron19119

      And how do u know

  • BigMixxx

    Bummer…Slow growth again for T mobile in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  Gotta get an iphone on the network to remain competitive….

    Now, I, by NO means, am a fan of iPhone.  BUT BUMMER….a REAL BUMMER….

    •  I agree with you that IOS isn’t my particular cup of tea either but it is really REALLY important to the average consumer thus extremely important to all of us who want to see Magenta succeed…  = /

  • Supermansdad79

    To hell with Apple!!!

  • Salrana1988

    How many customers will T-Mobile lose this time?

  • gadget_hero

    Apple: Sir, our iPhone will freeze growth before you reach the first quarter. T-Mobile: Then I’ll see you in hell!

    • xeranar

      that truly sums this fight up. Apple demands too high a subsidy and T-mo isn’t interested in losing money so Apple can be even bigger. I’m honestly of the belief that Spring will eventually default and allow Apple to buy them out as a network. Already Sprint seems to have begun to limit their Android support.

  • Surgio Armani

    Is it possible this is all for the HTC One X+ release? It takes a micro SIM, is rumored to launch around the Sept 29 date mentioned and will likely be pushed hard by T-Mo due to the Apple / Samsung verdict.

    • I believe it’s been delayed as they clear out One S inventory.

      • Didn’t that leaked image show the rumored One X+ more around the November/late 4Q time frame?

      • Surgio Armani

        Is that based on something you saw or on the lack of news in relation to the date?

  • tired of the iphone tmobile story

  • elijah

    No matter what your opinion is on iOS and Apple, without the iPhone T-Mobile has little chance of ever growing a lot.

    • Spanky

      The iPhone is not a magic bullet. Sprint got the iPhone, and look where they are now.

      • Whitney

         Again Sprint is in totally different situation then T-Mobile

      • Whitney

         Stop looking at Sprint for reasons not to get the iphone

        • kalel33

          OK, let’s look at Verizon.  Their profits took a tumble after getting the Iphone.  Even Verizon stores try to steer customers away from the Iphone and into an Android.  

        • Adrayven

          They’re not pushing android because they don’t like the iPhone they’re pushing android because those are the phones with LTE.

        • 21stNow

           The business websites reported that VZW wanted to push Android devices over iPhones because VZW incurs less of a loss on subsidy on Android devices than on iPhones.

        • Eanfoso

          Which is why it’s not worth it for a carrier to have the iphone

  • MagentaMadness

    As long as people are drinking from the pancreatic punch, ppl will want the iphone. The iPhone is the worlds largest fad that will not go away.

    • Jose Hernandez

       lmol!! :)

    • Guest

      No, TIM TEBOW IS

    • Spanky

      “pancreatic punch”

      That’s messed up…although I did chuckle when I read it!

      • fixxmyhead

        no! not messed up. spot on

  • kay yon

    To be honest, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the iPhone. That device ran out of originality a long time ago. 

  • I don’t care about the iPhone myself, but the network refarm news is one I’m very anxious to hear. I’ve been looking at the new Sony phones lately, particularly the Xperia S. But they’re 1900 phones, meaning only Edge for now. That’s a deal breaker. So its not just the iPhone… there are lots of unlocked 1900mhz phones we could start using. Pretty exciting.

    • Navid

      Agree…all I care abt is the network refarm….I want at least 3G on my one x international version and my sister’s xperia s…I want faster speed for unlocked devices….come on T-Mobile..

      • Eanfoso

        I follow this trend! :) I’ve been eager to get an original galaxy note 2 but being released with Europe as a focus, I’m almost 99.9999…% sure it won’t have aws 1700/2100 support, that and also my mom has an xperia x10a that she uses, works great when outside the country, but it only gets edge here!! :/

  • Doiit6789

    wanna get ready for the new spectrum refarm on your iphone? call 1 (800) 335-4685 and have your iphone factory unlocked. this is the att international customer service number. if your phone is out of contract with att, they will release the phone’s imei from their system. you can then sync it with itunes to get the latest firmware (5.1.1) and be factory unlocked forever without the fearing of locking your phone and paying money for a gevey/turbo sim.

    • man I have several customers with this Gevey chip shit and they have so many problems. It’s sooooo flakey.

  • theorogelio

    I’d leave TMO for AT&T to get the iPhone 5. I’ve had a long run with Android; I wanna try iOS now.

    • So what’s stopping you exactly?

      1) Purchase an iPhone unlocked
      2) Put your T-Mobile micro SIM in it
      3) ???
      4) PROFIT!

      • Whitney

         Well with then selling against the iphone then will lose customers

    • Nick

      Don’t be too quit to jump.  You can try something without signing up for a 2 year contract.  If you like iOS, then go for it, just don’t leave unless you know you’d be happy with iOS

      • OR buy a used one when the new one comes out. Factory unlocks are being sold on eBay for $15 for any IMEI.

    • Mirad77

      I have a factory unlocked iphone 4s, gimme a good $ and it’s yours.

  • epsiblivion

    maybe they can be an authorized seller to sell unlocked iphones like how verizon sells ipads. 

    • MacRat

      Verizon sells iPads locked to Verizon’s network.

      • cellularcrazy09

        actually all ipads come unlocked and can be used with any service provider. I have used an at&t sim card in my Verizon ipad 4g and it works just fine.  The only thing that isn’t compatible is the lte.  With this refarm though, I could get a t-mobile sim card and get 4g on it through tmo.

  • Larrrs

    the employees already know the iphone 5 or 4 is not coming to TMobile anytime soon, or until they finish their refarming of the network, which may not be completed until 2014.   There are better devices out there than the Iphone….Iphone does not do it for me, and not suitable for my needs

  • MatthewMurawski

    I just hope that the iPhone 6 doesn’t have that stupid rumored nano SIM.

    • Robertcccc

      I heard it would be in the iphone 5.

      • MatthewMurawski

        Nope, the iPhone 4S, which came out a year ago, had the micro SIM.

        • Enzowned

          nanoSim supersedes microSim. 

        • MatthewMurawski

          Yeah, I know. The iPhone 4S (fifth iPhone) had the micro SIM and the rumored iPhone 6 may have the nano SIM.

        • Enzowned

          Oh, I misunderstood. Then you two are saying the same thing. You’re just insisting on calling it the iPhone 6, since the 4S was the 5th. IMO the numbers hardly designate the release #. 

  • Chatter

    Forget the stupid iOS vs Android wars and think about TMo. It isn’t easy for a company to keep losing customers for a phone they cannot carry but every other competitor does. Think about the sales people who lose customers to the iPhone. Can they convert some to android/win? Sure. But it is an uphill battle. However much we criticize management, it cannot be easy for them either. Hopefully unlimited data helps slow churn but I worry that this is not a positive turn.

  • Caleb

     Dang I read some articles that t-mobile would be getting the iphone….

    • Links or it didn’t happen.

      •  I think Caleb means he’s read articles with educated guesses to what they believe will happen with the iPhone and T-Mobile, which has been a lot of sites in the last few years actually.  I don’t think he actually believes any of them were based on stone cold facts.

  • Kevev

    So this is my prediction for the future:

    1.) 1900Mhz HSPA+
    2.) 1700Mhz LTE (Will include more spectrum from AT&T failed sale + Verizon cable spectrum selloff)
    3.) 2100Mhz LTe (This will be concentrated via micro-cells for non-rural areas with heavy loads so that it might penetrate building better).

    What do y’all think?

    • I might be wrong, but I always thought the higher the MHz – the lower the building penetration…?

      • MagentaMadness

        Correct. The lower the MHz the further the travel with better penetration through structure. In reality, T-Mobile has more cell towers than Verizon. But, because Verizon has the better spectrum, they sometimes get better coverage.

      • Kevev

         True. And that is why you would need the micro-cells. Higher frequencies cary more bandwidth, so it is good in that sense to use it in highly populated areas. The higher frequencies do not travel as far so they are expensive to use in rural areas because more towers are needed.

      • Kevev

         I am replying again because I left something out of my initial reply. The 1700Mhz/1900Mhz spectrum will still be used in the populated areas. Handsets will need to be programed to prefer the Higher 2100Mhz frequency thus forcing devices to use the more efficient frequencies when available and falling back to the lower frequencies when in building reception of 2100Mhz is weak.

        • Hamster

           That’s not how AWS works. When using AWS, you’re not using just one of 1700 or 2100 — you’re using both at the same time. 1700 is used for the uplink and 2100 is used for downlink.

        • Kevev

          I know this. If you read my original post, I am trying to predict network changes in the future. AWS is a set of frequency ranges. It does not define the way the frequency ranges are used. :)

        • Hamster

           Actually, it does. The FCC defined it.

  • Whitney

    T-mobile is screwed. How many more customers will it take to get it though T-mobile thick heads

    • kalel33

      How many hundreds of millions of dollars does it take to get it through Sprint’s thick heads that the high subsidy rate of the Iphone is killing them?

  • Whitney

    I still buy the iphone

  • Dexter Smith

    T-Mobile needs to hurry up and get the iPhone. I’m not that much of a fan for Android. Honestly I only care for the myTouch brands.

    • JustSaying

      so you like iPhones and MyTouchs and nothing else?… so basically you’re putting the iPhone and MyTouch at the same level.. that literally Apples to Oranges. Try something new.. I suggest the new HTC One X+ that David talked about or maybe a One S.

  • UMA_Fan

    Selling against the iPhone would be a GREAT idea back when it was only on at&t.  I’ll even consider it a good idea if it was still only att/verizon.  But now, with EVERY US wireless carrier offering the device for sale… even budget carriers like nTelos, Virgin, Boost it doesn’t make any sense.

    We all know the reason T-Mobile is not getting it: The volume commitment.  Apple requires T-Mobile purchase more iPhones than they KNOW they need at a much higher price.  T-Mobile COULD give in to these requirements but it will take away from finances budgeted towards other devices.  T-Mobile’s best bet is to get DT to leverage all the T-Mobile’s internationally as a whole to order a quantity of iPhone’s and bundle T-Mobile US in there.  That way the US branch isn’t in there alone stuck with an absurd volume commitment.  

    I should say thinking about all this gives me a huge distaste for Apple btw.  I can’t think of another tech company demonstrating this level greed.  Sure, the goal of every company is to profit.  When Microsoft was booming in the pc days, at least their success brought other companies in the industry success as well.

    Not offering the iPhone today though is like being an electronics store in the early 2000s that didn’t sell iPods.  Maybe if they are going to go this anti-iPhone route, they could pool marketing resources with all the non Apple phone manufacturers to create a marketing campaign to benefit all of them that resonates with consumers.  After all, everyone walking into a T-Mobile store to get service is someone who COULD be buying an iPhone but isn’t.  That’s the other side of the coin to all this, not to say Apple is hurting but there is no way Apple can say T-Mobile USA selling the iPhone is irrelevant to them.

    Also if you compare the two approaches of Sprint and T-Mobile, I definitely see T-Mobile being able to outlive Sprint after they cut their own arm off to carry the iPhone.

    • Dannydon

      Lot of conjecture without much support. Dont get a bad taste for Apple when you dont really know what the issue is. And its not greed on Apple’s part by demanding (if true) a min volume. Tmo has a choice – and they are choosing not to buy in. Every decision has consequences.

      • UMA_Fan

        I’m not going to assume I know exactly what’s going on or that T-Mobile is making the best calls, but there was an audio of a panel posted to this site a while back featuring the CFO of Deutche Telekom and he mentioned the volume commitment with Apple as something they nor T-Mobile US could afford.  The hope is that once refarming is done and LTE us up.  HSPA+ and LTE on T-Mobile will be the same as At&t in terms of band support.  Then Apple wouldn’t have to create a new one for T-Mobile and the same iPhone DT is ordering over seas could be utilized in the US as well.  Or at the very least since Apple doesn’t have to make a T-Mobile US version, they give in on the volume commitment.

        I think what’s telling with these moves from T-Mobile though is that it’s heavily implied the ‘new’ iPhone won’t support AWS hspa+ which would seem like something Apple would go out of it’s way to exclude.  There are still other carriers in other countries (not a lot) that would benefit from an aws hspa+ iPhone so it really is an odd move on Apple’s part.  The chips they used on the verizon iPhone could have supported gsm aws hspa+ without much effort.  It’s especially odd considering they are making fully cdma/gsm iPhones now… how hard is it really to add aws to that thing?

        • Get_at_Me

          i want tmo to get the iphone (as an employee)…i could care less personally though….regardless tmo will take a hit when the new one comes out.  I hope they have a solid gameplan to remain competitive during its launch window.  Simply telling employees to highlight androids advantages over the iphone isnt enough….i see many ppl jumping ship without warning to get the new iphone….all i can say is, hang onto your seats, its gonna be a bumpy ride in Q4.

        • Guest911

          Totally agree. Its gonna get bad in Q4.

    • bobododo

      Even if T-Mobile wanted to sell the iPhone, they couldn’t since currently have neither 3G nor 4G bands supporting it. If they sold it now, all they’d have are angry customers screaming ‘my phone is slow as heck!! I want my money back!’. Once T-Mobile does get a network that can support the iPhone I think it is not out of the question that they will carry it as other T-Mobile networks overseas do.

      • Taron19119

        Where have u been t-mobile is fixing that and the iphon can get 3g on t-mobile now

        • Eanfoso

          Probably hiding under a rock lol and btw this just shows how DELAYED apple is compared to htc, samsung, hawei, NOKIA, and many other manufacturers that support AWS (reason why I capitalized nokia was because even though they don’t sell necessarly meego or symbian phones through t-mobile, they still incorporated aws band, kudos to nokia)

        • philyew

          Not everywhere. The re-farming will continue through the rest of the year.

  • R.I.P. T-Mobo!!!

    T-Mobile aka. Trash-Mobile The Only Major Carrier Still With NO i-Phone 5=Thousands Of More Customers Leaving In The 3rd Quarter and Even More In The 4th Quarter! Fuhgedddaboudit!! R.I.P!!! Pack It In…Smh

    • Eanfoso

      Then go for it if you think your saving money, what was your grade in 8th grade math? 49? So in either company, you’d have to buy the phones plus activation and don’t forget sprint sucks plus they put a stupid 10 $ smartphone charge, and verizon or at&t are NOT unlimited, now if I really want your iCrap what you should do then is just simply buy the phone dude, unlike sprint or verizon, we have the freedom to use any phone we want, do you know what gsm means? Well with that being said, here’s what you should do so you can get your iCrap and save money, buy it from whomever, online, directly from apple, whatever, then enroll ever line into the value plans, with that being said you’ll have your phone and save money on the end

    • void00000

      Even with my family members, only 2 iphones and 10 Android phones as current.
      Future purchase will be still with T-mobile for this year.
      Tell you the truth, iphone is just a hype in our family. 

  • Game Over!!

    No i-phone 5 means it’s Over T-Mobile!!! Se Acabo!! Light’s Out!

  • JimInChicago

    Does this mean T-Mo won’t be getting the iPhone?  I’ve been a T-Mobile customer and fan for nine years, including the last three with an unlocked iPhone 2G.  I also have four other T-Mobile phones in my family.  

    But no iPhone 5 and I am gone.

    • Alda

      same- 5 lines total

      • Eanfoso

        You morons realize you can just get your iCrap unlocked and use it on t-mobile, right? Think about if you go to another company, if you buy unlocked you can get t-mobile’s sweet value plans, which means you’ll basically get rewarded for buying a phone from someone else, if you go to another carrier, specially with 5 lines, think about how much extra you’re going to pay per month, not to mention the activation fees that each carrier has, good luck guys, use your head not marketing, and plus how can anyone like a phone that has no customization what so ever?! O.o

        • Alda

          so what your saying is EVERY tmobile customer can buy an unlocked iphone and current use it on 3g. look whos the moron now. unless they refarm all their towers(which will months to complete) dumbass 

        • MacRat

          T-Mobile’s last statement on the refarming said they would be complete by the end of 2012.

        • jay_max

          By the end of 2012, yes (which is only 4 months away). Depending where you are, your area may already have been re-farmed.  And by the way, calling people profane names is childish and unacceptable behavior.

        • Eanfoso

          what a retard, when at all in my comment did I say “you will have 3g service on t-mobile” please tell me? Not to mention that the new iphone will come out unlocked for sale until november, retard

    • Deihmos

      You probably have been saying that for the last 3 years.

      • exeot

        I know. Between the media consistently “revealing” that the iphone will soon be on the network and tmobile being stubborn about getting it, I was expecting to get it this year. Yes, profit margins are tiny, but it is lame to rely on costumers to buy the phone unlocked to use it on their network. Listen, tmobile,… if cricket and virgin mobile can handle it, so can you D:  

        Heck, android is getting boring to me no matter the different launchers, mods, themes, and kernels I mess with. I am all for open android, but I also recognize the practicalness of an iphone and it’s own repertoire of apps and features it offers.

        I actually thought they were finally getting it this time. When I actually read the memo in the post, I thought that maybe they are selling against the iphone to reap in the margins that android offers. Verizon does the same thing. Just my 2 cents.

    • philyew

      Buy the phone unlocked at the Apple store then get a TM Value plan with unlimited talk, text and data (no caps, no overages) for $69.99. You’ll save $70/month over the closest plan you can get to that with AT&T. You cover the difference in device purchase price in no time and still save over $1000 over the lifetime of the contract!

      • MacRat

        Ore better yet, the $30/mo 100min/5GB plan. :-)

    • Gouv

      Well… It looks like you are leaving.

    • Have any idea how much money you’ve been saving over those 9 years? Think of that? Just buy it unlocked.

  • JustSaying

    lets keep pretending we actually “know” Apple will call the upcoming iPhone the “5”.. yeah… just like we KNEW that the iPhone 4S was going to be called “5” or that the latest iPad was going to be called the iPad 3 :p

    • Enzowned

      That couldn’t be more trivial. It’s also pretty necessary for people to distinguish. In other words, they need to call it something, other than just iPhone or even the new iPhone, because it needs to be absolutely clear to every reader which revision they’re talking about. iPhone 5, iPad 3, they all make it stupid clear, that there’s no reason not to until it’s released. 

  • Taron19119

    Ok this does not mean t-mobile well not get the iphone cause at&t does selling against iphone where at&t gives more commission for selling android phone’s

  • Taron19119
  • TayshaunBoba

    Ehh T-Mobile’s gone without the iPhone for 5 years now. What’s one more? Just tryin to stay positive here.. 

  • GwapoAko

    Those who are complaining about Tmobile not having an iPhone just buy it unlocked from Apple $tore, ebay or craiglist!!!!

  • Good Bye T-Mo!

    No i-Phone 5 for T-Mobile and me and my 5-Line Family Plan are OUTTA HERE! Enough is enough!! Cricket and Virgin even have it on PrePay for $55 Unlimited Everything!!! The Buck Stops Here—

    • Eanfoso

      Then go for it if you think your saving money, what was your grade in 8th grade math? 49? So in either company, you’d have to buy the phones out of pocket (400 $) plus activation fees (35 $) per line, AND 55 $ a month PER LINE, so that adds up to how much? 400X5 + 35×5 + 55×5 = a huge waste of good money, now if I really want your iCrap what you should do then is just simply buy the phone dude, unlike sprint or verizon, we have the freedom to use any phone we want, do you know what gsm means? Well with that being said, here’s what you should do so you can get your iCrap and save money, buy it from whomever, online, directly from apple, whatever, then enroll ever line into the value plans, with that being said you’ll have your phone and save money on the end

      • Gouv

        Do you realize that any normal-minded consumer would be totally turned off by such a complicated process? Not many people outside of cell phone forums would buy a phone unlocked just to take it to a carrier with a slightly cheaper plan because thy associate cheaper plans with poor quality.

        The subsidy model still rules and likely will for a good while yet. Also you can call it iCrap all you want but at 675/ share with a 633 billion cap I don’t think people consider Apple or the iPhone crap en masse.

        I don’t understand why you are being so rude to that person. It’s their choice, let them do as they wish even if by chance it’s the wrong decision.

        • Eanfoso

          Even if by chance it’s the wrong decision lolol I don’t mean to be rude or anything I just get frustrated as to why people can’t think out the box and I call it iCrap simply because it’s so outdated man, like as far as having flash in browser, no customization what so ever unless jailbroken, restricted to only apple store apps, and I can’t download free music like with gtunes or use tubemate to download youtube videos, plus the screen is even smaller than a credit card o.O I used to be an apple fan until the galaxy s2 came out, that phone revolutionized android big time, not to mention after you root it then it’s just mind blowing lol and how is the process complicated?! I just said buy it from whomever and enroll in a value plan lol it’s easy! :) and not to mention it’s saving around 40 $ per line, in a year that adds up lol

        • Gouv

          Just about everything you’ve listed pertains to how you use a phone and how you feel the overall end user experience should be. You aren’t taking into consideration the fact that most customers don’t need most of those extra features including a heavy amount of customization. They want fucnation, dependability, and familiarity in parallel with ease of use. This is where the iPhone and other iproducts excel at. There is substantial choice in the great open market so there is absolutely not need to go out of your way to hate apple, their customers, or their products and the same goes for the other side of the fan spectrum. You may even be right about what you said but what you proposed probably won’t sit well with a majority of consumers looking to feel completed with the experience of buying a new device. You think its outdated because you personally feel (once again that’s subjective) that Android is simply worlds better because it offers specific things that you use and need. What about aunt phyilis who is 60 years old and wants a simple, dependable and easy to use device. Sure she could try android but she may be intimidated by all the features and options and might want to adapt to iphone because she’s seen her friends use it and now she has an extra outlet of support. She may not find that with android because android versions vary substantially based on OEM. Do you really think most consumers even know what rooting or jailbreaking is? Do you think they’ll even understand the benefit of it? the answer is no! the iphone does a lot of things and it does them well for many if not most people. The idea that they have created a smartphone that just about anyone can use if they have to is quite amazing in and of itself. That’s harder to say with the android (not impossible just harder). Also you should consider the people that don’t want to be that adapted to their smartphones and just actually use it as a utility. The iphone can be a nice media consumption device or a basic phone. It offers a high-quality end user experience across the board. It’s unfair to assume that your use is identical to everyones. If the general person were end users like us we’d have holograms for User interfaces by now, but we aren’t becasue the general public just doesn’t put that kind of demand on the OEM’s or carriers YET (keyword being “YET”). So I ask you to be a little more objective rather than subjective. The problem with geeking out to this stuff is you become selfishly unaware of what the average John Q Public actually needs. Sure i’ve been guilty of that but ask any IT department out there and they’ll tell you just how average most people are in terms of technology.

        • Eanfoso

          EH I never said, “stop, don’t buy the iphone” everyone to their own thing, fyi I’m actually a meego/belle fan lol you can’t get simpler than meego man! Lol and hahaha your reply made my night bro lol but sadly it’s true, most people want a phone because everyone else wants it, sad, but oh well each to their own thing lol

        • Gouv

          You may not have said that but your uninhibited and unfairly biased opinions imply the exact opposite, or at least that’s how it can easily be perceived on a comment system such as this one.

        • Eanfoso

          No uh! I gave my opinion but that doesn’t mean don’t buy the iPhone or this and that, or BUY the galaxy s2/3, all I said is that people get so upset over these stupid things like an iPhone yet they want to pay more buy cant seem to be willing to just buy the phone from apple and save a little cash, and when people buy a phone out of pocket I wouldn’t say a slight monthly savings, SPECIALLY when using the unlimited text/5gigs of web with hotspot and 100 mins of calling for 30$ when carriers for 5 gigs charge 45 and 50 (AT&T and Verizon respectively) now the share everything makes it even more expensive, and those two charge 20$ just for unlimited texting which is a big ripoff…. Anyways people go throw your money away, don’t think outside the box and waste money, after all is not like we don’t need to work to have money right? ;)

        • Gouv

          “after all is not like we don’t need to work to have money right? ;) ”

          No, sadly we don’t!

          I don’t even want to get started on that…

  • 21stNow

    Did T-Mobile not already have microSIM kits in the stores?  I know that I got mine online and I never paid attention to what the stores offered in terms of activation kits.

    How long is it going to take them to get nanoSIM activation kits for those customers who want to use an unlocked new iPhone?

    • Get_at_Me

      I dont see the point of this b/c tmo has had microsims available for quite some time now and with a recent system update, “activations kits” are no longer needed to activate a phone’s simcard

      • yodataco

        The wording says “Monthly 4G Kits”.  This is significant as it means pre-paid 4g MicroSIMS will be available.

        • 21stNow

          I was referring to prepaid in my post. But now that I think about it, maybe I bought a full-sized SIM card and cut it myself for my prepaid plan.


    Galaxy s 3  is far better then the Iphone in every way.
    But if your a simple person that needs a simple phone that wont be the best out there then buy your Iphone unlocked and use it on t-mobile like over a million and a half do already.

  • JB

    While I believe that T-Mobile will eventually need the iPhone (for the sake of saying they have it), I think at the moment they are doing the right things with the money they do have….

    Refarm the spectrum they do have, roll out LTE. That opens the doors for not only all the unlocked iPhones on Magenta’s network, but also the people who are weary of ATT. They could jump to T-Mobile with not only their iPhones but whatever other unlocked ATT phones they have… If they market the hell out of their unlimited data plan along with “you can even bring your iPhone”… They are possibly sitting on a gold mine or at least a good cushion until they come to terms with Apple!

    But of course this argument has been made before, but it’s a darn good one…

    • Since working at an AT&T store… the reason T-Mobile doesn’t need to get the iPhone is because all international users go to T-Mobile 4G prepaid to use for their unlocked iphone.  Prepaid AT&T will not work on iphones for the data so they’re basically forced to go to T-Mobile.  Everyday I have to tell customers to go to T-Mobile with their unlocked iphones.

    • Get_at_Me

      i worry about the whole unlocking aspect….will ppl actually get their phones unlocked?  From what i hear, its a simple phone call to ATT’s customer care to request an unlock, but i can see it now….Long hold times for ATT customer care…Ppl getting frustrated and giving up….it would be nice if unlocking was easier….easy like porting your number from carrier to carrier.

      • yodataco

        You can walk into any AT&T store or Apple Store for the unlock as well…

      • MacRat

        Only takes a few minutes for someone to enter the info into their computer system.

        Then the user just starts a reset of their iPhone and it checks with Apple and knows it is supposed to be unlocked.

    • You do realize their management blames lack of iPhone for large subscriber losses each quarter right?

      • Frenchfry2850

        The other things that Tmo fans dont want to admit is that Tmobile remains the only major carrier without an iphone and now several prepaids have gotten it.  THE PERCEPTION that gives to the average perso is “Hmm, I hear iPhones and so great so why doesnt Tmobile have it.  There must be something wrong with them that Apple doesnt want to do business with them”  It sets Tmobile apart as an also-ran.  Ive even noticed reading mainstream press articles about cell phone industry and often when they talk about what tha major carriers are doing, they dont even mention your beloeved TMO

  • Christopher_McG

    I’m getting 4G coverage in places all over Las Vegas on my iPhone. The PCS coverage is much stronger than the AWS 4G coverage.

    • GwapoAko

      I still have Edge on my iPhone 4$ here in Colorado Springs :0(

      • None

        I still have 2G on my 4G phones because…well, I have no idea why.  It started 3 months ago and never came back.

      • Steve

        and whats that like?  Id assume you cant  use most of the iphones capabilities unless youre on wifi.  My Tmo phone lost connection the other day when I was in the car and went to Edge and i couldnt do anything – including loading email or clicking a website

        • MacRat

          You assume wrong.

          I have an iPhone 3GS which currently only gets EDGE and I receive/send e-mail just fine, use maps and browse web pages with ease.

    • Andrew Baxendale

       The iPhone doesn’t have 4G…it’s a lie put out by AT&T and Apple.

      • HUH?

        Isnt it the same t ype of HSPA+that Tmobile has marketed as the fastest 4G for years?  Sounds like pot calling kettle

      • MacRat

        Technically, the definition of 4G is speeds starting at 100Mbs.

        No carrier in the US has that yet.

    • BigMixxx

       Where?  I’m in LV Looking at an iPhone and I don’t see ANY type of 3g….

      • Christopher_McG

        Las Vegas is fairly large.. go to Seven Hills and Horizon Ridge, Cheyenne and the 15 near CSN, along the 95 near the Craig exit, drive down the 215 right after decatur and you will pick up PCS HSPA. Just drive down the 15 before russel and you will pick up HSPA on PCS.

        Of course.. you need 3G enabled. I’m using a factory unlocked iPhone.

  • Get_at_Me

    These two stories do work against each other to some degree.  One article supports unlocked iphones while the other foreshadows ways to sell against the “same” device….Granted the mass majority of users aren’t savvy enough or willing to pay more for an unlocked phone…Ppl want a simple/inexpensive buying experience….An individual or group looking to switch carriers and grab the iphone will need to be convinced to go android instead (most likely scenario) or go out an buy new or used units unlocked at a higher price (unlikely scenario)….I understand there are reasons why tmo doesnt sell the device and you have to admire them for standing their ground against apple….however, tmo has a tough time retaining customers despite a new iphone being released…..its gonna be tough for them to “compete” once the new iphone drops…One thing they can do is advertise the heck out of their “value” over competitors including the new unlimited data plan….

    • Passin Thru

      TMobile USA is “standing their ground” The majority if not all the rest of the TMobile system has the Iphone.  Right now they are bleeding customers, I believe they simply cannot afford it at the present time. 

  • oxfdblue

    On November 26th, my current contract with T-Mobile expires.  Some time just before that date, I’ll be going into most likely a Verizon store, and buying two iPhone 5 handsets, moving my number and my wife’s over to that system.  My account with T-Mobile goes back to when it was Omnipoint here in NYC- 1996 to be exact.  Just a few months shy of 17 years with the same network.

    Why the switch?

    1) The network.  I rarely have dropped called, but it is simply ridiculous that inside many buildings, I have to go to the door, or outside to get a signal.  It will be a strong signal outside, move 30 feet inside, nothing.

    2) Android sucks.

    a)  After some years on Blackberry, I moved to Android two years ago with a MyTouch 4g.  I work in a building with wifi, but since Android doesn’t have a place to put a proxy url, I can’t use it.  So my phone basically doesn’t work at work, since the T-Mobile signal is weak to begin with.

    b) Now, I know someone will say, just root the phone and put another version of Android on it.  My asnwer- why?  Why should I have to do that?  Why doesn’t T-Mobile provide timely updates?  Why doesn’t HTC provide timely updates.  Or Google?   When I finally was able to upgrade to Gingerbread, Jelly Bean came out the same week.  Now, Android is at Ice Cream Sandwich and my phone is not, and probably will never updated again in any official manner. 

    c) The battery life sucks.  I have watched my phone go from 100% to 0% in seemingly no time at all.  When it has a hard time finding the signal, it keeps trying over and over and over again, killing the battery.

    3) iPhone.  Yes, I said it, and I know all the Android fan boys will cry.  Tough.  I was never a big Apple fan.  But last year, I bought an iPad2.  It made more sense than a laptop, and I knew I wouldn’t have the stupid proxy url problem with it at work.  Apple has place for it in their network settings.  Well, that iPad turned me into an Apple fan.  I’m not nuts about it like some people.  You won’t find me standing on a line for an iPhone the day it comes out, but between using my iPad, and for the past two months an iMac from work, Apple products are worth the extra cost.  In fact, not only will I get the iPhone later this year, but a MacBook for my wife, and when a new iMac comes out- that too. 

    4) Verizon.  Yes, my bill will go up, but it turns out, only by about $15 a month.  Not too bad for a much faster phone and network and one that works seemingly everywhere.  My phone will show no bars, and a friends Verizon phone is showing four bars.  For years I avoided Verizon because you couldn’t use it overseas and you couldn’t use the phone and data at the same time.  Well, it turns out that is no longer a problem.  The new iPhone is a dual CDMA/GSM handset with a place for SIM for international use.  That it will be an LTE phone means that a voice and data can now be used together.  Although, I can’t even think of the last time I needed to interrupt a phone call to check something on the web.

    So the iPhone 5 is passing T-Mobile by just like the previous models.  I’ve waited too long, and watched both ATT and especially Verizon move ahead in pretty much everything. 

    Sorry T-Mobile, but it’s time for us to part ways.


    • Get_at_Me

       if the iphone didnt exist, would u still switch carriers?  just curious.

      • oxfdblue

         Yes, I probably would.  As I said in my post, the signal problems I’ve been having with T-Mobile are getting worse.

        An example:  Outside my local Costco, the signal and speed on the phone is excellent.  I walk inside, just 30 or 40 feet- no signal.  I see other people on their phones- no problem. 

        So its more than just the phone I currently have.

        • Schippma

          You should wait until after the refarm. Your coverage may improve. Why not try to save money?

        • MacRat

          Funny, I have a friend who currently has a phone on AT&T and he can’t get signal around the town he works in.

          He tested a T-Mobile prepay SIM in the same phone and got full signal.

          He’ll be switching this fall when T-Mobile finished the refarming.

        • Eanfoso

          This used to happen at the clinic I work in, make sure your network settings are set to gsm/w-cdma, so that way your phone automatically switches networks, if not just set it to gsm only, since the gsm coverage is better than the w-cdma, by the way the refarming said to be bringing better building penetration so I’d wait if I were you man

    • Camacho4lyfe

      i love people write comments ending with ”Sorry T-Mobile, but it’s time for us to part ways”

      LOL hahaha  just leave dont write a break-up t-mobile letter lol

    • TayshaunBoba

      I hate when consumers screw themselves over with decisions such as this. No offense to you as you have every right to switch carriers and have some solid reasons for doing so, but it’s sad to see that good companies that try to do the right thing end up dead in the water. T-Mobile has been a disruptive force in this industry since nearly its inception and with more and more customers leaving mainly because of ONE phone, it’s disheartening to think about what the mobile landscape will look like even just a few years out. If T-Mo goes under due to customers defections, there’s little doubt in my mind Verizon and AT&T will gobble up all those customers leaving Sprint in an even more distant third, assuming they aren’t acquired by Verizon at some point. The worst part is, government intervention to break up any monopoly/duopoly (as has been done in the past) will become a pipedream as AT&T is already actively lobbying congress to limit the powers of the FCC and other regulatory bodies that actually have the interests of consumers at heart. Now to be clear, I’m not blaming you for the collapse of wireless competition in America, but you’re not helping.

      • Gouv

        If tmobile had a better business strategy and more resource than they’d be fine. This whole “value” non-sense has really screwed them. What’s worse even is all the high risk customers they have. Tmobile had the potential to be great but they fumbled starting in 2007 after the get more days.

      • Schippma

        I agree with you 100% Why do people leave T-Mobile to pay more money for inferior service? I know their coverage is not perfect but do we really need a phone that works at every spot on earth? T-Mobile does so much for their customers at such a great price and yet people leave over a stupid phone or not so perfect coverage. VZW and ATT could care less about customer loyalty but T-Mobile does the best they can with what they have to benefit customers.

        • FrustratedCustomer

          Your experience is way different than mine

        • Whitney

          Because everyone experience is different then yours. Newsflash not many people are keen on joining T-mobile

      • Bwanatheiguana

        YGBSM right???

        He’s gotta stick with T mobile without an iPhone even IF his whole tech setup is made by Apple just so he supports free market economy???

        You people are seriously weird honestly.

      • UMA_Fan

        What’s worse is that consumers are essentially voting with their wallets and giving license to the consumer unfriendly behaviors of at&t and verizon. This particular guy was well rationalized, but I would argue the majority of people are not.

      • Froude89

        I dont want Tmo to go under and I think its important to have as much competition as we can have.  But lets be real, Tmo execs dont have halos and the company isnt outstanding.  They’ve got huge service issues and they havent tried to fix them.  Im most likely leaving mainly because of that.  I got to deal with some of senior management, their executive customer relations, and of course lower level reps on phone, live chat, and instore…Those experiences have made it clear to me that Tmobile doesnt value its customers and their workers need to really be trained better — a lot of the people Ive spoken to would be fired on the spot if t hey worked for me

    • Guest911

      Its too bad you are leaving after 17 years. Sorry man. Understand your issues with android. I wouldnt call it crap but to each their own.

      • Me

        i think it depends on the handset you have Guest911- part of the issue is with so many Android devices, many first timers dont know better and get a lower or mid level , less expensive orprepaid available phone instead of the SG3 or HTCOne…So what happens – to people like me- is this becomes our experience with Android and it really sours us…plus we dont know whats Android vs whats a skin (im still not sure what features are what on the phone cuz I havent used a different one)…SO yes its a plus to have so many choices – Samsungs website asked me which of the 150+ phones I wanted to check out…but also it leads to problems.  I kinda think of Apple like McDonalds where you have consistency across the line.  I bet if my first Android was the highest rated at that time, I might feel differently…but now Im scared of taking another Android chance – esp on a 2 year contract – and I feel I need to try iphone and that will probably work smoother although I know there will be Android features Ill miss.  But with so many folks loving their iphones, I cant imagine theyre that bad

        • Eanfoso

          Don’t forget iphones don’t support flash so your browser experience will suck, unless you don’t browse other than news or non embeded web pages then you’re good, if you get another android device you don’t have to either sign a two year or buy it from t-mobile, you can just simply buy it from amazon (I recommend you the international galaxy s3) when you do this you can enroll in the cheapest phone rates ever, like 5$ for unlimited texting or 10 $ for unlimited web, 2g allotment for 10 bucks, or just get the walmart 30 $ for unlimited texting, unlimited web with hotspot and 5 gig allotment, and 100 minutes calling for 30 bucks a month, if you do this dear sir you’re a genius, if you’re the average american who sees subsidy as the only option to get a phone dear sir may god help you

    • Bwanatheiguana

      Me too. 8 years with T Mob.

      But with a house full of Macs and three ipads I see no reason to have to jump through hoops and HOPE my crap syncs while I can simply click on button on an Apple device and be sure it works.

      Calendar, Address book, it might work, or it might not on Android. You just never know.

      And honestly, the fact that they quit updating my flagship Galaxy over the air (had three!) after a few months pissed me off even more. 

      Bye bye T Mob. I won’t miss you. Your customer service is rolling downhill, you’re not supporting your phones and your phones STILL don’t work in my house…

      • yodataco

        If you use Gmail, Android and MacOS will sync email, calendar and address book very easily.  You must either be using some other service, or don’t have things set up correctly.  Beyond that, you can have an iPhone on T-Mo.  Apple sells them unlocked.  Just put in a T-Mo SIM / MicroSIM and it works.  When the refarm happens in your area you will automatically get 3g (close to 4g speeds).

        Also, ask technical support about a signal booster. It did wonders for reception in my house.

      • Mikestraaa23

        U know t-mobile not bad carrier they have tforce teams there email is tforce@t-mobile.com

      • Max8859

        thats where i am too – i got a mac for my birthday last year and im thinking the next step is an iphone this October.  Everything will work seemlessly…The OS are growing more similar.  If I take a photo on my iphone, it will automatically sync to my laptop.  I can have Safari on both and keep my bookmarks exactly how I want them to be.  My reminders and notifications will simultaneously appear everywhere.  And I wont have to jump thru hoops to get my contacts consistent or make sure my calendars are showing the same thing.  I felt I was testing both but at some point nee to choose apple or google/android. 

    • yodataco

      Have fun paying double the price for half the service.  I switched to T-Mo from VZW and I’m very glad I did.  I can use any GSM unlocked phone.  My bill for Value plan with 5 lines unlimited everything is almost HALF what it was on VZW with only 2 lines and NO TEXT MESSAGE PLAN.  Educate yourself to what you will actually be getting and not what some sales person tells you.

      • Guest911

        Just based on his writing, he seems a lot more educated than YOU. And he doesnt make dumb assumptions.

      • Gouv

        Ummm he said the difference would only be $15. I don’t think that’s double… Also based on everything he’s said, I’m sure he won’t listen to you.

      • Hemingwaysaylor

        for some its quality over quantity – ive come to a point that im willing to pay a little more to avoid all t he stress and hassle of a phone t hat never works the way its supposed to 

      • oxfdblue

         Trust me, I have checked this out a hundred different ways.

        There are three phones on my plan- two smartphones and one “dumb” phone.  If that third phone become an iPhone as well, my bill goes up $50 on VZW.  If it stays a dumb phone, the different is about $15. 

        This is using the price of Verizon’s Mobile Share plan with either 4gb (for two phones) or 6gb for three.  I should note, that I get an workplace discount of about 15-19% on my plans from pretty much any cell phone provider.

        Also, I have never heard any one I know with Verizon say their service was miserable.

        • Eanfoso

          Perhaps not miserable, but surely expensive, I hear that all the time, at least with t-mobile if you don’t want you don’t have to have a data package if you buy your iCrap, I bought my mum a mytouch 4g & since I bought it full price we don’t have to have data on it (she stays home most of the time where we have wifi anyways) unlike with verizon or at&t where it’s either 40 $ more with less services, like no unlimited data, be careful of what you’re going to do, don’t commit to something you can’t afford later on, we moved to a classic plan at first and for the exact same thing on at&t we paid 60 $ less (1000 minutes, 3 lines, my line with unlimited text and web) for only 107 AFTER TAXES, whereas we used to pay 168 every month and I didn’t even get to have internet at all on at&t!! Plus their dropped calls killed the last remaining hopes of staying with them, friends from verizon always complain and can’t wait for their contract to be over and make the smart switch, don’t let media fool you and if it’s with the extra 40+ dollars every month for two years

    • fluknick


      I work in a bulding where my MyTouch 3G Slide looses phone signal as soon as I enter the door, but my T-mobile stock WIFI Calling app ( set to “Cellular Prefered” ) picks up the slack immediately….including the stairwell all the way up to the sixth floor where I work.
      But I guess the success is due to my phone being as old as dirt ?

      My wifes 4G Slide has the same software with the same settings and seemlessly transitions in the exact same way, with the exact signal-less condition, everyday.
      WIFI calling “Cellular Prefered”….
      But I guess hers only works this way due to the fact that it’s the SLIDE?

      My G1 operated in the exact same manor, but hey, it was a G1 !!

      I do wish T-Mobile would throw the updates around like they were dope.
      I also wish they would loose the bloatware…the stuff is useless.

      But, we have service everywhere for everything, including Exchange.
      Customer service is STELLAR.

      I gotta tell you, my kid’s ipod touch is amazing.
      She even has a phone number that operates sms ( how is this ? ) gets free minutes for test driving games, etc.
      ….maybe you consider getting an ipod instead.

    • Milestone32

      Maybe u having trouble please email tforce@t-mobile.com

    • Mat 5 R

      I agree with most of what you said.  I had planned to switch to VZ but since they introduced the share plans, it really screwed us single folk.  $90 is their lowest plan and thats for only 1gb.  iphones are being used more in the workplace.  My best friend just told me that his company gave everyone an iphone to use. Ive had tons of Android issues too – my phone cant even send an MMS and the usual Tmo response to everything is “Im sorry. theres nothing I can do.”  (Shut up and pay your bill!)…I also agree with the TaskKiller and the battery life..cuz everything always seems to be running even if you try to kill it.  And Ive also noticed the buliding problem.  I was at one friends house and no signal in the house – only in the front yard, and I was in adoctors office the other day and wanted to show the dr something and I couldnt get a Tmo data connection…I asked other people who had VZ and they were able to get online with out a problem..Also it frustrates me when posters always say just root the phone. I dont know how to do it; I dont want to make it worse and lose my warranty; and if Android is so great, why should I need to root it in order for it to perform the most basic functions?

      So yeah – Android & Tmo are not necessarily a match in heaven.  But every carrier is going to have its problems, which is why its so hard to figure out which carrier to go with & even asking people you can get different answers.  Ive always heard ATT people complain @ dropped calls. Ive not had that with Tmo but the MMS and overall bugginess of the phonehave been huge and more so when neither the carrier nor manufacturer are willing to help or Tmo should at least offer a comparable phone.  (at one point, they said the only thing I could get is a Blackberry as a replacement but Id have to upgrade my plan and pay $15 more – ummm not quite comparable)

    • Bronze 6

      Id like to say this, Im a NY’er too, Had been with Tmo since 2003. The Phone is the problem, NOT the network. I guarantee you, get an unlocked iphone from Apple, and use it in NY. IN NYC, the refarm is complete. I have a Galaxy Nexus unlocked, i get 4G here, about 11Mbps Average. My battery life is enough for 2 days if im smart about data, otherwise one and a half. I was about a hair close to switching to Verizon because of edge, but when the refarm came, it was like me getting a new phone on “4G”. If you must, just buy your phones unlocked, online. T-Mo loves us NY’ers, we most likely will get LTE relatively soon, I guess March 2013. Try a PURE google experience, then rethink android. You most likely went for the mytouch line of phones, to be honest, those are crap. A Galaxy Nexus from Google with shipping and taxes is about $400. Is relatively fast, and clings on to signal very well. I can be about 200 feet from the window before i drop my signal. Just wait, and buy an unlocked iphone from Apple, and use it on T-Mobile. You get better prices for similar services. I have friends that have Verizon, whose coverage barely varies with mine.

  • StopWtheiPhone

    Why why do you PEOPLE want the iPhone??? It’s not cracked up to be what it is. It’s EXTREMELY overrated. I had the 4S for 5 months and got so bored with it I was practically giving it away.

    Stop with your stupid “I’m taking my 5 lines to Verizon” bull.

    • Gouv

      Well it’s not stupid because it actually happens a lot and possibly will continue to do so. Tmobile has clearly suffered because of this phone you fee is so very unintelligent.

      • StopWtheiPhone

        Yeah because people “have to have it” because its got an Apple logo on the back.  Gotta have one to be cool and make a statement.  

        Please, the only reason people get this phone is because they think it makes them look cool.

        • 21stNow

          No, some people actually like the iPhone for what it is. Everyone doesn’t have to share your opinion in order for theirs to be valid.

        • Sjm101

          im excited to get mine for my birthday coming up and be done with my problem plagued android that is close to giving me a nervous breakdown.  And I look forward to dealing with Apple than samsung…I had vowed to leave Tmo because of the horrendous service Ive gotten the last 18 months…but if they miraculously introduced the iphonenext month, I might actually give them a second shot

        • Imprezaowner27

           While I definitely DEFINITELY agree with you, that it isnt all its cracked up to be….people want it, and the stupid phone just freaking works…you dont need to download advanced task killer, you dont have to move apps off the homescreen or different pages, the phone is just simple to use.  As far as people just getting it because they “have to have it” well yeah, and thats their choice, most people dont even use smartphones for smartphones.

        • nd5

          Why do you care what people want?  Any successful company gives it’s customers what they want, that’s why the customers do business with said company.  Is it really too much to ask?  I got it when we missed the 4S.  This is just bad business now.  

        • Gouv

          Apple revolutionized the whole smartphone game because of the iPhone. They even just won a significant verdict that claims another competitor blatantly copied them on many of their devices. Clearly, this goes beyond just wanting to be cool. Even enterprise is adopting it at a crazy pace.

        • Eanfoso

          Wtf are you talking about, motorola had already made phones with LTE by 2010, which is when iphone 4 came, then now after two years they still haven’t even made AWS support for their iCrap, apple is so far behind, and what was funny is how we have had google voice since 2009, but when apple introduced siri it was considered “innovation” lmao

        • Gouv

          Yes apple is so far behind being one of the most valuable companies ever!!!! The fact theyve been around for so long also means absoltely nothing, right? You are beyond irrational and deny the rationale of basic non-technical users that want and in many cases need apples products. This is not a religion, it’s simply an industry. Your subjective interpretations of innovation are clearly biased and undoubtedly flawed. Good luck with that!

        • Eanfoso

          That’s right! Thank you, after being around for so long how are they not the most valuable?? Thank you man, and no they are based on the terms that our world standards are currently going for, not biased by any means, and kudos to apple in their tiny retina display, it’ll be phenomenal if the iphone was an inch larger (jump to 4.5″) since at their current state they are smaller than a credit card, slow af to type, and also it’s hilarious how the nokia n8 & n9 both have AWS support, both are penta band and released in 2010 & 2011 respectively, how can crapple not be able to make a phone that’s penta band?! And yes even though this phone the nokia n8/9 is an European phone it still gets 3.5 G on both at&t and t-mobile, and it’s no wonder why nokia is still the king after so long, leaving apple far behind :)

        • Gouv

          Obviously they can make a pentaband phone when you have that much pull and power over component suppliers but doe they have to necessarily have to support it? is it worth it? They focus on what they feel will deliver quality as opposed to just making something for the sake of making something. Remember they don’t completely rely on pure volume like their competitors do so they can focus on the most profitable markets and cater to them allowing them to reap in massive profits. And yes, nokia is such the king that they have just been suffering greatly. Hell the S&P even cut their credit rating again too BB- from BB+ . That’s the SECOND rating cut since freakin APRIL!!! Nokia’s second-quarter results and its financial guidance for the third quarter were lower than it had expected. If they were truly kings outside of the world you chose to live in and perceive they would not be in the shape they are in. I resepect your passionate views, but please man… this industry is like a large mural painted on the side of a large building. You are simply focusing on the parts that painting that you feel are what make the painting meaningful to you. You are not stepping back and taking it in as a whole. In other words you are hurting your own perspective by choosing to not truly look at all the painting has to offer and it shows in your opinions and responses.

        • Eanfoso

          You mean they can’t make a Penta band? Lol even if it was just for volume it’ll be something just amazing, going all over the world always getting 3G when available, you don’t go outside the country that much do you? And look up which phone company sold the most phones, that’s how. I said they were still the king, and you have to consider that Nokia doesn’t outsource their jobs, phones are still made in Europe, whereas apple has iPhones and iPads made in china lol and even though I am a fan of Nokia, I look out for everybody, since Nokia makes phones for the old farmer to the average businessman, they cover the wholen market which in my opinion deserves a lot of respect, and even though other companies cover the whole spectrum like Samsung, ZTE, Sony ericsson(before just becoming Sony), Motorola, Zonda, etc, they DO NOT make Penta band phones! And no this was not patented by nokia lol because when the first Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 was released it was penta band, hell it even worked on 3G with t-mobile but when it came over to AT&T they got rid of AWS XD such a dick move on their part since they wanted sole exclusively in the americas, oh well the thing is that at least Nokia does amazing on covering the range for everybody and still make Penta band/AWS phones, something crapple can’t seem to figure out, outdated and late to the game as always lol

      • Bostinsinclair

        The phandroids who hate Apple will never stop.  They think everyone buys the iphone to be cool or whatever and they think Apple is the devil and Android is perfect.  Youll never win the bate  (and yes, its the same thing for Apple devotees who do the same thing – just go to blogs like BGR and youll see the daily rants by the same 10 people who argue and name call every day – even on articles that have nothing to do with Apple

        • Gouv

          Yeah….. I personally detest the bgr comment system. It’s pure Douchery at its best. You have extremists from both android and apple on there. Truthfully I don’t get why both sides take to the extremes they do. I’ve always been an apple loyalist but I own an android work phone that I personally chose out and a 2 windows notebooks. Everything else is pure apple though. Fortunately I’m not compelled to start Internet comment wars of wit about which brand is better and why. Also, Apple has been around for a long time and had always had freakishly loyal customers so it should come as no surprise to anyone that people just love apple because of how long they’ve been around. I think some people treat this as though apple is a new company and just got started in the smartphone business. Personally it’s why I don’t get fanboyish over android because I’ve never had that relationship with google stuff like I do my apple stuff. I have apple stuff that is so old that I still use every once in a while and its an awesome feeling and makes me always love the apple that I’ve always known. Google stuff including android doesnt do that for me. They r just services more or less but they are services that work well and become part of your daily life. In conclusion, people take this stuff way to seriously and spend a lot of time wanting apple or google to fail which is sad.

    • Bwanatheiguana

      Why? It’s called free country, choice and preference. Why do you like rap while I like trance?? It’s the beauty of humanity. We’re all different.

      Except you and your phone nazi friends. You’re all the same in your all-knowing omnipotent Android land.


      because everyone I know or meet has an iPhone.  Everyone Ive ever spoken to who owns an iphone loves loves loves it and has no complaints.  Apple i known worldwide for their outstanding customer service and they stand behind their products 100%…Theres a big difference between going to the Genius bar (or attending free classes) than going to a Tmo store where the employees are clueless (same with contacting Samsung – in my experience)…And not everyone is a tech geek like many of you are that root your phones, install custom Roms etc…most people dont do that – heck i dont even understand most of it…but the main thing is that the iphone appears to be easy to learn, easy to use, very smooth, great camera, and so on, but the main things I hear from people is that they think its a beautiful phone and it just works and they dont have the problems they here me bitch about.

      • MatthewMurawski

        There is just something about the Apple ecosystem. I tried to go all android but couldn’t. It’s just not the same. iOS is just so intuitive, and even though (some) Android phones are great, with iOS, it’s a completely different and pleasant user experience. It is SO easy to jailbreak it, there are even one click jailbreaks. I would love to root my galaxy note but am clueless. And whatever kind of problem I have, it’s impossible to brick it, just put it into DFU mode and connect it to iTunes. Everything does JUST work, and maybe that feeling of security along with very helpful customer service is why I love iOS so much.

      • Eanfoso

        What if everyone jumps in a well? Are you going to do it? Don’t say it because everyone has an iCrap, if beauty and simplicity is what you want, along with amazing carl zeiss camera, get a nokia n9, it even uses micro sims dude lol and much, much better than iphone mainly because it also has nokia road maps for life, unlike googles crappy gps (which is better than iphone gps), nokia has an even better, more coordinated gps, and unlike iCrap it has flash support, which I still don’t understand how can the iphone as great and mighty as people see it doesn’t have flash o.O look it up man, nokia n9, and unlike apples product line it’s actually made and assembled in Europe, not china like the iphone is

    • Callmeotter

      Thats great and your opinion; doesnt mean everyone agrees with you.  If you love Android or SG3, great – go for it.  If you want ios or are invested in the Apple ecosystem or like iphones features, great- — buy and enjoy.  We live in America – we have choices -thats a good thing. CANT WE ALL GET ALONG

    • Whitney

       Why do people what Galaxy note that overrated

  • no2apple

    I would never use an iphone 5 if given free.. So love my GS3. 

    • exeot

      Well you might… the resale value is pretty darn high on apple stuff..

  • yodataco

    ?  If you use Gmail, Android and MacOS will sync email, calendar and address book very easily.  You must either be using some other service, or don’t have things set up correctly.  Beyond that, you can have an iPhone on T-Mo.  Apple sells them unlocked.  Just put in a T-Mo SIM / MicroSIM and it works.  When the refarm happens in your area you will automatically get 3g (close to 4g speeds).

    • Kiwini

      I have a Mac and an Android currently and everything Ive read said the iOS/MacOS is whats going to work seemlessly esp now with icloud…So the picture you take on your iphone would immediately appear on your laptop or ipad.  I havent downloaded Mountain Lion yet but it apparently includes a lot of iOS services to make it even simpler.  Same with imessage where you can text for free not only from iphone to iphone but also to Macs or ipads.  I have figured out how to have some Google Calendar entries on my phone appear on the Mac but its not exactly the way I want it.  I have to copy contacts from Gmail to my laptop and vice versa…and when I have pictures on my phone it becomes a huge hassle to transfer them to my computer.  So its not t hat easy – you still end up doing things on both ios and Android/Google.  An unlocked iphone is about $650 or so…many people may not even get 3g speeds for it…and I always thought this was geared to ATT customers whose contracts have expired and were ok using an older model

  • Henry

    What the … Hey T-Mo you are in the USA am i right??? What is the first add in tmo Germany http://www.t-mobile.de how about England http://www.t-mobile.co.uk The iPhone is the first add. Here in US they are against it. Isn’t that ironic???

    • xmiro

      Tmobile USA would have to likely commit $7+ billion in iPhone purchases if they want it. Though Apple appears to not want to deal with T-Mobile USA, likely due to the fact T-Mobile was the carrier that launched Android

    • DAKOTA

      I just would really want to know the story behind Apple and Tmobile.  I just keep thinking it all comes back to DT and maybe since they were in the midst of getting rid of the company they didnt care.  But just like Sprint bought iphones and using the quantities on prepaid like Virgin, couldnt DT which carries iphones all over Europe do the same thing.  Commit to buying iphones but that total will count against all countries they do business.  I dont see why that wouldnt work.  But also Tmobile is the #4 major carrier so they dont have as much influence.  Sprint would ahve done better with the iphone if they didnt have a reputation for such a terrible network.  I remember the weeks after the Sprint release and people were losing their minds with the slowness.  And maybe now also that the iphone is expected to be LTE, Tmo doesnt ahave that either.  I dont know if this is the truth but a lot of articles I read said Tmobile works on a different unique spectrum so that Apple would have to create a special model just for Tmobile and that wasnt really worth it.  If you listen to comments by Tmo management, it often sounds like theyd like the iphone and they even admit it has contributed to their ongiong customer losses…(also when everyone talks about unlimited – its a great marketing ploy but as articles state, most people dont need all that data)

  • UMA_Fan

    Is there anything against T-Mobile buying quantities it can afford of iPhones unlocked from a third party and reselling them?  IE in the sense a place like Gamestop resells hardware and even Apple products now.

    • xmiro

      they just need to show people value plan + full price iphone would most likely be cheaper than going with another carrier. But then Tmo can’t get their sh*t together with the messaging in advertisements

      • AryeH

        still never understand the value plans and a Tmo employee confirmed this so maybe Imwrong…but you pay full price on the phone and then have $20 or so dollars added to your monthly bill so its basically the same.  The ways the plans are structured you dont ‘break even’ until after 2o months.  So any savings you get are after that, when you might save $20 a month..so $80 …by the time 20-24 months go by, many customers will already want a new cell phone especially with how quickly technology is still progressing.  Maybe Im misunderstanding but thats what I keep reading and being told

        • cellularcrazy09

          The other cool thing that the value plan lets you do is upgrade early by paying whats left of your phone.  If you wanted to upgrade early on a classic plan, you didn’t really save a whole lot off of the retail price.  Plus Ill get a new phone and sell my old phone and pay off the balance.  

        • xmiro

          Value plans are cheaper than Classic because they do not subsidize the phone, although T-Mobile ran promos and offered some hefty rebates around Christmas.

          It depends on your case, and how you want/need cell phone data but you can almost always come ahead about $100-$200 over 2 years vs another carrier.

          Classic plans are $10 to $20 more expensive per month than Value. Data as well – on Value you get $10 for 2GB at full speed vs $20 for 2GB on Classic plan

          I had a spreadsheet that compared everything and T-Mobile Value plans almost always won out for our set up and needs, though things change when it comes to device prices and the assumption is the phone was kept for the full 24 months.

        • unknownmonkey26


          Maybe I don’t quite understand your wording, but for the value plans you don’t pay all of the cost of the phone + $20 a month.  You only pay a down payment/a portion of the overall cost, and then the $20 per month for the space of 20 months.  So for example, the Galaxy S3, you pay the $200 in store, and then 20 a month for 20 months.
          I do agree that its not that much of a savings overall if you just have one line, but when you get three, four, or five lines going at the lower rates, usually you endup paying significantly less money.

  • xmiro

    I’m starting to think iPhone doesn’t matter as much as before, given how Android’s market share is increasing and has surpassed iOS in a huge way.

    Plus, Tmo has the SIII, SII, will have the X+, truly unlimited data plan is coming and the awesome pre-paid and Value plans are still there.

    Beats forking over billions for a commitment to buy and carry the iPhone, the iPhone 5 being not that impressive if those leaks are true


      I think youre kidding yourself…maybe youre around android people all day, but I see many people eagerly waiting for the new iPhone whether they are previous iOS users who love their phones or theyre Android customers that just want things simplified and working smoothly from a company with outstanding support.

      • informed

        I’m not sure most of you understand the buy in cost of the iphone for a big carrier. sprints buy in was 20 million … expect the same if not more for T-Mobile due to the need to build it with the aws band… sprint took a leap with the iPhone and now is in trouble… It drove in millions of customers but not profit … sprint isn’t expected to make a return on their investment until 2014.

      • xmiro

        am I? Is that why iOS share of mobile devices has fallen down to 18-19% and Android is at 60%+?

        • Anonymous

          android is high because they flood the market with shit phones that will eventually catch up to them when people start making money and realize that low end android phones are trash

          apple is lower because iphones are a luxury item and people will go out of their way to get it, as people start to make money, they will go for the iphone

        • So what you’re saying, xmiro, is that for ONE company with ONE phone, granted selling versions of it by virtue of selling last years model phone and the year before that and just recently garnered 3 of the 4 national carriers and several regional carriers, is garnering 40% of os share?  As opposed to Android os on how many OEM’s phones?  Google, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG… have I left anyone out?  And have it on all national carriers and a bunch more regionals.  Dare I say, anyone up against all that and still garnering 40% is not doing too bad.  Not too bad at all.

        • Eanfoso

          Quite agree, but google doesn’t make phones man lol the nexus line is made by Samsung :O

    • Roostud

      I have gs3 and iPhone 4gs, even with all the Samsung gimmicks I still prefer my iPhone, it’s just more reliable and responsive then the gs3. Plus the battery life still sucks on the gs3.

      • Jungjoonyi

        Actually.. I own Iphone4 and battery doesn’t last much either.
        Personally, I regrat getting iphone4 at this point.

  • None

    I would be happy if my 4G just came back on my Android phone.  Been stuck at 2G for about 3 months now.  No reason, just lost it in my area, and they will not expalain.  Not the sim (new Sim did not fix) and not the phone (both phones in the house).  TMO refuses to tell me why I an all of the sudden on 2G.  Same phone, same sofa.  Used to be blazing, now 2G madness.

    • and theres another reason why Tmobile keeps losing the customer service surveys; it just seems they cant for the life of them actually follow up with customers and try to resolve the issues and or replace phones with comparable handsets, or grant some kind of refund/credit.  

    • Same deal here. Nothing changed on my end as far as adding new tech in my household that would interfere. I ended one day having made several phone calls, and woke up the next day without a signal. It’s been like this for the last two months with no valid explanation. 

  • xmiro

    everyone don’t forget T-Mobile USA is the carrier that launched Android, loathed by Apple. Might explain why Apple allegedly hasn’t even approached the company to carry the iPhone

    • Dion Mac

      T-Mobile was the FIRST company approached by the apple with the iphone. This was when the iphone was still in prototype phase and no one knew how it would shake the industry. So instead T-Mobile invested their money into T-Mobile @home, a now dead product. 

      • VERIZON was the first company approached by apple with the iPhone. Get ur facts straight

        • Bronze 6

          True, the order was Verizion -> TMO -> Sprint -> ATT

  • Well if youre not going to be able to access Tmobiles 4G networks with your iphone (and I dont think the iphone gets 3g yet on Tmo does it?) then wouldnt you be better off with StraightTalk and only a 45$ bill?  Just wonderin.  Oh why oh why cant Tmo find a way to sell its own branded iphone… It would offer the most affordable iphone plans with a lower price of entry ….Im sure many would switch or not leave.  Im so tired of my android that im ready to find a phone ‘that just works’  As write this, my phone has now been powercycling for 7 hours and counting and nothing seems to stop it.

    • Bronze 6

      But, I get HSPA+ on my iphone on T-Mobile, (Contradictory to your statement)

  • noelsito

    if T-Mobile doesn’t want to wait one more year for the iPhone, we’ll probably get it like Verizon in the month of February.  the refarming should be almost done by then right?

    • Eric

      Yes, but LTE-A is still a key player here for the iPhone.

  • Gettingreal

    Looks like T-Mobile is getting ready for the year 2010 prepaid style!  

    The end of Q3 and all of Q4 is going to be a brutal blood bath for T-Mobile in terms of customer defections.  Love it or hate it the iPhone is what most high paying post paid subs want.  

    I could understand if T-Mobile was taking a back seat to the iPhone so it could focus on its network, but believe me when I say that most of T-Mobile’s network will still be GPRS in 2014 even after they deploy LTE or LTE Advanced to 200 million or so POPS.  And our LTE network will still be spotty even then with our phones bouncing back to EDGE or GSM only constantly. 

    • Eanfoso

      Lol edge and gsm is the same thing, when I set my phone to gsm only I get edge, did you mean edge and gprs? Btw we won’t be having edge much longer though, at&t is getting rid of it completely by 2017, & our edge 1900mhz spectrum is being changed to 3G

    • Bronze 6

      You must not understand why T-Mo invested 4Bil in their network. It is to do TWO things, ONE : Roll-out LTE Advanced, AND Change MUCH of the network infrastructure to HSPA+ in 75% of the coverage regions through 2016. 

  • nd5

    Sorry to all of you that seem to fail to understand this, but T-Mobile’s CUSTOMERS have been speaking for years.  And T-Mobile management fails to listen… repeatedly.  There’s no reason not to give T-Mobile customers the option to get an iPhone that works on our network at subsidized prices.  Does that mean I’d get one, not necessarily, but we’ve only been asking for this for 5 years now, don’t you think it’s time for T-Mobile to cater to it’s customers?  Honestly, I like the price I’m paying for my service, but I hate that when I’m driving down I-95, I have virtually no service at all through just about the Carolina’s… yes, that’s North and South.  That’s a long way to drive with no phone service.  So while the price may be right, the service isn’t really up to par with what I would expect I’d get if I were a customer of Verizon or (gasp) AT&T. 

    It’s a very poor decision, and again leaves T-Mobile customers on the outside looking in while the cool kids on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and even US Cellular… yes, a regional has it and our supposedly national carrier can’t seem to make it happen for us.  It’s the same story.. we don’t get the Lumia 900, we get the inferior Lumia 710, we don’t get the HTC One X, we get the inferior HTC One S, we won’t get the Nokia Phi, we’ll get the inferior Nokia Arrow, oh, and let’s charge more for the Samsung Galaxy S3 than everyone else does… and now, we won’t get the iPhone at all.

    I’m not saying I’m leaving, but I’m definitely very, very disappointed in the way T-Mobile is conducting business.  Count me as an unsatisfied customer.

    • Getsome

      Dude there’s only twelve people that live in the carolinas

      • Eanfoso

        More like 10 now lol

    • Darren Chan

      T-Mobile is getting the HTC One X+ for the winter season.  that is why they didn’t get the one x.  They knew they were getting HTC One X +.  T-Mobile is also getting the new Samsung Odyssey Window’s 8 phone.  Can’t say much to the iphone on T-Mobile.  The iphone on US cellular is because it is CDMA just like the VZ and Sprint one.

      Phones that carriers get is based about money and exclusivity rights bidding wars also.  It depends on the OEM also if they want to uphold a carriers right to pay for exclusivity.  AT&T paid for the Lumia 900 exclusive rights.  Samsung did not want to do any exclusivity with the Galaxy S III so that is why all carriers have them. But AT&T purchased the right to the Red colorway of the SIII. 

      • Anonymous

         i like how you talk like you work for tmobile and know things we don’t

        you’re playing the guessing game like the rest of us based on unverified rumors (even from david, they are rumors until it happens, which i hope it does)

    • Dion Mac

      Sooo… Let me get this str8. You want T-Mobile to purchase $10 billion plus in iphones, then on top of that spend another $6 or $7 Billion on the network in Carolina(Both North & South)… Oh yea the cost of your plan works for you so we will keep it at its same rate even though we have to cough up $17 Billion… Oops almost forgot, we’re going to spend a few more million dollars to advertise that we just got the almighty iphone and fixed your coverage. OK! Just checking.

      • nd5

        It’s funny how we keep saying T-Mobile has to purchase $billions of iPhones.  Don’t the customers ultimately end up paying for them?  Don’t you think that if they had it as an option, that maybe T-Mobile would actually gain some post-paid customers instead of the hemorrhaging that’s been going on over the past several years?  

        As to the network in the Carolina’s, well a) I don’t live there so I really could care less but it is a major inconvenience that I don’t feel is appropriate from a “nationwide” carrier, and b) how do you know it would be $6 to $7 billion to upgrade (or establish at all) the network in those states anyway?  OK!  Just checking…

        • Eanfoso

          Dude, I don’t mean to be rude but you don’t seem to know how stuff works do you? Customers may end up paying for them, but guess who has to pay for them first????& he says billions because that’s how all phone companies have made the agreement, didn’t you hear about sprint? Btw looking at sprint I’d say it’s more like 14 $ billion in iCrap, and the network upgrade is based on towers, spectrum audition (spectrum isn’t cheap), city permissions, land being bought for antennas, I mean just the spectrum might be worth the 6_7 billion, anyways dude just get your beloved phone from apple or amazon or craigslist, whatever, and enroll in a value plan, there you have it, you’d be rocking your phone while saving around 60 $ a month compared to getting the iphone from someone else

        • nd5

          Dude, firstly thanks for not calling me names this time, haha.  Second I think I have at least a clue how stuff works.  T-Mobile’s challenger strategy had an estimated cost of $4billion over 2012 & 2013.  That gets the refarming and also LTE to 75% of the top 25 markets.  Yes, they may have to pony up some up front $$ to get the iPhone, but ya gotta spend money to make money, no?  Also, I don’t just have one line, I have 4, and already we’ve spent $1000+ for two unlocked iPhones, enough is enough.. my budget for unlocked iPhones is gone.  And I can’t switch off of my classic plan and don’t necessarily want to anyway.  

          Let’s do the math… if T-Mobile predicted 10% of their customers would move to iPhones, that’s 3.5 million people or so at a cost of idk $700 per phone, that would be a $2.45 billion up front.  I don’t think Apple would turn that down, do you?   I also don’t think it’s an unreasonable gamble for T-Mobile either.  And T-Mobile could require the $30.00 unlimited data option for all iPhones which guarantees revenues for them. 

          Anyway, it’s all conjecture.  My opinion is that T-Mobile continues to be poorly managed and make unsound business decisions.  Yours may well be different and I respect your right to have your own opinion.  

        • “Yours may well be different and I respect your right to have your own opinion.”  

          Hmpf, must not be a Liberal Democrat.

          That ought to start the next round of 50 posts! ‘Chessire Grins’

        • Eanfoso

          Dude, how do you NOT want to get into a value plan wtf?! And you can if you haven’t used your upgrade in two years, and haha 2.45 billion IS a turn down for apple, look at sprint, they were almost bankrupt and apple still made them sign a 15billion dollar contact to be paid in 4 years, not to mention idiotic apple engineers haven’t done what other well respected manufacturers have done, which is to incorporate AWS bands, something samsung, htc, NOKIA, etc (reason why I capitalized nokia is because even though they don’t sell AWS phones directly with t-mobile, except the lumia 710, they have all their n series with AWS support, particularly the 1700/2100 AWS band which is strange….I even did my homework and deutsche telecom uses 1900/2600 but it’s still AWS) it’s a shame even crappy zte phones have AWS support lol

      • Joey

        Yes.  T-Mobile is a national player with national spectrum.  As a paying customer YES I’d expect them to invest in their network “all over,” and sell phones people want.  

        Other US carriers spend over $20 billion per year in CAPEX alone.  DT is cheap and year over year fails to properly invest in their US subsidiary.  That’s why they have a reputation for a poor network and why postpaid customers continue to flee.  

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      I agree with you completely.  T-Mobile (until very recently) used to charge current customers more for devices, for example, a current subscriber would have had to pay $330 before taxes and upgrade fees for the Galaxy S 3, while a *new* subscriber would pay $280.  People claim T-Mobile has cheaper plans but I would still have to pay more for my service due to having to pay for the required data plan, and have to renew a contract for two years.  How fair would that be?  Paying more for a device, more for service, and having to commit to two more years?  People need to stop defending T-Mobile’s practices of nickel and diming current subscribers.  Even now, a current customer who wants the unlimited data plan would have to pay $30, which is $10 more than a value plan customer.  Why would we have to pay more when classic plans are already more expensive than value plans?  T-Mobile sucks and when my fourth line expires this March, I will be proudly leaving, not to mention my area doesn’t offer UTMS, HSPA, or HSPA+ anyway.  Talk about adding insult to injury.

      • Eanfoso

        Says the person who wants everything, cheap phone and cheap service, there’s always a trade off, why didn’t you just go on a value plan??? You end up saving an average of 100 bucks by years end, along with “upgrading” whenever you want, let’s not forget wherever you go with you’ll pay activation fees and higher monthly bills, if you choose cricket then you’ll be basically doing t-mobile’s value plan, which saves you a lot of money but you’ll have to bring your own device or purchase it full price, think scot what you’re doing, don’t let the media fool you

        • VapidRapidRabbit

          If I buy the phone at full cost, I might as well use StraightTalk.  They use AT&T’s network (which is larger than T-Mobile’s and at least have 3G coverage where I live).  Coverage is an issue for me now due to T-Mobile ending roaming agreements in my area.  Sorry if me not having coverage and considering other options upsets you.  I’ll pay the price.  I learned that you get what you pay for and with T-Mobile’s crap service, I pay and get crap.  I don’t want anything cheap, I just want it at fair prices.  Why should I have to pay more for a device and its data plan than a new customer or a customer on a Value Plan?  T-Mobile doesn’t care about current customers.  They only want to lure people in but when their services fall through you’re trapped until the contract ends or until the ETF is paid. You severely misinterpreted what I was saying.

        • Eanfoso

          Lol the bad thing is that with straight talk, you don’t get internet at all, if you want to pay got something that you’ll never get, go for it, you leaving t-mobile has the same meaning as when I eat a pancake from ihop and where the flour came from, I was looking out for you, and the reason why straight talk doesn’t let you use the web is because their network, since it works from at&t, it has smart phone internet blocked, do your homework man, I’d just wait until the refarm jussaying

  • MatthewMurawski

    I’m a little confused about this, maybe someone could help me out on this. After the refarm, what kind of 3G will theiPhone get on T-Mobile? HSPA+ 21? HSDPA? HSUPA? HSPA 14.4?

    • Getsome

      Its not the network capability its the phone, the current iPhone has an HSPA 14.4 antenna and software support so that would be the max speed possible

    • Chiva2699

      The iPhone 4s will get “4G”, and the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and 4 will get 3G

      • MatthewMurawski

        That didn’t answer my question. What kind of 3G/4G?

        • The iPhone 4S hardware is limited to 14.4, so that.

        • Anonymous

           hey david a quick question about tmo, lte, and the iphone 5

          if tmo finally refarms the “faux g” 1900mhz band, the iphones will all work on tmo’s 3g right.

          now, once the iphone 5 comes out w/ LTE, do you think we will have the same band/frequency issue with tmo? (for example if the iphone only supports the LTE bands that ATT/Verizon use, but not the bands that tmo uses)


        • VapidRapidRabbit

          T-Mobile’s LTE bands will be AWS, which is what AT&T is using (along with 700 MHz), so T-Mobile, when it launches LTE, will support the sixth generation iPhone’s LTE speeds.

  • Anonymous

    OR they can just get the dam iphone so it’s easier for consumers instead of going through all the BS

    • Getsome

      Only that costs like five billion dollars, no big deal right?

    • xmiro

      they can’t just get the “dam” iphone
      It’s up to Apple to decide if T-Mobile USA will get the dam iPhone. What’s more, T-Mobile USA will have to commit to a $7,000,000,000 – $18,000,000,000 (that’s billion) purchase of iPhone stock from Apple.

      You don’t just get iPhones because you want it, doesn’t work that way

      • Anonymous

         umm yes you do, you negotiate, you pay up, etc

        tmobile doesn’t want to do either, sprint, att, verizon all did

        try again.

        • Getsome

          Obviously consumers are paying up, just look at other companies rates and etfs

        • Darren Chan

           sprint att verizon all paid for it. It is the worlds most expensive phone not just for consumers but also the carriers.  Sprint is losing money for getting the iphone and they hope to make up for it down the road with their other products. ATT and Verizon are pretty much breaking even with the iphone right now.  the Iphone saved AT&T’s broke company when the iphone first came out.  T-Mobile will end up like sprint and lose money to get the iphone in the current state of things, What kind of business sense is that?  T-Mobile wants the iphone but you also have to look at it from the business stand point. why get a product that will impact your revenues and profits negatively?  If you owned a business you would never do that. it just does not make sense.

        • Anonymous

           i know right? according to you, the top three us carriers all have no business sense, aw man i’m glad you figured it out darren. that way  the employees of the top 3 us carriers don’t need to!

        • Eanfoso

          I know apple is just pathetic!! How the hell can’t they make an AWS phone?! Hell even nokia in their gorgeous n8 & n9 they figured out how to place an AWS band in it, but techs at apple are idiotic enough to not have AWS, for the record, those phones are NOT sold by t-mobile, however for some strange reason they have t-mobile’s 3.5 G support, btw the nokia n9 is so much better than the iCrap

        • Eric

          Do you even know what you have to do to put AWS 1700 Mhz into the iPhone: A lot more than you think buddy. Oh and by the way, at the end of this year, T-Mobile’s 3G will support the iPhone.

        • Eanfoso

          Well I guess good for you, my point is that crapple can’t get things done like respectable companies, like nokia, samsung, sony ericsson (before they died) RIM, etc? They all have been able to develop AWS support, but stupid apple hasn’t, what’s up with this picture? That apple doesn’t want t-mobile to grow, it’s a shame that even ZTE phones have AWS support o.O

        • xmiro

          negotiate what and with who when one side does not want to negotiate?

        • Anonymous

           you gotta pay to play

          tmo doesn’t want to pay up, so they’ll continue to bleed customers

        • xmiro

          Nice selective reading there… but pay what when APPLE does not want to talk to T-Mobile USA? The network that helped launch the Android which Apple hates so much.

          Read T-Mobile USA’s public statements – we’d love to have the iPhone, we’d love to talk to Apple…

          Besides, subsidized iPhone is going away fairly soon, probably by the next iteration (iPhone 6). Verizon is heavily invested in the Droid brand and has stopped making an effort to sell it, sales staff have been instructed to push Droid phones and not iPhone.

          AT&T is already looking elsewhere and also instructs sales staff to not sell iPhone at all.

          Sprint, first has to survive the blow of all the billions they committed to the iPhone orders, if that happens they too will ditch subsidized iPhones.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Proof? the only carrier that is anti subsidizing is tmobile. ATT/Verizon/Sprint all subsidized the galaxy s3 at 200 and the iphone at 200. The iPhone is their best selling phone. they are not going to try and hamper that, because then customers would leave to another carrier. 

          Tmobile has shown that they are not willing to pay. they charge the same price on contract for the One S as Sprint and ATT charge for the EvoLTE/OneX, which are both higher end devices compared to the S. Tmobile charges 80 dollars AFTER rebate more for the Galaxy S3 than their competitors. 

        • Eanfoso

          T-mobile charges more because you end up paying a cheaper monthly rate, do some math, 80 $ more upfront saves you around 30 $ a month, don’t be stupid (comparing unlimited talk text web (5gigs with hotspot) )

        • Rocco33

          but what does a T-Mobile customers MRC reflect when compared to ATT or v or Sprint?  a hell of a lot less

        • Rocco33

          carriers pay a royalty of almost 100 mil just to carry it, then must pay apple the fully price for each phone. so it doesnt work that way.  one does not simply negotiate with apple. (meme reference)  There are no negotiations

      • bleeew

        depends how many you get.

    • MatthewMurawski

      What BS? Buy a factory unlocked iPhone and pop a T-Mobile SIM card in there. Done.

      • Anonymous

         and be on 2g until the refarm hits my area? no thanks!

        heck even my galaxy s 3 had pretty spotty faux g before i returned it, i’m sure it will be all better with the iphone tho. glad to know you can fix tmo’s iphone problem, they should probably hire you now /s

        • Rocco33

          the iphone fixes all problems!  finally someone has realized that an iphone with 3g will solve all problems because its a crapple product!

  • F-Mobile

    Hey AT&T does care for its customers. Ever actually go into a corporate AT&T store? They treat you real good walking up to you, greeting you, personalizing the sale and even walking you to the door. And they always have that I can help you attitude. They’ll issue credit when deemed necessary even have you walk out with a free signal booster if you have no service in your house. Tmobile never did any of that they just want you to come in buy and get out. So yea retail stores

    • chewy106

      You’re obviously dealing with a different AT&T then the rest of the world.

    • Bronze 6

      Retail=/=Company, and where is this magical place where you had good customer service??, At ATT all ive been treated is like crap.

  • This is kind of disappointing news… However, for those of you yelling out that “T-Mobile should get the DAMN iPhone already” you have to understand that Apple is VERY demanding. Not only that, but T-Mobile USA is a low cost national wireless provider that currently is in 4th place in terms of its competition. Striking a deal with MONEY HUNGRY Apple that would bring DRAMATIC changes to T-Mobile’s rate plans and to their 4G LTE deployment expansion is EXTREMELY not a good idea for the company. It would put T-Mobile behind in its 4G LTE deployment and it would lose customers who love their current low priced rate plans. If you want the damn iPhone SO BADLY, then just buy it at a damn Apple store and get it UNLOCKED and UNSUBSIDIZED.

    T-Mobile’s only hope of keeping AND getting more subscribers, is by offering BETTER coverage (BEGIN TO PENETRATE INTO BUILDINGS IN NYC BECAUSE THE IPHONE DOES NOT HAVE UMA!) , low priced rate plans, and differentiate itself from its competition BIG time! Launch a “BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE” campaign, announce the refarming of 1900 MHZ spectrum, educate consumers that they can bring the iPhone and any device they want to the T-Mobile network.

    And/Or if a consumer wants the iPhone to be subsidized so BADLY then have a separate option where T-Mobile can subsidized the unlocked iPhone the consumer buys from Apple by paying back the $450 and having them sign a 2 year contract, but of course T-Mobile has to get that money back so this will increase that particular consumer’s rate plans which will then be in par with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T rate plans… In that case the only win for T-Mobile would be gaining iPhone subscribers and at the same time getting them under contract without having to commit to Apple’s MONEY HUNGRY demands in order to OFFICIALLY carrying the iPhone.

    I don’t think this whole idea of “selling against the iPhone” will work for T-Mobile. They just need to send consumers looking for iPhones into an Apple store have them buy it UNLOCKED and then asking them if they want the phone to be subsidized, if they do, sign them into a 2 year contract and increase their rate plan and problem solved! T-Mobile doesn’t commit to Apple and doesn’t suffer as much as Sprint Nextel is suffering now because they officially “carry” the iPhone in their stores.

    • Noel

      OR DT can just buy the damn phones and ship some to Tmo stores in the US. For all those —— (fill in the blanks) out there who still like the one size fits all device…have at it. From the rumors looks like the same device stretched to accommodate a 4” screen with other add ons. Tmo just give me a pure Android Jelly Bean HTC Era 42+/One X+ or the next JB Nexus hopefully one by HTC..but both must have an SD card slot, removable bigger battery and 2GB RAM. Will also consider a Nexus from Samsung, LG or even Sony but HTC is my choice OEM for the Nexus.

    • Bronze 6

      Finally Someone who agrees with what i had been thinking!

    • Latinoman421

      According to my investigations.Apple refuses to make the iphone at 1700 Mhz for T-Mobile only,So T-mobile is moving it’s network to the mghz frequency that at&t uses so that it can support the iphone and when the complete the switch then they are going to carry the iphone,But until the are completely able to support it,then they will carry it! In a short phrase, If you can’t beat um, Join em! Hope this helps,i’m currently waiting for the swich soon,so my iphone 4S would work at 3G with 4g speeds like At&t but not as congested,That is why at&t wanted to buy t mobile because they are totally congested and need more antenna towers!

  • unknownmonkey26

    I’m going to tell you, almost every single one of the problems that you listed there can stem from one source, and that is the fact that you are using a Mytouch.  Every mytouch phone is junk, whether its HTC, LG, or Huawei.

    #1 Thing to remember with phones.  If you skimp out on the price and go for the cheap one, you get what you pay for.

  • unknownmonkey26

    Its too bad I can only like this comment once.

  • WSJ

    Good bye tmo and the five phone I pay for. As much as I hate AT&T, hello AT&T.

    • Rocco33

      quit your bitching.  the iphone is not that great.

  • JimInChicago

    Been with T-Mobile for nine years and have four lines with them.  Happy in every way except that they don’t have the iPhone.  Been using an unlocked iPhone 2 for the past 3.5 years on T-Mo’s net.  That will all change on September 21 when, thanks to their ant-iPhone attitude, I will be moving to Verizon or Sprint to get the new iPhone.  T-Mobile used to be good–now they suck.

    • Eanfoso

      You’re not that smart are you?? You do realize how much you’ll have to pay in either one, with verizon not having unlimited data and sprint being overwhelming slow, along with paying a 10$ monthly smart phone fee, I’ll give you a good tip buy your iCrap unlocked and put in a t-mobile sim card, bam you’re good to go, then the reward is that you will be able to move all your lines to a value plan which is retardedly cheap compared to verizon and even t-mobile’s classic plans, play it smart not dumb my friend, oh and don’t forget the initial activation fee you’ll have to pay in each carrier, 35×4 = not worth your money, and that’s with sprint, verizon increased their activation fee to 42, dude how can you withstand such a tiny screen, technology that doesn’t support flash, and no memory expansion?? ……jw….

    • Bronze 6

      Hope you like paying more per month for less. 

      • bleeew

        Depeneds if you actually want 4G service and not HSPA+, or actually get more coverage than T-Mo, and they invest in their network quicker(since theres more money going in)

    • Rocco33

      join the rest of the iphone cronies.  you can finally say you have an iphone just to say it.

  • I think T-Mobile’s plan is fine, they are refarming their network to run iPhone bands.  Just buy an unlocked iPhone and you will save money over two years with a value plan anyhow.  Just do the math. That’s what I’m going to do if my wife still wants an iPhone, which last I asked she didn’t because she is sick of hearing about Apple whine about patents on the news.

  • Eric

    No, it’s because currently T-Mobile’s 3G network doesn’t support the iPhone. That will change later this year. Oh and DT will pay the $7 billion +.

  • Mark

    I can’t tell from the comments read and the information above:

    I have an iPhone 4S where I got a microSim from TMobile in December 2011, and it’s been running EDGE.  Does the above say that to get the refarmed 3G I need to get a new microSim, or will my current microSim work and it will just switch to 3G when refarmed?

    • Eanfoso

      Yes, your current sim will work and switch to the refarmed network when available

  • Rana Lorana

    So is T-Mobile getting 3G in chicago soon??! I heard by the end of September ….

    • emora92

      I live in Chicago, own the GS3 and have great 3G/4G signal. 12-14mb speed

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    First off, the HTC One X+ will cost more than the $100 AT&T charges for the One X, and it’s not really a new phone.  Will it even support AWS LTE?  If not it will be launching out of date.  As for the iPhone being on US Cellular (and other regionals like nTelos, Cellular South, and a few Alaskan carriers), just because it is CDMA?  T-Mobile just doesn’t want to pony up the $$$ to have an official and supported iPhone on their network.  When the next iPhone launches, I can guarantee that Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will launch three different models since AT&T is GSM, and Verizon and Sprint have different LTE bands (unless Apple manages to fit like 5 LTE bands into the phone with existing support for CDMA).  T-Mobile could’ve launched the SAME iPhone as AT&T since they are supposedly refarming their 1900 MHz spectrum and will be launching LTE on AWS (which AT&T is also going to do in addition to their 700 MHz spectrum LTE).  Don’t try to defend them for not investing into their smartphone lineup and network.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    North Carolina alone is the TENTH most populated state in the United States, so…

  • nando

    Man.. screw T-Mo and At&t and all the others and their ridiculous plans. I have my At&t iPhone 4s on RedPocket mobile and pay $55 a month, no contract, no taxes, no jailbreak, unlimited T&T and 1gb data on 4G service. I thought 1gb wasnt enough but m on wifi at home and work. Why are you guys crying about getting the “damn” iPhone working with a carrier thats gonna rip you off anyways? I dont get it.

    • Eanfoso

      With tmobile we get unlimited text, 5 Gigs of 4G for 30$ no contracts no commitments

  • Vera Comment

    so how do you sell against an iphone when you don’t have any in the store to begin with?
    stand outside ATT / VZN stores? I don’t understand. If they’re in a TMO store, they’ve already decided against it.. (or are confused)

    • Setzer715

       I think it’s more about talking to consumers about OTHER phones than iPhones.  Thousands of consumers ask T-Mobile sales employees daily about the iPhones.  “Are you getting it?”  “When will you get it”?  Etc, etc.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    I’ve never met (or interacted with) people that stan for a wireless carrier until I came on this blog.  I always thought people paid for the service they wanted.

  • RotaryP7

    Our store is receiving an iPhone 4 I believe so we can test the network and also sell against the iPhone vs an android running on 4G speeds. 

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      wow that really sucks it makes T-Mobile Look Bad In my Opinion 

    • Msrozz

      Wow, so instead of giving customers what they want, you sell them what you really want them to have? Other carriers are starting to look better and better. Stringing customers along and lying about getting a product is not good business, ask any business that has failed. You already have customers that don’t trust you since you were willing to sell the network to the highest bidder-AT&T, showing you really don’t want the US part of T-Mobile. Now, you want to use a product that a lot of us want as bait and as a way to promote something we don’t want to show one as being superior…..really….very bad marketing strategy.

      • RotaryP7

        I’ll have to agree. I don’t like it man. I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve here.. 

      • Samantha

         You have to keep in mind that it’s not just as simple as *deciding* that you want to sell the iPhone.  Verizon had to strike a deal with Apple as well as AT&T in order to get the iPhone, because AT&T had struck a deal with Apple to be the exclusive network operator.  Don’t you think T-Mobile would sell the iPhone if they could?  Who wouldn’t want to?  Now part of the reason they can’t could be that Apple/AT&T/etc. are asking for more money than they’re willing to pay, but regardless, it’s not just as simple as calling up Apple and placing an order.

  • Dragoonxgears

    If i bought a micro sim a month ago, Do I need to buy this new sim card?

  • Jp_flores23

    Anyone find or have one of these “new sim kits”?

  • Hap

    when and where will they be selling them? i went to a local T-mobile store and they said they have not heard about any “microsim kits” for the iphone 4/4s

  • NardVa

    I can why Tmobile would want to show a side by side comparison of and Iphone next to a SGS III. Some people may actually come to a conclusion that Tmobile phone are equal if not better than an Iphone in a lot of ways. The screen size comparison alone shoud win over a few customers.

  • Winski

    What about NANO-SIMS ?????