T-Mobile Website Now Shows Black Galaxy S III Renders, Mystery Continues

After we posted up our original albeit skeptical post on T-Mobile possibly using renders for a Black Galaxy S III in a YouTube video, it was met with a lot of pessimism, optimism, and in some cases flat-out denial. All of those feelings may still be right, but now it’s T-Mobile’s own website that’s showing off Black Galaxy S III renders.

There’s three pictures below as well as a new video on T-Mobile’s “Test Drive” page that highlights the speed of the network against AT&T’s iPhone. That’s not what interests us though, what does interest us is the absolutely, positively Black Galaxy S III render T-Mobile is using in the video. That’s got to be more than coincidence.

In fact, we’ve pulled the video from T-Mobile’s website for you below along with some images to help you decide if we’re all in fact looking at a Black Galaxy S III, or our eyes continue to play tricks.


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