Samsung Posts Official Galaxy Note II Walkthrough Video

While the IFA tradeshow is just getting into full swing, Samsung isn’t letting their momentum go to waste the release of their very own Galaxy Note II hands on video. For a full 13 minutes, you can watch a Samsung rep manhandle the Galaxy Note II and its full feature set. It’s a little lengthy, but it’s very detailed and it’s definitely better than any of the 2-3 minute videos we’re getting from folks on the ground in Berlin.

There’s still some pretty interesting evidence out there that supports a possible T-Mobile arrival of the Galaxy Note as the SGH-T889 so we’re keeping an eye on all things GNII for now!

Phandroid via Samsung

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  • Dumbazz

    Can’t wait for this!

  • ccnet005

    Nice, hopefully tmo will get it to us magentites in a couple of weeks.

  • Justin33
  • Bobyg

    lock me in for 2more years y don’t ya

  • Yozo

    I can’t wait to see a Note2 video showing the stock camera features.
    So far I want it!  Hope TmoUSA doesn’t wait a whole year after other USA carriers start selling it.

  • Josue

    hey Samsung, just take my money already!

    • Dislikewannabees

      I highly doubt that Samsung takes food stamps.

      • Evan

         really? How old are you?

        • Eanfoso

          That was fucked up, straight up racist

        • Josue

          hes just a kid im not gonna lower myself 2 a 10 year old

      • Josue

        I go 2 M.I.T troll…..i bet you still live with your parents 

        • dislikewannabees

          The cityboy781 from the ghetto  meant to write I go to the Y.M.C.A  .He will steal his momma food stamps to purchase The Galaxy Note 2

        • Josue

          not gonna argue with a 15 year old 

      • JBrowne1012

        LOL troll so hard.

  • Paul

    Unless something sets the HTC One X+ apart from this, I’m getting this for the renewal! AND I’ll get the totally unlimited data…com’on tethering!

  • Guest
    • Justin33

      aaaaaaaaa someone posted this 6 hours ago old news.

  • Boomboom

    I like the new specs on the Samsung Note 2 but i prefer the shape of Note 1.I wonder what HTC One X + looks like ??

  • Darrienglasser

    Hmm… So what I get out of that, is that the guy has an anniversary with his wife and a girlfriend on the side. Maybe Apple’s right and the people at Samsung are scoundrels!

    • Cpufile

       People have anniversary with with gf and bf as well – o -;
       but this guy………picking up wardrobe for his girlfriend….. wishing he meant a girl “friend”, why would any guy pick outfit for their girlfriends?

  • Jovythe1

    Hmm I noticed he didn’t pinch to zoom or use screen bounce back once in this video

    • Tim

      Samsung hasn’t used the bounce back feature since the Galaxy S1, fir instance, the Samsung Vibrant had that feature, the Galaxy S2 and later have not had this. Are you sure you know what the bounce back feature is?

  • Whitney

    I took a look at Galaxy Note in Sam Club and I was thinking that a phone. It more like a mini tablet.

  • AM3RIG

    this is amazing.. this makes me wanted buy note II instead of original NOTE. 

  • Lol………3m.horrible