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Will T-Mobile Carry A Black Galaxy S III, Or Are My Eyes Just Playing Tricks?

Ok, so it’s ENTIRELY possible this is nothing at all and it’s just our eyes playing tricks on us, but that looks suspiciously like a black Galaxy S III. Now, under normal circumstances I’d shrug it off and say “nah, just the lighting,” but on the heels of Samsung’s official Facebook account leaking the existence of a Black Galaxy S III, things get a little more interesting.

What tops this off is that T-Mobile re-uploaded their Rooftop Galaxy S III commercial onto their YouTube page this week and it has absolutely no changes from the earlier version. Now, that in and of itself isn’t a big deal, but I have to wonder, with these notions combined — is there a Black Galaxy S III on the horizon and is it heading for T-Mobile?

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for T-Mobile to carry multiple colors of a smartphone, see myTouch 4G, Galaxy S III (blue and white) along with the Blackberry Pearl.

Just a thought on this Friday afternoon.

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