T-Mobile.com Receives Fresh New Look, New Paint Job

Why hello there beautiful new T-Mobile.com, as T-Mobile USA introduces a major revamp to their homepage with a brand look and feel. Gone are the purple, excuse me “Magenta” overtones as T-Mobile goes black, literally as the site moves to a more professional and darker look.

I could write a whole article about how sharp the new site is, or I can just direct your attention over to the site itself and let you explore. Hit the link below, or www.t-mobile.com and begin your exploration.


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  • this may not be new, but typing in “tmobile.com” doesn’t automatically redirect you to the T-Mobile website anymore. you have to type in “T-Mobile.com”

    • MacRat

      I guess you didn’t try clicking too many links on the mobile site.

      1 or 2 clicks in on the links brings up the full site.

      They didn’t bother to make their info viewable on mobile devices.

    • None

      I noticed that too.  I usually just type in manually and I thought they were down all day. 

  • Mr. Mrs. Foulkes

    I wish T-mobile had an iOS app to monitor and manage my account to go along with the site redesign. The myAT&T app is wonderful and very useful. As much as the redesign might be nice, I hate going to it to get stuff done, particularly because you can only really appreciate it from a laptop or desktop and less so on a mobile device.

    • MacRat

      Just go to http://wap.tzones.com in your iPhone’s web browser.

    • MatthewMurawski

      Just go to my.t-mobile.com and add it to your home screen. Sure, it’s not the app, but it’s the closest you’ll get.

    • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

      Just get Android.  They have an Android app and they sell Android phones. 

      • guest4

        I just was given the Galaxy Nexus as a present – still learning and adding my stuff – but honestly really disappointed in the functions (or lack there of) ; dont see improvements – see lots of features missing (not sure if those were Gingerbread or Touchwiz stuff; and 3g speeds suck

  • BigMixxx

    I see a push for BYOD….

    • Cole

      I see dead people…

    • None

      I am happy to see that personally. 

    • None

      IF ONLY we could get some of the big phone manufacturers to sell their phones at full price unlocked on their websites more often.

  • Deadeye37

     I definitely like the pallet change!  It matches the a lot of the new commercials that they’ve been releasing.

  • Drew

    I hope its faster.. That site is God awfully slow…!!

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile also now has a mobile versions of the site. m.t-mobile.com, finally.

    • Guest

       They’ve had it for a little bit. I’ve had issues with it, but I figured they were working on the site at the time.

  • ccnet005

    Big deal, the note is still out of stock and they don’t have a listing for the note 2.

    • None

      Different department.  I doubt the web people make Samsung phones in their spare time.

  • Taron19119

    @David beren is tmonews going to get a redesign

    • It just got a redesign, why does it need another one?

      • Taron19119

        Just thinking that sense t-mobile website got a redesign that tmonews was going to get a new look to

        •  A new look to what?

        • Taron19119

          More in the lines like tmobile website just a new look

        • Redesigning the site four or five months after I already had it redesigned seems like a considerable waste of limited resources.

        • Guest

          Your website is just fine and easy to read both on a laptop and on a mobile phone

  • Jim Thomason

    Aren’t I supposed to be able to get to tmobile.com as well? For some reason, I haven’t been able to connect to it in at least weeks.

    t-mobile.com works w/o issue.

    • Guest

      Yeah I noticed that too. I thought something was wrong with the site. I did a google search and realized the .com actually has a dash in it…

    • None

      I know for sure the it used to redirect because my favorite tab stopped working (because it was tmobile.com).  Somehow they lost their redirect.

  • Eanfoso

    Haha they took away the note from the main page! Lol

  • Arvin

    i cant even login everything is out of place jesus tmobile… 

  • Guy Salazar

    Is the terrible loading time resolved? T-Mobile is by far the slowest commercial website I use.

  • Josue

    kinda looks like tmonews…im prob blind

  • Guest

    And Im sure that is going to sell a lot of phones and plans – especially all those iphone users waiting patiently for mid-September- theyre just gonna see that site and boom  – jump ship.

  • Helena

    new website, same crappy phones.

    • Paul

      You can always go to AT&T. 

      Otherwise, don’t be the Debby Downer. 

  • Guest

    I love it. It looks way more professional. The use of space is way better than the old one. I got used to the other, but this one feels more serious and sleek.

  • steveb944

    Gotta love how that $5 promo is not possible for us loyal customers, just new ones. Thanks T-Mobile

    • anonymous

      Yes it is you will need to convert your account into a classic plan for the $5 ad a line promo or Value plan for the $0 add a line depending on how long your last subsidy (upgrade) was.

  • None

    Amazing how another website I know, TmoNews, went to an almost identical skin a few months ago.  I think TMO is copying you @davidtmonews:disqus .  You should sue (joke).

    • None

      Ps, both look great IMHO.

  • Marc

    Click the “Prepaid Plans” link on the main page,and you are taken to a page that says, among other things, that Pay As You Go is “As low as $10 per day”.  Uh, make that per *year*.

  • MagentaMadness

    The site sucks, their CAPTCHA is God awe full, couldn’t decipher that glob of shit. Got locked out of my account and everything. PITA.