T-Mobile Readying Flyers Aimed At Unlocked iPhone Use And Savings Over AT&T

T-Mobile’s efforts to bring unlocked iPhone customers into stores certainly seems to be heating up as we just got our hands on some flyers that may be apart of T-Mobile’s marketing strategy. The flyers are pretty simple, showing the savings T-Mobile customers will discover when they leave pesky AT&T behind.

For those of you who don’t think the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network is a boost or will draw customers, a four-store pilot (which is where the flyers originate from) in an east-coast area tells us that’s in fact, not the case. A trial-run undertaken during the course of July in four retail locations showed that gross adds increased 56% over the regular store baseline when a live iPhone running on T-Mobile’s 3G network was demonstrated.

While the size of this trial run hardly amounts to a large sample size, it’s certainly indicative that T-Mobile’s move to refarm their network with a focus on bringing unlocked phones, including iPhones will might just pay some dividends.

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  • JBrowne1012

    Is the first pic that states unlimited actually the true unlimited in comparison to the bottom pic?

    • Taron19119

      no cause it say unlimited premium and thats was the name or the plan before true unlimited came out the true unlimited plan is call unlimited  nationwide 4g

  • Taron19119

    well here we go now all we ned is a tv ad about this and its on we well get alot of new customers and guess what if t mobile can get 2million new customers to bring there iphones over to t-mobile then apple well have to give t-mobile the iphone at the price t-mobile wants

  • Hudi G.

    so @david when did u say u think refam will be announced for the first cities?

  • Alex

    Doesnt mention that an unlocked iphone is $650 to start……..

    • Still a savings.

    • They also don’t mention that you would pay for that regardless one way or another and by looking at the plans apparently t-mobile is 50% cheaper

    • Taron19119

      ok so if you buy a iphone from virgin mobile its 650 so you cant have it both ways u going to pay less for the phone and more for the plan on at&t or pay more fora unlock iphone and less for the plan on t-mobile

    • TayshaunBoba

      I think the idea is that you would be porting the iPhone you already own over from AT&T after your contract with them expires (and they unlock it for you) so that you don’t need to buy the phone unlocked.


    T-Mobile you are wasting your time. Pathetic already. The iPhone sucks.

    • The iPhone is a great phone for kids and old people… just not geeks.

      • Mineisbigger

         Unfortunately I’m surrounded by a few geeks who extol the virtues of their iphones anytime they receive a phone call.
        My reply?
        I whip out my GS2 and calmly look at them and state this fact:
        “Mine is bigger than yours”.
        The girls love it.

        • Helena

          indeed.. size DOES matter

        • Whiskers

          Only for a used up Hoe , lol.

        • scottyrob82

           Or a woman who likes to enjoy sex.

        • exeot

          nice line.

    • Getsome

      Yeah, a hundred million people think you are wrong right now

    • ***looks at Apple’s stock price and market cap***


    • MasterTan

      Lol. Wigger

  • Sablemonster

    I noticed with the unlimited data plan, it includes the mobile hotspot. I wonder if that’s unlimited 4G, or 5gb of 4G then throttle. The new unlimited 4G that’s being launched doesn’t include mobile hotspot.

    • Sablemonster

      Just noticed the asterisk… I suppose that answers the question, though that raises another question about the 5gb plan below. I didn’t think T-mobile offered capped data plans.

      • Trish

        T-Mobiles plans are Throttled. Not capped. Meaning that after 5GB they will slow you down… and I mean dowwwwn. They cut u all the way down to edge. But u cant still continue to use the internet without accruing any overages

  • Anonymous

      OR they can just get the dam iphone so it’s easier for consumers instead of going through all the BS

    • Getsome

      Only this is a hell of a lot cheaper

    • Because walking into an Apple store and buying one unlocked is SOOOOO HARRRRRD!


      If you want the iPhone go buy it unlocked and use it – no one is stopping you.

      • trife

        Ummmm, you DO realize that in doing that, you’re spending $700 after taxes, right? And that’s for the 16 GB version. I’m positive that most consumers aren’t going to do that, hence why we have subsidies on handsets.

        Is the act of buying an unlocked iPhone from the Apple store hard? No. Is swallowing that insane price hard? Yup.

        There’s nothing wrong with wanting T-Mobile to offer the iPhone. Unless you’re a fanboy.

        • Yup.

          Your problem – not mine.

          To act like it’s not available is ignorant. I never said it was cheap, but the option IS there.

          1 Million + customers are using the iPhone on T-Mobile today – so obviously it is available.

        • Anonymous

           more like it’s tmo’s problem, not ours

          no iphone means they’ll continue to lose customers, good stuff!

        • Whitney

           Actually it T-mobile problem. If the rumors are true that new unlocked iphone is $800 then people will switch to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Not everyone is going to buy to 800 unlocked phone when other carriers are selling it for 199.

        • Even though you would make that $800 back in a year by sticking with T-Mobile…

        • NYCdude88

          dont be a dumbass. you are paying it out with markup over your 2 year contract. learn to save up for your toys, the rest of us dont need to subsidize you by having Tmo raise prices to cover apple tax.

        • Whitney

           Not everyone sees it that way.  How you ever consider that a lot of people don’t mind subsidize phone

        • Anonymous

           most people don’t see or think about the subsidizing, all they know is.. their plan is up, then it’s: get the iphone 5 for $199 or $800…….?

        • NYCdude88

          wow the entitlement runs deep in this one. cant afford unlocked one, go get an extra job or just live with your current device, you will be ok

      • Anonymous

         it must be pretty difficult since tmo is going through all this trouble to stop bleeding customers because hey don’t carry the iphone.. but hey you must know better HAHA

  • Aaron vita

    Would be nice if tmobile got the iphone not a fanboy But I love Having choices. If tmobile wants to grow then give us choices . But from what I see I don’t think dtelcom wants tmobile usa anymore.

  • UMA_Fan

    Wow a 56% increase in gross adds just for T-Mobile iPhone support?  Just imagine if they sold the damn thing.

    • Taron19119

      this is all a plan by t-mobile think about it if t-mobile get 2 million new customers useing the iphone apple well then have to give t-mobile the iphone at the price t-mobile wants

      • UMA_Fan

        Yeah whatever is going on with the negotiations, Apple sees no reason to cave to T-Mobile while they are losing market share and their own product is booming.  We would probably have to see some quarters of T-Mobile growth before Apple even considers it.

        • Taron19119

          No it’s about the volume of phones and the price t-mobile don’t want to mortgage it’s future just to get the iphone

  • Skip Bayless

    I might get the iphone4 back if i get at least 3g lol cant do android much longer

  • bruce_leer0y

    I know 3g will eventually be there, but don’t you think its a bit deceptive. Someone could go through the entire sign up process and not be aware that they wont get 3g at this time

    • Taron19119

      thats y its a test just where they have 3g ready for iphones

  • UMA_Fan

    There are places online that offer iPhone unlock codes without any sort of hacking that you pay $60 and get within a few hours.  I wonder if there would be any legalities involved in T-Mobile setting up that infrastructure themselves.  Just bring your at&t phone over to T-Mobile and they’ll unlock it for you for free with a two year contract.  The days of T-Mobile locking their hot exclusive Sidekick models so people won’t use them on At&t are over.  I just can’t see an exclusive device coming to T-Mobile any time soon that people would drop their carrier for.  Especially with Android, it seems there’s an equivalent high end Android no matter which carrier you choose.  Embracing a proactive unlock phone policy would probably STILL be better than Apple’s terms to carry the iPhone in stores.  

    • Lawrence

       iPhone can’t be unlocked by unlock code, it need to be either jailbroken(lose unlock every software update) or official unlock sent by Apple via itunes (call att or carrier).

    • The iPhone isn’t necessarily to bring in new customers.  It’s to stop existing ones from leaving.  Last year T-Mobile lost over 800,000 subscribers as a direct result of being the only national carrier without the iPhone.

    • Get_at_Me

      I like that idea

  • Nearmsp

    I will happily buy iPhone 5 if it will work at design speeds (3g/4G) if T-mobile network can support it. I am only value plan and really not looking to a discounted phone from T-mobile. The refarming project is very good to increase T-mobile appeal without T-mobile selling their arm and a leg to Apple.

    • Getsome

      It’ll support hspa 14.4 for the 4s

  • JJJJ

    @UMA_Fan:disqus I think they want to recruit unlocked iPhones from Apple direct, not jailbroken AT&T iPhones, which will probably be at $655. 
    Taron19119–You have a good point…I have to speak for myself, I would love the next iPhone, I just did some price checking with “the Big Three”, WAY too expensive monthly. To have the next iPhone on an unclogged network that’s treated me pretty well over the past seven yearsis pretty much worth it..for me

  • Getsome

    Not that I thought it would happen, but for me this puts the nail in the coffin concerning an official adoption of th next generation iPhone

  • Raver

    What is the point if they still run on 2G?

    • Devin Irvine

      It won’t be on 2G.  With the refarming of the network they will have have access to HSPA+ and that’s the point of finally actually advertising to use of the iphone on T-Mobile.

  • Sucram YO

    The iPhone will still only be operational on 2G and not 3G, correct?  2G is dreadfully slow and unacceptable for any amount of savings.  That’s my opinion anyhow. 

    I noticed someone mentioned test markets where 3G will be available.  Is Austin, TX one?  Are they listed anywhere?

    • Taron19119

      The iphone well be useing 3g on t-mobile nationwide by the end of 2012

  • Gio

    If a customer is to buy the iPhone unlocked and bring it to the T-Mobile, what is the incentive to put it on a Value Plan rather than a Monthly 4G plan. The 5GB Monthly Plan will still be cheaper than the Premium Unlimited Plan without the 2 year commitment.

    • Steve

      Sometimes I wonder if T-Mobile is a prepaid company.. Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile we would fit right in

      • Trish

        Technically, all cell phones are now prepaid as they make all new accounts run on a bill current cycle. Meaning that when u activate the line, your first bill will be 2 bill combined. So technically, you’re always paying your bill before the fact and no longer after. All the companies now do this. So in turn, Verizon, At&t, Sprint and t-mobile are all contracted prepaid services

        • Obvious

          You dont really understand what prepaid means do you? Technically, you are wrong.

        • 21stNow

           You are billed before you use the service, but the bill due date is after you use the service.

    • xmiro

      The incentive is more data on Value at full speed.

      On Monthly 4G to get 2GB of data per month you have to shell out $60, $70 if you want unlimited. That may be ok if you’re single line but 2+ lines are better off on value.

    • Magenta Madness

      1) Data Roaming. 2) Only 100Mb 3G/4G on Monthly 4G. 3) You would sign a contract with AT&T anyway, why not save $1500 while your doing it.

    • CRT24

      2 words……family plans. If you have a sigle line then its a little less on M4G but when you jump to 2gb of data its the same price for a single line

    • The 5GB Value plan also includes the Mobile Hotspot/Tethering feature built in.  Then with a Value plan you don’t have to pay anything the day that you sign up if you already have the phone that you want to use.

  • Lawrence

    Not interested on iP5, but maybe many are. I’m ok with the Galaxy Nexus.
    Good move tmo

    • guest1

      i own a mac so im interested – the fact tha tmy android never works properly is another reason – and tmo customer service failures dont help any…At some point quality wins over quantity – I rather have a 2-3gb phone on LTE that is speedy and works smoothly than an Android phone on a lower monthly plan that causes me a lot of stress 

  • hihasay h

    Since iphone is not comparable to t-mobile network, you will only get less than 2G data(very very slow internet) and if someone call you while you are using your data service it goes straight to voicemail. So you can save so money but you will end up with shit service for two years!!!  Believe me its not fun at all !!!  T-mobile stop to fooling us!!

  • Daniel Darnell

    No wonder T-Mobile is in the crapper. It’s not always about price and playing strictly the value card is why the company is in such bad shape now. Whether you like the iPhone or not being the only national carrier to not carry the most popular smart phone on the market is a horrible business move. Especially since the phone is now sold at some smaller and even prepaid carriers. Also by focusing strictly on price you cheapen a brand, it’s fine to be known as a cheaper carrier but when it’s your only playing card you have a very weak hand. T-Mobile use to brag about customer service awards and being the top in customer satisfaction. Now they are constantly ranked at the bottom for CS and overall satisfaction. Adding unlimited data back with no throttling is nice but this value and data message is simply not enough. I’ve been saying that T-Mobile’s biggest issue beyond the lack of an iPhone is the lack of customer service that has been sliding for years.

    • nblevins

      I disagree with you. Look at how many billions Sprint spent getting the iPhone and it is definitely not helping them. The largest group of iPhone owners are still on AT&T due to Apple having exclusivity with them for 3+ years. AT&T is the only other GSM carrier besides T-Mobile. Why wouldn’t they try and lure some of those customers without having to spend billions like Sprint did.

      • Obviously

        Will people who dont understand basic finance STOP with this “Sprint” crap. Its not 15B spending the way you think it is. It gets really annoying when halfwits throw around statements they have no understanding of.
        – Liabilities and revenues are accounted differently.
        – Think over 2 years.
        – Added bonus hint: prepaid payment for services to be performed is a liability, not an asset.
        Now, combine these to better understand the 15B commitment or give up.

        • While it is true that it is $15.5 billion over four years (which means approximately $3.875 billion per year), that isn’t the only thing that is killing Sprint. The Network Vision project costs several billion dollars per year, and the iDEN thinning/shutdown also costs a few billion per year as well. There’s also costs related to upgrading backhaul, new leasing agreements, building permits, and regular O&M. All of these are a massive drain on Sprint’s finances. 

          Sprint’s equipment costs were already higher than AT&T or T-Mobile’s due to the usage of iDEN and CDMA2000 network technology. Verizon Wireless has the same problem, but it is mitigated by the fact that Verizon Wireless is no longer investing at all into CDMA2000 and is only doing work on LTE equipment.

          Sprint is in trouble, but it isn’t as dire as most people believe it to be.

        • Aaron Tant

          What is to be said for having 15 (or is it 19) quarters of losses consecutively?  What happens when a stock price is lower year over year?  What about repeated failed acquisition attempts?  I do believe Sprint is in dire straights.  But, all this is a side issue to T-Mobile vs AT&T in iPhone rate plans.

        • 21stNow

           But, Sprint’s stock price has almost doubled since the beginning of the year.  I know, it’s still low.

        • Roz

          and now theyve shared those totals with prepaid brand…wish DT would share it with their international brands.  DT doesnt hate the iPhone, checked their websites in the UK and Germany and the iphone is prominently featured the second you load the site.  I just keep wondering couldnt they strike some deal or is it just that the iphone doesnt run on the Tmo network like other GSMs and theyd have to create a separate iphone for Tmo and Apple just doesnt think thats worth it.

    • StevenJM

      i believe it also affects churn not just because people want the iphone but people wonder whats wrong with Tmobile that Apple chose not to give them the iphone..Maybe their network cant handle it.  Whther thats true or not is irrelevant.  Then Tmo keeps p ushing the prepaid more and again that confuses the Tmo postpaid messages.  Sprint at least uses a different brand name for their prepaids so it doesnt confuse the branding marketing message

  • Cheap-Mobile!

    T-Mobile U.S.A. Should be ashamed of themselves! After closing 9 U.S. Call Centers(500 Employees Per Call Center Let Go) and Laying Off,Outsourcing,Eliminating 900 more Retail Partner Sales Employees you would think they would use all that money saved now to get there own damn i-Phones!! CHEAP BASTARDS!!!


      The money saved kept us in business. If not there would be no T-Mobile and you would be stuck with the rest raising their rates. You obviously misunderstand how much it costs to sell the iPhone. Why does it matter where it comes from anyway? If you can save 700 bucks in one year over AT&T you just paid for your iPhone so it is a wash. 

      • Anthony Jackson

         Absolutely right. This is the choice I make every time. Loyal with TMO for over 10 years! I buy my unlocked iPhone and it works just fine on 2G but I can’t wait for 3G. With the failed merger it all worked out for the better. We had to endure the bad to be great again. All the perks from att & then spectrum from verizon is right where we need to be. Not to mention the 5G back haul being installed for the 4G which TMO will have a jump on all other carriers!

      • Steven

        right, those cuts might enable the lower prices…and considering the incompetent and rude employees I keep dealing with, it serves them right.  then Tmo employees come on here and rage about how stupid and ghetto Tmobile customers are.  That attitude should lead to a firing

        • TMOTECH

          Who said our customers were Ghetto and Stupid? And how do you know they were an employee? Did they show you an ID? 

  • Tomnewtn

    Been with TMO for years, have a loyalty plan, and I use an unlocked iPhone 4s on 2g. Works quite well actually. BUT, the techs working on the TMO transmitter near my office confirmed they are receiving the equipment to enable 3g for iPhones by Q3 of this year. I would assume therefore by years end it’s 3g in most metro areas. 

    • Jay2

      Dont understand how you do anything on 2g – seems like it would defeat the purpose of the iphone.  WHen Ive found my phone on Edge, I cant even check my Gmail

      • GwapoAko

        I use iPHone 4$ with Tmobile since Nov 2011, I can check all my emails and use Map Quest :0) even on Edge.

      • Tomnewtn

        I bring up state traffic websites to get up to date traffic reports, gmail, calendar, etc. It’s a tad slower than 3g on my Nokia E7, or G2x, but it’s not too shabby.

      • Tomnewtn

         I purchased the iphone after learning of the network changes that will enable it to use tmo 3g, but in the meantime, it works.

  • Someone should sue T-mobile for false advertisement of the “Total” price because it actually isn’t the total price. 

    • Yes it is, because you can’t buy the phone with it on EIP. Also, taxes are exempt from being included in advertisement numbers as long as “with taxes and fees” is included in the small print.

    • Taron19119

      How when they don’t sale the iphone and it’s for people that already have a iphone

    • Jay2

      They – and others do things like this all the time…There should be at least a little asterisk and fine print that it doesnt include the phone price (because its not necessarily 650 because people will be able to buy used iphone 4s when the new one comes out, from second hand retailers for less

  • Slick BK

    If T-Mobile offered a subsidy to purchase an unlocked iPhone, that might help there cause here. But I see massive churn eventhough it makes financial sense to stick around with T-Mobile since shelling out the $600-$700 is not a viable option…

    • There’s no way they’d offer a subsidy. Per unit cost of the iPhone is much higher than the unlocked retail price that Apple sells. At least $100 more. Perhaps they’d buy some from the Apple Store and resell with EIP or something, but no way would it be subsidized on Classic plans.

      • Slick BK

        I agree but if they gave something like $200 or $300 back as a credit when you purchase an unlocked iPhone, that might make people stay. I know that they can’t give the price that AT&T and Verizon sells it for but a little something might entice people to stay rather than jump ship.

        • GwapoAko

          Good idea Slick BK :)

          May be Tmo can do that. For example:

          If you bring your brandnew :

          unlocked iPhone 5$ = Tmo will give $200 credit
          unlocked iPhone 4$ = Tmo will give $150 credit
          unlocked iPhone 4 = Tmo will give   $100 credit

          Tmobile can you hear Slick BK now? :0)

        • Jay2

          Even if didnt save tons of money, it would be a psychological effect…and many people, esp those who would be interested in cheaper rates, dont have $650 to pay upfront.  Many people these days are paycheck to paycheck

      • Jay2

        Who told you that?  Unlocked top Androids are 600-700 or more…SG3 is selling from 600 and up on all websites Ive seen.  The 16gb iphone Ive seen is at 650.  Would it be legal for them to buy unlocked phones and resell them with a little discount

    • Dakota

      The thing is Tmobile has had cheaper prices all along and that hasn’t affected churn…It may be their network, reputation, no LTE & no iphone, etc.  As it has been stated repeatedly, only a small % of people need or use unlimited data…so this plan alone is not gonna save them.  This PLUS a TMobile subsidize iphone might

  • Michael Hunt

    They leave out the price of the phone, which would cost you an extra $450 plus tax. Still a savings, but not as big as they claim. If you keep the phone more than 2 years, the savings actually start to match the claim.

  • Michael Hunt

    I can’t wait for the refarm. Unlocked HTC One X here I come. Unless the Unicorn One X+ actually exists!

  • Sapper11d

    I love hearing people say “I don’t wanna pay that much for an unlocked iPhone ” well t-mo doesn’t wanna pay more than you do shut it. Get a galaxy nexus and you’ll understand why android has the higher market share.

    • Dakota

      cuz theyre cheaper?

    • Whitney

       Again that the problem that T-mobile facing. Not everyone wants android or windows phone. They are left with only one choice that is to switch

  • Kourage2

    Tmobile has the attitude like “If you can’t beat them, join them”. Tmobile wishes they could have the iPhone because they lose a lot of customers that want the iPhone. People want choices on their network when they get tired of the crappy phones they produce. One of the main reasons I left. I had every phone from Sidekick, Sidekick LX, Blur, G1, and Htc Hd. All crappy phones that didn’t last and I was ready for a new phone in 3 months. The iPhone has better quality, better battery and I had a iPhone 4 for almost 2 years and I havent had to send it back or take it to the Apple store to fix. T-mobile phones are slow and crash too much. Besides my iPhone not being 4G is my only compliant. I hope the iPhone 5 will break numbers like the iPhone 4. Sucks to have a Samsung phone!

    • Noel

      Wow a phone every three month….just curious who u use ur phone? I have had an N1 for more than two years still looks good as new, well protected with a case and screen with no issues that stem from me using the phone that long. 

    • Dakota

      Yep, Im one of those who wants an iphone for that very reason.  My phone has been turning on and off and not even turning on even tho the battery is fully charged for the last18 hours and still going…I may have to put the Sim card in an old feature phone for a month till I can get the iPhone ..I have no landline so this is critical, esp since Im dealing with a serious illness …This has been a problem since day one – even after trying to models…I havent added any new apps; this happens every few days but usually only 15 min – 1 hour…My phone is unusable and no cheap prices make a difference at this point, esp Tmobile and samsung have refused to do anything or give me a comparable phone…and yes, ive done numerous resets, repairs, even have been trying 2 separate batteries…

      • PiCASSiMO

        Yep, I enjoy my near 2-year old 1st gen iPad crashing on a daily basis through various apps including Safari, YouTube, and even Update.

  • mingkee

    (Duplicated post)

  • mingkee

    The forthcoming 100% unlimited internet will be a perfect fit for iPhone.

    • Dakota

      if you dont care about getting the newest iPhone….maybe good plan if you buy a new iphone, give your old one to your teenager and give t hem t his phone where you wouldnt have to worry about them texting thousands of time a month or going over their data plan

  • Can’t find it.

    I wish I knew where to find these documents internally…

  • FBE

    The math I simple as that:

    125 — 65 = 60 USD profit a month compare to AT&T

    If you sign a contract with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint you
    pay 200 bucks. The unlock iPhone cost is $650.

    So 650 — 200 = 400.

    Plus a big benefit is that you get an unlock iPhone which
    none of those carriers don’t unlock your iPhone before the agreement is expire.

     Now it is your turn
    to do the rest of the math compare to the profit you have made in the beginning.
    My only question is When I will be able to use TMO 3G on my iPhone…???

    • Anonymous

       i think it’s quite apparent from the consistent customer bleeding and lack of growth that no one cares about what you said

      • Archerian

        because most people can’t do math properly, or use plain common sense logic

  • GwapoAko

    Good idea Slick BK :)May be Tmo can do that. For example:If you bring your brandnew :unlocked iPhone 5$ = Tmo will give $200 credit
    unlocked iPhone 4$ = Tmo will give $150 credit
    unlocked iPhone 4 = Tmo will give   $100 creditTmobile can you hear Slick BK now? :0)  

    • Dakota

      Great compromise idea ; will never happen

    • bob90210

      Tmobile already does this. It’s called the value plan. Use an unlocked phone and save $20 a month.

  • Only people who use AT&T are the ones who have a lot of money (like doctors, businessmen, etc.), the ones who live out in the country and don’t get TMO, or the ones who are simply dumb enough to sign a contract with them.

    • Dakota

      att individual plan deals are better than vz which is truly the most expensive

    • Spanky

      Neither my wife nor I are doctors or lawyers. We live in NYC and recently switched to AT&T from T-Mobile. Why? We simply got sick of not being able to get more that 0.5 Mbps downstream in our neighborhood, and T-Mobile claiming that we should have the best possible 4G coverage. Our monthly bill is now $30 higher for a 2 line family plan, but at least we’re getting what we pay for.

      • Eanfoso

        More power to you, in 1 year that’s 360 $, in 2 years that will be 720 $, is coughing up that much money really worth it? Did you not have wifi at home? Plus don’t forget your initial activation fees and give up on united data lol

        • Eanfoso

          Unlimited data lol

        • Spanky

          Yes, it’s most definitely worth it. We live in an old apartment, and something in the walls attenuates the WiFi signal. Besides, why should I have to use WiFi when I’m paying for data?

          AT&T not only waived my activation fees, but gave me a free month of service. Considering that I’ve never exceeded 2GB of data, unlimited data means nothing to me. Besides, it’s not unlimited to begin with. Although I did have 5GB full-speed, if I ever exceeded that limit, it would be throttled to the point of being useless.

          So again, yes, an additional $360 a year is well worth not having to deal with speeds that barely surpass the EDGE threshold.

      • Badapples

         that kinda reminds me of the satellite/cable dilemma. people in rural areas pay satellite companies $50-$70 a month for 3-5mb internet service. with any cable company that price would get you their highest speed internet.

    • Gouv

      You know, I have to admit that I almost called BS on your overall statement but then i actually agreed with about 2/3 of it. I technically fall under the first two stipulations you made, however one of my administrative assistants has AT&T because she needs the in-building coverage that only AT&T delivers and we only pay her 45k per year so you are almost not correct but that is a pretty good general consensus that i’m surprisingly (surprising myself as i’m typing this) agreeing with.  Also, your last statement contradicts your first statement kinda-sorta because most businessmen and doctors, lawyers or engineers (like myself ) aren’t dumb!! just sayin! because my wife is an ER doctor and shes not dumb and neither am I!
      ( or so i’d like to think, at least ;-) ).

  • B.

    Thats great but it really only affects people who buy an unlocked iphone or who were aTT customers whose contract has expired, which means they probably have a 4 or earlier.  I guess some people would have a chance to use ebay or some service to get a cheaper iphone once the new one comes out.  But many if not most iphone users always want the latest and greatest – and will want the socalled iphone 5/the newiphone…and if it has LTE then that would be again something that would not be available on Tmobile.  I dont know if Tmo’s unlimited plan will force unlimited talk , or if they made a smarter decision to include the unlimited data with 500 minutes and lower the price $10 less, it would be even more attractive…and with so many savings, it could cause a lot of people to switch, esp Android users, and might even switch some casual iphone users or people like me planning right now to buy an iPhone to think twice and consider something like SG3 on Tmobile…although fo rme I can get an ATT plan for $60-70..70 would give me 450 rollover and 3gb of data which should be enough; I dont stream music or tv shows…It wouldnt give me text but Ive got an app that lets me text for free – it gives me a separate phone # that Id have to give out but it doesnt require the other person to have the app downloaded like many of those other apps

  • RJ

    If they just could get the REAL iPhone, they could get more customers in a quarter than theyve ever seen with those pricing plans…SUch a shame

  • Chickenundermynails

    This is a great plan for those like myself who want to use and try out an iphone but……….. Unless I get a sugar daddy I don’t see myself shelling out 500-800 bucks on an unlocked device whether its an iphone or an high end android device. I don’t mind doing the subsidized phone route. I just would like more choices on the subsidized front from t-mobile but other wise this is a great idea for those that want stay on t-mobile’s network, have a cheaper monthly bill and have a high end device. I’ve seen a few screen shots on instagram of people in the NYC area getting 3G on their iphone device. So I’m glad to see the reframing moving along.

    • Vacationjunky

      You don’t need a sugar daddy if you have a credit card.
      If you put say $600 on the card to buy an unlocked iphone, you will save $800 over two years with TMo. Assuming you can pay the $600 off in two years with a 15% interest rate, your extra financing charge is about $150, so you still get $650 cheaper than going with ATT subsidized plan.
      If you got a not-so-good credit, you still can get a card with 20% interest rate, it’s still much better than throwing money away

      Without doing a simple math, Americans always spend more for less, and always blames big corporations and rich people for their miserable financial state.

      • Chickenundermynails

        True but like I’ve stated before, I don’t mind doing the subsidized phone route and I don’t complain about my monthly bills.  My monthly bill is under a hundred bucks  for unlimited everything and compared to ATT & Verizon that’s great! So no complaints here:) It just would be nice to have choices in the subsidized phone world. But thats not the case with t-mobile :( So I’ll guess I’ll stick to with BB 9780 until the wheels fall off becasue I’m not switching. Either way this is still a dope plan from unlocked iphone users.

        • Chickenundermynails


        • Taron19119

          Every heard of ebay

        • Chickenundermynails

          Yes I’ve heard of it. Thanks :)

        • Taron19119

          Use it cause iphone 4’s are going for 200 to 400 cause every one is getting the next iphone

        • Mloudt

          have u ever heard of craigslist better than ebay because u can contact the seller directly and negotiate the price even lower it is faster than ebay what i do is go on craigslist see a phone i like text them and negotiate to get the best deal. and like the guy said below all i-phones 4 , 4s and even 3gs people are selling for good deals check out your local craigslist and closer to the lauch of i-phone 5 i bet you will see some great deals.

        • Chickenundermynails

          yes I’m very famillar with both craigslist and ebay. And I have taken it into consideration. Until I’m for sure this reframing is complete I MAY get an unlocked iphone, until then I’m sticking to my BB 9780.

      • NYCdude88

        how about saving up until you can actually buy one with cash? instant gratification at public expense is whats ruining this country
        Cant save you say? well i am sure people can survive without latest Apple toy.

    • Gouv

      I have nothing to say except that i think the user handle “chickenundermynails” is absolutely brilliant and reminds me of something I read that Maynard James Keenan from the band tool once wrote.  Good job on that!

      • Chickenundermynails

        Why Thank you Gouv :)

  • By the Beard of Zues

    That flyer was obviously made before the change to unlimited 4g data which takes place on Sept. 5th. Customers that choose the unlimited data feature will not be allowed to add the mobile hotspot feature. That feature will be available for customers that choose the 2g, 5g or 10g throttled data features. And Tmobile is smart for not getting the iphone. Just ask Sprint and Verizon if they wish they could go back and decide not to carry the iphone. iphone is the only phone in which the carrier pays them to sell their phone! Not only that, the company must agree to pay X amount of dollars to market the iphone on their network and in their stores. The profit $ amount per customer is greatly reduced when they get an iphone. You dont have to be a business genius to know that when you are in the negative right off the bat with a new customer, it is going to take a while before you start seeing any profit from those customers. Ask sprint why they are going bankrupt and currently have no idea what to do with the company! And Verizon had to change their plans and increase their fees to make some of that money back. Im glad Tmobile has stuck to their guns and stayed away from purchasing the iphone. Latest poll shows AT&T holds a 44% market share in Texas, where im from. With the refarming of the network, Tmobile can now attack that market without having to sell the iphone. Now thats genius.

    • 21stNow

      The flyer has a star next to the data plan in the T-Mobile column which indicates that this is the unlimited data plan with 5GB of high-speed data and mobile hotspot included.  They are trying to get an apples-to-apples comparison, as AT&T’s 5GB plan includes mobile hotspot.

      I doubt that VZW or Sprint regret the decision to carry the iPhone.  Does it cost them more than they would like, probably.  But if you were a cellular service provider in the US over the last five years, which one would you want to be more like, AT&T or T-Mobile?  Most would want the success of AT&T (which carried the iPhone) over the status of T-Mobile (which doesn’t carry the iPhone).

      • kalel33

        For how many hundreds of millions of dollars Sprint loses each and every quarter would make me want to own T-mobile, without the Iphone, than Sprint, with the Iphone.  I’ll be surprised if Sprint lasts 2 more years with the losses they’ve had in the last couple of years.

        • 21stNow

           Many of those losses have come from things not related to the iPhone, especially since they only started carrying the iPhone last year.  Sprint had many other costs associated with maintaining then drawing down their IDEN network.  There were also costs associated with the Sprint/Nextel merger.  Sprint has had a lot of financial challenges in the past that had nothing to do with an iPhone.

        • J-Hop2o6

           Correct, but now its even worse with the iPhone. Sprint has been in the red for awhile now. How long can they be in red, especially with the iPhone sucking them dry, and Sprint wont see nice results from the deal until 2014. That’s a long time.

        • Gouv

          Tmo has also been in the red almost… Ironically they are more in the magenta range in terms of teetering on “super poor performance”.  The churn they get quarterly is very disruptive to profits.  Especially when they lose about 500,000 customers and gain 250,000 less sticky and less profitable prepay customers.  That kind of displacement of customer type can wreak havoc on their overall growth.  Also, take into consideration that the assholes DT are probably going into the tmo cash register and just yanking out cold hard cash as they see fit.  That to me is probably the most problematic element of all this.

    • enoch861

      Last time I used an unlocked iPhone 4S with T-Mobile I tethered just fine on the 200mb plan using the built in WiFi tether. It worked flawlessly.

  • timmyjoe42

    Is T-Mobile going to be selling unlocked iPhones or unlocking people’s AT+T phones to add incentive to go with Apple?

  • Gouv

    Good. For this to really be awesome they need to offer the device unlocked themselves. It’s too risky IMO to trust the consumer to go trough with their part outside of tmobiles selling presence. Maybe if tmo markets the hell out of it they can make it happen without selling it in their stores or online. Still I’m hoping for their sake that they offer this thing in the store and non-subsidized at some point.

  • Delonta06

    T-Mobile and Apple should get together under a temporary partnership. Why? For Apples benefit, it would bring more traffic to their site so they could Upsell more unlocked iPhones (more profit) and 3rd party items(more profit) and add-ons (more profit). For T-Mobiles sake, it will give people who want to have the choice of seamlessly transferring to T-Mobile(wider availability). If they had an option to buy the unlocked iPhone and then get their number transferred to T-Mobile with a plan that cost half the amount of their current, how would that not workout for Apple, T-Mobile, and the Consumer!

  • Well this pretty much confirms that we won’t be selling the iPhone here at T-Mobile this time either.  Despite the new true unlimited data, and the soon to be refarmed network, T-Mobile will still likely lose a ton of customers again this quarter.  There will be another flood of subscribers leaving for the other carriers to get the new iPhone next month.  Only an official subsidized iPhone from Apple will stop the bleeding.

    • Dsodroski

      Why doesn’t T-Mobile just offer to pay the difference for locked iPhones?  Say I buy a new iPhone for $600 from the Apple Store and bring it to the T-Mobile store, why don’t they just give me the $400 credit in exchange for a new 2-year plan (or better yet, extending my contract to 2 years, since I’m already a customer).  This way, everyone wins, and more importantly T-Mobile doesn’t have to shell out millions (or billions) of dollars to Apple to sell a specified amount of phones, just the ones on their network.

      • GwapoAko

        Good idea!

      • GwapoAko

        Good idea.. Then Tmobile will give you 2 year contract on Classic Plan :0)

      • fkapple

        Great idea!

      • Archerian

        Is it possible to buy a new iPhone from the Apple Store without activating it? If not, how much does ATT’s early termination cost? I’m guessing less than $400, but the device will have to be unlocked. 

        • Doublej

          Yes you can buy an unlocked iphone from the Apple Store and then throw in a Tmobile sim.  But you have to pay full price.  

        • Yozo

          Did you do the math?  Sometimes buying it at full price is the best price with a tmo prepaid plan.

        • philyew

          It’s the best price with a postpaid plan as well, if you compare the full price of the unlocked phone plus a new unlimited everything Value plan from TM against a subsidized phone @ $299 from AT&T and their unlimited talk, text and 5GB of data. You would still save over $500 a year throughout the contract term.

        • Badapples

           the craigslist prices cant be beat! cheaper than ebay!

        • 21stNow

           AT&T’s ETF for smartphones starts at $325 and goes down by $10 for every month of service completed.  If you pay the ETF, AT&T will unlock the iPhone for you, but you do have to start an account first.

      • kalel33

        The reason that T-mobile doesn’t carry the Iphone IS because of the large subsidy that Apple requires.  They can subsidize a top end Android phone for half that amount of subsidy.  Look what it did to Verizon and Sprint’s profits.  T-mobile doesn’t want the same thing to happen to them.

        • Eanfoso

          Don’t forget the fact that apples stupid engineers haven’t figured out how to incorporate AWS support

        • Badapples

           t-mobile knows their customers. we want value first. 

  • Deceptivesmiles

    This is cool and everything but how about they start pushing the fact that they’re actually refarming their network so that older iPhones will work better on the network. Even w/ this great deal, iPhone users are still using Edge. Tmo needs to hit the ground running on this refarming thing, I’m ready for a new phone but I’m not going to waste money on a phone then then they refarm and release compatible phones a few months later

    • bob90210

      The problem is customers will not understand spectrum refarming; that sounds like technical goobly gook. Even if they understand that the refarming will take the iPhone from 2G to 3G, then they will know that it is not as fast as 4G LTE (as rumors go).

  • Henry

    David, based on two latest articles you have published lately, TMO is going to come up with 3G on 1900mhz before the new iPhone, am I right? What’s your position on that?

    • Taron19119

      It’s a plain by t-mobile to get 2 million plus new customers that bring their own iPhone over to t-mobile and apple well have to give t-mobile the iphone at the price they want

  • Joelaxel

    why wont tmobile just get the iphone….. in all the commercials it s talks bad avout the iphone, but now there telling you to bring ur iphone?

    • Setzer715

       The Evil Empire wants too much money and too high of sales terms for their precious phone.

      • Badapples

        after apple gets their slice of the iphone sales profits, t-mobile would have to increase its plan prices equal to verizon and at&t in order to make any money.

  • Bronze 6

    T-Mobile should instead portray the other carriers ad greedy, then they can be able to do much much more, and get Apple to price the iPhone at T-Mobile’s Terms.

  • ______

    I’m tired of T-Mobile playing these games…I’ve been waiting for the iPhone to come for 4 years…I handled an android…but its just not the same. TMOBILE GET THE IPHONE NOWWWW!!! Really hope it comes….

    • FILA

      If you want a iShit so much by the damn thing unlocked and go prepaid. Go to ATT. You dont belong on T-Mobile if your not on Android

      • MisterBlue

        Such hatred and arrogance simply because of a phone. Wow.  BTW that type of market-disregarding attitude does nothing to help Tmobile.  You don’t lose 205,000 net customer in a quarter and continue with the status quo.

      • Gouv

        Yes, you hit the nail on the head!!! thank goodness t mobile probably doesn’t need all the customers they claim they lost to the iphone!!! I’m so glad you feel that its just the best thing for t mobile to not offer a very popular choice in the market to continue to focus on android predominantly.  PHEW!! i’m so glad i ran into someone on the internetssss who clearly understands telecom business and marketing strategies.  I thought the world was ending with all this crazy talk of iphone on tmobile but thankfully you gave me and many others a true sense of peace that tmobile will remain iphone-free and not have to deal with all those annoying non-android customers… GOOD RIDDANCE!!! t mobile doesn’t need their money!!  clearly!!!!!  I mean DUHHHH!!!!  anyone who thinks otherwise is total douche, right?? obviously!!!!!

        Thanks for the enlightenment! I’m sure T-Mobile and DT share your opinions and it’s why they haven’t offered the iphone yet.. its because they actually listened to you! thanks for everything bud!

        • Eanfoso

          I know right?! Look at how sprint is now committed to pay 15 billion dollars while already on a sinking boat!! T-mobile surely is smart, I mean why would they invest on a device that doesn’t even support AWS in the first place that’s just retarded, and even though other companies in the world use AWS like movistar (I get 3g with this company in my t-mobile phone) and I’m sure others out there that have AWS yet apple’s stupid engineers can’t seem to figure out or care to put an AWS band in their iCrap, yet small companies like ZTE already have AWS support, what a shame! Thanks for pointing out the obvious man although I did need to clarify to you and the public lol

        • Gouv

          Yeah because movistar is so massive in spain and its other respective territories. PLEASE!!! they are tiny in comparison to american carriers and don’t have the same issues as we do here in the states. What works for another foreign company may not work here based on legislation and other parameters outside the companies control. TMO is really the only US carrier that went bullish with AWS and its safe to say it kind of hurt them. This is apparent with their need to refarm their own spectrum to further make their network more friendly towards more devices. But NOOOO!! of course you don’t see it that way. As far as your concerned just because movistar does something than the rest of the world has to and Those unsuccesful fools at apple clearly don’t know what’s up, right? did it ever occur to you that the lack of AWS support hasn’t hurt apple at all? do you not get that this may be an indicator that it may just not be worth the extra effort or potential cost to do so. Tmobile is saldy bleeding customers and losing profits to the more expensive carriers like att and vzw and to the prepay carriers like virgin mobile and all the others. TMO is in the middle of the battle field with no side to really fight on. Being in the middle of this battle means they have the most to lose and its been apparent for a while now.

        • philyew

          TM “went bullish with AWS” as you put it because it was the only spectrum put up for auction by the FCC when TM needed to acquire additional bandwidth to support their 3G deployment. 

          Fortunately, technology has moved on and, with additional bandwidth acquired from AT&T and Verizon, they are now able to move their 3G/HSPA+ services over to 1900 Mhz PCS and take the competitively essential step of moving up to LTE.

          In the past, the only way to acquire a commercially-viable iPhone was to have one developed with 3G/HSPA+ services on the AWS band. That would have required a ridiculous commitment, comparable to the $15.5b that is currently crippling Sprint…which would be worthless come 2013.

          Right now, it makes absolutely no sense to acquire an iPhone that won’t support 3G/HSPA+ for the vast majority of customers until the re-farming exercise is deployed into all their main markets.

          It’s a matter of timing and sensible resource management, and no amount of shouting or sarcasm will change that.

        • Gouv

          Tmobile could likely attempt to offer this device on the unsunsidized side which would likely keep them from making a” sprint-like” deal. It would help significantly of they could offer it via a direct channel to their consumers. It was also predicted that tmo would likely have problems with popular devices because of their spectral portfolio. Either way, it would help tremendously reduce churn if tmobile directly offered the iPhone to its customers. It’s clearly had an impact and it’s almost ridiculous to think that tmobile didn’t future proof itself in the earlier on from the point when omni and western merged. It’s also quite pathetic that it took them this long to realize they had to refarm their spectrum. It’s also foolish they didn’t take part in the 700 MHz auction a while back!! Maybe they didn’t have enough money because DT rapes them of their hard earned cash or wouldnt loan them the buying power for it.

          Also I can see the sarcasm… But Shouting? You can hear me???

        • philyew

          I think if there is any opportunity for TM to offer the iPhone without a multi-year commitment that has a heavily delayed ROI, they will do it. Otherwise DT will not be interested in reducing the short-term value of the company when they would still happily entertain credible takeover offers.

          TM have been arguing for the industry to back away from subsidizing devices, but as long as Apple have their hooks into the other carriers for the next several years that won’t happen.

          Clearly having the iPhone would help with churn, but it really is a matter of prioritizing the resources that DT are willing to assign. After all, they sequestered a large chunk of the break-up fee from AT&T to achieve European debt adjustments. Right now, anything that doesn’t add immediately to the sale value of the company or promise a rapid ROI isn’t going to get funded. The short term impact of the Sprint deal resulted in their stock value taking a hammering.

          DT haven’t re-committed to the US market, they’ve made a pragmatic decision that certain investments are necessary to uphold the sale value of the company until they can divest as quickly as possible. Nothing more.

          I’m not sure what the relevance of Omni and Western is? Western spun off Voicestream 13 years ago, well before it was acquired by DT. Back then the technology was prehistoric and the company was less than 20% it’s current size, with no national footprint.

          I agree that TM missed an opportunity during the 700Mhz auction, but it is clear in hindsight that DT have be strategizing for several years to exit the US market. Their investment had been a huge miscalculation from the get-go when they committed $55b to gain a US presence with less than 7m customers. Fast forward 10 years and note that the company, while grown to 33m customers, topped out at a $39b valuation. DT lost patience with the failure to make a telling impact on the market a long time ago and the global financial crisis starting in 2007 will have convinced them even more.

          As for the shouting? Well, I tend to equate uppercase and multiple !!! with a virtual raised voice. Sorry if that wasn’t what you meant.

        • Gouv

          Good response!!

          You are basically saying what I’ve been saying all along and that is tmobile is forced to tread water until DT somehow hands them a life saver. Now whether that life saver is theirs or not is probably going to be a complete mystery. I personally hope tmo gets sold and rebranded completely. I hope the failiures of magenta die and this company gets a second chance it deserves. The reason I brought up omni merger from years ago is because I still think they should have started fighting harder to more resourceful. I think the mid 2000’s is where tmo just allowingly sat back and allowed themselves too easily to fall behind and tread water. At that same point however they were doing pretty well with the get more plans and their ads were pretty awesome. It’s just unfortunate that no matter how you look at it, tmo will just have a struggling future ahead of itsel… If a future at all.

        • philyew

          While I never relished the prospect of becoming an AT&T customer, I was one of the few people over in the TM forums last year who was saying that, sadly, being taken over might be the lesser of two evils as far as the prospects for continued DT ownership were concerned.

          I was, however, impressed with the way that they leveraged the breakup to acquire the necessary funds/spectrum to enable a critical deployment of LTE. Until then I couldn’t see where that step was coming from and without it the company was – in my estimation – utterly doomed.

          It remains a struggle, quite clearly, but the re-farming offers a chance to develop some iPhone credentials and the possibility of upping that profile without damaging the DT stock price, along with the availability of an LTE release 10 infrastructure may allow them to start recovering properly in 2013. 

          The next three months are pretty critical. The iPhone 5 could kill them if they fail to offset inevitable losses with significant numbers of BYOP customers from AT&T.

        • hilalDC

          TM plays lip service to the phone subsidy issue. Do they offer an attractive plan to customers who bring their own phone? Did they ever? 

          For a long time they just put their head in the ground and kept insisting that their Android phones are better than the iPhone. Yes, all you millions of idiots who bought an inferior iPhone. Come on. What kind of marketing savvy is that? 

          When you are loosing customers to the competition, you should be quick to come up with a way to stop the bleeding and even bring more customers in. I would have offered an EDGE plan specifically for the iPhone; unlimited data at $15, and a low monthly rate for voice and text. The $300+ saved on the subsidy would have allowed TM to offer price plans that are truly attractive without taking any risk, accepting any lower margins, or making any commitment to Apple.

          Alas the innovation of Omni and Voicestream were lost long ago. 

        • philyew

          The Value plan and its predecessor, Even More Plus, have been around for several years now and cater for people who don’t need to get a subsidized device, cutting $240 off the Classic pricing over a the contract term. 

          I would say they are offering a reasonably attractive plan, worth approaching $1K over two years to someone moving their iPhone from AT&T.There are some factors here that I don’t think you are taking into account:* Apple didn’t start selling unlocked iPhones until June of 2011, at which time TM were in the process of being taken over by AT&T.* AT&T didn’t start routinely unlocking out-of-contract devices until April 2012.* Despite these factors, TM were reporting over a year ago that they had more than 1 million iPhones in use on their network, which at the time would have been over 10% of the total number of smartphones on the network. 

        • hilalDC

          (posting my reply to an earlier message for legibility)

          The Value plan and its predecessors are proof that TM isn’t and wasn’t serious. There are a lot of costs associated with buying and stocking and displaying and selling phones, plus the subsidy. All of these are incurred by TM upfront, before the customer receives his first invoice from TM. The $10/month savings on the other hand were going to the customer over a 2-year period, not upfront. $240 over two years is probably half of what TM was saving. Just the subsidy, which for smartphones can be as high as $350, was saving TM a bundle. TM chooses to pocket a large part of the savings and make more money on the Value customers than they are making on the contract customers. No wonder these plans never took off – they didn’t make any sense for the customer, unless he wanted to use a really old phone he bought for cheap or whose contract expired. 

          As to Apple not selling unlocked iPhones until June 2011, people (1 million of them last year) were finding ways to unlock their phones or buy unlocked ones. And when Apple did start selling them, and when AT&T started unlocking iPhones, was TM ready with a plan? So in spite of TM not being ready, not offering micro SIMs, not doing anything, boasting how iPhones are not so good, and iPhones getting only Edge on TM, a million iPhones still got on TM’s network. You would think that’s enough to prod TM to come up with an iPhone plan. Brilliant marketing. Glad they finally woke up.

        • bleeew

          Think of it this way.
          Supports Sprint 3G=2G speeds
          Supports T-Mobile 2G=2G speeds
          after refarm=3G/HSPA+14(iPhone 4S)/7(iPhone 4)

    • AppleJuice

      It’s not coming ! Sprint is in the air now with a deal of billions and Tmo doesn’t want that !

    • TheoneandonlyE

      I have been waiting ever since the Iphone 3G and finally today I get the 3g signal on my iphone 4s. Even if we dont get the 5 its a step in the right direction. I’ll take 3g over edge any day.

  • Gouv

    My sympathies go to all those tmobile employees in the stores that actually have to implement this kind of thing to the customers.  It must suck to have to explain this  to the general public on a daily basis and get a mind-numbing response from them like “well carrier x has then how come you don’t? i’m going to carrier x then.”  Seriously guys, hang in there… it’s not your fault your company has done this to you!!!

    I can only imagine some of you explaining this flyer and still hearing “Ok i’ll take that, can you get it for me please?”  Hang in there!! I salute you!!

  • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

    Dear T-Mobile, please provide us some news about your refarming efforts sincerely someone who hates dropping on edge most of the time i step inside a building

    • Bajamin

      Dear person,

      Please stop capitalizing every first letter of every word. You look like a jackass. Thanks!

      • ghulamsameer

        You’re not serious, are you?

        • Bajamin

          I was until he edited his post. 

  • RotaryP7

    There are cheaper plans. It’s $59.99 for unlimited everything w/ 2GB of 4G no overage single line & $49.99 same unlimited 2GB on family plans. Does not include the mobile hotspot though. You can also do a Monthly4G no contract plan; $50 only. Unlimited everything. 100MB of 4G no overages.

  • Seriously all this HYPE is growing old and annoying ! If you want an iPhone then go get it jeez this is funny lol !

  • miguelitopty

    hd2 on miui droid  2 years and going strong  not need to get iPhone  

  • Pvcpipe

    Great but in Elizabethtown Ky you can only get edge speed and T Mobile Tech support sees no plans to improve the data speed for that market.  Edge data speed seems rather outdated at any price. My 14 sales reps are just not able to do much at this level of service

  • steve849

    Are these plans available now? I don’t see them online. I called T-Mobile and the person I spoke with had nothing. I have an AT&T iPhone 4 and would like to switch 

  • Winski

    These T-Mumble clowns don’t even know if they are going to get Nano-Sims to run in an iPhone 5….

    I’ve been trying to get a straight answer out of these jerks for days- NADA…. THEY TRULY SUCK!!!!

    • Come on, you honestly thought they were going to give you an answer to any questions about the iPhone 5 and how it will run on their network?