Samsung SGH-T889 Coming To T-Mobile As The Galaxy Note II?

Here’s something I know that will hopefully make some of you very excited, the prospect of T-Mobile getting the Galaxy Note II. Well, that’s exactly what we think is going to happen as the future-bound T889 for T-Mobile looks very much like a Galaxy Note successor on T-Mobile. In fact, there’s even “about device” build screen for you to ogle and discover with Jelly Bean.

So what’s with our confidence level? Well, for one, the original Galaxy Note is the T879 so the model number jump to T889 makes some sense as a Galaxy Note successor. Unfortunately, beyond telling us there is a 720 x 1280 display, the UA proof for the T889 doesn’t offer us a lot of extra info.

We are being told that the T-Mobile edition does keep the Exynos processor and runs on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network. Other than that, we’re still pretty limited on the available intel, including and most important: release date and price. Given that the device just launched last week and Samsung’s common delayed US launches, it could be sometime before we see this arrive stateside.

Still, it’s nice to start putting the pieces together for a T-Mobile launch. Like all things, take this with a grain of salt until we can find images of a T-Mobile branded device hanging around in the wild and an official announcement from the T-Mobile mothership herself.

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  • JB

    *drools at the thought* Please let it be true! Make it happen, Magenta and you can gladly have my money on launch day!

  • ccnet005

    Great news!
    All those burnt offerings worked!

    • Mr_Vault

       And I haven’t even performed the virgin sacrifice yet !!

      • custom1

        LOL! :)

  • Chynnamann

    I’m currently out of contract and waiting for this!

    • Eanfoso

      Dude if you’re out of contract get into a value plan, same stuff just cheaper, look them up man

  • Deadeye37

    My bet is that the Note II drops around the end of October/beginning of November to help take advantage of the Christmas rush.

    On a side note, why does a lot of tech companies give their product numbers for products such odd numbers?  T879 for the Note, T889 for the Note II, T899 for the Note III?  Why not start at T870?  Its just one of those things that simple logic can’t reconcile, but I’m sure there’s a good reason.

  • Ahsasasha

    As much as I hate this because I got the Note I, I’m happy this is coming to T-MO.

  • Garrett

    I kinda feel bad for the people who just got the first Note on T-Mo. Probably should’ve waited for the Note 2.

  • Chic0n3l

    im not worried abt the model number but i wanna know when does it come out!!!

  • timdawg919

    Just bought the note for T-Mobile so unless I win one or somebody is gonna give me one don’t think I’ll be getting it

  • AgDon

    I’m ready for it

  • BOOM, and the game is ON now baby.  Line’em up man, line them UP!!!

  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    This is great news i have the note from AT&T running Tmo radios and if true about the TMo version keeping the Exynos Processor wow im shocked T-Mobile your finally making us happy In my opinion. Anyways i hope they make us even more happier if they launch the Note 2 first from the other carriers and ill be ready for them to take my Money in a heart Beat!

  • Mancuso B

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii juuuuuuuust caaaaaammmmee ooooonnnn the sccrrreeeeeeennnnnnn YUP

    • Dumbazz

      More space on the note for that sort of thing.

  • Auser72

    I just might have to burn a upgrade for this one. Great news!!!!!!

  • ghulamsameer

    Sucks for the people that bought the original Note when T-Mobile released for that short period.

    • jonathan3579

      Why does it suck? Those people were impatient… 

      • MatthewMurawski

        Impatient? I waited 4 months for it. And I got it, love it, and am very unimpressed with the note 2. It’s just a big galaxy S3 (like expected). I would rather get the S3 than the note 2 because at least it would fit in more of my pockets.

        • fixxmyhead

          ur doing it wrong. Stop wearing those hipster skin tight girl pants and wear some man jeans . The note will fit perfectly in man jeans

        • Eanfoso

          Don’t forget that the note 2 has less pixel density than the galaxy s3

    • Get_at_Me

      Not really….i just bought it and ill be buying the new one if tmo gets it

    •  well i got the note without having to upgrade my line for $170, so ill still be able to get the note 2 when it comes out. so it doesnt suck for me lol

      • Dumbazz

        Ya riiiiiiiight

  • Eanfoso

    HELL YES!!! Quad core exynos and HSPA + 42 & my home being in a 42 + market omg!!! Can’t wait for this marvelous, awesome day!!! :D and yes I’m buying it as it is, since I’m jumping into a value plan lol hopefully it’s not in the 800 $ margin! Lol

  • JBrowne1012

    Exyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnossssssssssssssss yay

  • farfromovin

    Wow, this really makes it worth waiting if true. I wanted the international version, but if an 5.5″ exynos quad comes to TMOUS with HSPA+42 I’ll drop $1400 on two for the wife and I.

    • custom1

      Can you adopt me? ;)

      • JBrowne1012

        and me and yes i will buy my own food pay rent just get me that phone k thanks bye!

      • nycplayboy78

        Me too :)

  • mreveryphone

    Great news! Especially on my birthday!!

    • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

      Happy Birthday! 

      • mreveryphone


  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    T-Mobile/Samsung Please take my money!!

  • Alda

    let me guess, 349.99 with a 2 year contract?

    • jonathan3579

      After a $50 mail-in rebate.

      • farfromovin

         … and a $50 credit on your next bill. But only after you’ve activated the new line for more than 30 days.

    • JBrowne1012

      Still worth it, Exynos.

      • fixxmyhead

        I know huh.finally a quad core . Not a damned “dual core” one

    • Spanky

      That’ll be the pricing for new customers and new lines. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was $399 after a $100 rebate for upgrades.

  • Zabaniya

    exynos AND HSPA+? yes please. 

    • JBrowne1012

      I’ll take 3

  • Cybersedan

    This would be really fantastic news, especially with the quad-core Sexy Exy, please let this be true, I’ll be first in line!!

  • jian9007

    I’m glad this is coming to T-Mo, even though I won’t be getting one. We need more high-end phones to compete with the other carriers. I might pick it up if it was the next-gen Exynos, but last years Exynos and Mali gpu just won’t cut it this Fall. Since the quad-core S4 pro with Adreno 320 will be out in some smartphones, I’ll wait for those. Interested to see what HTC will announce on the 19th of September, as well.

  • Gnote2

    The best news I’ve heard THIS year!!!

  • El Chapo

    Please answer for my knowledge .,android authority has a you tube video in which they show Samsung Note 2 LTE version the guy in the video mentions benchmarks are lower than non LTE version 13000 compared to like 9500.Now i know its early but IF let me repeat that IF there ever is a Tmobile version of Samsung Note 2 and its running quad core on HSPA+ it still would not be as powerful as international version or is that even possible ? There is still no quad core mobile phone released for american market i know there are issues with LTE but Quad core and HSPA is it possible?   Thank you David and my fellow visitors

    • MatthewMurawski

      Of course quad core and HSPA+ is possible. The quad core international phones use HSPA+.

  • Taron19119

    Did u see t-mobile new unlimited commercial promoting there unlimited plan

  • :)

  • JosephLagalla

    HSPA+42 and LTE would be the perfect device.

  • Taron19119

    T-mobile new commercial promoting 4G unlimited data plan

  • Ldmm0609

    Im happy t-mobile is getting the note 2 i cant wait when will it be coming to tmobile

    • Come on guys, I talk about a release date in the post!

  • Aaron vita

    Great news for tmobile . But I won’t be getting it tablet sized phones are not my thing .

  • Break98

    I just got off the phone with a rep, they said they are definitely getting the Note 2..but she didn’t know when, she stated she thinks they are waiting until around the release of the iPhone 5 to announce it.

    • TMO EMP

      And you believe a customer care rep? LOL…care reps don’t know sh##…they sent in a cust. to my store yesterday to take advantage of the no strings attached loyalty problem…the customer was not on the list! she left pissed…if u believe anything a care rep says about future products you are an idiot….

      • TMOTECH

        Shame on you for not doing something from keeping her leaving pissed. 

        • LOYAL

          I don’t need the Note 2, but I may just get it if its a quad core device. i just ordered the SIII 32gb, regretting it because i got a feeling the 64gb model SIII custom colors will drop a fews month away with the Note 2 released in early December. Samsung is toying with us to upgrade our phones every 6 months. That business model will definitely oust iPhone number one seller spot in the US. Apple needs that ban on Samsung immediately, there’s no slowing down the Samsung phone sales train practically leaving iPhone is the dust hardware and production wise; kind of like what happened to Blackberry with software. Take Note, phase 2. get it!

          Very good point! TMOTECH. Showing a little empathy and relating in a positive manner towards the customer goes a long way! Remind them why their with T-mobile, its an easy job!

          TMO EMP-
          It’s hard to believe the customer was instructed to make a trip out of their way to the store rather than hold a minute and speak with loyalty about a special offer received by mail or in the offers tool. At 4 dollars a gallon for gas a customer would push back hard to get it resolved over the phone.

          TMO EMP, team apart, team together* we don’t share the same t mobile values. You must drop that negative attitude if you plan to be successful within your career. BTW This blog is about the Samsung Note 2! not about how much you hate your team mates or how you think how their idiots. Be happy you still have a job.

    • DishragWhore

      I heard that TMO will start taking pre-orders on 6 October.

      • Davidmg_13

        and some one told  me I should be getting mine tomorrow haha

        But I’m hoping we get it soon

  • AM3RIG

    if this made a happen, I would grab it before out of stock & sold out across U.S. Nation when launch day! no doubt.

    • Spanky

      I doubt it’ll be out of stock and sold out on launch day. This is a nice device, as not everyone wants to carry something that large. I wouldn’t count on it selling out so quickly.

      • Spanky

        nice = niche

  • Anonymous

    assuming they come out at a reasonable time.. i’ll take 2 for the parents

    personally, i’m waiting to see what htc comes up with (not the phablet) to compete w/ the gs3/iphone5 this holiday season

    i also feel sorry for the tmo branded note users, not only did they get their device months too late (at a price above all others), it also seemingly went EOL overnight, and it may get replaced in less than a year! (just a guess)

  • Arvin

    Sucks for the note 1 buyers… shafted by t mobile 


      T-Mobile did not force them to buy the Note. They made the decision on their own. If they failed to do research and realize there was a note 2 coming it is not the fault of T-Mobile. 

    • PhantomWraith

      The original Galaxy Note is still an awesome device. I own one and its just fantastic, I don’t think anyone who got one is going to feel shafted anytime soon.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Yes sir, This will be a day one launch day purchase for me. I will enjoy both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. Nothing beats that in the tech game..

    • Richard Yarrell

      I place the date of November 14th as Tmobile’s launch of the GalaxyNote 2. Pretty sure before then we all will know when it will land on tmo. Rest assured tmo will be one of the first to carry it this time around. Just they were the first to carry the Galaxy S3 in stores this past June 21st.

      • Mikkej2k

        Remember how long it took for the original Note to get to T-Mobile. Even after all of the shots of it branded and in the wild. Even after seeing the literature for it’s release AND a release date.

        My point is keep expectations low for a quick release even WITH evidence.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Too much at stake now for Tmobile to allow this to exist out there for months. Tmobile will release this very quickly due to it’s unlimited data just launched. Don’t worry the Galaxy Note 2 willbe ready soon as I stayed.

  • Kindredkian

     I’m getting mine in white the day it’s released in the US! It’s a wrizap!!! How YOU Doing?

  • g2a5b0e

    This might end up being the first quad-core phone to launch in the U.S. If there are still issues with the Exynos processor & LTE, it might also only launch with that processor on T-Mobile. If that’s the case, I would highly recommend that they play up that angle for marketing purposes. Either way, my upgrade comes in later October. TAKE MY MONEY!

    • Get_at_Me

      I would love for tmo to have the first quadcore android in the US. They could market it as the biggest most powerful android phone to date.

    • Boricua Boy88

      The new Exynos is LTE compatible. I think Samsung should future proof the T-Mobile variant by including a dual HSPA+/LTE re.10 Radio. Paired up with the 2GB of RAM, 1.6GhZ Quad-Core Exynos, and 64 GB of flash memory, this will be the most technologically advanced smartphone yet!

  • MoralTruth

    Funny how when it’s Samsung news, hardly any Apple fanboys come in and bash the article to no end and Samsung fans state it’s the best news ever but when it’s news about ANYTHING apple, Samsung fanboys go to that thread and bash it to no end, saying that the people are stupid for liking what they like and they SHOULD like a Samsung droid as if the people should have no freedom to choose what they like and don’t like. They even go so far as to state that David is biased towards Apple and that he shouldn’t post the news about the iPhone.

    You can clearly see what fanboy is the most unruly just by searching through this article and the last article on the iPhone.

    The moral of this story is, Fanboys need to grow up regardless of who they support. Let people choose what they like and don’t get offended because people like something that you don’t.

    • ransack

      Samsung droid???? This isn’t a verizon blog.

      • MoralTruth

        And then there’s this type of Samsung fanboy. The kind that tries to divert giving a real response by trying to make the original poster feel silly.

        I guess I have to say Samsung Cellular Telephone with the Android Operating System installed on it in order for you to understand what I meant.

        • ransack

          That’s right dummy I’m a tmobile fanboy and verizon sucks….you suck and so does apple android windows and blackberry.

        • MoralTruth

          Haha I have a Tmobile Sensation and plan on getting a Galaxy Note 2 on Tmobile. I’ve been with Tmobile since they were Voice Stream and Powertel so please come with a real response instead of blind insults like typical Samsung Fanboys do.

          Also, I’m looking forward to Tizen, a SAMSUNG and Intel OS.

        • ransack

          Lol I was just being goofy. I’m not a fanboy of anything just messing with you. I guess you couldn’t tell. I never said anything about samsung being better then anything.

        • MoralTruth

          haha dang you got me good then haha this is MoralTruth and I just got Punk’d Hahaha

        • ransack

          Sorry about that I’m in a silly mood today. I’m a fan of hardware keyboards though, so apple doesn’t work for me. The note 2 just might sway me away from the good old keybaord though. I do hate how every article on here turns into Apple vs. Android

        • MoralTruth

          No it’s cool.  That was quite funny actually.  You got me good. Lol

          Yes every article turns into a petty Flame War.  Just like, can they let the people make up their own minds?

        • PhantomWraith

          well I’ll help to educate you out of your ignorance. the Droid line is exclusive to Verizon whereas the Evo line is exclusive to Sprint so when you say Samsung Droid you look like an idiot which I’m sure you probably really are.

        • MoralTruth

          Hahaha and then there’s this kind that think they are smarter than everyone.

          Educate me out of my ignorance hahaha thats a good one bud.

          Why you getting all upset? Trurh getting the best of you? Can’t handle the fire so you got to rely on backup by your fellow Samsung fanboy supporters to help you? Haha when you have a decent argument, come back instead of trying to dodge having a real response like you and ransack are doing.

        • PhantomWraith

          I only stated the facts why would I be angry? you haven’t said anything for me to get upset about? the Droid Line IS exclusive to Verizon. What truth have you posted? its all just your opinion and there is no Truth’s in someone’s opinion that’s a fact and is why its an opinion. I’m guessing since you can’t state any truths you will now attempt character assassination how apple of you.

        • MoralTruth

          Yea and Droid is Truthfully exclusive to Star Wars/Lucas Arts. So if I say Samsung Droid, am I referring to an R2D2 created by Samsung? Haha no, so why is it so hard to understand that when I said SAMSUNG Droid (which is NOT exclusive to Verizon, Motorola Droid’s are), that I meant a Samsung Android device?

          Hahaha you trying hard to make me an Apple fanboy aren’t you?

        • Lbe

          wtf is Samsung droid on tmo forum. Only retarded smart phone user can’t tell the difference btw droid and android. Droid is exclusive line for Verizon which included multiple brands not just motorola
          While android is an Os.

        • Lbe

          only a typical dumb iPhone user calls any android phone a droid lol.

        • ransack

          You said my name! AWESOME

        • MoralTruth

          How does it feel to be a Celebrity Mr. Ransack?  You’re gonna go far kid. Lol

        • ransack

          I would like to thank all the little people that helped me get here.

    • PhantomWraith

      Here’s one of those Iphone bashers right here and this article was just posted so the isheep haven’t woke up yet. Most of them don’t work real jobs like most people. If you really want to see some truth’s go look at the galaxy note news article and you can read all the isheep drivel you could ever wish to see.

      • MoralTruth

        Funny how when you point out truth about Samsung fanboys, you are instantly labeled an apple supporter.

        Honestly, iPhone and Apple products are overpriced garbage in my opinion. They’re still using a proprietary OS with proprietary components which was almost done away with about 5 years ago.
        Pretty much everything Mac’s can do, I can do on PC’s for much cheaper. Everything Iphones can do, I can do on my Sensation.

        It’s 100% true that David is a Biased Apple Fanboy as well. No doubt about that. He gets some credit though because he at least tried other OS’es. The 30 day challenge was a great thing to do for the site and he gave his reviews on that.

        I know Apple fanboys are unruly too but Them Samsung Fanboys have just become ridiculous and just bash EVERY competitor even other Android Manufacturers and get blinded by Samsung when they get an update and when Samsung takes one month too long to update, the fanboys get intolerable by saying “I’m done with Samsung because they didn’t update MY device” and then Samsung announces a new phone and the same one’s that downplayed Samsung are back in the Samsung loop and then say ridiculous things such as “this is the best Phone evvaaarrr”.

        Fanboys have become insatiable and impatient.

        • PhantomWraith

          Can’t remember ever bashing another android phone, I prefer HTC’s Sense over Samsungs Touchwiz personally. IF HTC would come out with a phone with a large display and stylus I would probably get it depending on what features it had. I really liked my Amaze 4g when I had it. Comming from someone who claims to like Android but can only mention a phone exclusive to another carrier makes me wonder if its the typical iphone ranter who claims they like android but really won’t step up and admit they are just another isheep in the herd.

        • MoralTruth

          Can’t remember saying that PhantomWraith was one of the fanboys either but you responded in an insulting way so I kinda wondered if the hit dog was hollering or if PW was just trying to troll.

          On topic now though, finally a real response. Htc sense is better than touchwiz in my opinion too. I also like Motorola’s construction quality. I’d LOVE a Htc Phablet. Actually I thought HTC was coming out with a 5+ inch phone a while back. I read an article on it on Bgr and Gsmarena about it. I think it was called the Sensation XXL or something like that. I was looking forward to it but I don’t know 1) if it’s coming out on Tmobile and 2) if it’s coming out at all.

          I’d admit I was an iSheep if I was. Haha but I’m pretty sure by now you can tell that apple is not my preferred brand.

  • Rush420

    So what happens to the original note? it just gets dropped or is going to be sold at lower price. that might be good idea for some that don’t want to pay so much for the note 2

    • GeekNerdStuff

      Good point. What I knew from T-Mobile is that they were not discontinuing the device but it was sold out on back order and they should be getting more in soon. The Note is a great device! Especially for those who don’t care for the lastest thing all the time. I agree they should sell both and price drop the first one. Not everyone will like the form factor on the Note 2. I see T-Mobile keeping the Note and selling Note 2 a la GalaxySII/III form.

    • Chris

      I hope it sells at a lower price. I would then get it instead of the 2. haha

  • GeekNerdStuff

    I have the Note on T-Mobile and I LOVE it. No regrets at all. Totally awesome device. I’ll be getting the Note 2 as well so in the meantime I will enjoy this beast until that time comes. Since when did being on contract stop anyone from getting a phone? I’ve been with Tmobile for so long I usually get what I want when I call. Not worried about getting a Note 2 “upgrade”…and don’t feel sorry for those who got the Note 1. I love this thing. Can’t see myself going back to a smaller screen now. Sidenote: Signature Unlock feature should come on Note 2. I’ll have to confirm with Sammy though.

  • guest

    I have the GS3, and would actually prefer the Note 2.  I wish I waited.  

    • Chris

      Sell it on craigslist lol. :)

    • zp

      just sell it.  no biggie.

  • Tmobileuser

    Funny.  Yesterday there was a similar post on a different website showing the same information for ATT and speculation that it was the Note 2 for their network.  The model for them is SGH-i317.

    • There is an AT&T model that exists as well.

  • Should i sell my tmobile samsung note for $500 to someone? Is that a good deal?

    • ElChapo

      I ll give you $10.00 i need a fancy door stopper

    • Bajamin

      That is an awesome deal for you. I would pay 2-300$ for a used one, with the new one right around the corner. 

      •  I accepted his offer for $500. I only paid $170 for it in the first place lol. Im getting $330 profit. I just hope the note 2 wont be over $350 with a 2 year contract.

    • Josue

      dude-sir my European galaxy was 399 on Expansy’s website..what are you smokin? lol

      • Bane

        Funny ! 

      •  They call that Pawn Shop in the hood.

    • Mobileboy

      Yes. You will sell it in a minute. I bought mt brand-new Galaxy S3 on Craigslist for $480 a couple of weeks ago, so that’s a pretty decent comparison. Good luck!

    • zp

      I got a brand new S3 with 32gb built in sealed in box for $525, so you may get 500 for a used Note… $450 is probably closer to market.

  • AndroidSpecialForces

    Dear HTC
       I have been a consumer for many years of your product .I had the HTC Touch Pro 2 windows 6.5 with a stylus .I got bored and put android on it (my first android experience ) .I would like to request you release a HTC Touch Pro 3  with 5.2′ screen with Jelly Bean and Sense 5.0  and a capacitive stylus .PS    show Samsung who is BOSS

  • Joseph Tongret

    This Baby is MINE on launch day! I haven’t been this excited for a phone release in a long time!

  • mingkee

    This is crazy.
    When was T879 released?

  • zp

    Any idea when it will launch?  And what about the One X+?

  • zp

    Any chance it won’t be crippled by Touch Wiz and bloatware?   I have to admit to being stunned at how badly Touch Wiz affects stock Android, and by how much bloatware is installed on the S3.

    • brian

      Mostly all bloatware can be disabled under application manager, or you could easily root it since Samsung makes it easy and install custom firmware. I have the GS3 right now and everything runs smooth and fast on a dual-core S4.. Imagine how much better a brand new* quad-core processor made by their own company will be. I’m guessing twice as good? ;]

  • Olivier Boss

    Here is another hint (just a hint) that T-Mobile may sell a Samsung Galaxy Note II (T-Mobile customized) sooner rather than later.
    3 weeks ago I went to a T-Mobile store (Boston) to take a look at the just-released Samsung Galaxy Note (model 1) customized for T-Mobile.
    When I asked if they had the phone on display I was told that they did not have it. First, an (apparently inexperienced, all too honest) saleswoman started
    saying “we don’t have the Samsung Galaxy Note because a model 2 ….”

    before a more senior salesman cut her off and said (probably the “official-corporate” response): “We don’t carry the Samsung Galaxy Note in stores, only T-Mobile stores in New York have it. You can order it online”.
    In line with this, T-Mobile has stopped selling the Samsung Galaxy Note (model 1) online a week ago.

    All pointing to a Samsung Galaxy Note II for T-Mobile (USA) on offer soon. I can’t wait, I’ll buy it.

    • loueber

       same thing happened to me in Boston a well. went into the store looking at the note 1, they told me they are no longer selling it and only select stores had it

      • Olivier Boss

        In early November I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note II (white, looks fantastic) from (with 2y renewal of my T-Mobile plan). The operation ( – T-Mobile) went very well, smoothly. The phone is awesome!

    • MikevC

      Cant wait……………..very excited…………..Hurry up …..been waiting for over a year for this devicd

  • babydoll25

    Do want!

  • AndroidJedi

    I want to buy Samsung Note 2 with 64gb memory.Does anybody remember when T-mobile launched the Samsung GS3 if the 32GB version launched or just the 16gb??