Deal Alert: Costco Selling Galaxy S III For $179.99

Looking for a deal on the Galaxy S III? Of course you are, well if you’re a Costco member than you should really head over to and take a look at the $179.99 pricing for both new and qualifying upgrade customers. Oh, but that’s not all. Along with your Galaxy S III purchase, Costco is offering a Buy One, Get One sale on the Galaxy S II or Galaxy S Blaze 4G along with your purchase of the Galaxy S III.

Let’s just clarify that so there isn’t any confusion: with the purchase of a Galaxy S III, you can receive a bonus Galaxy S II or Galaxy S Blaze 4G with the activation of another line or upgrade after mail-in rebate.

No telling how long this deal lasts, so don’t pass it up!



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  • Karl Newman

    I tried to get this yesterday. They will NOT sell this phone to you on the value plan. At any price.

    • Nadeem A Rasheed

      you buy the phone at full cost on the value plan this is for classic and grandfathered plans it seems

      • guy

        They offered it to me for $400

        • Karl Newman

           I would have bought it at 400. Earlier they were selling it for new value plans (or add-a-lines) for $390, but they stopped that a few weeks ago. Allegedly it was because what they called “fraud” (i.e., people reselling the phones).

        • We’d prob stay at Tmo for a 400 price- they want 599

        • Psaux

          Realllllyyyyy??????   I’ve never managed to get a costco cell phone person to even discuss selling straight-up.  Where was this, out of curiosity?

          At $400 that’s a huge steal.  You should take it.

        • budhu168

          T-mobile customer care offered it me for $400 value plan customers. 10 yrs with t-mobile. I was going to leave for net10 and pay my e t f . So I am still thinking about it

    • Kevin

      most of the agent stores suck like costco, walmart or bestbuy don’t carry Value Plan.

  • The question I have is that on all these third party websites (Bestbuy, Costco, Wirefly, Amazon, etc…) when I want to upgrade and I put the phone in the cart it asks me if I want to keep the family plan I’m on. I say yes, but then they force me to choose between changing my data plan (and sometimes messaging plan too), but those were included in my family plan so why must I change them if I’m keeping my family plan. 

    I am completely baffled by this and I’m scared to upgrade through these third-parties (even though they are much much cheaper than T-Mobile) because I don’t know if I’ll be permanently a irrevocably changing my family plan. My current family plan is amazing value and there is no way I want to change it.

    Anyone with any know-how about T-Mobile plans could you help me out. Thanks.

    • Bostonsinclair

      Yeah, most of the time when Ive tried using third party sites like Amazon, Lets Talk and Wirefly, they wont grandfather you in on any previous plans.  I even emailed them and they confirmed.  You have to sign up for a currently available plan t hat usually appears on that site.  Thats the catch.  So its usually a good deal for new customers.  I first signed up with Lets Talk and saved over $100, but when you try to use it for an upgrade and want to keep a plan that no longer exists, it wont let you.

      • Thanks for the info. We decided to change to the classic plan, and with the news that T-Mobile will be rolling out truly unlimited data for $30 for classic and value plan customers it was worth it to switch. I now have 2gigs for $20/month data but I can always upgrade that to the truly unlimited for $10 more. 

        T-Mobile just saved their ass by releasing this truly unlimited because we were seriously thinking about changing carriers all together.

  • Ransom

    Oh man.  Way behind. had this up long time already.
    Just get it on a new classic plan and pay the etf right away. s3 for under $400

    • Kevin Kerr

      You have to return the phone after paying the ETF……

      • Blue Baby

        No you don’t that is why you are paying the fee. To cover the cost of the phone

    • Blah

      Are you sure about this? How long should I wait before I cancel my account? This sounds a little shady though. Does this really work? Are you sure you don’t have to return the phone?

  • Budhu168

    Retention give it to me for 175

  • JBLmobileG1

    Not a bad deal but I picked up my 32gb model for $179 through Tmobile Loyalty. After shipping and everything it came to just over $200. It was actually a little more because they forgot to mention the taxes on my next bill but they took care of that. I am loving the S3… , one of the best phones that I’ve had and so far no real issues :::knock on wood::: Definitely one of the best Android phones yet.

    • mfor33

       is the 179 after rebates or is that the amount you were charged when you ordered it?
      I was offered this phone and got it but only after rebates

      • JBLmobileG1

        I received something in the mail about being a loyal customer and getting $200 off any phone. It was supposed to be a mail in rebate type of offer and online only but the reps I talked with gave it to me instantly. I think I received a pretty good deal overall considering I received the 32gb Pebble Blue model for less than the 16gb model. Even with the shipping and tax included it was still cheaper than what Tmobile or even Walmart would have wanted at their upgrade prices before taxes.

        • Guest

          Im glad you got someting like that.  That was one of My Tmo complaints becuase in the past Id always get a letter when my contract was up , thanking me for y loyalty and offering me some incentive to sign a 2 year contract again..This year nothing, so Ive let it lapse, switched it over to prepaid so Im paying less and seriously considering leaving – maybe for an iPhone…Tmo seems like its never gonna get on that ship – and Im not even sure Tmo would be around in 2 years 

        • mfor33

           yea i got the same no strings card and i used that and in the end, IF THE REBATES WORK, i would have paid 179 for the phone but thats a big if and im not going to risk losing or waiting for ever for 200 in rebates so i called tmobile loyalty to ask them if there was another way and they said they really cant do anything. so i politely told them i would like to return the phone and returned went to ups to drop it off today.

          oh well, glad it worked out for you though, talking about this issue with them brought up all the memories of two years ago when i spent about 4 months waiting for a 100 rebate and am still waiting on it.

  • guest

    does this work in store?

  • Davenycept

    That’s a great deal I’m going tomorrow!!! I’m can’t stand people that wine and complain to get a cheaper price though

  • sirwilliam4

    I’m actually a Costco Phone Person…. technically i work for wireless advocates, but you get the point. Any questions you have I can answer.Yes its available in store and no you cannot get this on the value plan with us. We do other phones on the value plan but we can’t sell that one at a high enough price due to the way it’s coded in costcos system. You get extra bonuses at Costco too.

    • data plan?

      Can I still keep my 2gb data plan for $20 there’s no option when I add it to cart

  • behogan

    Can anyone tell me if I buy 3 SGSIII on this promotion will the rebate come in 3 cash (VISA) rebates that I can spend on whatever I want, or do I have to use the rebates to purchase the BOGO cell phone. Everyone in the family wants an SGSIII and not one of the other options. Thanks.

  • My Tmo Days Are Soon Over

    I so wish Tmo would get the iPhone…Gonna finally have to leave once and for all.  They would be offering the cheapest iphone plans esp with ATT and VZ raising prices & making all these strange policies (like ATT now saying you cant use your data plan for the cellular Facetime unless you get a share plan – WTF?)….So many people would switch to Tmobile to save money…I dont understand if DT has the iphone all over Europe, why they cant strike a deal to get the iphone in the US.  THe articles I keep reading say its that the Apple iphone is not compatible with Tmobiles frequencies.  Everyone I keep meeting has the iphone…its just incredible.  I think Ive only met one person with an Android.  I have no problem with Android but my phone is so darn buggy that it doesnt even work for hours every week and time has come that I cant stand it.  Plus I dont know if its the phone or Tmo, but every time I use my GPS, it keeps failing saying network connection lost and I have to restart the GPS….Add the poor service and thats it

    • Realcool2000

      Leave soon,.so we dont have to hear your silly complaints, anymore.

    • Jason

      It’s cause you have no idea what you’re talking about. Bye bye

    • Eanfoso

      You’re a fucking idiot, you do realize t-mobile has fuckingmsim cards, which means you can swap out sim cards on phones, don’t be stupid,please

  • Maxx

    Do you think we might get another Tmo sale soon?  Maybe Back to School or Labor Day that might include the SG3…Im thinking about it maybe even for a value plan if thats themost cost efficient.  (on that plan, if you decide to change your data during the 2 years, they will extend it 2 years right? I dont like that as I have varying data needs so maybe prepaid is best since I dont use FB and stuff so dont use tons of data )…Also I keep getting conflicting remarks on whether an international GSM version of GS3 would work on Tmobiles network.  Tmobile says yes, but every intl seller Ive emailed says NO.  ANyone know for sure.  It seems Tmo actually has a decent price on it without a subsidy p Its 599 where other sites are always over 600 

  • Alda

    Does anyone know what happens if you buy this phone and the next day (or a couple of days after) pay the ETF, do you have to return the phone back? any ideas would be appreciated 

    • Jason

      If you cancel within the buyers remorse period, there is no termination fee but you have to return the phone. Cancel outside the buyers remorse period.

      • VJ

        What if you say you broke the phone and would rather pay the ETF? This would be a good deal to get the S3 for $379 +tax after ETF.

        • A.Ruiz

          The ETF when you get this new 4g lte phones and iphones is $350.00, its not $200.00 anymore.


      It is because of people like you that prices keep going up. Stop trying to work the system you free loading scum bag. 

    • Arturo_ruiz_garcia

      And pay $350.00 ETF? Mmm not a good deal to me, and yes, you can keep the phone.

  • Dakota

    My sis was trying to get the 199 sg3 with the classic 500/200mb plan but when we check third party sites, they dont seem to offer that plan..she refuses to pay 279 after rebate from Tmo but she doesnt use fb or stream music so doesnt need 2gb..Anyone kniw where she can get..Assume the third parties dont make big enuf commussions on the lower priced plans

    • Vinh7706

       cartoys has it for 199 and she can keep her old plan

      • Dakota

        Thks for suggestion but they wont sell it for the Southeast US…apparently they will only sell in states they operate, which is mainly West Coast..Anyone else have idea where can get 199 price for Classic 500/200mb…its ridiculous..we might just gp for the iphone..even if rate plans r higher…Its just ridiculous for Tmo to want people to shell out more $$ than every other carrier. Turns so many away..on principle..& their sales usually mandate 5gb plans which most never will use..No wonder they have so much churn

        • Grkrican

          Walmart. It’s 198 and you can add the $10 200mb plan

  • smiley47

    Caution– In some states Costco charges sales tax on the full price of the phone ($389) before the $210 Costco discount coupon is applied. That ends up taking the $179 to something close to $199 depending on your sales tax rate. That puts the price on par with many other resellers. Ask first to avoid surprises.

  • Gerd Yoyoho

    I bought my GSIII at Costco back on June 22nd when it was first released. Took my receipt into Costco yesterday and was given a tidy $86 price protection refund. Would still like to find a way to get a good deal on a 32GB model.

  • New s3 owner

    It’s not bad deal but if anybody is willing to jump ship to sprint, amazon wireless sell the s3 for 99.00 with 2 year of course. I decided to jump ships I really wanted this phone and at that price it’s a steal…I’m tired of t-mobile and there high prices….

  • Paul

    Checked today, since I can upgrade starting Sept. 9th, and the deal is still going. Going to have to check if my membership card works…since I left my cheating ex and she holds the account.