Samsung Galaxy S III Receiving Maintenance Update, Removes Universal Search?

A relatively small but important maintenance update is making its way out of to the T-Mobile Galaxy S III today, with a short list of improvements listed on T-Mobile’s site. However, a few notable changes are also believed to be included, though not listed on T-Mobile’s support page. We can’t say with 100% certainty that they are included with this particular update, however, the removal of the Universal Search function, addition of a brightness slider to the notification shade, addition of a new radio/modem, and a new kernel have all been arriving with new Galaxy S III units in T-Mobile stores, as noted by stickers on their boxes. It’s very likely this update might contain those changes for existing Galaxy S III owners.

Otherwise, the update will:

  • Resolve an error, ‘Enter Mac address’ after entering the correct MAC address in the Mobile Hotspot
  • Resolve issue where the contents of the home screen folder would not rearrange alphabetically
  • Resolve issue where name does not populate when trying to add a contact with nameID information, must manually add

We’ll keep you updated as we verify the Universal Search and kernel aspects of this update so keep an eye on this post!


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