Samsung Galaxy S II Update Includes Bug Fixes, ISIS Support

Samsung Galaxy S II owners rejoice as a brand new maintenance update includes bug fixes that will hopefully work out a number of issues you’ve had since the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s support website doesn’t detail exactly what “bug fixes” entails, but we can only hope they fix a number of the issues encountered after the anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update.

The real highlight of this update is the ISIS/NFC update which tells us that a planned Project ISIS launch is certainly still on the schedule. Still, it’s hard to know what the inclusion of the ISIS/NFC update really means, but we’d be curious to see what comes up on your device with the new update installed. Do send us some pics if you come across anything after updating.

Hit the T-Mobile link below for all the update details, which will be processed through Samsung’s Kies software and your PC.


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  • Trevnerdio

    Will ISIS manage to go anywhere before I die?

    • None

      Well, that really depends on when you plan to die now doesn’t it.

      • Trevnerdio

        Touché, sir.

  • Steve102680

    Do you think it has something to do with the Apple case?

    • Trevnerdio

      Almost always does…

      • Steve102680

        Great so pinch to zoom will disappear? I use this feature ALOT.

        • No, I think it has something to do with all the complaints this phone suffered after the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if something lawsuit related ends up in this update.

        • Trevnerdio

          Yeah makes sense.

        • Steve102680

          OK. So we shouldnt see any changes that Apple wants until the appeal gets denied?

        • Trevnerdio

          It would probably take awhile for Samsung yo push out an update to fix the software related issues, but if it comes down to a ban or update, they’ll push it out asap. I don’t know anything for certain, sorry.

        • fixxmyhead

          i sent u this tip :(

        • Trevnerdio

          No, if I’m not mistaken, pinch to zoom is an AOSP feature put forth by Google. If Apple had a problem with it, they’d have to take it to Google.

    • Bkg Brett

      The lawsuit ended Friday and they have an update ready for Tuesday? LOL everyone know that T-moble could never be that fast with any update

  • Paul

    SSsssssoooooooo you’re saying it’s still sitting on 4.0.3? 

    Could care less about the ISIS garbage, I want a 4.1.

    • anonymous

      No. Read. It will remain at 4.0.3

      • Zimme71

        I’ve done the update, and it’s showing to be 4.0.4 for me…

        • anonymous

          Not debating the issue or saying you’re wrong, but going from the official update change-log above, it states 4.0.3

        • Luis Medina

           mine also says 4.0.4

        • anonymous

          Have you or anyone read the above posts? I’m not dismissing the fact that the update IS 4.0.4, all I’m stating is that the ABOVE OFFICIAL CHANGE-LOG SAYS 4.0.3. Trust me, I believe you guys, and I have updated my device too and it IS 4.0.4. I clearly said the change-log is incorrect. At the time of the post from the OP, nobody had update yet, so all I said was “No. Read. It will remain at 4.0.3” I had 4.0.4 on my GNex a while back, as I also stated above, and it’s merely a maintenance update, rather than a full OS overhaul.

        • Mathisal

           Mine is also showing android version 4.0.4

        • anonymous

          Then clearly whoever made this change-log, is wrong. It’s not a typo, either. It says 4.0.3 many times, for that to be the case. Based off my GNex, the 4.0.4 update from 4.0.3 when it rolled out, was just minor bug fixes, but nothing major or drastically different. Still has flaws here and there. More than likely, this device, in which I also own, if it is receiving 4.0.4 now, which is just small tweaks, means it probably will not receive JB 4.1. Especially once all the Apple stuff is settled, and depending on what Samsung will be forced to remove/alter.

        • Jose Hernandez

           What? dude, Samsung is already working and testing the JB 4.1 update of this phone. Where on earth did you get your information from?

        • anonymous

          No, you’re wrong. Samsung is working on the JB update for the S3, and that has been confirmed. The only things that have been said for the S2, is that it has been going through testing to see IF it would be stable enough on the device. The S2 has NOT been confirmed anywhere to be getting JB, and some articles are talking about “Value Packs” for S2 users if JB doesn’t go official for the device, it may get SOME of the JB features but lack others. Where do you get your info from? Please, provide a few links that confirms the T-Mobile S2 is testing JB (and not testing for stability, but that the firmware itself right now is running perfectly fine) and that it will be an official update. S3 is a different story, but not the 2.

        • briankh

          Mine shows 4.04 too.

  • Ernie D.

    Any updates for the HTC Sensation coming around soon? Would love to get rid of the bugs from upgrading to ICS.

  • jazz

    Thank god. My phone has been freezing every couple of hours since I”ve updated to ICS. Hopefully this fixes the problems.

    • Nehemias Rodriguez

      It definitely fixes all the bugs and problems we all have or had when upgrading to ICS 4.0.3. but the update to ICS 4.0.4 is well worth it.

  • Jason Bevers

    Pinch to zoom still works. My security pattern is different as well as the browser and notification bar.

  • Jason Bevers

    And it’s 4.0.4. At least that’s what my phone says.

  • None

    I am afraid your phone will no longer be square with rounded edges after this update.  Sowry.

    • Dfireballwow

      When I updated mine. when I rebooted the phone an apple all the sudden a paired and now instead of the Android man blasting off. Now it is the apple. What gives?

  • Nearmsp

    This is one update I am not going to download. The current case has been going for some time and both Google and Samsung have seen the list of patent violations filed by Apple. I would not be surprised in order to reduce the penalty, Google and Samsung remove some of the features. I use both  iOs and Android and do know both have copied each other’s features. No doubt Samsung has done the bulk of the copying. I hope these giants work something out between themselves and buy the patent for use rather than confront each other.

    • Jose Hernandez

       Oh, My, God!! they fixed some issues and improved performance with this update. Did not remove anything.

    • TBN27

      This has nothing to do with that. What you are fearing comes at a later date for samsung is working on updates to deal with the apple patent issues.

  • Nehemias Rodriguez

    This update is a MUST!! i just did it on My and my friend GSII and its way faster and better.

    Noticeably FasterAndroid OS bug fixed (in battery stats)Long-pressing on a blank spot on the last page of app tray bug is goneNew Radios. 3G/4G switching MUCH better. Don’t even notice it changing.Improved signal strengthNew Power Menu.Faster boot up timeAuto-brightness Functionality changed. Smooth transitionMultitouch issue seems resolved.Autorotate is fasterBrowser performance noticeably improvedRecent apps list opens fasterMiscellaneous camera UI changesIncreased volumeKeyboard fixesUpdated News & Weather app UIImproved quick controls in browser.

    • TBN27

      I plugged my phone into kies and there
      Wasn’t an update. What to do?

      • Nehemias Rodriguez

        @TBN27 Hey buddy im sorry to hear that your update is not working. 1st Make sure you have or running the lastet Version of Kies Desktop software and then once you plug in you GSII it will show that you have a update available to download. Thats the only it would work and youre be able to up to ICS v. 4.0.4

        • TBN27

          Hey thanks. I did had to uninstall the oldest version of Kies to get the latest version because it just wouldn’t upgrade when it was prompted. I then uninstalled then reinstalled. It again for Kies to register and tell me that their is an update and nothing. So today, i will try to restart the computer and one more time try to update this thing.

        • Sayem_work

           Clean your “C” drive of your computer. then reboot..

        • TBN27

          Will try. Thanks.

      • Sayem work

         please update your Kies. install latest version of kies. you will get the update if you have samsung T989 from T-mobile. :D

  • Mirad77

    Galaxy tab 10.1 T-Monile?

  • TBN27

    I just looked at the picture above and it says that my build will get it OTA

  • Hate_Apple

    I did this update and i am so happy my samsung S 2 changed into IPHONE 5 i am so happy after the update 

  • unfaix

    More like they’ll remove multitouch scrolling, end of list bounce back.  They haven’t updated this phones in a long time, and how after the apple v. samsung case, a new update comes out to an outdated phone?

    • Dumbazz

      You think in 2 days they put an update out? Seriously? Dude time to remove that Apple Tin Foil Hat. What the F is wrong with some of you on this forum?

  • kev2684

    when will isis be available to public? do they have support on paypass like google wallet?

  • Dumbazz

    Some of your are FRIGGIN DELUSIONAL if you think this has anything to do with the Apple V Samsung case! 

    Seriously time to stop or start taking your meds!! 

    • Dumbazzz

      It seems that youre always lurking around, what give?

      • Dumbazz

        I don’t know guess maybe it’s because I read this blog. CRAAAAAAZY I know. 

    • Guest911

      Dang dumbazz, you making sense yo? These android loving drones see conspiracys everywhere.

  • Tmonews

    I’m so glad they did this update today, for several reasons. The phone is so much more stable for me now. It used to cause crashes to my Win7 computer when I had them connected. And it would freeze on several apps that did not have that issue on my older android phones. Also I’m VERY pleased to see the dialer now has the contact button at the top along side the other buttons Keypad, Call Log, Favorites, and NOW Contacts too! Yeah!

  • yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Finally !!! My Galaxy S II was acting like a piece of shit since I updated it to ICS Andriod 4.0  All kinds of bugs, music stop playing randomly, UI Crashing ughhhhhhh !! Hopefully all that will end once i update my GSII :)

    • Nehemias Rodriguez

      YES it will… becuz this Update fix alot of it for me. I love ICS 4.0.4 but i would of have luv a JB update better

  • Geniuzmusic

    Has anyo noticed you can’t take screenshots anymore? The power button + volume down button combination isn’t working for me.

    • Steve102680

      Thats because you need to hold home and power button. That changed with first ics dl

      • Geniuzmusic

        Actually that was the original way (home + power button) … the first ics update brought the power + volume screenshot. But regardless, both way don’t work now.

        • Geniuzmusic

          At least that’s how my phone responded to the first update.

        • Steve102680

          No change for me. I think it takes just a bit longer.

  • Dumbazz

    Bummer after the update it erased or did something to my SD card. It says it is blank but will read my other ad card. Bummer

  • Steve102680

    Could this mean jb is on its way?

    • Nehemias Rodriguez

      I really hope so…

  • Hildebrando Reyna

    I can’t do a screen capture…any suggestions?
    …Thank you Dumbazz…Home and Power takes a screen capture.

  • Steve102680

    I dont understand why people are havig screen shot issues. I take a little longer but still home+power

  • Jessy

    Screenshot for me on gs II is volume down button and power button, hold them down together

    • Nehemias Rodriguez

      Its both Vol. Down & Power Button Or Home Button & Power Button.

  • Davcole115

    Well I have definitely noted that it says 4.0.4 and while my Facebook froze, I haven’t experienced freeze on any of the other apps, nor did it do a random reboot!

    Like others, I still can’t seem to get this screenshot working!

  • Ungibbed

    Going to have to check this out. Did any of you wipe your phone after the update for the improved performance? Or is it really needed like the jump from GB to ICS?

    • Hector

      did not do a wipe just did the update and all went good with no problems at all and it just a bug fix lol apple bugs.

  • Haverhill_John

    I noticed that the bounce-back on lists is gone. That was part of the lawsuit.

  • Dumbazz

    Home plus power will do a screen shot.

  • hector

    this was a need to ICS update fix and also apple bug fix lol, always knew it was coming seems to have put some speed on the phone, and i did the update without clearing anything just puld it in via usb with kies took abut 10minutes.

  • Josh

    Mine keeps timing out at 4% update. Tried 2 times and same thing happened, any suggestions? I have UVLE1

  • Jerrybriceno

    Cant update! Says my usb cable cant be recognized! Help??!!!

  • Tellumjonnie

    I keep getting an unknown error lost connection. any ideas?

  • DrPots

    Installed the update, and now my phone works again, was a complete waste of pocket space after GB. Now it even makes calls!

  • Asdf

    You have to DISCONNECT USB before running connection troubleshooter in kies

    • Jerrybriceno

      I dont understand? When i connect my phone with my usb cable to any computer i get a message saying my device cant be recognized!:(((