Apple Seeks To Ban T-Mobile Galaxy S II, Galaxy S 4G

Here we go again today as another piece of news arrives courtesy of the Apple, Samsung court decision as Apple tells the court which devices it would like to ban in the US. As it stands, the list is set at 8 devices with two T-Mobile models now listed: the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S 4G. Apple is wasting no time in identifying the products it will go after, even as the 8 devices is a smaller number than the total number of devices Samsung was found guilty of infringing upon. Even more notable is the idea that at least some of these devices are no longer on store shelves.

Even with a court decision already rendered, with Samsung’s promise to appeal, this story looks primed to continue on with full force.

The Verge

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  • Supermansdad79

    Does this mean that any S2’s out will be considered higher in value or less??

  • coolmen777

    The only thing I can tell from this list is that it was created pre Galaxy SIII release or announcement.  Apple knew it all along they will win the case and put the list early on!  I bet it will be updated to include new flagship devices, like Nexus and SIII.  Or maybe big brother Google got involved behind the scenes.  Let the conspiracy theories come out! 

    • Spanky

      There already was a short-lived ban on the Galaxy Nexus, resulting from the lawsuit over the universal search patent. Google killed universal search as part of the Jellybean update, and the phone quickly went back up for sale.

  • Steve102680

    @superman Hopefully it will be considered a collectors item.

  • Red

    luckily, S3 Note1 and Note2 are NOT in the ban list…yoohooo…

    • Cameron W3st

      Because the list was made before these models were released…You can bet that those devices will be added to the ban list…

    • Mplovan

      They were not part of this suit. The S3 and Galaxy Nexus are part of the suit scheduled for next year.

  • Epic4G

    I can’t believe Apple hasn’t gone after their worst nightmare: the Galaxy S3.

    • Spanky

      They can’t – the GS3 was designed by Samsung’s lawyers to avoid an Apple lawsuit. Note how quickly an update was released to kill universal search. Believe me, if Apple could, they would definitely go after the GS3.

    • Eanfoso

      They can’t, the infringed patent is about design, the galaxy s3 is more of an oval/elliptical shape, this is actually more of a sony ericsson xperia arc design.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Fucking Apple this is getting out of hand

    • Badapples

       this is what i’m hoping for. public backlash against apple  i hope this greedy lawsuit explodes in their face and hurts their sales

  • ceegii63

    wow ban the phones no one cares about anymore, GJ Apple!

  • Ok, so will APPLE enforce carriers to disable devices or just forbid future sales?

  • souggie

    I will proudly flaunt my s2 and DARE any apple bastard to stop me! Apple can kiss the crack of my you know what.

    • Guest


      • souggie

        If you’re going to clown…PLEASE learn to spell…and I’ll need you to learn your anatomical parts because something is VERY wrong if you don’t know the difference between a crack and a COOCHIE by now. Justsaying

        • George


  • 21stNow

    People, please be realistic.  No one is coming to your home or job and demanding that you turn over your Galaxy S II.  No one is going to stop the carriers from servicing your devices.

    • Im sure this is extremely unlikely but I read one report said that technically Samsung could be forced to send software updates that would remove the features that violate the patents.  I dont know.  Maybe we’ll be seeing phones in the shapes of triangles and ovals in Samsungs future.  I admit I dont know a lot about all this but what was startling to me was the photo of Samsung phones pre2007 and post 2007 – that was shocking and an obvious copy of Apple…Plus those internal Samsung memos about copying iphone features and Google telling them to not make it as close to iphone were also very damaging acc. to the jury members.  Samsung will appeal and its still unclear what effect if any this will have to consumers…I dont know if thats all up to the judge or what – and this only affects the US

      • 21stNow

        Updates to remove patent violations are possible, as that is what happened with the Galaxy Nexus.  My point was that existing Samsung phones would continue to work and be used.  No one is confiscating them.

        The evidence as presented was damaging to Samsung.  This is part of the reason that they want to appeal the verdict.  While there were several post-2007 phones that resembled the iPhone, there were also pre-2007 Samsung phones that “resembled” the iPhone, even though the iPhone was not out yet.  For some reason, the photos of those phones were not allowed in as evidence for Samsung.

  • Bangincrazy

    Take all your android devices to an apple store and tell them its not working. When the rep tells you its not an iPhone tell them that the rest of their company couldn’t tell the difference

    • Eanfoso

      Lol you made my day lmao

    • Kyoshiro82

      Lol I am soooo for this!!!!!

    • Piotr Madej

      Pure epicness

  • Kyoshiro82

    The note is not the same!

  • guidomus_maximus

    Free the Galaxy 8!  Down with Apple!

  • Johns 113

    In other words, the mighty Apple is afraid of a little yankee competition to their empire??? I don’t buy Apple products

  • Why the galaxy2 and not the galaxy3, which I assume is the most popular one right now.  Doesnt it violate the same patents?   David, I know you tested Android and liked a lot of it, but if I recall youre still using iphone as your primary device even though I assume youre on 2G speeds with Tmobile.  Im consideriing an iphone…Do you recommend it?  Ive read the typical downsides of no large screen, no widgets, less customization etc but everyone with an iphone I know seems rather happy and since I now have a Mac, it makes even more sense.  For some reason though my gut tells me that Android will destroy the iphone in a few years; I just dont see Apple staying as strong…but what do I know except my Android experience has been full of trouble

    • Kyoshiro82

      Its personal preference both is can do the same thing but both focus on a different view and type of person. Freedom vs locked down!

    • Honestly, I haven’t my iPhone in a long time other than to do some basic testing with iOS 6. It hasn’t had a SIM card in it in a while, I’ve gone from using the Blaze, to the Meizu/Galaxy S III and now on a Nexus. Still, I’m definitely looking forward to using the iPhone with 3G, or at least having the option of doing so. 

  • TBN27

    Still love the macbooks, and will replace my powerbook with a macbook because it is time and i cam never go back to windows for a PC or laptop. That being said, i will not buy an iPhone, or iPad because of this nonsense, it has gone a bit too far. Was thibking on the next iPhone but, now i will be staunchly going with the next super Android phone all the way. SCREW THE IPHONE!

    • GBGamer

       You should try out Ubuntu. It’s Unity interface is similar to Mac OS X, (but better), and then you don’t have to feel bad about supporting such an evil company.

      • TBN27

        I checked out unbuntu and unfortunately it doesn’t work for my needs. So i will be sticking with Mac. It’s alright though. It’s the iPhone that is their bread and butter.

        • GBGamer

           Ah, yeah, I understand. I have an iBook G3(white) up and running next to my primary. Though, to be fair, that is just to play Nanosaur.

        • Mr_Vault

           Almost right. Itunes is the real bread and butter of Apple. They’ll do anything to protect that lousy POS. You’ll notice that’s the common demoninator amongst all their devices. They want to control your spending habits and Itunes is how they do it. If you don’t jailbreak an iPhoney, you’re stuck with iTunes forever.

        • TBN27

          Then call me the devils side piece because i always download from itunes. And now the amazon mp3 store. I prefer it over google play because i have more control as to what format i can out my music in. For example i still like to burn discs and play them in my car. However amazon Mp3 tops it foe me for i have all types of freedom in the sense i can put it on my ipod, in my Galaxy SII, or i can make a ring tone. GOOGLE PLAY is nice but it traps it in the cloud. Don’t like. So i am a frienemy of apple. Love the mac book pros, ipod and itunes, but not ola fan of iphone and ipad. Especially more so after this court case. In protest, i will definitely purchase a Nexus 7 and Maybe a galaxy nexus. (maybe on the galaxy nexus because i feel my GSII matches it besides having touchwiz

  • why the hell do every single screenshot, example, post etc from Apple is comparing their home screen to that of the APP DRAWER of Samsung’s phone?  so the friggin app drawer is similar to your home screen when that’s the least of what consumers see smh pathetic.

    • 21stNow

      Because that gets Apple’s point across.  Just like the pictures that were submitted as evidence of Samsung’s copying in the design of phones and tablets.  The phones that were shown as the pre-2007 phones were the most different looking Samsung phones that Apple could find and the ones post-2007 were the most similar looking ones that Apple could find.  Phones like the Samsung Moment weren’t shown.  Based on this biased sample of pictures, the jury had no choice but to come to the conclusion that they did.

      Why was this evidence suppressed is one question.  Another is what strategies did Samsung’s lawyers use to mitigate these biased photos being introduced into evidence.

  • oh wow – all the phandroids and apple haters are out in force today

  • Lilt53221

    Is it me, or does apple seem like jealous pussies. They just passed that Samsung is the new king in charge. Damm apple sucks Samsung wiener

  • Solano E26

    Does this mean iPhone 5 for tmobile?

    • Whitney

       If the Galaxy phone get blocked then T-Mobile needs to something quick otherwise they are screwed

  • Eanfoso

    this is crap!! So what about our carrier? Is t-mobile getting some type of consolidation for not selling the galaxy s2? It doesn’t look fair at all to t-mobile

  • Paul

    UUummmmm…I believe I can tell the difference between the iCrap and these fine devices. Apple are just lil bullies that want to be alone on the mountain top. 

  • rwc1792

    Trial for Galaxy Nexus and S3 is on the docket for 2014, yes 2014.  Think you’ll still have either at that point? 

  • ElPatron

    This is ridiculous! 

  • Enoel69

    Boy it would be nice at some point to secure a band of their own products and see how they like it. It is just getting ridiculous. How can one mistake the GS2 for an iPhone as tiny as they are? One is Android and the other is iOS. Those who want an iPhone can not be tricked and be sold an Android device.

    • MatthewMurawski

      This isn’t about confusing them. It’s about Samsung violating Apple’s patents.

    • 21stNow

      I was using my HTC One X the other day and someone asked me if it was an iPhone.  He works in IT.  Plenty of people have asked me if my Galaxy Note were an iPad.  Public perception isn’t necessarily logical, but it exists and companies want to protect their image with the public.

  • AppleOperative

    You will all soon learn that ALL YOUR ANDROID ROBOT PHONES BELONGING TO US!!! 

    • Joaquin Melendez

      *Facepalm* you cant even reference a meme correctly please do your research somewhere else besides reddit 

      • AppleEmployee

        Your apple copying robot toys will soon be ours.

        • AppleJuice

          You are so ignorant wow what a crapple fanboy

    • mingkee

      Stop spamming!

  • fsured

    Anyone think this sales ban could require Samsung to issue new software to sold devices that change the “utility” patents in the future?  Apple could complain that millions of devices will continue to violate their patents unless software is changed. 

    • Piotr Madej

      All crApple does is complain

  • Pete Kosowski

    Caught a TV commercial last night in Seattle where T-Mo was advertising BOGO on Samsung devices.  Sounds like they already anticipated needing to clear out inventory before the courts freeze sales and they get stuck with the costs.

    • That’s actually been going on for some time!

  • MatthewMurawski

    How is preventing copying stifling innovation? In my eyes, it’s creating it.

  • Tuliom Mesa

    lol the ban on these old products are only going to allow Tmobile and other stores to sell the new ones like the sg3, more money to sammy :D

  • mingkee

    It’s too little too late.
    SGS 4G isn’t good as Galaxy Blaze while S2 is replaced by S3.

  • Nyicon86

    I OFFICIALLY HATE APPLE! They are scared that Samsung will out beat them in the smartphone industry so what better to do that a low blow lawsuit. I guess Windows should sue Apple for copying their touch screen since Windows had the Wing for T-Mobile prior to an iPhone ever announced .

  • Richard Yarrell

    Honestly I can’t help but laugh at all these attemps being made by apple to SLOW DOWN ANDROID. Apple is the biggest JOKE in the tech game they are suing over two and three years old devices which mostly aren’t even being sold in any carrier stores today. They should’ve sued when they had the chance cause if you feel a company is doing something illegal againast yours then WHY WAIT THREE YEARS to sue??? Bottmline here folks this is all about Samsung producing BETTER PRODUCTS than apple. This is about Samsung innovating products look at the GALAXY NOTE, GALAXY S2, GALAXY S3, GALAXY NEXUS these are products that make apple look shameful and small. Look at the upcoming GALAXY NOTE 2 and GALAXY NEXUS 2 and ask yourself ”WHO IS INNOVATING” It definately isn’t apple with it’s crappy iphone that makes you blind with boring rows of icons that over nothing. People who use iphones are just uneducated people faking that they understand technology. Android users are people who understand technology. They know what a kernal is, they know what a rom does, they understand what rooting is and how to root. Point blank apple products are useless and so are there users….

    • 21stNow

       I’m an Android fan that disagrees with some of your comments.  Some of the most educated people out there use Apple iPhones.  And while there are Android users who know what a kernal is, I would guess at least 95% don’t know and don’t care. 

      We are the phone enthusiasts, but we are far from being the majority.  It’s the same with cars; many people drive them but couldn’t tell you what a powertrain control module does.  For the most part, they don’t need to know that in order to operate the car (read: get to work and back).

    • squiddy20

      “Android users are people who understand technology.” Says the dope who told me 2 years ago that rooting was for “2plus year old devices” while owning an Evo 4G which had a huge root community behind it. Add to that the fact that for months you said you were “looking into” rooting first your “legendary” Evo 3D, then your “pimp slapping” Verizon Galaxy Nexus, THE easiest phone to root mind you, and never did, means you know absolutely nothing of which you speak. You don’t even know how to spell “kernel”, even presumably with autocorrect on the T-Mobile SGSIII you claim to have. 
      “they are suing over two and three years old devices which mostly aren’t even being sold in any carrier stores today” Pretty much all of the phones listed in the article are NOT “two or three years old”. How you came to that conclusion when the various US versions of SGSII were released only a year ago is beyond me. Someone needs to get a calendar…
      “Look at the upcoming GALAXY NOTE 2 and GALAXY NEXUS 2” I don’t know why/how you actually think the next Nexus phone will be labeled “Galaxy Nexus 2”, let alone that it will be made by Samsung given that there’s only been 1 (just one) rumor of a Nexus phone in the last month.

      • Joseph Tongret

        Are you seriously going on about Richard on this sight now also! Wow, you really show your young age. Please, move on and don’t ruin yet another discussion with your nonsense. You’ve caused me to completely avoid “the other site” because of your childish rivalry. I’ll tell you this, he is probably more mature then you are, and that’s coming from someone much older then you young man. You probably don’t even realize the extent of which that your ridiculous behavior bothers others. Do yourself a favor, keep your comments to yourself;-). Thank you for not peppering yet another website with your nonsense. :-)

        • squiddy20

          “he is probably more mature then you are” I’ll chalk that statement up to ignorance since, unlike Richard, I’ve never gone around screaming “piss/shit” on Apple and it’s users” (usually in all caps like a 7 year old who doesn’t know better). I’ve never said I would “push up on” (which I had to look up to find out was slang for “have sex with”) my phone. I’ve never called people “useless” as Richard has done, simply because I didn’t agree with their opinions. You can’t tell me he’s more mature than me when he thinks calling me a “college boy” (which is more education than he’s had in his entire life) is an insult. 
          And what I said above is not “nonsense”. It makes perfectly logical, and correctly factual, sense. Nonsense is claiming to “love all things Android” in one post, and saying all kinds of negative stuff about the HTC “Thunderdud” as Richard called it, in another. Quite hypocritical, no?

        • Joseph Tongret

          Let me tell you something young man, when you argue with an idiot, people can no longer tell who the idiot is. Think about that. Don’t fuel the fire. I have nothing personal against either of you, but it is absolutely infuriating to see these discussions littered with your petty squabbles. This happens day in, and day out between the two of you. There are others here who don’t care for it. Show your maturity and stop with the childish jabs back & forth!

        • David

          You defending yarrellray? That dude sounds pretty clueless in his commentary. But funny that other dude is stalking him. Crazy when people bring thier nonsense to these corners… Bad enough the apple and android groupies going at it now people with personal beefs too?

        • Joseph Tongret

          Stalking is exactly my point. These two are following one another to every corner of the android community, and they have completely ruined one of my favorite websites. I can’t imagine what would drive one to chase a complete stranger around the Web to argue with them & repeatedly degrade them? Not to mention, he references the very same quotes roughly every other comment! If their little cat fight rolls onto yet another Site, I’m going to go nuts! They should just go on a date & get it over with!

    • David

      See above, my reply to Rudy – you too are pretty clueless and my comments are even more applicable to your wannabe pompous arse. You dont really understand what intellectual property is, yet you use technical terms you probably don’t really understand. This is not just about specific phones but about stealing ideas. You are very ignorant if you don’t realize that these lawsuits directly impacted Samsung and their designs in the past 6-9months and going forward. Its obviously has worked to change Samsung designs if just superficially in trade dress and aesthetics – clearly the SIII does look less like an iDevice, think long and hard why that is the case and perhaps you might begin to understand if at least superficially what the lawsuit was about and it’s impact. Then please stop sounding like an arrogant tech know something when a technically savy person has a more sophisticated opinion on the issues of IP.

      • Supermansdad79

        And in which way does the S2 (T-Mobile) variant look like an Idevice???

      • Mawadal

        David I think your an iphone fan boy. Everything you say is biased…if it wasn’t for samsung and other similar manufacturers Apple would still be selling their crappy 3GS. Consumers deserve options and that comes at the cost of manufacturers following similar trends…if your not with it then get the f*** OUT OFAMERICA!!!

        • David

          The irony of your stupid comment. If anything it’s unamerican for you to think its okay for Asian companies to right out copy substantive characteristics of the iPhone, I didn’t declare that, the courts did. Apple is one of best technology, whether you like it or not, and it also happens to be American.

        • It’s designed in USA, made at foxxcon in China. Enough said.

      • GBjLU

        So apple is now allowed to patent shapes. You speak of this intellectual bullshit that I don’t bother to read. Rather skim through your cockiness – cause you have an opinion, just like everyone has an ass hole. I hope this isn’t David the editor. Cause we can talk about you running a website called tmonews and what happens when I get on this site? Verizon ads and you just now using an android as a test for 30 days just this year? You are the epitome of benedict arnold, let me tell you.

        • David

          If you don’t STFU I will ban you from my website. If you think this lawsuit was simply about shapes then you sir are a moron. I don’t own an iPhone nor do I own a Samsung Android. Had you read what I wrote and had some basic comprehension skills then you wouldn’t so idiotically angry. I wasn’t defending any platform, I was merely responding to some clear nonsense.

        • GBjLU

          Exactly how do you plan on banning me? You are a noob. Will I never get to reply with this name again? Sniff

  • Rudy Belova

    Apple is spending all this money to stop the sale of a phone that isn’t even on sale anymore? (Can anybody find a galaxy s 4g anymore at a tmobile store?) I absolutely hated my galaxy s 4g. I’d donate mine to apple if they forced an apple employee to use it!

    • David

      You sound pretty clueless about the facts. And pretty ignorant about details. You can still buy the phones online. You might not be savy enough to use a computer over going to a retail store, but there are still illegal phones being sold. This lawsuit was first filed to protect apples IP rights, that the phones were designed and produced a year or two ago is irrelevant. You don’t really think apple was suing in real time so that only current phones that are supposedly copying apple are implicated? Your entire comment is ridiculous. The success and intent of the verdict will hopefully discourage future copying. Dummy

      I’m not a fan of either apple or android, so I have no dog in this fight as micheal vick would say, but it’s silly how simplistic your comment was that I felt compelled to reply.

      • micheal vick


        Does the sound of your voice make you as HOT as it makes me !! ??

        mmmmm mmmmm MMMMMMMM

  • SDJB

    I AM SICK OF GOOGLE… GOOGLE have been playing the NICE GUY card for way too long. They need to step up and teach Apple and their ridiculous lawsuits a lesson. Ignoring the fact or being professional is not going anywhere with Crapple.

    I ***** HATE APPLE…

  • AppleEmployee

    Call us crapple all day long. We just KICKED ANDROID ASS in court. We will call you soon to come by and collect your Android robot toys.

    • AppleEmployee


      • mr 100% android

        Why are you defending apple? How many company make apple? Do you kno how many company make android? Lots, sony, LG, etc….. apple may win this 1 but it remaind as icrap and the apps safe them but on system 100% android. What can icrap run because android can run anything….. ubuntu, cm10, asop, miui and  etc…..

        • Steve Jobs

          STFU. Your robot toys will be in the smart phone grave soon.

        • Steve Jobs is burning in hell right now. He’s a buddist.

    • animaleyezz

       You beat Samsung you dumb truck.  I’m sure each one of the Juror’s will be getting their complimentary Iphone 5 in the mail.

      • Steve Jobs

        And a Mac for all their family members.

    • Kairal

      Don’t feed the troll guys.

  • Arvin

    apple is biting at the ankles of android like a sick dog fighting for its life….

  • Joseph Tongret

    Who cares…. Apples desperate attempts will mean nothing in the end. Chasing old Android phones? Way to get em’ CrApple, lmao! Do as you may Apple, but one thing you can’t do is change that market share, Haha! But, turn by turn navigation will probably put you back in the number one spot! Android won’t know what hit em’, huh guys! I see the fan boys are all over here tonight, with brains as small as their 3.5 inch screens!

  • Steve Jobs

    Even from the grave I can still assphuck Android!

    • Eschmidt

      Dear Steve.

      Accept the fact you lose ground against us fairly, now don’t be an asshole and accept competition.

      Truly Yours

      Eric Schmidt.

  • 21stNow

    I just looked at the list of Samsung phones from the lawsuit again. How was the Epic 4G (the one with the keyboard) found to be in violation, but the Vibrant wasn’t even part of the lawsuit? Even the Captivate was found to be in violation of patents. The Captivate and the Vibrant were the most similar Galaxy S phones, but the Captivate had more rectangular edges than the Vibrant did.

    Why am I trying to find the logic in this in the first place…

  • Galaxy SII always

    would love to start a fight but then lol one thing is for sure 100 to none wish icrap is none galaxy s 4g and galaxy SII 4g will always go on as long as its still in my hands but then if i had to turn it in it would be to tmobile with a 100% replacement for the note or the galaxy SIII, and ya come get my phone icrap Employee bring it. 

    • None

      Wow.  I have no idea what you just said.

      • Setzer715

         Agreed.  I think that is the new generation style of typing.  Too lazy for complete sentences and proper use of a period.

  • Jay Alford

    How many shapes can you make a full touch screen phone, Apple? Tell me. Hm? ONE! RECTANGULAR! Whether it be rounded at the edges or sharpened edges. How many ways can you make text bigger on a website? Hm? ONE, PINCH TO ZOOM IN ON THE TEXT! Lol, I can’t believe this. Apple, your just…I don’t know what you are, what your trying to do, but you can’t own the mobile industry. I don’t even want your laptop I’m typing on right now because of how disgusted I am..

    • Guestdroid

      let’s see Nokia phones were out before Apple ones and they had touch screens. They were the first to put a forward facing camera on their phone as well the Nokia N900.  So, where does Apple get off.  Also, not to mention the first iPhone was a home phone system created by Bigplanet that was later purchased by Cisco.  Well let’s see who owe’s who on royalty’s there huh Apple you cheat.

      • Jay Alford

        I say you go to court against Apple haha.

    • Guestdroidtwo

      follow this link to one of the first iPhones  if shows that the name was used for another device long before Apple was using it hum foul ball Apple.

  • T-MoChris

    Dont the original G1 and Samsung behold have a rectangular design with rounded edges.. Moto Cliq??? I dont get how you can patent something and not sue evryone for “copying you”

  • Kairal

    I’m going to patent a method of breathing where you inhale in and exhale out to circulate air within a human body. If any of you infringe upon me, expect to hear from my lawyers.

  • AppleScrewedDavid

    Gee David, your favorite company Crapple has come to bite the very company you made this site for in the butt. Hope you’re happy because Apple is about to ruin your site. The Irony of it all

    • LOL, the site has survived for years without T-Mobile carrying the IPhone.

      • Napster87

        don’t feed the troll, david. anyone who has the time to make an account just for that comment can’t have much going for them in reality. Instead, let him have his moment and just wish him the best of luck in life

  • Apple products are designed in California, but made at Foxxcon. In China. I think that’s all I need to say. But then again, 70% of electronic are built at Foxconn…. Still apple products are MADE IN CHINA!!

    • And more irony, Samsung supplies apple with some of its chips and components. If Samsung was smart, they’d give apple the middle finger and stop supplying them.

      • Kyoshiro82

        Then Samsung would lose more money! They should just charge them more for the chips and that would make the i-phone cost more. Less people would buy it then. :-)

        • Yeah that’s true. I didn’t think about that lol. Good point. Triple the price of the components. Excellent.

        • Setzer715

           I don’t think that would work.  Apple would find another supplier.  Yes Samsung makes some of the best quality parts but they are not the ONLY supplier.  Plus i fanatics will buy whatever Apple sells.  Dumb people spend $2000 on macbook pro’s everyday when a $700 Toshiba will do the same thing.

      • None

        Apparently you had more to say, after saying “that’s all I need to say”.

  • Calebmcpheeters

    Apple can ban those phones but that won’t stop people from buying android phones and converting to the iphone once you go android you never go back.

  • So they want a ban on older model phones? Lol like it matters, people that wanted those phones have them and as for galaxy s II we got S3… Galaxy S 4G is already at end of life anyway… 

    • Setzer715

       Actually, now with the S3 out, the S2 will run at a much cheaper price and there will be many consumers that will/would purchase them due to this.  Not everyone wants/needs/desires the latest and greatest.  The S2 is still a top notch wonderful phone to use.

  • Why don’t they spend all this $ on I don’t know bettering the world? Waste of time, resources, and simply disgusting to bicker at this comedic level after both companies receive so much success. Even if Apple creates a device I finally like, I won’t buy on this precedence alone..

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    My Galaxy S 4G… I’ll turn it in to Apple’s court appointed infringing phone collector for say… the price of a S3. Come git it. Bring cash.