Nokia’s New “Arrow” Windows Phone 8 Device Leaks To World

We’re just 5 days away from Nokia’s official unveiling of their Windows Phone 8 devices to the world — but Mr. Blurrycam never stops working as we’re introduced to the upcoming Nokia 820, better known as the Nokia Arrow. We believeĀ that this device is headed for T-Mobile’s store shelves in the near future, perhaps with 335MB of onboard RAM? Being a prototype however, that’s likely to change, not to mention RAM isn’t viewed in the same context on a Windows Phone 8 device as it would be on say, an Android device. So don’t jump to those negative conclusions about too little memory just yet.

Unfortunately, other than the RAM and the physical shape itself, that’s about all we’re gathering from these images, but I do like the clean white look. With just a few days left before Nokia let’s the world know what’s under the hood, hopefully these images will tide you over.


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