Samsung Announces Four New Galaxy S III Colors, Including Black

Samsung wants the world to know that the launch of the Galaxy S III has been so successful, that they are launching four new colors “inspired by nature.” The new colors “take their inspiration from the Earth’s richest materials: Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey.”

Elegant, intelligent and stylish, the Samsung GALAXY S III is designed for humans and inspired by nature.  This design ethos is brought to life through the new colour variants, which are all derived from man’s relationship with natural materials and perfectly compliment the handset’s organic experience. The phone adopts a pure and clear material called Hyperglaze on the back cover casing. The material’s rich properties underneath create the illusion of dual colours, adding depth to the design as well as elevating the phone’s aesthetic look.

Samsung is quick to add that “Availability of colors will vary depending on the country and carrier/retailer.” As of now, there are no definitive indicators T-Mobile may pick up an extra color in the future, but we’ve certainly had some signs that Black may make an arrival on the Magenta network soon.

See the fully gallery below.

Samsung Tomorrow

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  • A Magenta one on T-Mobile would be nice.  Could be T-Mo’s official flagship device.  Nice to see black though.

    • T-mobile hasn’t had a Magenta device Since the moto razr flip phones p.s. I don’t don’t consider the sidekick magenta version as counting in this regard, it was still predominantly black

  • Red and Brown look hideous. 

    • Kris

      A brown one could work for some ; would have to see it on purpose but the pic looked like a little wooden effect.  Black or Gray are most neutral.  Im not a red fan either; wasnt red supposed to be exclusive to ATT (even though its VZ color)?  Or is this a slightly different red color?

    • Wilma Flintstone

       Brown looks GREAT!!! Red, not so much.

  • Tom Miller

    I saw the black S3 on an AT&T commercial about a week ago before all of this was official. Of all of the color choices, I like the white, grey, and black the most. Still probably won’t end up picking this up though.

    • Mark

       Wasn’t that hinted at almost a month ago on this very site?

  • MarcusDW

    My next phone will still be a white one.  I just think it really brings out the screen and SuperAMOLED’s superior contrast.

    • Kris

      Im probably going for a white iphone myself.  I really wish Tmobile would offer one but theres probably a 0.1% chance so for the first time in my life, I will have to use a carrier besides Tmobile.  Another churn stat…

    • JBrowne1012

      I may go for all black it just looks so good when all of its off and you can’t tell where the screen ends.

      • MarcusDW

        I hear you on that one! That’s how my Nexus 7 looks, just a black slab wit a black case.

        • Eanfoso

          Same thing with my mytouch 4g! Although I’m waiting patiently for the nokia 808 pureview to be released to the market, nothing beats a white phone with a 41 megapixel (no I didn’t mean to write 4.1 :) ) camera, right? ;)

  • Paul

    Brown is an odd color to go with, but slap a case on it and call it a day. 

    The red looks AWESOME! I was going to maybe go for the white but I’ll take the red. 

    • MicroSoft was stuck with countless unsold brown Zunes mp3 players back in the day.They finally were unloaded at a deep discount. 

  • Krca21

    Wish they would have gone with a magenta. Still going with a white one in oct when my upgrade is due.

  • Tinkeritis

    The new colors don’t really help out the people that already purchased a SG3 back when they were first released….

    • Alex

      So because you bought it early means they should consider your feelings and not release new colors? Silly person.

    • Dakota

      This happens all the time so I dont know why youre surprised.  If you wait a few months, you often get additional colors or lowered prices…If you waited a little more, youd be upset cuz there will be a newer greater faster stronger phone

    • Wilma Flintstone

      If you had some patience, then you’d get to choose between these WONDERFUL GLORIOUS EYE CATCHING Color options.  Ooh look at that LADY IN REEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

      Let’s not even get started on that Classy Mocha over there, I see you Lol

      • Mark

         If everyone waited, they wouldn’t be releasing these new colors… Thanks to all the purchasers of the white and blue s3. It’s because of you that I will have the color choice that I wanted, black. :)

  • Black, just like the iPhone! 

    The Apple lawyers are licking their chops over this news!!!

    • AppleJuice

      Black is a common color and everyone can use it !… Also the Galaxy line always bring up a black one !!! The black isn’t just for the Iphone lol !!!

      • I agree with you, Apple!

      • None

        Rectangle is a common shape too but that does not stop Apple.

    • Dakota

      They just patented “Apple Black”

  • None

    Couldn’t they do a single one in something other than shiny hyperglaze?  A matte finish would be wonderful on at least one color.  Almost nothing in nature has a shiny glaze.  While colorful, most things in nature are matte.  On a hot summer day, that phone will slip right out of your hand.  Obvious answer is to by a case, right?  Well, then that defeats the purpose of colors in the first place.  Make a matte option!!

    • None


  • Niri

    Marble white is still the most beautiful one :)

  • Josue

    “the Samsung GALAXY S III is designed for humans ” i thought it was for cats

    • nycplayboy78

      It was designed by our feline overlords for us :)

      • vit137

         If only it came with a laser pointer.

        • nycplayboy78

          That would be too much for our HooMan minds to wrap around…

      • Josue

        the LOLcats are comin 2 get us

        • nycplayboy78

          Too late they are already here….LOLCATS!!!!

  • Dakota

    Tmobile should definitely do this; theyd be stupid if t hey dont.  I dont understand why they never ask for some Magenta accent.  Now most people wont want a magenta phone but there could be something magenta tastefully placed.  It seems with allth ese phones, if you wait a fw months, youll get more choices, whether its colors or lower prices.  I havent seen the gray but Id definitely want a black or white – didnt like the blue

    • Lannyfilmer

      I’d LOVE a Magenta phone.  That’s one reason I wanted the N9.  It had MeeGo and it was in Magenta.  Magenta is my Favorite Color.

  • VJK

    So what are the odds Tmobile will disappoint again and not offer most if not all of these colors.  If they offer the black, we’ll be lucky – and how many months will we have to wait?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    If these come to Tmobile, I’ll be getting that Brown one.  It looks sooo classy.  Like Glossy Woodgrain interior.  That Brown shockingly is the best looking one out of them all.

    • Guest

      You are so right. It reminds me of the Fender MT3G. Most beautiful phone ever.

      • None

        that Fender edition was beautiful.

  • Myk

    Wife will love the pink! I go for white!….when its free! LOL! calling RETENTIONS! 

    • Myk

       Sorry, No pink? I saw a twitter/instagram post of PINK? LOL!

    • Hirmdog48

      @Myk. You are the exact type of customer Tmobile needs to drop in order to start profitting.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Loved my merlot MyTouch 3G, I could go for the red GSIII

    • dethduck

      God I miss mine. Lost my android cherry to that phone. Had so much fun rooting and romming that phone, and it was so solid.

      • None


  • TopTechRep

    Almost prophetic!  

  • Jeremiah Harrell

    3 out 4 of the colors infringe on Apples copy rights….

    • AppleJuice

      I don’t get your point !… Those are common colors !

      • Phace_soufboy

        So is the shape of a rectangle, lol!

        • AppleJuice

          That’s bullshit from Apple !… I neither understand that !!!

  • Georgie1234

    Gray SGS3 get in my pocket!!!

  • Well What the fudge!! Got a nice white one right now but all these colors are pretty sweet!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Yeah these are great colors. I heard the Sapphire Black should make it’s way to tmobile soon. Either way nice colors…

  • ok so i see some good Apple Jokes lmaaaooo :D

  • J-Hop2o6

    You should put up a poll in here David on which color looks the best:

    Dark Blue

  • Tortionist

    It’s pebble blue all the way, although the grey and the black look pretty good as well.

    • Joseph Tongret

      I have the pebble blue also and I really like it, but i have to agree with you on the black and grey.

  • Bobblehead

    How about that sweet new LG Optimus L9.

    Sent from my TMobile G2X

    Fool me once…

  • dethduck

    Is one of the colors Tegra3+ HTC One X?
    Carry on.

  • Miguel Angel Portela

    Digging the titanium one but not enough to wait for a release or anything. I’ll wait till the OEM housings start showing up on eBay. 


    The titanium one looks sexy, period. Too bad the Galaxy Note couldnt come in different color options