Will T-Mobile Carry A Black Galaxy S III, Or Are My Eyes Just Playing Tricks?

Ok, so it’s ENTIRELY possible this is nothing at all and it’s just our eyes playing tricks on us, but that looks suspiciously like a black Galaxy S III. Now, under normal circumstances I’d shrug it off and say “nah, just the lighting,” but on the heels of Samsung’s official Facebook account leaking the existence of a Black Galaxy S III, things get a little more interesting.

What tops this off is that T-Mobile re-uploaded their Rooftop Galaxy S III commercial onto their YouTube page this week and it has absolutely no changes from the earlier version. Now, that in and of itself isn’t a big deal, but I have to wonder, with these notions combined — is there a Black Galaxy S III on the horizon and is it heading for T-Mobile?

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for T-Mobile to carry multiple colors of a smartphone, see myTouch 4G, Galaxy S III (blue and white) along with the Blackberry Pearl.

Just a thought on this Friday afternoon.

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  • Xavier

    “Black is beautiful”!!!!



  • David, who really gives a flying f*** of it’s black? 

    • Ceedubmn

       Umm….  People who don’t like blue or white and have been holding off on getting an SIII because they didn’t like the other colors?  I’m just guessing…

    • Well, some people like certain colors of the phone, so if you don’t care, don’t worry about it!

    • rawr

      My thoughts exactly.

  • JB

    I love my blue… But I’d be kinda disappointed if they carried a black one this soon after launch… Because it definitely would’ve been my first choice!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think the Pebble Blue is pretty nice looking. The fake dummy displays, like at Walmart and Sams Club, look horrid and don’t even look the same as the actual phone. It’s nice if they do make more colors but I don’t think I would want to trade in the color I already have for another.


    I ask this simple question. Who cares? Does anyone really run around with a 600 dollar palm sized super computer without putting it in some sort of case like a D30 or an otter-box? I know that If I did, the HTC Amaze that I have carried around for almost a year would have been shattered into pieces a long time ago and the color would not have mattered. My wife couldn’t even tell you what color my phone is, never mind all of the people I might be trying to show it off to. 

    • Qbancelli


    • whiteiphoneproblems

       I “run around” like that (my phone has a slim case that covers the back/edges only). I don’t drop my phone, and I like to see what it looks like…

    • JB

      I “run around” like that as well. Occasionally I might put a case on it.. but it never really stays on too long. Don’t misunderstand me.. I TOTALLY get what your saying, because protecting your investment is #1 priority, whether or not you use a case. However, following your logic all the OEMs should just all band together and say, “Hey, people don’t care about color or aesthetics. From this point forward let’s make every phone we produce the same color!”.. Just sayin’ :-) 

    • I don’t use a case on anything, so to answer your question, yes and I use some of the most expensive phones without a case.

    • Actually, it is under my impression that few people buy cases for anything more than style.  I personally buy cases mainly to protect from scratches and minor bumps, but most people I know either don’t have a case or have a overly bright and colorful one.

  • SocalTeknique

    Thats what holding from getting a GS3. Since when are (natural) pebbles “blue”? White definately but anyways Samsung give me a Black or Gunmetal version please

    • SocalTeknique

      *Thats what IS holding ME from…..

  • Peter D.

    That is pebble blue. Stop giving people fake news. The pebble blue looks like that in certain light conditions.

    • Wait wait, who said I was giving fake news? Did you even read the title? Did you even read the post? I never said this was a sure thing, I never said T-Mobile was getting it, I posed a question, not a statement. So, I’m not giving anyone fake news.

  • ….It’s no iPhone that’s for sure LOL

    • Ash

       That’s a good thing.

  • Some of you guys in here are really rude and Mean to David, if you don’t like the site I suggest you stop coming here.  

    • MarcusDW

      Thankfully David’s got thick skin.  I would be like a Troll if I ran my own site lol!

      • JB

        Same here.. Trollin’ and deletin’… You know when David’s had enough, though. I’m sure you’ve read when he puts people in place.. In my heart I’m like “You go boy!” LOL!

        • MarcusDW

          Lol real talk!

      • Aaron vita

        Lmao true .

    • JE

      Serious question: can you offer any alternatives for news mainly about T-Mobile? Minus the Android worship preferably.

      • Serious answer: 90% of T-Mobile’s smartphone sales are Android, therefore most of their phone news is Android. When’s the last time a Blackberry launched? I can’t even remember. When’s the last time a Windows Phone launched? January. Sorry, it’s all Android right now. When there is news about T-Mobile directly, I’ll write it, but you guys often miss that there isn’t 365 days worth of T-Mobile news. I’m writing about what I can, when I can.

        • JB

          *sigh* You just can’t win, David… You’re either worshiping the Apple too much, worshiping Android too much, or you do things just for site traffic. And we ALL know you’re responsible for those gigantic splash ads that take up everyone’s mobile screen, promoting VZW and Sprint…

          Though seriously, this is the premiere place to look for T-Mobile news… I can’t think of any other site that’s as good and put together as this one. I’d actually be hard pressed to say I’ve actually even seen one solely dedicated to Magenta’s cause! Not that you need my endorsement or anything.. :-D

        • This comment brought a tear to my eye it’s so awesome. It’s just filled with awesomesauce.

        • LeftForDeathstar

          I cancelled my tmobile service last month but still come to this site because its great, from the articles to the comments. David is cool as f*#k , there are no other wireless carrier sites that can even come close to this one.

        •  I just have to add my appreciation for your blog.  I only just discovered it a few weeks ago and must say when I come home from work every day now this is one of the first places I visit online now and at least once or twice on my off days I come here to see if there is any new article.  I found your blog on google when I was trying to find out about the galaxy note coming to t-mobile.  Oh and since I’m a big android fan, the more android news the better for me :)

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    You can see a lot more footage in the “Backstage” clip for the rooftop ad (in YouTube, search “T-Mobile’s Rooftop Commercial Shoot With Oberhofer Backstage”).
    It’s weird… in general, it does look like they’re just holding Pebble Blue phones; but in a few of the close-ups that T-Mobile apparently shot separately (at 0:56 and 1:17), it does seem as though the phone seen there could be black.

  • MarcusDW

    You had to have known that this post would generate more negative energy than hopes and dreams.  It’s the pebble blue in dark lighting.

    • Yeah, but it’s not like I said anything definitively, and I wouldn’t have even brought it up had it not leaked that Samsung had even produced a black model.

      • MarcusDW

        I guess that picture woulda helped as evidence.  Well I hope it does come our way in black because that’s the go-to color for most people.

    • JB

      Looking back at the Droiddog article, the first two pics look like they could be black.. the third picture actually looks very pebble blue! So now I’m thinking it’s the lighting as well… but it seems like a while back I read something that said Sammy was interested in producing more colors…

      That said, I hope the pics prove true!… Cause I’ll soooo snap it up in a heartbeat! :-)

  • Guest

    I hate that stupid. Commercial. Like people just
    Hangout on rooftops and dance and act like there
    So damn cool. T-Mobile needs to make realistic
    Commercials not Carey hangout send picture texts.

    • JB

      Actually in some of the major cities, they have rooftop parties/concerts.. They typically happen in cities like New York or Los Angeles (actually being from L.A. I’ve been to a few) Where I live now in the Kansas City area, there’s this place called Jones. It’s a rooftop party spot with a huge swimming pool, among other things… I’ve yet to go to one, but it’s K.C. So I’ve heard good and bad things about it.. LOL

      Though honestly, touching more on the commercial.. I’m baffled as to why Carly is the only one in a black/pink leather motorcycle garb… She could’ve at least had a sleek black party dress… but I digress

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        Haha, haven’t you seen this commercial — the rest of her wardrobe is all pink dresses: 

        • JB

          Haha.. Yea I’ve seen that one :-) Though the kind of dress I’m talking about long, sleek maybe open back with a slit up the leg … or something like that. Or maybe I’m just over thinking this! HAHA

      • ellett

        Kansas City, huh? You must be drooling over that Google Fiber. Color me jealous.

        • JB

          You just don’t know.. You just don’t know!I can’t wait till they get to my neighborhood to install it!!

      • galaxydude

        What happened to you’re buddy

    •  me and my friends have hung out on rooftops, it does happen you know.  Just because you never do that doesn’t mean others do not.

    • Leolez1983

      teach me master, teach my how realistic is Verizon’s commercial.

      • Guest

        “ATT” COMMERCIALS are very realistic and so are Verizon’s. Not
        Some silly chick who can’t even ride a real motor cycle.

        • JBLmobileG1

          Funny. I remember reading a little article about Carly, and if I am not mistaken, she is more of a chick who rides a bike than one who wears a polka dot dress like the past commercials. As for any wireless phone commercials… most aren’t really realistic… just thinking about some of them from the past makes me laugh at your statement.

    • Guest

      Actually there are rooftop clubs that people hangout and dj’s and bands play at them and girls do hangout there and prolly do take pics and send to friends. Not sure what little hick town u live in, but it sounds like u need to get outta your momma’s basement once in awhile.

      • Guest

        Why what’s wrong with living on a ranch I luv it.I am sick of these city slickers thinking that there so damn cool because they live in the big city’s.

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        • JB

          There are ranches in West Palm Beach?

        • Guest

          There sure are you ever been to Florida.?

        • JB

          Miami and Sarasota… And that was legit question, by the way and not a dig :-)

        • mreveryphone

          Did you just call us city slickers? What are you still in the 90’s?

  • Christopher L. Roberts

    Seriously? All of you who constantly come into Tmonews.com and bash David really need to get yourselves a hobby!! I come in here on a daily hoping to read about what T-Mobile is quite possibly up to.. David shares various information that helps all of us in many ways and the site serves as an easy access portal to what we may not know.. He is NOT! a T-Mobile representative (to my knowledge) and as all of you should know Tmonews.com is an Unofficial T-Mobile page.. I suggest you thank him more often for what he does and the time he takes to provide whatever information he can!.. With that said, Thank you Mr.Beren…..

  • Christopher L. Roberts

    Seriously? All of you who constantly come into Tmonews.com and bash David really need to get yourselves a hobby!! I come in here on a daily hoping to read about what T-Mobile is quite possibly up to.. David shares various information that helps all of us in many ways and the site serves as an easy access portal to what we may not know.. He is NOT! a T-Mobile representative (to my knowledge) and as all of you should know Tmonews.com is an Unofficial T-Mobile page.. I suggest you thank him more often for what he does and the time he takes to provide whatever information he can!.. With that said, Thank you Mr.Beren…..

  • Geeeeee III

    Just get a nice black case….I know, “I wanna go naked”….

  • ellett

    Black has been sighted several places, so why not T-Mobile? Besides, Carly either has to carry black or magenta.

  • FILA

    why not, ATT has the exclusive red color S3

  • kod


  • Ben4UNYC

    I would buy the BLACK!

    • Farhan

      Always bet on black!

  • Ural

    With Samsung Youm flexible and unbreakable screens just around the corner (most likely the end of this month), there is no need to wait for a Black Galaxy S3. I rather have A 3D flexible screen phone. It makes all other phones obsolete!

    • kod


      • Ural

        Lol its called Galaxy Note 2, and you are no go, as you never went to really look it up.

  • Adrianr514

    What a quagmire of epic proportions have my pictures started lol honestly 95% of you complainers are just like the people complaining about other peoples posts on facebook. if you dont like it you dont care about it guess what dont read it or visit it!!

  • I think the pebble blue is the best color, by far. Very nice color on a phone.

  • Todd S.

    Would the ATT Galaxy S3 work on Tmobile?  For 199 + 325 eTf = 525 for the phone , which is cheaper than most…but i guess maybe even if it did; att might not unlock it for you if you cancel huh?  oh well , was just a thought.  I dont know where to get a tmobile sg3 to use on prepaid…Thats what my cousin wants…and everything on amz and other sites seems to be european versions that dont ahve a warranty and they tell me they wont work with tmobile.

    • Mloudt

      go on craigslist and yea u wont get a warranty but u get the sg3  like you want for you cuz 

      • Todd S.

        but i keep being told those wont work on tmobile…that they are european versions that arent compatible…every seller on amazon and  including amazon itself and tmobile reps have told me those wont work

        • Bronze 6

          They CAN work in CERTAIN regions where they have moved HSPA+ to 1900Mhx, like NYC where i get 4G on my GNex.

    • MastarPete

      I’ve seen others ask that as well so it got me wondering too. after looking into it, it’s really a mixed/complicated answer and depends on what you want to be able to do. According to this thread on XDA >http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1744319< yes it could technically work, but you'd only get 4g if you live in an area that has been refarmed for 1900mhz HSPA+. Since Tmobile doesn't have LTE deployed anywhere there's no guarantee the LTE radio in the ATT variant would work on Tmo without needing some kind of reflash, and there's no guarantee a reflash will become available or be possible. Not to mention a reflash would most likely void your warranty.

  • JOHN

    samsung has an announcement coming with boost and virgin so maybe theyre getting the sg3 too.  doest make sense that att got red since thats verizons color.  has tmo ever made a magenta phone? i guess only tween girls might like that though

  • mreveryphone

    Kinda off topic but I have a unlocked gs3 with my tmo sim in it and today I looked at my phone and had 4g in my status bar with att at the top? my in Kansas City MO. Has anyone else with a unlocked phone seen 4g pop up on their phone?

  • Vecl6
  • MagentaMadness

    Once you put a black cover on it, it becomes black.

  • Jamen001

    Apparently the unlocked version is already up for preorder. http://androidomedia.com/black-samsung-galaxy-s3/

  • Bronze 6

    Likely. ATT got Verizon’s color, T-Mobile getting Sprint’s Color.