Breaking: Apple Vs. Samsung, The Verdict Is In

After what seems like an incredibly short amount of deliberation, the jury in the Apple vs. Samsung case has reached a verdict. The court is reading the verdicts to the lawyers as we type this and so far, the news is really, really bad for Samsung. The future of both of these companies and perhaps the industry as a whole will change based on how this verdict plays out.


Update 1: As it stands right now, many of Samsung’s device have been found to infringe on Apple’s patents and Samsung has been fined over $1,051,855,000 in damages! Zero dollars are awarded to Samsung in the case.

Update 2:

Samsung infringed on Apple’s bounce back patent with all 21 of the products in question. For the patent on pinch-to-zoom, the jury has ruled all but 3 devices infringed, and found that Samsung executives knew or should have known that their products infringed on Apple’s patents. The jury has also found against Samsung in the matter of the shape of Apple’s products on the back of the phone as well as the home screen GUI. The Galaxy Tab DID NOT infringe however, they did find that the Galaxy Tab did willfully infringe on five of seven Apple patents.

Update 3: Apple’s iPad and iPod touch do not violate any Samsung patents in the case of Samsung’s countersuit against Apple.

Update: Unfortunately for Samsung, it appears as though Apple can stand up and yell “FATALITY” in the courtroom. They are wiping the floor with Samsung, there really are no niceties for this.

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  • Guest

    A trillion dollars?! I think your numbers are way off, David.

    • Bill


    • Jason Walker

      That’s a BILLION WITH A B

    • It’s correct, nine zeros.

      • AM3RIG

        Superior court is within 10 miles from the Apple head office. an Actual locals of Bay area worship Apple and Steve as the icons of the ‘renovation’!

        The locals make living by working for the Apple. 

        Judge and some juriors are iphone users, case closed!

    • Electricbillz

      Ummm….looks like a billion to me.

    • Pablo

       Go back to school. That’s 1 billion…ya’ tard

    • brian

      thats a billion lol

    • fifthblindmouse

       If I was as stupid as that – I would leave my name as “Guest” too!!

      • Gabrielsp85

        Lmao you made my night sir

    • E4GT


  • Guest

    also, all samsung has to do is appeal. That is bs…

  • Tminus1

    Great news! Maybe now T-Mobile will get the iPhone.

  • smithgo

    wait till the end

  • Cameron W3st

    This happened exactly as it should have. Apple set a bar that no one else has matched. Copying something is the best form of flattery…but not when it comes to MONEY. 

    Good luck Samsuck. You’re going to need it from here on out

    • Y2c313

      You can’t honestly make a case that Samsung copied anything though? It smells of bullshit to me….

      • Cameron W3st

        If you look at EVERY phone they’ve made since the original iPhone came out…it’s pretty obvious…that’s like saying you can’t really PROVE that Michael Jackson died from sleeping pills…even though they were found in his blood…

        • DeadAstronautInSpace

          That’s silly though…What about HTC’s myTouch series? Or the new Motorola Razr? Or any of the other bar shaped android devices?

        • ianken

          Look at touchwiz. Samsung phones are higmh end KIRF knock offs.

          Still sucks. But that’s what Samsung gets for lacking one iota of originality.

          The device shape patents are bullshit, however. Rectangles with screens? Weak.

          What this means for HTC is Apple will come for them next.

          But don’t count out Google. They need strong hardware partners. Their patent portfolio is deep. This shit just got started.

    • Alda


      • Cameron W3st

        Right. My statement was idiotic. Good one Fanboy

    • JBLmobileG1

      How is it that Apple takes someone to court over patents that are ridiculous stupid to have in the first place yet Apple themselves has done it to Google with the Motorola patents that they now own? Google even said themselves that Apple wasn’t willing to deal with them. So it’s ok for Apple but nobody else? I really believe Apple is buying people which I find ridiculous. I also believe they will get what they deserve once and for all and Google will end it.

      • Whitney

         Patents are just like copyrights for a film.

    • Seanmmvi

      Lol! Samsung is one of the largest electronics manufacturers In the world, they are going to be fine..

      • Cameron W3st

        Not in the cellphone devision…which is one of their PRIMARY money makers. This will change everything for Samsung. 

        • Hipsterkiller

          Buddy put down the crack pipe. Apple and Samsung will both be fine and continue to dominate the cell phone industry as usual. I bet you own a phone made by neither.x

        • Cameron W3st

          I own an iPhone. Before that I owned a Samsung galaxy. Hated the galaxy…slow, laggy, bloated…just like every other Android phone (unfortunately…because I honestly think Android has the groundwork to be a far superior OS).

        • reminding idiots

          Samsung made more cell phones than any other company in the world last year(its a fact). Please inform yourself before making idiotic comments like this.

        • Cameron W3st

          Right…and now they are going to have to stop selling every single one of those phones in the US. And the US is the only country I care about since that’s where I live…

          Seems like YOU are the idiot.

        • Eanfoso

          Dude just stop before someone besides me and reminding idiots call you an idiot, the point here was made about samsung being fine, samsung WILL be fine, phone industry, television, refrigerators, computers, they’ll be fine, even though they were fined big time, don’t forget they ruled the world twice with the galaxy s2 & s3, now you didn’t look that much of an idiot until you said you only cared about the united states, what the hell does your geographical region have to do with the fact that samsung is going to be fine?! Think before you post and ask yourself if it’ll even make sense

  • Brian Richards

    I was surprised when I heard this was going to go to a jury at all. This really seems like something more suited to judges, not juries. Not only is it too complex for lay people, the Apple name has been placed far too high in the fantasy based opinions of too many consumers. The fact it went so quickly sure is suspicious on that particular count. None of this will matter until the appeals courts weighin and I’m assuming that’s where the real (coherent) decisions will be made. 

    • karma

        those in jury are apple fan buys they think iphone is best

      • Yeah, because it’s incredibly unlikely none of them own a single Samsung product, but they allown iPhone’s. You guys are letting your own personal opinion cloud reality.

        • Steven

          Why is nobody calling out the fact that the jurors are all from silicon valley, right in the heart of apple country? Perhaps internally they’re proud of their local company and know people who work for or have worked at apple?

          Im not a lawyer or legal expert in the slightest, but I would claim mistrial and ask that the venue be in fargo or birmingham, etc.

          Uploaded using my 10.1 :)

        • Bkidko

          What makes you think that the jury members were any more qualified than the people posting here? Patent law is really hard to inerpret and even pros have a hard to interpret and it is ridiculous that this was left up to a jury, especially when you consider how silly some of the patents on the table are.

  • Hazzy

    I smell free iDevices for life for judge and jury.

  • Smiley.

    This brings a huge smile to my face. Good for Apple. Now if only would revert back to actual T-Mobile news.

    • I love these comments, I write about what’s news, Samsung is the predominant player in the Android world, 90% of T-Mobile’s smartphone sales are Android. See where I’m going with this?

      • Smiley.

        Touché. Sorry, busting chops on this site is fun for some reason. David<3

    • Taron19119

      How when 90 person of t-mobile devices are samsungs made so this affect t-mobile cause if samsung cant sale those devices then t-mobile well not have sh#t to sale

    • Bobby Digital

      I’m going to have to side with Smiley’s douchy comment a little, to some extent there is some truth to his outlook. I look to this websites for all TMO news. When TMOnews ignored the SGH-t159 until every news outlet already had a piece on it including T-Mobile’s own website it was hardly breaking news. Yes it wasn’t a Android phone, but there was a lot of info Tmonews, one of my favorite blogs, did not share until several of us complained a little about it. Sure Android is perhaps 90% of the devices on TMO, but you can’t report 0% when the 10% is still news worthy to us as customers. So yeah Smiley is being a bit harsh, but he does have a point.

  • What does this mean for customers with Samsung phones (if anything)

    • Guest

      Doesnt mean anything to those that currently own a samsung device. Nothing will change with your phone. Money is the only thing will exchange if the ruling stays.

    • galaxydude

      It means you will probably pay a lot more for
      your next Samsung device.

  • mac geek

    samsung..just appeal the ruling based on the korean ruling set earlier this week….take the appeal to international courts…

  • fsured

    I will still buy samsung products over apple.

  • DeadAstronautInSpace

    That is such BS…How can you patent a phone shape? A bar style phone is not unique in the least…I could see if it was a truly unique shape, but a bar shaped phone? C’mon! And the pinch to zoom? I have had other phones from other manufacturers that do the same thing…How is Samsung infringing, but the others are not? And the GUI? Almost any android phone I have had operates in almost exactly the same way…and looked almost the same way too…This is such crap! I was never a fan of Apple in any way shape or form before, but now this makes me sick…I will never own any Apple products…Ever! (And yes, I have used/owned one before due to winning an iPad in a contest, but it was not anything worth writing home about so I gave it to my friend for his birthday…I just think Apple products are designed for the masses…and the masses are dumb…I don’t need your software to sync everything I own to any device I own…I am perfectly smart enough and capable enough to do it on my own without anyone holding my hand or designing software that is so easy a monkey could do it…if you are not skilled or smart enough to do that on your own, then maybe you don’t need to own a smart phone…) Ok, sorry…Rant done…Courts decision is BS…Thanks!

    • Datjuliusboi

      Monopoly anyone????

      • DeadAstronautInSpace

        Exactly! Thank you!

      • Guest911

        Do you understand the definition of monopoly? Smh. Why dont more people get GEDs?

        • DeadAstronautInSpace

          Maybe not a monopoly on phones in general, but now it is basically saying that Apple has a monopoly on all rectangles with screens in the middle (which is the most used phone design of all…)

    • smithgo

      you could not say it better I hate Apple forever

      • DeadAstronautInSpace

        Thank you!

      • Bbop2927

        Same here buddy

    • Guest

       This is how you patent a rectangular phone:

    • HTC One S


  • Qwert

    Bet the jury all own I phone if I was Samsung i would not pay a dime

  • Qwert

    How about HTC noki blackberry this is why apple sucks no way will this stick

  • Taron19119

    So can samsung still sale those phones and if not then what well happen to t-mobile

  • Qwert

    If I was Samsung i would layoff all Americans and take my business else warehouse in manufacturer this product

  • JBLmobileG1

    What a load of crap! I ssssooooo hate Apple with a passion and will boycott them for life. I really hope Google ruins Apple. They need to give Apple some of their own medicine. This win also shows that having money can corrupt the courts. I am willing to bet Apple bribed every one of the jurors with a free ipad or iphone 5 when it launches. Stupid Apple who doesn’t need any more money probably just put one of the best electronics companies into bankruptcy. I really hope they feel happy about this because now they really created enemies.

    • Dumbazz

      Did you take your meds today?

    • MatthewMurawski

      Cool, more iDevices for the rest of us :). Have fun with your limited selection of phones/tablets/laptops/desktops/televisions/music services while the rest of us can choose anything we want.

      • Eanfoso

        You’re stupid, at least with android we get our music for free (gtunes) & more important, our phones don’t depend on a computer to sync music or update, that is so 2007

  • Claude

    What will this mean if anything to HTC phones? 

    • Taron19119

      Htc is next on apple list and if apple win against htc then htc well go bankrup

      • Claude

        And T-Mobile will go down with them unless they start selling Apple iPhones.

        • Taron19119

          And if some how apple take down android then then every one well have iphone and it wont need to be more then one carrier

        • Eanfoso

          Then its time to buy a couple of android handsets, since I hate ios, you can’t do anything as far as customization goes, without apps, iphone is useless, oh and david, doesn’t google own licenses to voice command? Bc we have had google voice since back in 2009, yet just bc apple introduced it in 2011 its considered “innovation” people are so stoopid now days.

  • Qwerty

    The American capitalist system is based on competition. It seems that Apple is trying to run all competition out of business. The only reason they are pursuing this, is because Jobs made it his own personal vendetta to shut Android down. I’m sure most of jury were iPhone users…

  • no2apple

    What this means is

    Apple is in trouble
    Samsung will become more aggressive
    Google will start patenting every single crap they invent to screw apple
    More motorola law suits
    Samsung will start screwing apple on components ( nobody makes displays, chips, processor as good as samsung)
    People will start hating apple
    Apple will become greedy and complacent and will go down soon
    The appeals court will screw apple bcoz the jury was biased. ( apple lawyers were not in court bcoz they never though it would come soo soon)
    I will never touch an apple product again with passion ( time to sell ipad 3 and appleTV)
    Apple will start releasing iphones once in 2 years bcoz they will think all customers are as screwed-up as jury( they might re-release iphone 3G in 2013..)
    They will have to either onboard laggy tegra or snapdragon bcoz sammy aint gonn build their chips
    Samsung staff will be more motivated to work hard and build excellent new phones that apple cant match with third party suppliers
    More people will hate apple with passion. They will stop/persuade others from buying products from fruit company..

    • DeadAstronautInSpace


    • Unfortunately, that’s the exact opposite of what it means. Google is pushing their OEM’s to settle with Apple and it’ll likely ultimately result in Google and it’s OEM’s signing a license just like they did with Microsoft.

      • Bkidko

        Apple was not after a settlement here, so I think you’re wrong. What the they did here changes the,game in a big way. The only way apple wins here is that apple product owners are douches.

    • Guest911

      Stop drinking. Stealing is not innovation.

  • Average Cell Dude

    This makes me sick. I have no issues with Apple or Samsung and don’t take side of either Android or IOS.  I have family, from my own to my wife’s, who own iPhones as well as Samsung.  I mean how much money did the phones in question, galaxy  first gen phones generate compared to Apple’s?  I mean it was not even close.  I mean come on Apple.  If I was the CEO I would be like leave them alone.  I would say, even copying us, they can’t beat our numbers.  I’m not taking sides just saying how sueing is stupid.  I can see if Samsung beat their iPhone’s numbers but really???  I didn’t have an opinion  about Apple until now.  I am sorry but they seem like the spoiled brat. I will honestly not look to buy any Apple products after this.  I know have a bad opinion about Apple.  This is bad for everyone.  And how can prior art not be a factor?  Really Koh? Really?  She should have been removed since it was made known she owns an iPhone.  Its a conflict of interest.  Just sayin

  • galaxydude

    It looks like tmobile will be selling a lot more cheap
    Huawei. and ZTE devices. Lmao.!!!!!!!

  • Gabrielsp85

    this just show how much the patent system is broken

  • nathan118

    How many of these devices are even current?

  • Action 6

    THERE NEEDED TO BE BETTER PHONES, MORE COMPETITION AGAINST APPLE’S JUNK IPHONES and  the SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES were the answer. they don’t look  alike outside, forget about inside, cos iphone is a total junk with hardly any features. THIS VICTORY FOR APPLE is BADDDDDDDDD for consumers

    • Michael

      I don’t have an iPhone, but everyone I know who does in the US an overseas love their phone.

  • Pmahato2

    What about android suing apple for notifications?

    • no2apple

      they didnt patent it bcoz they didnt think apple is this screwed up. 

    • Guest911

      That is a Palm patent. Both google and apple license some aspects of it from an indie developer.

  • Greg

    This case was a waste of time. Any fool will know Samsung copy of Apple. Lets be real, before the iphone back in 2007, Samsung smartphones were just samsung. Since then it had became an iphone clone under android os. Atleast with HTC they differ. theirselves from Apple from their Sense theme to just everything hardware and software goes. You will notice a lil apple influence in HTC phones which apple will cater to next but Samsung in the other hand just copy the whole concept. Shame on sammy. Samsung good company but bad at being innovative. 

    • steven

      yeah, another website had pictures of Samsung phones before 2007 and after 2007. It was obvious that Samsung phones after 2007 looked a lot like the iPhone. Pre 2007 they were diff shapes and sizes

  • Guest

    Samsung’s statement by the way:

    “Today’s verdict should not be
    viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It
    will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher
    prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one
    company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology
    that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies.
    Consumers have the right to choices, and they know what they are buying
    when they purchase Samsung products. This is not the final word in this
    case or in battles being waged in courts and tribunals around the world,
    some of which have already rejected many of Apple’s claims. Samsung
    will continue to innovate and offer choices for the consumer.”

    • I disagree, this will force manufacturers to innovate and create more new designs, giving consumers a more diverse selection.

    • Appleemployee

      WE WON!

      • Eanfoso

        Dude stfu, did you know there’s other phone manufacturers that also make android phones besides samsung, and that not all samsung android phones infringed the patents? Don’t talk out of your ass, moron

  • Guest

    The whole court proceeding leads me to once question…how many of those f*****s on the jury currently own an iPhone?

    • How many of them own Samsung TV’s, or refrigerators? Microwaves?

      • NYTechFan69

         Samsung Mobile is operated completely different than Samsung division that makes TV’s, and microwaves.  Apple is one company that makes PC’s, Tablets and phones.  its a valid point. just like Koh owns an iphone.  How funny she was not removed as its biased. 

      • DeadAstronautInSpace

        This isn’t about TVs, refrigerators, or microwaves though…Cell phone branding is a much bigger issue to people than TV branding or refrigerator branding etc…Very few people care what brand their microwave or refrigerator are, but cell phones? A lot more people are fiercely loyal one way or another…I, however doubt it’s a big conspiracy like all the jurors own iPhones or anything like that…But it does raise questions at least as far as the patent of the shape of a phone goes…

        • guest

          Disagree.developers often highlight kitchen brands..i know i have ge appliances and sony tvs

        • DeadAstronautInSpace

          Yeah, but if there were a cheaper fridge or microwave that was still comparable to the ones you have, you probably wouldn’t mind switching…i have never heard of anyone waiting for days in a  line for ge’s new stove, or even Sony’s new tv…but the new iPhone or iPad? I hear it all the time…our even on a lesser scale (but it still exists) for a Samsung phone etc…

      • AppleEmployee

        David please stop! You got your check from us so don’t make us reveal how you are our servant.

      • IRIE4IPIER

        STFU David. You got what you wanted here that’s why you’re posting it here on a tmobile blog where this news is totally irrelevant.

        • The news isn’t irrelevant, haven’t I already descibred in detail why I cover this news? You seem to live in this world where I can only post T-Mobile news, but this news affects T-Mobile. Whether or not you can see and believe that is something you have to decide.

          Also, I didn’t get what I wanted here, I don’t have a stake in this fight, I was watching on the sidelines just as much as you.

        • MisterBlue

          Samsung has multiple phones on Tmobile.  The top selling device on Tmobile is a Samsung product.  The previous best selling device on Tmobile, the GSII, is affected by this decision.  So yes, this would be very relevant to Tmobile.

    • Guest


    • Whitney

       I am pretty sure the judge pick someone who does not own iphone or samsung phone

    • MisterBlue

      If you were keeping up with the trial instead of being busy trolling, you would know that this was one of the questions that dismissed jurors during jury selection.  

      • MisterBlue

        Awww.  Little boy doesn’t have anything to add so he has to troll and impersonate his betters.  It’s ok.  One day you might grow up.

  • Taron19119

    I wish I was one of the juniors cause I hold this thing up

    • Guest911

      You are, junior.

    • Eanfoso

      Eh what are you trying to say??

  • Whitney

    Alright guys Samsung lost. It done. You can hate if you want but most you do but remember this.  The jury heard evidence from both sides and reviewed evidence during deliberations probably countless of time however if jury believe Samsung infinge on apple’s patents then so be it.  It does not matter what we think or our personal preference because the final decision rested on jury.

    • AppleEmployee

      Ya those jury members made BANK off the cash and jewels we thru at them. One of them wanted 3 hookers covered in blow… No problem since we have PILES OF CASH!

      • MisterBlue

        Warning: TROLL ABOVE.  

        Please do NOT feed.

        • Eanfoso

          Apple sucks anyways, their technology is so far behind android, haha I love how someone the other day tried getting cocky about their stupid siri, then I pulled my good trusty 2010 mytouch 4G and I was like, yeah, your stupid phone is 3G, we already have a siri-like technology, let’s not forget the screen size, I tried texting and omg, most frustrating thing ever!! Nothing beats swype, and retina display is good, but I’m surely not going to watch a video or movie on a screen smaller than a credit card (iPhone has a 3.5″ screen, a credit card measures 3.7″) so what this jury said, is that samsung products are just like apple products, but cheaper.

  • YoureProbADumbass

    i hope both burn in hell

    • Eanfoso

      Steve jobs is already

  • Josue

    now what all OEMS must do is patent every new feature so Apple will be screwed..if i was Sammy ill stop making parts for Apple

    • Guest

       From another site: “The manufacturing part of Samsung is different than the phone part, and
      I’m sure Apple has contracts with Samsung that would impose some serious
      penalties for something as petty and childish.”

    • MatthewMurawski

      If you were Samsung, Samsung would be in trouble because Samsung would lose a lot of money.

  • Azzofdumb

    I don’t know which is more entertaining… Apple winning or the mentally unstable posters on this forum who will post wild conspiracy theories about the judge and jurers.

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    What a load of crap!!!!! So what about HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, and the rest of them…. Smh so what’s next????

    • MisterBlue

      No one knows.  Please don’t give into the temptation of wantonly speculating like the fanboys below.

      • Youngtexas_balla06

        Lol I just hate that they allowed this to even happen, I mean they should sue everybody, not just Samsung, but oh well.


    I hope Google goes after Apple already. I can’t wait. Samsung is the best Android OEM and that’s why Apple has them in court. Sueing them over simple patents that should be standards and are in every mobile OS out there, including Windows Phone. We as consumers are the ones who lost here, not Samsung. I will never buy a weak Apple product ever. Go get em Google.

    • With all due respect, Google going after Apple isn’t going to work out how you want it. Google just weakened their position by purchasing Motorola, also Google doesn’t make hardware. Google has been pushing their OEM’s to settle for a reason.

  • Whitney

    So what going to happen with T-Mobile now Samsung lost

    • F David Beren

      TMO could wake the f up and see that they need to sell iPhones.

    • Ragnar Danneskjold

      Pretty much nothing will happen.  Samsung will appeal.  It may be overturned, the penalty may be reduced or removed.  Or it may stand.  Either way, nothing will directly happen to t-mo.  T-Mo may choose to get additional suppliers of devices in addition to their line up of samesungs. 


    I will never buy or sell an Iphone .
    Greedy hoarding company is all ready the richest ever.
    They will fail in the end.

  • no2apple

    Look at this way. Samsung paid 1B to get to the top or mobile world…. Thats a tiny winy $$$ to pay…
    If apple had this verdict in 2012, it would have been a different story. You can stop the samsung train now.. Its too fast to stop now. Just look at GS3. It will take 2 year of research, conference calls, refining again and again for apple to do something like that.

    • AM3RIG

      Dude, Now all manufacturers watching Apple for their prepare suit if apple copied any shape patent or steal a trademark from any manufacturers. you know all manufacturers LOATHE apple with their passion!

  • Concerned Consumer

     D’: Oh no.  HTC, LG, and Motorola could be next. Their designs don’t even look like the iPhone. I really wanted that One X+ and I hope this doesn’t affect my already made up mind. 

  • jian9007

    The patent system has been broken for some time now. That is the impetus of these ridiculous lawsuits by Apple and many other companies. The fact is that 9 people who know virtually nothing about patent law and standards, decided one of the most significant cases between two competing companies. I do not think that any of them truly realize the ramifications of such a judgement being issued. As for the jurors, it was said that one juror had applied for and was
    granted a patent himself years ago for video compression software at his
    start-up. This does not give him any knowledge of patent law, per se,
    anymore than you applying and getting approved for a loan gives you
    “lending experience.”

    Not the monetary aspect of it, but the rulings impact on any other companies that are currently producing similar products, or ones that will be producing them in the future. If you believe Samsung infringed on Apple’s design, for instance, then Apple infringed on designs for other phones/devices that were out long before the iPhone. Design cues are taken from other products all the time, and there are rarely lawsuits like the ones within the tech industry.

    I’m assuming that Samsung will appeal the decision as is customary in these types of case where one party is not satisfied with the outcome. In the meantime we’ll all carry on and still be able to purchase Apple or Samsung products regardless of this decision. However, in the future you will see innovation and competition stifled if these types of lawsuits continue and the patent system is not changed. 

    • cjindeed

      actually that’s untrue. The patent process is sooo long and involved, and if the applicant does apply him or herself, she or he would indeed have a pretty good grip on  patent law. Patents are not easy to apply for, let alone get. Most people have an attorney do this because it is so long and involved. If that juror had an attorney prepare and draft the patent for them, they would still be infinitely more aware of patent law than someone who didn’t develop a patent, hire an attorney, and be in almost constant contact with that attorney for months on end getting the draft perfected and ready for submission. I can see that clearly, you have never filed or applied for a patent, since you equate it to applying for a loan. It takes up to two years or more to have a patent approved, and it usually takes 12-18 months to get an action from the USPTO. Also, the USPTO’s top priority is to balance it’s actions of disqualifying applications that 1) obvious and 2) not novel while still permitting innovation of design and function to encourage competition. 
      I would suggest first attempting to be innovative enough yourself and try to patent something that falls within those two requirements and then “simply” applying for a patent. I assure you, if applying for a patent was as easy as applying for a loan we would be saturated with inventors instead of debtors. 

      ciao and cheers

      • jian9007

        You would be incorrect. I have applied for both trademarks and patents before (full disclosure, I was denied the patent but was granted the trademark). Also, nowhere in my post did I say “simply” applying for a loan. The word “simply” is extraneous in relation to my statement, as it was added, presumably for effect, by you. I said that it does not give him the knowledge of patent law. That is a true statement. Knowing what types of things can be applied for and answering/responding to the responses from the USPTO does not give you any expertise in patent law. Does he know more than the average person does about patents? Yes, I agree with that statement. Though you would only know the patent process and what it takes to get one by applying. You would not understand how the courts will interpret them, and what is needed to prove or disprove an infringement, etc. If that was true, then Apple and Samsung would only need the people who applied for the patents to try the case, and not their attorneys.

        And if you think that it’s easy to apply for a loan then you must be speaking about an auto or home loan, because I own my own business, and putting together a business plan with full financials and projections for cash flow, etc, is not that easy for the average Joe. And for the record, although my business is in tech, I also have a degree in accounting (and one in criminal justice though it’s not relevant to this loan example), so while it may not have been as complex for me, the average person does not believe it is easy.

        • cjindeed

          you’re right. I did indeed add the word “simply” because “simple” is one of the adjectives one would use when describing applying for some kinds of loans, and not for any patent. I don’t think it’s appropriate to compare these two things, and it was certainly added for effect by YOU, and expanded upon by ME. 
          Anyway, I’m sorry your patent got denied, but congratulations on your trademark. 
          Interestingly, you have added in this post the word “expertise,” however in your original post, the one I responded to, you used the word “any.” Forgive me for getting these two words misconstrued, and not knowing that when you said “any knowledge” you actually meant “expert knowledge.” You must have done that for effect.
          And again, being an average person American citizen with my own bogus college degrees and experience with business/credit/car/home/school/etc loans and applications, you can see why I would be confused about which of those particular types of loans you meant, when you attempted to draw a parallel between application and knowledge of loans vs patents. 

        • jian9007

          Agreed. I could’ve been clearer on some points in my original post. 

  • Ari

    SO WHAT HAPPENS NOW TO SAMSUNG DEVICES OR IS IT JUST A FINE?r products recalled? God I wish Tmo would get the ifone…Cheaper rates & now unlimited…so many would give them a shot

    • JBLmobileG1

      Forget the icrap and supporting Apple, they may be affecting Tmobile with this ruling. Like many said, a large quantity of Tmobile phones are from Samsung including some of their best selling phones. What is wrong with people that they are so obsessed with Apple and the iphone? I remember a while back on cnn and they had an article that talked about Apple and how the release of Apple products affected the same part of the human brain as a religion. Apple is evil… heck they are starting to teach kids in school with ipads… soon they will probably replace teachers. I think people are just blind about it because they feel Apple is so great.

      • Guest911

        Dude, drugs are bad. Say no to drugs.

        • JBLmobileG1

          Very good… learn that in elementary school did ya? I am just stating the truth. Why not look the article up? I am sure it’s still available online.

        • Guest911

          Good boy. Put that pipe down. You are almost making sense. Yay!

        • Eanfoso

          You’re a retard, apple products are gay anyway, why would anyone buy a stupid phone that has a 3.5 inch when most of the best selling phones have a 4″ screen or bigger? I had an iPhone and hated it, and if you’re still obsessed with these girly products, it’s called buy it from apple damn it you can still use it on t-mobile don’t be stupid man, I’m sure you know t-mobile is a gsm carrier, right? Do you know what gsm means?

        • Eanfoso

          Dude, s.t.f.u. No one cares for apple, we men surely don’t care, their products are girly and dumb, look at the girl to men ratio on iphone owners, I hope you’re a girl, oh, and then look up the female to male ratio on any other os, like android, symbian, meego, windows, etc

    • Hazzy

       Well, as the objects in the lawsuit either have been replaced with newer and better items or soon will be, Samsung moves on. And probably pads the bill they send to apple as one of their parts suppliers. Short answer: Nothing happens.

  • Sflpcservices

    It’s funny how you help one company get to a certain point and they turn around and kick you down.

    Without Google (Google search and YouTube just to name a few) and Samsung with their chips and components who would be able to tell that the iPhone/iPad would be where it is today. Then as soon as competition comes there way they turn around and sue the same people that helped them get to where they are today.

    We’ll I guess now they will be in the market to find a different chip set and components maker just as they kicked Google off there handset (Maps, YouTube, maybe even Google search soon). I only hope that people mainly American people, as it seems they have been brainwashed by there own country, will start to realize the system that they are forced to live by.

    • MisterBlue

      I’m guessing that’s just how apple felt.  One of your most intimate suppliers goes and copies many aspects of your flagship product to try to ride your coattails. 

      Apple doesn’t use Samsung chips in their phones.  Samsung is the labor.  Apple uses modified ARM chips, just like everyone else.  People make choices based on their own personal taste.  Just because they don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are brainwashed.

      • Sflpcservices

        To some extent yes. Advertisement is a form of brainwashing. Something has to trigger something in the brain for you to necessarily want to go out and spend hard earned money. But this is just my opinion. So I do understand that people have choices.

      • Guest

        Actually the A5 chip which is used in the Iphone 4s and Ipad 2 is manufactured by Samsung in their Austin, Texas factory 

        • Eanfoso

          Besides there’s always tegra 3 quad core lol

        • MisterBlue

          That’s exactly the point.  “Manufactured” by Samsung, not designed.  Quanta manufactures laptops for Dell, HP, Sony and Toshiba yet no one claims that Dell, etc. uses Quanta computers.  Quanta is the labor just like Samsung.

  • Civcid

    This is terrible for the consumer and terrible for T-mobile. Most of the T-mobile lineup is Samsung products. It really seems like Apple is just throwing their weight around. Rather than using the challenge to better their products and services they are playing the role of school yard bully. If you beat up every one who stands as a potential challenger to you then you cant still be the best and change nothing. It’s a lazy and petty way to do business. I’m gonna call it the Tonya Harding. If they might be better, break some knees, YOU WIN! I will never purchase another apple product ever again. 
    and one more thing! Rectangle with rounded corners???!! apparently my business cards are in danger of being sued by apple. cmon guys really???!!!

  • 21stNow

    Before the case started and during the case, I reasoned that Apple was trying to claim a patent on designs that could not be considered unique.  I made a car radio placement argument and a mattress argument, among others.

    Now that some of the evidence of the case has come out, I understand how the jury reached the decision that they did.  We have to remember that this trial was not a trial of which company makes the “best” product neither was this a trial of which manufacturer is the best.  Taking the emotions and opinions out of this and relying on the facts is something that is hard for many of us who read tmonews to do.

    The pictures found in the link below show that there are some overwhelming similarities between Samsung’s and Apple’s products once Apple started to make tablet computers.

    Phone slide pictures:

    The most damning evidence in the trial may not have come from the technical details, but from the internal emails where Samsung executives actually had slides of their products next to Apple products and suggested that they improve on their icon designs.

    For the record, my two favorite phones right now are made by Samsung (Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note).  I have owned one Apple product in my entire life (iPhone 4) and was highly disappointed with that product.

    While the verdict came out heavier than I expected against Samsung, I did expect Samsung to be the overall loser in this case.

    For all of those saying that the jurors all own iPhones and iPads, the link below says that this isn’t true.

  • 21stNow

    There was one iPhone owner on the jury.

    • Nearmsp

      And the rest Samsung?

      • 21stNow

        No, see the last link in my post below.

  • SouthernBlackNerd


    Who ever is in charge of these companies need to sit down, apple on one side, Google+motorola+samsung+htc+etc on the other. They need to come to a cross license agreement. This mess has gone on too long. Microsoft has cross licensed their patents, and are not worried about anything.  
    apple should get 10 or 15( same as microsoft gets) bucks – the rates of the essential  patents for standards. Let us be done with this mess and on to true innovation. Copying is not innovation and litigation is not innovation. 

  • BigMixxx


    I thought samsung had a serious chance, but they came back so fast with a verdict.  I don’t think it’s right to say that a samsung patent is valid, yet Apple did not violate.

    The question now is…

    What does this mean?  Stop selling these old devices (albeit me having a GSII via t mobile), ban those devices from hitting America?

    What about these processors in these iPhones?  Should Samsung now charge them for this….

    I think there is more here……

    Weird to me that the same company that manufactures the processor for many of their devices, gets a billion back…

    • Say Again, huh?

      I can’t really understand anything you wrote, what? Do you really think Samsung manufactured processors for Apple and gave them away for free? Dude, not trying to be mean, but you don’t make much sense.

      • BigMixxx

        man….I reread that…nope it didn’t make sense…

        Of course Samsung does not make things for free..

        My point..
        But How do you sue a company, that is an essential part of your product?  and How do you contersue…and be serious?

        • Ragnar

          I think in the long run it would have been more profitable for both companies to cross license, but that was not meant to be.  Maybe they can work something out now.

  • Tortionist

    This really sucks, but it’s life. Now is the time for all the manufacturers to get off their butts and become truly innovative. Time to think and do differently. That’s how you win. 

    • Jdjdjj

      yea right lets have phone manufacturers make phones in a circle shape because they can’t be sqaured anymore.

      • Tortionist

        It’s not solely about rounded corners. There’s quite a few ways they can innovate. They just need to put their heads together and come up with better designs. Apple doesn’t innovate. They just steal or buy ideas. now’s Samsung’s chance to give Apple the middle finger by coming up with something truly innovative that blows Apple away. 

  • karma

    samsung should open  stores like the apply stores in US cities. sell galaxy se and s3 , samsung tv, after all samsung has more things to sell than apple’s icrap 

    • MisterBlue

      They doing that in other countries.  They recently opened a Samsung store in Australia . . . and it look likes an Apple store. *facepalm*  (maybe they’ll learn to be original one day)

  • Dell can suck it!

    Pinch to zoom is patented. And the patent system isn’t broken. What would apple do if they could not recompile open source applications, reskinned and patent the work. Does any one remember Bsd um Osx, Widgets Or dock apps.

    Apple= retailer + ip patent law troll + design shop + software development

    Apple can rule through intimidation for a while. We have seen this song and dance from Cupertino before. Those over 40 know how this ends. The same way it did last time.

  • guest

    an American justice system ruling in favor of an American company. no surprise at all.

  • AM3RIG

    Honestly, I didn’t see this coming.. I am very disappoint in Samsung didn’t won the case. Hate apple cult!

  • Eanfoso

    So much for the apple lawyers to be smoking crack lol it’s whatever, apple sucks I’ll never buy or support buying apple products

  • Smoking crack is good

    This just shows that if you smoke crack you can convince the jury in your favour with ridiculous evidence

    • Zach Mauch

      The problem wasn’t the jury.  They are following the law.  The problem is the laws and organization that granted apple these stupid patents.

      • Evos469

        No it is the jurors fault they had their chance to fix the law by invalidating some of apple patents and it wasn’t done.

        • WW

          Correct.  Juries have the responsibility/ability to not only determine if a law is broken but to also interpret/determine what the law says/means/”should” mean.  I believe it’s called jury nullification.

        • Eanfoso

          What pissed me off the most is the stupid round curves, my god, nokia phones have had this design since the 90’s same thing with ericsson (before marrying sony & after marriage) look at all walkman models, candy bar with round curves, these are a few that I can remember, oh and also blackberries, candybar with round edges, I hope this is a wakeup call for those who think of apple as, “innovation”

      • Noel

        True true…i am just curious if any of these ppl interviewing  some of the jurors asked them how different their decision could have been if they were allowed to hear the refused Samsung evidence showing they were working on a similar rectangular touch screen device with rounded corner in 2006 prior to the release of the iPhone in 2007?? My guess is the perception to the jurors that Samsung merely came up with a touch screen rectangular device after 2007…which is false and goes to the heart of Samsung  case. I knew the outcome when the judge refused that crucial evidence..Samsung had less of a chance without that key defense. 

  • Mike in FL

    Can’t stand Apple (as a company).

  • Tarea222

    Strike. Don’t buy any Apple products. Spread the word

    • WW

      Unfortunately, this is not possible for me since I’ve never had nor have any desire (so far) to own an Apple product.

    • ganikus

      yeaaa I’m with you screw apple and their sickish phones 

    • 27vasquez


  • Gouv

    I can’t wait to see how my apple share will do come monday :-)

    663 and rising!!!!!!!!!!

  • mingkee

    Soon Suckpple will be locked out in Korea.

  • Zach Mauch

    This is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE day for the consumer.  I really hope that this leads to some real change in patent law.  The fact that apple can get patents for these things is nothing short of insane.

  • On the contrary Samsung, this is actually a win for consumers.  Now you have to go back to the lab and come up with innovative designs that are more than just slightly tweaked Apple “inspired” products.  Maybe you can bring something new and different to the market.  Microsoft seemed to be perfectly capable of developing an OS and interface that is nothing like iOS or any Apple product.  Samsung should invest in some R&D and do the same.

    • Jz15650

      Well Said Sir. Well Said.

      • Unclebananahead

        That or Apple doesn’t want to take on the leviathan that is Microsoft because it doesn’t think it can beat them, not because they don’t want to

  • Dell Can Still Suck it


    Bring on WEB OS on a 4.8 inch screen with dual core s4 snapdragon, bolt on some google universal search a sprinkle of Google synch for calendar integration add a pinch of zero shutter ala htc camera a portion of BBM and finish it of with a cool moniker like the ” IMiddleFinger.” I would happily pay an unsubsidized price for that device.

    This verdict is Apple showing its Alpha to Samsungs Beta. Remember who needs who in this process.

    Apple needs Samsung not the other way around. Samsung makes, glass, screens, slcd’s, logic,
    connectors and is one of Apples foundries for the A9X the core of that iphone.

  • WW

    Does this mean that Apple will soon be going after all the other Android OEMs as well?  At least the big ones?

    • Noel

      Google and all the Android OEMs need to take this fight head on..they all have to figure a way to go on offence even if it means pulling their resources/patents together to stop these menacing suits. When the other side takes in a few loses or have some banned products…maybe they will learn to play nice or live and let live. I will just love to see a time when the cellular/mobile space will be like that of the Auto or TV industry…where everyone makes their products and the consumer decides which they prefer best and not the courts helping hand. 

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    In other news, Adam & Eve, God, the snake, Garden of Eden Inc., Johnny Appleseed, Sir Isaac Newton, William Tell and Apple Records have filed a class action suit against Apple for copyright infringement.

  • Dell Can Still Suck it

    This is about Apple trying to control one of its suppliers. The more Galaxy SIII’s Samsung sells it puts pricing pressure on Apple’s Supply chain. The magic of apple is the supply chain.

    Samsung really won the Galaxy S III has been uniformly branded world wide and is offered with the same appearance on every carrier in the USA. HUGE win Samsung. Apple fires back. All of apples suppliers are making their own handsets now. The FoxConn umbrella is large. It does not cover the manufacturing capability of Samsung.

    Apple is focusing on the wrong end of the Dragon. It should be focusing on converting current Iphone users into Mac users. Apple has doe this before.

  • Robsgalaxys

    I bought an apple phone about a year ago coming from android and I can’t see how people say they love apple ..the phone is heavy as all heck…no customizations..I for one see many differences in android vs sucks and that’s coming from someone with iPhone and an iPad ..these will be my last apple purchases if they don’t get their crap together!

    • Daneriley319

      agreed. Apple really needs to start developing a better phone because the iphone’s 1-4 are bassically the same…there’s a different look and size to the phone’s every now and then but it just doesnt offer the variety of customisation that Android offers. Im not a big fan of samsung Android phone’s but if i had the option i would be using a Galaxy s 3 right now

  • Pissoff

    If this was chess apple just capture the queen. The death of
    Android in America will be soon. Sad day

  • Sirphil

    If things were like this from the beginning, we’d only have one car to chose from because Ford would have Patented a vehicle with and engine, brakes and steering wheel that runs on four wheels and sued everyone who made anythings remotely similar.

  • Jz15650

    People have quickly forgotten, when the iphone originally came out people were in absolute awe of what it could do. Yes, other phone makers had already offered touch screens and better business functionality than the first iphone, and app stores existed for palm. But Iphone was different, and a lot of peopel loved the pinch zoom, and capacitive screen interaction. Yes, apple definately took ideas from many paces, but anyone could have done that. Apple did.
    Samsung had its own OS when iphone launched. And samsung (having made many parts for apple) had ample forewarning of what was coming to market. Yet samsung sold their crappy OS on phones like teh Behold and Memor trying to comete with iphone.
    Then, samsung finally gave in and (totally) copied iphone with their Vibrant (i know sammy’s first android was behold 2, but it sucked andno one bought them).
    Samsung chose to copy Iphone to compete. So did many others. But that is the truth.

    • Eanfoso

      Dude, how on earth is a shitty iCrap completely like a marvelous samsung galaxy? Not to mention that even when the galaxy s2 came out it had LTE connectivity, something apple hadn’t been able to incorporate an LTE radio in a phone that has a screen smaller than a credit card (3.7″ credit card, iCrap 3.5) ???

    • Noel

      Are u aware of the fact that Samsung, Sony had a touch screen model device prior to 2006 even before the iPhone was released. Are u also aware of the fact that Mitsubishi had and demonstrated on their touch screen pinch to zoom, slide etc?? HTC and others had touch screen devices way before 2007 even though they used stylus…but was close to similar interaction. So who copied or stole from whom…where does the greatest copy/stealing artist come off claiming ownership to tech that predated the release of their device of claiming ownership to rectangular shapes with rounded corners. At best both are merely improving on tech that was already out there…in this case one has made significant inroads in terms of moving the cellular/mobile space forward. They both are two huge tech giants making a lot of $$$$ so what is the problem. They both cater to different OS…there are Android fans and iOS fans. Those who love to customize their devices, love dynamic specs, love bigger screens and removable batteries etc will go for who ever offers that to them. The court rooms should not be a forum to decide what happens in the market place/showrooms. And who ever is responsible to issue patent should stop awarding ridiculous patents..this just puts a damper on companies trying to improve on mobile technology. Why doesn’t this nonsense exist in the Auto or TV industry…no one is claiming ownership to huge rectangular shapes with flat screens or having wheels or steering wheels on cars.

  • Joe Son0418

    You know the jury didn’t know jack when they said “nokias and blackberries are still selling so samsung can do the same.” Really? Those two companies fell off the face of the earth.

  • Cat Isidor

    So…when’s Apple taking Nokia, HTC and Microsoft to court for the pinch to zoom patent? Pretty much ANY touch screen device has this ability when viewing photos….and the idea predates touch screens – several touchpad compatible software packages used it too. 

    Am I missing something?

    • Eanfoso

      Yes, companies no longer with us like Sony Ericsson had that capability I say this because I had the Xperia x10 lol

  • Nijakyng88

    The judge presiding over the case and the jury deciding the care were ALL bias and deserve to be court-martialed for this buffoonery! They LOST this EXACT SAME CASE in EVERY other country it has been tried in and yet for some reason when the case is in the U.S. and the trial is in CALIFORNIA Apple wins on “all counts”. This is ridiculous and sets a precedent for Apple to go after every company that makes any electronic device that has a large touch screen and can search multiple sources. WHAT FUCKING IDIOT GAVE THEM THESE PATENTS???????!!!!!