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Breaking: Apple Vs. Samsung, The Verdict Is In

After what seems like an incredibly short amount of deliberation, the jury in the Apple vs. Samsung case has reached a verdict. The court is reading the verdicts to the lawyers as we type this and so far, the news is really, really bad for Samsung. The future of both of these companies and perhaps the industry as a whole will change based on how this verdict plays out.


Update 1: As it stands right now, many of Samsung’s device have been found to infringe on Apple’s patents and Samsung has been fined over $1,051,855,000 in damages! Zero dollars are awarded to Samsung in the case.

Update 2:

Samsung infringed on Apple’s bounce back patent with all 21 of the products in question. For the patent on pinch-to-zoom, the jury has ruled all but 3 devices infringed, and found that Samsung executives knew or should have known that their products infringed on Apple’s patents. The jury has also found against Samsung in the matter of the shape of Apple’s products on the back of the phone as well as the home screen GUI. The Galaxy Tab DID NOT infringe however, they did find that the Galaxy Tab did willfully infringe on five of seven Apple patents.

Update 3: Apple’s iPad and iPod touch do not violate any Samsung patents in the case of Samsung’s countersuit against Apple.

Update: Unfortunately for Samsung, it appears as though Apple can stand up and yell “FATALITY” in the courtroom. They are wiping the floor with Samsung, there really are no niceties for this.

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