T-Mobile Galaxy S II Maintenance Update Removes Universal Search

Yesterday’s update for the Galaxy S II on T-Mobile may have peaked our interest with the addition of an ISIS update, but it’s the remove of Universal Search that our attention today. An eagle-eyed Android Police reader, along with a host of you in the comments and on Twitter caught the removal of the feature from the device after the update.

It’s unfortunate to see the removal of the feature, which now allows the searching function on the phone to bring back suggested web search results, and not information contained within the phone itself. In other words, if you search for Twitter, it’ll direct you to Twitter.com and other relevant Google search results, but not any installed Twitter application on your phone.

We’re not surprised that this snuck its way into the update, given that the very same thing happened just happened on August 17th for the Galaxy S III. Such is the world with lawsuits.

Android Police

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  • coybot

    I also noticed that the Screengrab function has been reverted back to the Power Button + Home Button combo, which I am well aware is not as huge of a deal as the Universal Search :(

  • foofighter28

    screws me on asking “what’s on my calendar for today” Google Now doesnt know :(

  • Nearmsp

    This rushed update is more about the patent violations that are contained in the various suits. I have no desire to install any updates for my SGS2 unless it is a Jelly Bean install with Wi-Fi calling.

    • Dumbazz

      This had more to do with fixing all the bugs we were facing since the ICS update. The removing of universal search has been brewing for a very long time.

  • oZ

    *piqued :)

    • Came here to say that.

  • Dumbazz

    Glad it’s gone. We gained a much improved menu system while in contacts plus a much better dialer.

    • Dumbazz

      Now HTC will sue over the Sense like menu system. I guess Samsung has to copy everyone.

  • Sanman202

    Where is an indication that ISIS has been installed with this update? Is there a program icon showing anywhere? 

    • fixxmyhead

      idk but i suggest using a root file explorer and searching in the build prop and also scan the entire phone for the word isis. idk maybe something will come up its worth a shot

      • Sanman202

        Thanks! You would think with the mention of ISIS it would be something more prominent or maybe it’s built into the system so when they do launch the app the NFC part of the phone will already be ready for it? I don’t like vague information from carriers/suppliers of these devices. Users should have more information on an update. 

  • MarcusDW


    I use that a lot to find contacts, apps, and music but ever for websites.

    F@#$ Apple!

    • Sanman202

      Yeah, lets see what this next outdated iphone is like when it launches next month. They are so behind right now and that’s why they have to try to stop progress. It’s about envy.

      • Bud

        Its about protecting their patents. Why are you so biased?

        • Zeegs2009

          He may bebiased but he has a point actually. Apples patents are so vague it can apply to a number of things.
          Example- apples patent to bounce back scrolling, pretty straightforward.
          Example2- apples patent that cost banned the nexus claiming shape, dimensions & overall phone infringed on them, super vague and a waste of time. If you look at it everyone in japan and china will always have badass phones because the patents there are somewhat nonexistent and they all learn from each other. And thia is comin from a guy who owns a galaxy s2, iphone 4s and a korean dualsim iclone. Guess which 2 i use the most? Galaxy and the iclone of course

        • Dumbazz

          apparently a judge and an unbiased jury would disagree with you there about it being vague.

        • Smithee

          That could be because the judge didn’t allow the jury to rule on the validity of the patent, or because the lawyers kept anyone who understood software off the jury.  If Apple actually got a patent on the idea that search could search both locally and on the web, how much more do you need to know to see that something is wrong here?

        • Guest911

           Oh smithee, you are so dumb it must hurt to walk eh?

        • Smithee

          That’s a nice rational argument.  You sure disproved me.

        • Anders

          The jury wasn’t unbiased, one of the jurors specifically stated he held patents and sided with Apple because of it.

        • Sanman202

          Where does biased come in? How many phones out there can one say look like an iphone? Pretty much any phone with a touchscreen that is flat with an edge that is squared. If patents are protected and documented by the patent office then yes any mfg should look into the possibility of infringement should it be an item that is very similar. In this it’s pretty much every phone on the market since the original iphone was released. I’m thinking you are an Apple fan? 

  • Josephgarofola

    They should have kept it on

  • Qcknot

    Whats universal search?

    • dkbnyc

      Really?  Read the article. 

  • Smithee

    So Apple got a patent on the idea that search could search both locally and on the web?  Wow … exhibit A on why our patent system is broken.

    • Sanman202

      Yeah, I think they have a patent on free air and oxygen also. This is a prime example of corporate bullying that needs to stop. The bully the vendors they deal with and they bully the competition and fools feed into this brainwash corporate crap and camp out for three days outside an Apple store to buy what is already out by another company. I’ll give them the 2007 idea for the original Iphone but after that it’s open game. Free enterprise Apple! 

    • MarcusDW

      So where is Google’s patent on the pull down window??  Surely SOMEBODY has a patent on it!

      • BigMixxx

        The patent number for that Is 12/363,325….

        I’m just waiting to see how this plays out….

  • BigMixxx

    Won’t miss it, I never used it.  

    • Guesty

      But I like having the option to use it even though I don’t use it either.

  • Homer

    I have been trying to figure how to get this update. Can anyone give step by step instructions to install it?

    • mastofact

      Do you have Samsung Kies installed?

      • Johntaajacobs

        Install samsung kies from samsung.com then once it installed plug your device to your PC then samsung kies will let you know if anupdate is available. Samsung kies will help you out more then i can lol

        • None

          When is android/samsung going to cut the cord?  It seems silly to me that in 2012 we can have face recognition but not an update without being wired to a computer (using crap software).

      • Homer

        Yes I have Samsung Kies installed and nothing shows up for upgrade.

  • Paul

    Running a Jelly Bean ROM, very stable for a build, so I’m not worried. Google Now works like a champ on it. 

    Stupid iDicks. 

    • Dumbazz

      Ya I guess a jury and a judge MUST HAVE BEEN paid off.

      • unfaix

        Hm…So you’re saying that they just pulled it for no reason? 

      • Anders

        Nope, they were just idiots who knew nothing of our patent system, technology, prior art, obviousness, or technological progress. Welcome to the future..

    • kev2684

      what rom are you using for Jelly Bean? cyanogenmod 10? is the video camera and camera working fine? what about netflix? HSPA+21 or +42mbps compatible?

      • Paul

        Read up on it, camera works VERY well and Netflix works from what they’re saying. 


        • kev2684

          thanks! gonna ask them if this is compatible with HSPA+42 or just HSPA+21 like AOKP.

      • Paul

        XDA T989 Erickwill is the developer.

        ROM: [2012-08-29] [ROM – CyanogenMod 10 – JB 4.1.1 – UNOFFICIAL] – [Netflix is working]

  • Benjaminsoria

    when will it come over the air?please tell me!!!

    • Splaktar


  • Trevnerdio

    That’s when you go over to XDA and just grab the old uni search apk. No root required.

  • Stagecoach666

    This update also removes the “voice search” app. It also kills the voice recognition function on the “Swiftkey 3” keyboard app. Swiftkey 3 company is not responding to me asking for customer support on this problem. Maybe all the other voice inputs will be removed soon.

  • Ungibbed

    Full device search still works on the BlackBerry since OS6, why isn’t Apple raging on RIM?

    I used that feature a lot as I bought my S2 to replace my Bold 9700. All those features are slowly getting sucked out of my phone. Thanks Apple!

  • jomama

    The update has also reinstalled the awful slideshow mode for viewing pictures embedded in text messages.