T-Mobile Website Now Shows Black Galaxy S III Renders, Mystery Continues

After we posted up our original albeit skeptical post on T-Mobile possibly using renders for a Black Galaxy S III in a YouTube video, it was met with a lot of pessimism, optimism, and in some cases flat-out denial. All of those feelings may still be right, but now it’s T-Mobile’s own website that’s showing off Black Galaxy S III renders.

There’s three pictures below as well as a new video on T-Mobile’s “Test Drive” page that highlights the speed of the network against AT&T’s iPhone. That’s not what interests us though, what does interest us is the absolutely, positively Black Galaxy S III render T-Mobile is using in the video. That’s got to be more than coincidence.

In fact, we’ve pulled the video from T-Mobile’s website for you below along with some images to help you decide if we’re all in fact looking at a Black Galaxy S III, or our eyes continue to play tricks.


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  • Mike

    It’s the new 64 gb s3 …

  • $21107870


  • Vic

    They’re still test driving against the iPhone… I already switched from the 4S to the Galaxy S III, but I’m still excited for the new iPhone because it’ll at least shut down T-Mobile and these stupid comparison videos.


      Go away troll

    • Your avatar looks like Obama! Go away little troll (both of you).

    • Android Fanboi

      +1. I can’t wait for Samsung to lose in court. They’ll actually have to start innovating as opposed to copying the next iPhone.

      • Smiceli3

        Copy the “next” iPhone?  Doesn’t that mean they’re beating them to it?

  • Deadeye37

    What I think is sad is the quote on that image “Broad portfolio of devices”.  That may sound ok, but it’s from Laptop (not a big famous tech source (unlike PCMag, Wired, etc.)) and it’s from a year ago in 2011.  It shows that no big tech news source thinks highly of T-mobile right now.  :(

    Hopefully this Challenger strategy eventually fixes this…

  • Poppsie J

    Um…Isn’t that a Galaxy S2?

    • Poppsie J

      Nevermind, I didn’t check the photos below.

  • Dakota

    Sprints latest promo..$100 giftcard for new cust pating for iphone, sg3 + others..iphone4s down to 49.99 & free activation. These r types of instant gratification promos tmo should do more of

    • My thoughts exactly! Saw that they were giving $100 dollar Amex gift cards for new customers (only). 

  • MarcusDW

    You were right David!  I’m sorry I doubted you.

    It looks really good in that deep black but I’d still get a white one because my case won’t let the black show anyway.

  • JB

    It’s just the lighting… LOL

    That is  actually undeniably black… Taking a closer look at it, as good as it looks, I gotta change my mind and say that the blue one was the right choice for me.. because it’s gorgeous. Even still.. It seems like Samsung and T-Mobile have a good relationship, I hope this ends up as an exclusive color just for ol’ Magenta!

  • LC

    I wonder since AT&T is getting the exclusive red color, maybe T-Mobile is getting an exclusive on black? That would be sweet.

  • Jonathan

    The 1st and 3rd (last) photo looks like a black Galaxy S III but the 2nd photo used as the main photo for this article looks like a Samsung Galaxy S II.  Why? The 2nd photo has the “T-Mobile” branding at the top of the phone on the front as well as the 4 buttons at the bottom instead of the 2 plus the “home” button in the middle found on the Galaxy S III.

  • Blue white or black. If you have a case I really don’t think it matters…. same devices

  • galaxydude

    ATT has the red Gs3 I just picked it up
    Yesterday. :-) :-) :-)

    • NijaKyng88

       Yea and it looks terrible

  • Nijakyng88

    This doesn’t really mean anything. I went and looked at it to see what all the fuss is about and if you look closely the galaxy s 3 is in a deep black, the Galaxy s II is in deep black, the one s is in a bright almost white silver with a BLACK ring around the camera, the Galaxy S Blaze is in all black and the amaze is in a deep black. It just looks like that was the theme they went with for the  “network speed test” page they have not like a new color.

  • Anton Yatsenko

    This is Galaxy SII guys..