Google Releases Statement On Apple, Samsung Verdict

With the Apple Samsung verdict news train continuing into another week, one company that remained suspiciously silent on the verdict was Google. The company has now sent out a brief statement responding to the decision, eluding to their hopes that a court of appeals will check the case from the top down.

As Google doesn’t take Samsung’s tough language, it’s also keeping the issues directed toward the Samsung camp saying “most of these [claims] don’t relate to the core Android operating system.” Still, I get the sense that Google is interested is telling all of its OEM partners that it has their backs and they don’t need to start looking at alternatives.

The brief Google statement follows:

The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of these don’t relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the US Patent Office. The mobile industry is moving fast and all players — including newcomers — are building upon ideas that have been around for decades. We work with our partners to give consumers innovative and affordable products, and we don’t want anything to limit that.

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  • ceegii63


  • Adam

    Apple is saying: please don’t copy
    Google is saying: no big deal
    Samsung is saying: damn we are the ones who gonna pay

  • Bratty

    When memo’s show Google telling Samsung not to copy and Samsung ignoring the advice, what else can you expect from Google other than “its not us, its them”.

  • Frigadroid

    Lol, I knew this day would come over two years ago when I first dubbed my new vibrant the iclone! The apple haters were enraged by my comments & observation, but once again the old man knew and has been vindicated. To bad many fans on both sides of the fence here are to bias to see what’s so obvious and fail to understand the US patents system. Samsdung knew very well what they did has monetary repercussions and chose to do so willingly, so they will do their best now to settle. They consider it the cost of doing business, something they have a lot more of outside of mobiles. I’d imagine they’re much more concerned about losing face & the leaked emails.

  • ianken

    Yeah, this is mostly Samesung shooting themselves in the head.

    Some of the patents seem bogus but when you show a jury touchwiz next to an iPhone what did they expect? And Samesung responding with standards based patents was pure idiocy on their part.

    But my gnex / cm10 continues to work fine so grab the popcorn.

    If apple goes agaist some vanilla aosp devices will Google step up? Do device manufacturers get contractual indemnity?

  • Justinbieber

    Samsung just like any corpration has corporate attorneys to make sure any move they make has no legal negative impacts .My question before releasing a phone with slide to unlock and rounded corners shouldn’t these corporate attorneys check with the patent office to determine if Iphone already has a patent for these features? and save the company $1 Billion plus attorney fees? I am 1 million percent pro ANDROID and dislike Iphone’s but if they had a patent then they are right to take it to the courts

    • davedsone

      They didn’t use slide to unlock on the phone in question.  You slid the entire screen to unlock the phone.  It was gradient colors, icon look and feel, and general phone shape and form.  

      • Bratty

         NO it wasn’t. If you have no idea which patents were affected, read up on it. In fact, the design patents were NOT upheld. Samsung got caught stealing operational patents.

        • Nijakyng88

           The point is how can you have patents on things you DID NOT create?!?! What dipshit at the patent office gave Apple these ridiculous patents?? There are operational similarities between ALL android phones and iOS devices yet apple isn’t going after Google because they know they would get buried UNDER the court room in patent violations from all the patents laws they violated that Motorola holds.

  • Mirad77

    Fuck the US patent office for all these. Patent for rounded corners? Yea I said Fuck the US Patent office.

  • Mirad77

    F**k the US Patent office for all these BS. Patent for rounded corners? Yea I said  F**K the US Patent office. 

    • and that’s really the biggest tragedy .. that they even allowed the patent in the first place .. i think i’m going to try to patent input boxes on the internet .. no one has done that yet everyone uses them .. i’m gonna be rich beotch!

      • intrcpt

        Would it make sense to flood the USPO with a bunch of ridiculous patent applications in a show of disapproval?

        • cubanito151

          I don’t know but sounds like a really good idea.

        • YES! lol

  • kahlayoh

    I feel like patent my entire ball sack into apples mouth and the patent office workers!!

    • Tasty Tuna

      That’s going to be a small patent.

      • SuperNova

        That was completely uncalled for 

  • Jg

    Apple has not invented anything………sure they make very stylish well made product. I think Samsung and other should just look at where got its’ stuff, eg. it OS is linux !! that’s just the begining… Apple shoud just shut up!! I don’t buy their products anymore…… Hate the iPhone !!

  • Delonta06

    If you are doing an invention for the people you would take the Ben Frank approach…..give the patent to the people by never patenting anything…not the bi-foculs,not the printing press, not electricity! I guess thats why we havent had another industrial revolution!

    • Pepper23flav

      Google believes patents are eliminating innovation, if they had it there way there would be no patents. And we would be a lot further