Nokia’s New “Arrow” Windows Phone 8 Device Leaks To World

We’re just 5 days away from Nokia’s official unveiling of their Windows Phone 8 devices to the world — but Mr. Blurrycam never stops working as we’re introduced to the upcoming Nokia 820, better known as the Nokia Arrow. We believe that this device is headed for T-Mobile’s store shelves in the near future, perhaps with 335MB of onboard RAM? Being a prototype however, that’s likely to change, not to mention RAM isn’t viewed in the same context on a Windows Phone 8 device as it would be on say, an Android device. So don’t jump to those negative conclusions about too little memory just yet.

Unfortunately, other than the RAM and the physical shape itself, that’s about all we’re gathering from these images, but I do like the clean white look. With just a few days left before Nokia let’s the world know what’s under the hood, hopefully these images will tide you over.


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  • Ceefu

    Wow, that phone looks pretty hot. I’m still not convinced with WinMo8 though. Time will tell.

    • mantikos

      Its Windows Phone you idiot…its right there in the article…there is nothing known as WinPho8 ceefuckedindahead

      • None

        Not that serious, adjust your underwear.

        • mantikos

          Ok, done…
          Doesn’t change my mind – that guy is still an idiot for commenting on an article without reading it or at least knowning the name of the product it deals with

      • 30014

        I guess the windows phone fans are on their way to becoming as bad as the other platforms fanboys.

  • Get_at_Me

    1gb+ ram or gtfo

    • mantikos

      Umm, you gtfo…
      My 512 MB ram handset would wipe the floor with your shitty 1 gig Adnroid handset

      • fixxmyhead

        i doubt that, he could have an s3. i know windows phone dont need beefed up hardware but the rest of the hardware sucks. cameras dont even record in 1080p i think only the new win 8 ones do that , resolution tops out at 480×800, no file manager, limited apps etc 
        all equal a big FAIL .there was even a post here listing like over 100 features why windows phone “are not good”, . only thing windows has is its pretty smooth but everything else sucks sorry. besides have u tried a galaxy nexus on JB its freaking fast. this is coming from someone who had doubts on that phone but after getting one for my wife after the jb update its a whole new phone. really fast on stock rom and have yet to see it stutter.

        • mantikos

          Of the 100 reasons (some which you have mentioned) the idiot writing the article included things like:
          1. Can’t change wallpaper
          2. No themes
          Who gives a shit? these might be important to some, just like a file explorer is
          But to most, a smooth phone is far more important, a stable phone is essential, and Android is neither smooth nor stable

        • fixxmyhead

          dude i mentioned the galaxy nexus which IS SMOOTH (on JB not ics it stutters on ics) AND STABLE. i used my wifes galaxy nexus (stock rom nothing fancy) and its super fast and smooth havent seen it stutter or anything. also its not like all these android phones crash everytime. u make it seem like there totally unuseable. the only thing that sucks about low garbage phones is that there slow as hell and lag soo much but certainly dont crash everytime. if they do it’ll be cuz of the low low specs that the dev didnt want to bother optimizing an app for such garbage phones. also most people would prefere a phone with more features as android phones are USEABLE they dont crash everytime upon every start up

        • Tempestlegacy

          I use Windows and Android.  I prefer windows due to the ability to perform tasks quickly, and also the messaging and communication on windows phones win hands down.  however I do like on the galaxy phones the gestures (like swipe right to message and left to call). 

        • Tortionist

          That’s just your opinion. I had a recent windows phone, while it was just as smooth as Android and IOS, it lacked the functionality of Android. Even IOS lacks Androids functionality. Android is the best OS for a reason. It has the functionality that all other OSs lack and is definitely more customizable.

        • Polaris1

          How many apps do you need? Last I heard the marketplace has 100k apps. I know google play and itunes have a lot more but really how many of those are any good or duplicates? How many are themes etc? People get too caught up on the # of apps. Almost all the important ones are all ready in the marketplace.

        • fixxmyhead

          Apps are not really my main concern I was just pointing it out. But u know some popular ones are missing in the Windows store like hipstergram and other ones too not that I use it but they don’t have it. Probably also missing games from gameloft like gta 3, max Payne, modern combat 3,etc

          And yea I know there’s alot of repeat ones

        • Whiskers

          Free GPS navigation app would be nice.
          It’s free on IOS,Android but you have to pay for it on a WP , WTF..

    • You know that 1GB of RAM on an Android device doesn’t mean another platform needs the same. You know this and I know you know this!

      • Get_at_Me

        Sorry David. I had to get some trolling in today. Lol

      • JBrowne1012

        Android doesn’t need a 1gb ram but its nice to have to ensure smoothness in the experience and even Nokia knows this is why they bumped up spec standards because 256mb ram is not enough to be lag-free

      • Tortionist

        You’re implying that phones that run Android need at least 1GB of RAM. That’s not true. The Wildfire S may be a mid range phone and have less than 512MB of RAM, but when it’s upgraded to Android 2.3.6 it runs very smoothly. I don’t think it’s the RAM so much as it’s the version of the OS, the processor, and the processor speed. Excess RAM does help, but less RAM won’t necessarily slow it down or make it stutter. I find that a lot of the reasons people have problems with their phones(no matter what OS) is because 1. they never clear their cache, 2. they leave stuff like blue tooth and GPS on constantly, and 3. they leave a lot of apps running and forget to close them out. not only that, but most people I’ve seen use very light wallpapers that eat up battery life as well.

    • MatthewMurawski

      Yes, David’s right. Look at the iPhone. It only has 512 MB of RAM. Does it force close often? No. Does it multitask? Yes. Is it smooth? Hell yes.

      • JBrowne1012

        Thats because apple controls everything about the iPhone. From the app store to the OS 

        • MatthewMurawski

          That’s why fragmentation is hurting android.

        • JBrowne1012

          Fragmentation is not hurting android in any true way. Especially since the release of 2.x android. with all of the skins overlays the new releases of android aren’t all that important as stock android 4.0 and 4.1 are mostly UI updates.. while there are some features missing the are recovered by the manufacturer making the custom UI over the semi old os that its on.

        • Tortionist

          Not only that, but people said that Windows would be fragmented, guess what? It’s not fragmented. So any idiot bringing up fragmentation should take a look at the market for operating systems and realize that fragmentation can happen, but won’t necessarily will and when you have the majority of the market in the U.S. and the world, fragmentation is highly unlikely and chances are slim to none that it will happen. People like to cry fragmentation so that way they feel better about their purchase of something that’s a walled garden, meaning little to no choice or freedom. Choice and freedom, which i-phone and Apple doesn’t give you. The only thing i-phone and Apple gives you is complete simplicity. The UI for IOS isn’t as fully featured as it is for Android or even Windows mobile.  

        • Ragnar

           I don’t care if android is fragmented, I care that my android phone is UPDATED.  And unless you have a Nexus or one of the few flagship phones, it will not be. 

        • Tortionist

          It can be updated if you root it and flash a ROM. caring about whether a phone is updated to the newest version of an OS is kind of ridiculous. You don’t buy a computer worrying about whether it’s going to be updated or not. If you do, you should forget about getting a computer. Smartphones are computers. It won’t be updated unless you pay extra for it. Same thing goes with smartphones. You pay with some time and research (instead of money) and you can have it updated.

        • Ragnar

          I usually build my computers, lol, so they will always be updated  :)

          I do expect stability and bug fixes included.  That happens with my computers, but has been sketchy with my androids.

          I would be HAPPY to pay for upgrades, but that is a fool’s choice because it is not offered in any case. 

          Rooting/Rom-ing sounds like a great option but unless you have great coding skills you are at the mercy of the dev community to develop stable roms for your particular phone.  Most phones have NO significant rom development. Flagship and Very Popular phones will have rom development, and not all will have stable builds. While most phones can be rooted, few have working stable roms.  The my mytouch4g slide I had was rooted but there were very few devs working on it, and most builds were Alpha builds, not even beta, let alone stable.

      • Tortionist

        You’re a bit off on the multitasking. No computers, phones,people, & etc can in reality multitask. It’s a physical impossibility they can do one task at a time. That’s it. You’ve been sold a serious fallacy that’s completely BS. By the way, an independent research company found out that I-phone applications force close a lot more than Android applications with a ratio of approximately nine to one. I didn’t believe it at first when I read it. Then I started thinking about it. It actually makes sense. Android uses Java, which is a relatively easy language to learn. IOS uses Objective C, which is a very hard language to learn. Doubt me? go look it up and doubt no more. 

        • MatthewMurawski

          If it can jump from task to task almost instantly, it’s multitasking in my book. And in the 3 and a half years ive had an iOS device, i don’t really notice it force closing, it happens once in a blue moon. In the two weeks i had my galaxy note, apps had force closed about 5 – 10 times, but im a semi-heavy user. Maybe its just my usage case, but the point was that the iPhone performs good enough with 512 MB of RAM.

        • Tortionist

          I left the galaxy note alone for a reason. I considered it, but then did some research. My SGS III hasn’t force closed yet. I wouldn’t base Android off of one device that may or may not be flawed, especially when it has phones that are top notch, like the SGS III, the number one phone in the world. It doesn’t use two year old technology like the I-phone. It’s up to date. It’s not only the best selling phone, it’s also the most technologically advanced phone. 

        • MatthewMurawski

          Are we really arguing about force closes on iPhone and Android on a Windows Phone 8 Rumored phone page?

        • Ragnar

           Good God in heaven there is someone actually still quoting that discredited “study” that iOS closes more than android?  Rather than quote a Forbes write up you might want to actually read that “study”.  And when you do, you find that it done by a company that sells app monitoring and trying to sell their services.  You also find that for top tier apps, there is no statistically significant difference between iOS and Android force closes.  For second tier apps, iOS had them close slightly more.  If you parse through the data, in third tier apps android closed significantly more.  What did all this mean in terms of the stability of these systems?  Nothing at all. It does mean, that you should buy top tier apps.

        • Tortionist

          By your own admission, they close about the same, interesting. Most of the I-phone fanboys that I’ve seen crying out against Android try to rage against the Android apps and how often they force close, so thanks for at least being honest. I can see your point. 

  • Whiskers

     No removeable battery===Fail

  • Matt L.

    Looks nice. I really hope WP8 takes off. Consumers win when there is more competition.

  • Deadeye37

    Too bad Nokia doesn’t make Android devices…. I like their design on a lot of their higher end phones.  Their hardware is pretty good, too.

    • Eanfoso

      Dude meego is waaaay better than android, look up the Nokia n9 man, or Symbian? Lol look up the Nokia 808 pureview, which is mainly important because of its 41 MP camera, yes I meant 41MP not 4.1 MP which is lets say almost five times better than the iPhone camera

      • MatthewMurawski

        Megapixels aren’t everything. There are optics, optical zoom, how well it takes pics in the dark, etc.

        • Johnb954

           it has 3x optical zoom, which is better than any current camera phone.  with carl zeiss optics of course.  and dark pictures come out better than with flash.  it’s more natural.

        • Johnb954

           and the best thing about it is, that it is symbian based… so its much better and smoother than any android or iphone.

        • J-Hop2o6

           Please, just stop.

      • JBrowne1012

        Meego is a non existent OS that i would love to see but nokia abandoned that ship for a bound to fail already failing windows OS. 

  • Android users always are crying about Nokia+Android lol. Android give more customisation vs Windows Phone productivity until the date I have smoked my Android & IPhone users friends with my Nokia Lumia 710 with a record of 100%:-P

    • Tortionist

      It doesn’t hold a candle to my SGS III. I promise.

  • IamDefiler

    The RAM number could possibly be RAM free. This is a prototype remember.

  • Skip Bayless

    if its not iphone 5 i dont want it …someone buy by s2 lol shitty ass phone

    • JBrowne1012

      You don’t even know the specs of the iPhone 5 yet you want it…. stupid. stupid.

      • Skip Bayless

        idc its an iphone n0000000b

        • JBrowne1012

          Oh.. I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was talking to a prepubescent girl.

        • Whitney

           Windows it is not that hot as T-Mobile makes it out to be

  • oh look another windows thing 

  • does it work 

  • Gouv

    yay!!! go nokia!!!! GOOOOO!!!!

  • Guest911

    Wifi calling please! I need to dump android.

  • Littlesis1774

    No thanks. I hate windows phone just as much as I hate HTC

    • Whiskers

      Maybe you should see a doctor about your mental tunnel vision.

      • Johnb954

         maybe you should because they are shit phones… go and check out nokia’s true product Nokia N9 and go buy one while your at it.

        • Whiskers

          Maybe you should recheck what you call quality phones..
          This is’nt about the N9 , now is it.

        • Whitney

           Dude Nokia is not all that hot

        • Whiskers

          Dude that’s what i’m saying to Johnb954 , this Nokia phone is not that great.

        • Whitney

           But hey if you like it then power to you. I had a windows phone and hated every second because it locks up. My phone won’t say on wifi and it locks up on incoming calls

        • Whiskers

          I have the HD2 and HD7 and love them both.
          The HD2 is dual boot for WM or Android and my HD7 is WP7.5 stock and the OS is smooth , fast , and never have the bugs Android has.
          So yes , i like Windows Phones and have no issues with it and i will take a WP8 anyday over a Android phone but not unless it’s a high end WP8 which will happen soon.
          I’ll wait and see what Samsung and HTC has up their sleeves.

        • Whitney

           My HD2 sucks and it turn off from HTC and Windows phones. I want to try to the iphone

        • StickyIcky

          This reveals everything.

          Not being mean to you here at all, but the HD2 is about a 3 year old device running an operating system (Windows Mobile) who’s legacy started in 2000 and ended about a year or 2 years ago.

          Windows Phone is NOT Windows Mobile.  WinMo has been put to rest, retired, given its pink slip.  The HD2 continues to be popular among the mobile hacker communities because the hardware is capable of running multiple operating systems.

          I get it now.  You’re probably a little newer to smartphones in general and hence why you’re stuck w/ the HD2.

          My advice… go get your iPhone already.  But realize that you cannot read and listen to the never-ending trolls on the internet.  iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 are all great in their own right.  No one is going to argue WinMo is great, especially since its old and gone.   All this crap where you see people argue back and forth about what phone is better… people with mental problems who care more about proving that some multi-billion dollar corporation who couldn’t care less about them is somehow better.

          I will also say… if you’re having issues managing your WinMo HD2, then iPhone and even WP8 is better suited for you.  Android might come off as a little overwhelming.

    • Tortionist

      That’s a little close minded don’t you think?

      • Whitney

         not if you have a windows phone and I do and I hated it

        • Whiskers

          You must of had a bad phone because the WP 7.5 have such a smooth and stable OS it’s scarry close to IOS.

        • Whitney

           and also I never been a nokia fan

        • StickyIcky

          More thank likely, that translates into “I’ve never actually used a Nokia phone”.

        • Tortionist

          Exactly, she probably had windows 6.5 or something. 7.5 is actually pretty good.

  • bruce_leer0y

    Ill wait and see what htc and samsung officially deliver to tmobile. Nokia can keep their mid ranged phone

    • Whiskers

      Same here.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I like the ativ s more.

  • Josue

    ill wait for the nexus device

  • ceo2be

    Wish Tmo could have gotten the 920 with Pureview.

  • AppleJuice

    Awesome ! Now get the Ativ S to your smartphone list !

  • TagYourIt

    More mid range units that T-Mobile will probably sell for more than other carriers charge for iPhones. 

    I want a high end sleek, thin, powerful WP8 device by Samsung with a killer design.  Not a fat heavy and boxy Lumia device like the one pictured.  

    • Brian

      This line of thinking always cracked me up.

      “Look, I got such a deal on this phone from AT&T!  T-Mobile wanted $199, AT&T wanted only $149!”

      Yeah, and you’ll be paying T-Mobile $70 for the same service AT&T charges $130 to $140 for.  That means that in your first month of service alone, you paid $10 more to AT&T in total than you paid to T-Mobile.

      Over two years, you’ll have paid AT&T $1,390 more than you paid T-Mobile for the same service.  That’s enough to buy a premium LG 50″ LED television with a stand, an XBox 360, and 10 XBox titles.

      Betcha feel dumb now!

      • Whiskers

        But with T-Mobile windows phones you only get the medium level devices for more cost out of your pocket and with AT&T’s windows phones your getting the much better high end phone for less out of your pocket.
        But the cost of the Phones and the cost of the Service is two Different things all together.
        Putting them together is not a fair comparrison.
        One should’nt have to pay a premium price for a medium grade device.
        If your on the Value Plan like i am , your buying your phone upfront anyways , so you can save the monthly service cost for comparrison for some other time . 

        I betha feel dumber now !

        • StickyIcky

          But the cost of the Phones and the cost of the Service is two Different things all together. Putting them together is not a fair comparrison.”

          Absolutely NOT.  The ‘discount’ consumers get on the upfront cost of the phone is directly dependent on signing a contract for service.  To sit there and say (this is just a made-up example) At&t’s iPhone is cheaper than Sprint’s iPhone simply based on the upfront subsidized price and not factoring in what one is going to end up paying over the course of a 2 year contract it outright DUMB and many people DO.  Or rather, that’s EXACTLY what the carriers want the common consumer to do.  “Hey look, we’re giving you this phone for free. Its free.  Worry about the cost of the monthly plan after you get your free phone… right now, you just need to know… FREE. So sign here and here. its free”.

          Heck, even in the case of some tablets and some carriers, the price of the discount depends on not just signing a 2 year agreement, but signing an agreement to a specific level plan.  “We’ll sell you this tablet for $200 if you agree to a data plan of $30 or more (no less)”.  So what good is touting that person only paid $200 for a tablet that someone else paid $400 for when that other person doesn’t have to factor in a $30 per month plan?

      • Taggers

        Brian, stop yapping about crap you have no clue about. You make stupid assumptions and that only highlights who the actual dumbo is.

    • JBrowne1012

      The off contract for the only nokia windows phone made it pointless to get locked into a contract over.

  • MammothLover

    More screen and less thick bezel Nokia please. 

  • I think i want a Nokia windows phone..i mean i think i wanna try one out.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Nokia really makes some of the most beautiful & solid looking hardware available in the mobile world. I will indefinitely be purchasing one as my first WP8 device!

  • Joseph Tongret

    I absolutely love Nokia devices!

  • Tim

    I don’t understand what it is people like about Nokia phones.these things are ugly as hell. If I were a windows phone user,which I ain’t,I would wait for a Samsung device.

    • MagentaMadness

      Because. In the event of a nuclear war, cockroaches will be able to make calls on nokia phones. lol

    • My first phone was a Nokia bar phone those cheap lil prepaid but hey it worked very well and their offering in the past were awesome. The N-Gage was what I desired those express music phones and man they were sweet for their time.

  • jelliottz

    If this is what is coming to T-Mobile, Nokia and TMO are redeeming themselves over that misguided step known as the Lumia 710. Hopefully it has a full gig of ram and a dual-core S4.

    Otherwise, I’m going to get that beauty from Samsung.

  • galaxy dude

    I think I am going to get it when they are released

  • was hoping they’d do a bigger design change .. looks like the Lumia 900 all over again but with WP8 .. good of course but not enough of a change to matter.

  • JT

    Why does T-mobile always get the lower spec Nokia phone? First, we get 710 while att gets the 800 & 900. Now we get the 820 instead of the 920. 920 is said to have 1.5 dual core, 1g ram, hd screen while 820is stuck at 480 resolution and probably an outdated processor.

    • Bajamin

      Because the customers T-Mobile has don’t buy them. Sure some will, but not enough for the commitment they would have to make to Nokia. 

      • JT

        Samsung Galaxy S(1,2,3) seem to do well on tmo. Nokia should take a pointers from Samsung and realse their flagship on top 4 carriers.

        • Its stupid how a lot of companies don’t do this there is absolutely no good reason financially and non-financially. the amount of phones I would buy if it was available… Man..

  • symsoul

    “335MB of onboard RAM”   Windows phone or otherwise, that seems a little weak for any modern smartphone.

  • Jtfinn

    820:   4.3 screen, 8G, 512 ram  920: 4.5 screen, 32G, 1 G ram     both mcsd slot, 1.5 ghz dual core and 8mp cametra.     I’ll pass on the Nokia and Samsung and hope HTC comes along with something 

  • Polaris1

    If Nokia & MS really want to increase that 5% market share then they need to release “high”end devices to all the carriers. Android has such a foothold that a new customer will be bombarded with multiple android devices and one or two mid range win8 devices. Which platform do you think the customer will pick?

    I love my GSII but I’m ready for a change. Really like what I saw with the Lumias they had in the AT&T store. If tmo can up its game and bring some great win8 phones to its customer base then I think win8 will increase market share.

    The release of win8 will be big and the thought of buying one app to have across my pc, tablet and phone is something apple or android can’t offer.

  • Can’t say that the TMO windows offerings get me all that excited.

  • Jtfinn

    for those TMO people who are upset that the Nokia 920 will, supposedly, be an AT&T excluse and who don’t like AT&T and do not want to settle for the Nokia 820 or (like me) do not want anything to do with Samsung, HTC has just announced that they will announce their line up of Windows 8 phones on September 19

    • Patrick

      umm any highend Samsung or HTC phone will be on AT&T. only the lower end models go to Tmobile. The second round of WP’s Tmobile got nothing high-end, so with the 3rd round coming I highly doubt that’s going to change. AT&T has more money to go after highend phone and Tmobile has zero desire to spend the big bucks for highend phones.