T-Mobile Officially Details Unlocked iPhone Support In Retail Stores

T-Mobile may be the only national carrier without official iPhone support, but that doesn’t mean they are going to pass up an opportunity to provide support for iPhone owners looking for better service and price. In a detailed post sent out to media outlets, T-Mobile officially unveiled its path to offering unlocked iPhone’s by increasing in-store support, employee training and new services making their way to the Apple App Store.

Beginning September 12th, T-Mobile retail staff will be trained on setting up iPhones for customers along with every T-Mobile retail store provided with iPhone 4S demo units. Furthermore, T-Mobile is set to release myAccount, T-Mobile Visual Voice, and T-Mobile TV into the App Store.

With T-Mobile removing the iPhone subsidy, they can afford to offer significantly cheaper monthly rates against the competition. T-Mobile will also launch an “unlocked and unlimited” marketing campaign to attract more unlocked iPhone users to their stores.

With T-Mobile’s newly released unlimited plan, T-Mobile says it can save heavy data users more than $50 per month compared to AT&T rates. T-Mobile won’t sell iPhones directly, but with plenty available via eBay, online and through Apple directly, customers looking to save monthly will hopefully stomach the upfront cost of an unlocked iPhone. T-Mobile also said they won’t offer unlocks in store, but AT&T has a relatively new policy of unlocking devices for customers who have fulfilled their current contract and are in good standing.

Still, all of this hinges on T-Mobile completing their network refarming, with T-Mobile only saying that sometime in the fourth quarter they will light up a number of cities, though they aren’t specifying when and where exactly. Residents of Seattle, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. are mentioned as being among the first to see the newly refarmed network and 3G speeds on iPhone devices.

T-Mobile Marketing Director Harry Thomas says the company is planning on a significant marketing campaign, but the bulk of its TV and other advertising will continue to focus on its traditional lineup of phones and plans.

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  • Clifford Martin

    Let me say that using an iPhone on T-Mobiles Edge(2G) network stinks. It is viturally unusable to doing any serious uploading of photos from the 4S or surfing the web or Facebook. I am personally giving T-Mobile until the end of this month to get the 3G service in the Atlanta Metro area working for my newly acquired iPhone 4s or else I am ending my 6 year service with them and moving to another carrier.

    Any marketing person worth anything will tell you that before you start a major campaign to attract new users, like unlocked iPhone users, you better have the infrastructure working correctly or else you risk major bad PR when people discover just how bad the network response is.

    • tegz

      yeah edge is slow, but you’d be surprised at just how many iphones are running on t-mobile’s network. i guess these people don’t really care how slow their internet is.

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        As one of those people, you are correct..I mostly use my phone at home or at work where I have plenty of WiFi…
        EDGE is plenty useable for basic things, like email, facebook, weather, etc. just not quite as snappy. T-Mobile’s EDGE network is using “class 9 EDGE” which means your speeds are around 200+k/sec…plenty fast enough for basic tasks, even some music streaming

      • Soun Maokhamphiou

        I am also on EDGE and am fine with it. I just sign up for the cheap ol Value plan with 200MB cap. EDGE is plenty fast enough for me to read news, blogs, pay bills, read email, send pictures (a little slow but I’m not in a hurry), check facebook, play poker online, well… you get the idea. Once 1900MHz HSPA+ is live nationwide on a large scale basis I will upgrade to the 5GB plan that includes hotspot tethering so I can surf on my Wi-Fi iPad.


      Well start looking now, or be more patient. It is not going to happen until the end of the year. Still lots to do to get it ready for full market launches. The most you will see before December will be small pockets lighting up and probably disappearing off and on. If you are a bit more patient I promise you will not be disappointed. The 1900 UMTS layer is going to be very strong. I think worth waiting for.

      • TBN27

        I have a T-Mobile Galaxy SII and i would like to know, will this device be ble to take advantage of the refar also?

        • This doesn’t apply to existing T-Mobile devices other than increased and improved coverage.

        • TMOTECH


    • bob90210

      How do you seriously upload photos? :-)

    • JBrowne1012

      You expected to do serious things on 2G? I’m sorry but.. what??

  • supercutwup

    ghetto t-mobile is ghetto

    • Jason Crumbley

      I know ghetto and most of them are on Sprint. They steal T-Mobile stuff. I watched it happen last night at Wal-Mart. haha

    • Soun Maokhamphiou

      What makes it Ghetto?

    • AKC


    • Soun Maokhamphiou

      Cricket Wireless? It’s all over the Ghetto areas of San Diego

    • LinuxFrenzy

      Only an idiot with a screen name like yours will post something childish.

  • Fabian Cortez

    I think we might be seeing a flip of the 1900 MHz UMTS switch on the 12th.

    EDIT: Nice, an edit button!

    • Honestly, that’s not at all what this says, it says fourth quarter with the exception of three cities.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Maybe I should have elaborated, lol.

        *I think we might be seeing a flip of the 1900 MHz UMTS switch in most markets on the 12th. Well, at least most of the major markets.

      • BriGuy

        David, I can confirm that Boston will be one of the cities going live soon. Many of the sites are live as we speak, but they’re spread all over so far.

        • Adrian Torres-Vega

          Are you referring to Boston, Ma? If so, what zip? Jp? Roslindale? Dorchester? Mattapan? West Roxbury? Hyde Park? Readville? Roxbury? Allston? Brighton? Downtown?

          I haven’t experienced 3g on the 1900 band yet.

        • quincy center has it at the local burger king, up to 7 mbps

        • jay1169

          hey man I live in east boston…Where did you hear boston will be going live?

    • kev2684

      Hope the switch happens.

  • I would go so far to say, that on this day…we are gonna start seeing some 3G/4G speeds on more than just the iPhone. Unlocked devices, here we come.

    • I would go so far as to say that some day T-Mobile will just bite the bullet and officially offer the iPhone. They’re going to have to do it sooner or later anyway if they ever hope of staying competitive with everyone else who already offer it.

      • JBrowne1012

        Not really, t-mo doesn’t have to if you can be a smart non lazy guy and pay the full price for the phone upfront rather than spend more money to subsidize it and pay for it for 2 years…

      • If tmobile offered the iphone on contract tmobile would go out of business. So be thankful tmobile is doing this much to get iphone users to switch

      • jcj1

        it isn’t that they dont want to offer it, Apple wants them to put up way too much upfront and they wont as will cause problems with being budget carrier

    • yeah if they turn on the att 3g bands they would be the only pentaband gsm carrier, which would mean virtually every phone at negri would then be usable on tmo

      • Agreed.

      • Eanfoso

        Not quite, t-mobile doesn’t use 850/900 they only use 1700/2100 and 1900 for their gsm aka 2G and what’s being refarmed is the 1900 band

  • turdnugget0420@gmail.com

    Poor T-Mobile has no sense of direction and is just hoping to find a niche that will save that shit hole. A company with no plan.

    • GwapoAko

      I hope you are planning to be robbed by AT&T and Verizon :0)

    • ant

      they are not partners with apple so they said since people love iphones why not help them now if thats not a cool company i dont know what is because can you go to verizon with a my touch or at&t and get service no

    • ogopogo

      @turdnugget – T-Mobile does have a plan, and it consists of you leaving. Good Bye.

  • Winski

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… IF I walk into my local T-Mumble retail outlet on the 30th of September, with a factory un-locked GSM iPhone 5, will my local friendly So0Cal T-Mumble store have a NANO-SIM ready to slap in the phone so I can get up and running??

    • taron19119

      No but u can cut down a micro sim

      • Winski

        IF I study the circuit trace on the new NANO-SIM standard layout versus the circuit placement on the Micro-Sim they are NOT the same. So “cutting down’ the Micro-Sim is not a viable option. PLUS, even if it were, the circuitry is so close to the board-edge of the card, if you don’t get it right EVERY TIME – you’re screwed….

        Thanks any way….

        • A nano sim is a smaller micro sim. So cutting it down is possible.

        • Winski

          Oh, BTW: I just found out that the new Un-limited’ plans are NOT WHAT THEY SEEM. The “Classic” and Value” plans for the SIM-ONLY deals REQUIRED A NEW 2-YEAR CONTRACT WITH THEM… NOT.

        • philyew

          All Classic and Value plans require 2 year contracts. Sorry, but the fact that you have missed this for the last year is hardly TM’s fault.

    • MacRat
  • taron19119

    There a rumor that the iphone is comeing in December to t-mobile

    • Mirad77

      Rumors you said rite?

      • taron19119


        • ant

          if anything it would be january like they did for verizon but tmobile is not going to get the iphone until summer or fall 2013 i sworn tmonews said that months ago

  • Deadeye37

    I just hope that when iPhone 5 lands, that T-mobile quickly updates its special apps to be compatible instead of just relying on iPhone 4S. A push for unlocked iPhone 5’s would be very good to do also.

    • MacRat

      What “special app” do you think you need on the iPhone?

      • Deadeye37

        The apps that are referred to in the article:

        “T-Mobile is set to release myAccount, T-Mobile Visual Voice, and T-Mobile TV into the App Store”

        If they are using these apps to help lure people to T-mobile, they should be quick to optimize these apps for iOS 6.

  • Soun Maokhamphiou

    I experienced 3G on my iPhone 4 in Las Vegas a few weeks back. Ping: 90ms, Download: 4250kbps, Upload 1867 kbps. If this is what I will be seeing in San Diego when the refarm lights up, what an exciting day it will be.

    • Jason Crumbley

      This might be why I’ve been seeing “green” when looking at signal quality when in the battery setting on my GS2. (I live in Vegas)

    • Nearmsp
      • Soun Maokhamphiou

        Unfortunately, I didn’t record the signal strength and other info required to report my 3G sighting but I do have this information

        Test Date: Aug 29, 2012 12:51 AM
        Connection Type: Cellular
        Server: Las Vegas, NV
        Download: 4.15 Mbps
        Upload: 1.82 Mbps
        Ping: 90 ms

        External IP:
        Internal IP:
        Latitude: 36.2309
        Longitude: -115.1405

        A detailed image for this result can be found here:


        I copied and pasted the above information from Speedtest.net

  • Mirad77

    Disqus is trying as much with this new ui not sock as they’ve been all along.:)

  • ccnet005

    I missing something here. I’ve used a number of unlocked phones with tmo.
    Whats the big deal?

    • Ceefu

      Refarmed network means your unlocked iPhone will be able to use the high(er) speed 3G network instead of being stuck on EDGE.


      The unlocked phones you have used are either GSM only or they have the AWS IV band built in and work on our 3G network.

  • Regina Georgio

    Just spoke to a store in Chicago where I live and they said that I should see 3G on my iPhone this week? does TMONEWS know anything that they would launch the 1900 mhz this week?

    • As the statement says, the launch is planed for the fourth quarter save for those 3 cities mentioned which may be farther along than other markets.

      • Eddie

        David when San Diego is gonna have 3G . Becuse I am witing for so I can buy iPhone 5 can you let me know .

        • Soun Maokhamphiou

          I’m in San Diego too Eddie and waiting for that 1900MHz HSPA+ to turn on. It should happen before the end of Q4 2012.

        • Eddie

          I hope so I get 3G before 2012 .

    • Beardown

      Which store? I went to the one in Niles and they said the first week of November.

      • It’s wrong, Chicago, like most cities won’t light up until the fourth quarter according to this statement.

        • Marc L

          Isn’t 4th quarter this month?? Trust me T-Mobile stores said they have a email from CS call 611 they are saying by end of this month the most.. In Chicago.

        • The fourth quarter would be October, November and December.

      • Regina George

        Call the one on Lincoln and kimball 773-588-0429 they have received a email and call regarding the iPhone by the end of this week/ month we will have 3G

  • Tmobile is going to train reps on getting iphones working on their network, but arent offering unlocks.. Heh?

    • 21stNow

      True iPhone unlocking only comes from Apple. It isn’t T-Mobile’s to offer. Since T-Mobile doesn’t sell iPhones, they could not contact Apple to authorize an unlock for the phone.

  • AP

    Wow, a lot of fluff in the comments on this. I worked for T-Mobile until end of August. So here is the reality of the situation:

    A. T-Mobile is NOT getting an iPhone 5 Maybe 4 or 4S but after refarming is complete and Apple gives the green light. iPhone 5 is too expensive for “Value” plan so it doesn’t fit into current cost model.(Greater than $20 for 20 months, which every other phone is equal or less than)
    B. Apple would never let the flagship device which will be LTE launch on a carrier that has ZERO LTE infrastructure. Simply put 2013 LTE rollout for T-Mobile will be the launch pad for Apple to say yes.
    C. T-Mobile is bleeding customers, they have no iPhone to plug the hole and have had to eat their words when it comes to “not needing an iPhone”. Plain and simple, T-Mobile was “STUPID” for ever saying that they don’t need 35-40% of the phone sales in the smartphone arena to stay afloat. They in fact need every person they can get at the moment so promoting unlocked iPhone support is the ONLY means they have to market to it. They know what kind of sales they will be missing out on in 2 days and cannot do anything about it until next year. I predict net loss in subscribers month over month till October 2013. I’ve seen the numbers first hand and know this is their problem. So do they but they are too proud to admit such idiocy.

    • Just because you ‘worked’ for them, doesn’t mean you have the ‘non’ fluff answers. Those are you opinions, and with that…they are respected. But, respect others as well.

    • Deadeye37

      Or maybe they’re still cleaning up the AT&T acquisition still (not working on LTE, not being more aggressive in getting the iPhone, etc). If what you say about LTE being one of the main causes for T-mobile not getting the iPhone, then I think T-mobile is just making the best out the situation they’re in. A smart move, IMO.

      They don’t have sell their soul to the devil up front and hope they sell through all their iPhone inventory that they promised they would sell. This helps front the cost for LTE (since they don’t have to drop a billion dollars on iPhones). Also, the iPhone 4s should get a $100 price reduction, which would make it more enticing for people to buy unlocked and come over to T-mobile.

      T-mobile needs the iPhone, but I would prefer T-mobile to be ready for it. This way when they get the iPhone officially, they can brag that they have the cheapest prices and most advanced (and fastest, hopefully) LTE service for your iPhone and truly unlimited data. Sounds like a winning pitch to me. Lets just hope it all comes into fruition next year…

    • philyew

      The problem is that acquiring access to the iPhone is a long term investment strategy. When Sprint committed to spending $15.5b over the first four years of their deal with Apple, they accepted that they would not break even on the arrangement for at least two years.

      TM couldn’t gain access to the iPhone until 2011 at the earliest (along with any other carrier not called AT&T). At that time they would have had to pay a huge premium price to get a device with an AWS antenna included.

      By the time TM had a choice, in effect they had no choice. It is clear now that the only way TM could survive in the long term would be to either be taken over or re-farm their network.

      In the latter case, they needed to do that by 2013 because of the LTE plans of all their competitors. Thus the MAXIMUM window for a TM iPhone with 3G/HSPA+ configured on the AWS band would be barely two years – 2011 to 2013 – which is clearly insufficient time to make the investment pay off.

      The crucial period was also the same window in which there was an active AT&T takeover under way. Clearly, neither party would have invested in an iPhone for TM with that prospect. Even if neither side was seriously expecting a positive outcome to the attempt, they couldn’t have justified an expensive iPhone acquisition to either AT&T or DT investors.

  • tegz

    who cares about the iphone5. same shit slightly different body. all this refarming means you can finally use high end android phones on t-mobile’s network.

    • JBrowne1012


  • Winski

    Oh, BTW: I just found out that the new Un-limited’ plans are NOT WHAT THEY SEEM. The “Classic” and Value” plans for the SIM-ONLY deals REQUIRED A NEW 2-YEAR CONTRACT WITH THEM… NOT. They sure look like monthly plans but alas, T-Mumble fakes us out again….

    • 21stNow

      What did the unlimited plans “seem” to be in the first place?

      • Winski

        NO CONTRACT.

        • Soun Maokhamphiou

          The only plans T-Mobile advertise as “No-Contract” are the Monthly 4G plans.


          Classic and Value plans are not advertised as not requiring a contract. You pretty much faked out yourself.

        • 21stNow

          I agree with Soun. The unlimited plans were always shown to be on the postpaid side and all of the postpaid plans are contract plans these days with T-Mobile.

        • philyew

          Reading what? There is nothing on the TM website that could possibly confuse you to think the plan is no-contract, and the launch Press Release even talked about activating “a new two-year contract.”

          How anyone else portrayed the plan in their reporting isn’t TM’s responsibility.

  • Will T-Mobile provide a Wi-Fi calling app that I can download through itunes?

    • MacRat

      The app is called “Bobsled Calling” and has been on the iTunes app store for quite a while.

      • Bratty

        Nope. Bobsled is not wifi calling.

        • mikkej2k

          Thank you. Like the question asks: Can I get a downloadable Wi-Fi calling app that works seamlessly? From T-Mobile? From the Bobsled website : T-Mobile also launched free iOS apps for Bobsled. While the app will let you call your Facebook buddies, mobile and landline calls aren’t supported.

        • Bratty

          Wifi calling on Android is essentially imbedded in the OS. I would be shocked if Apple allowed Tmo to do this. That is the only reason i am on Android. I can deal with edge speeds. Check out “MO+” in the app store. It seemlessly uses google voice and is actually pretty good. Its not *real wifi calling* but may work for you.

        • Thank you for a well thought out , non condescending answer.

        • MacRat

          Clearly you have never actually tried the app.

          I dial mobile numbers and land line numbers with it every day.

        • Bratty

          People cant call you back.

        • UMA_Fan

          WiFi Calling is NOT bobsled. Bobsled is just a voip client like Skype. It’s no big deal.

          T-Mobile WiFi Calling gives you your full normal telephone service through WiFi. The WiFi just acts as a cell tower for calls and texts on your number like normal. Great where NO ONE gets signal and if you travel overseas.

    • RotaryP7

      Who knows; but I’m sure they’ll release it with the other apps. Not sure why they wouldn’t when that’s one of their most unique applications on their network. And for sure, no other carrier would support wifi calling on an iPhone.

  • efjay

    In the days of LTE offering 3G won’t really be a selling point. at&t and apple will likely shout from the rooftops about LTE in the new iphone making this less attractive. Good luck to ’em

    • philyew

      Neither one will be offering a version of LTE which is appreciably better performing than HSPA+ 42. Unless the iPhone 5 only supports HSPA+ 21, there shouldn’t be a huge difference in performance between the new iPhone on Verizon, AT&T or the re-farmed TM networks.

      • eanfoso

        And that is assuming the next iPhone is indeed LTE, since Samsung and now HTC are going to sue apple if they release an LTE iPhone

        • philyew

          Interesting. I’d missed that development. What goes around…Still, from the point of view of stifled innovation, it’s a shame that it’s come to this point.

  • I Hope im wrong

    I’m not an iPhone user. but I understand business and if JD power and consumer reports say that customer satisfaction for this iPhone is very positive. If your in the business of cell phones you should have to top phone in your line up. It’s just that simple Instead of downplaying the important role the iPhone plays in the industry. AT&T,Verizon,and sprint new this and this further Leads me to believe.

    T-mobile Has no investments backing it from DT and is merely being propped up. I can definitely see T-mobile not lasting and will broken up and sold in parts to many different companies such as Google, Dish, Comcast, etc…..They are squeezing every penny they can out of the towers and spectrum. no further major investments are being made because if company that wants to stay in business will offer that very popular device.

    Its hard to believe that apple has that much power but when I look back at Flash Vs. HTML5 Apple was the company that mad that happen by not installing flash on there devices now look Flash is now dead. no more further flash support.

  • comeon3g

    I live an hour away from vegas no 3g = (

    • MacRat

      You expect high speed data out in the middle of the desert? :-)

      • comeon3g

        Yeah why not vegas Is close by they get 4g speeds all other carriers get 3g in my area I jus hope will get 3g by the end of the year

    • kitpogi

      1900, this means international unlocked phone should work as well…I have the HTC one X international, brought it when I was in Vegas 2 weeks ago,….nada 3G… :-(

  • Tmo Rep

    i just checked my email i work at a tmobile store in illinois (southwest suburbs) and i didnt see any email regarding iphones or having 3g working in the chicagoland area at the end of this week. also asked my manager about it and he has no clue whats going on with either he said that the only one who really knows for sure are like the top execs. not even his boss or boss’s know what is going on. he also said not to believe what customer care reps are telling you not because they are lying but just like everyone else they have no clue what is going on.

    • Tmo rep2

      I too work in the sw burbs Chicago and I know for a fact we have a micro sim ready for the iPhone demo at the end of this month. Not sure if that means anything for the refarm but one can only hope.

      • Tmo rep

        hmm wonder if we have that sim card. do you know if its gonna be running 3g?

        • Tmo rep2

          My manager claims it will but I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about… Although I think it’d be silly to demo an iPhone running edge speeds…

        • Tmo rep

          agreed lol i guess we’ll wait and see

  • mreveryphone


    • It’s not completely on, NOWHERE is completely, 100% live. Also, no need for shouting.

      • mreveryphone

        Sorry for shouting David but this is exciting stuff! David what’s your email?

  • Louie

    im in vegas got an unlocked S3 and on the westside of vegas i got 3G so i can vouch for vegas

  • tmo_employee

    speaking to the engineers its not as easy as flipping a switch and it will take time for the reframe

  • iPhone 5 on T-Mobile

    This just mean that T-Mobile is going to lose a lot of costumers if they do not get the iPhone 5! I personally think that it is a waste to spend a few hundred dollars on a unlocked iPhone that runs on EDGE. If prepaid carriers like leap wireless can sell the iPhone how come T-Mobile can’t? Apple made a special iPhone to work on Sprint! Make one for T-Mobile!

    • They didn’t make a special one to work on Sprint, they took the Verizon one and changed the software. All CDMA phones require software changes, that’s why so many prepaid and regional carriers can use it.

      • John

        I am sure they can make a software change on the ATT iPhone to work on T-Mobile network. If anything, Apple should sell the iPhone 4S that is 3G only on T-Mobile!

        • UMA_Fan

          No, the iPhone physically doesn’t have the bands that support T-Mobile US HSPA+. If the iPhone 5 supports ALL of the US lte bands but not T-Mobile HSPA+ in aws then it’s a deliberate snub to T-Mobile.

          I’m going to guess the long term DT plan is that once refarming is complete throughout the majority of the US network and LTE is up and running under AWS, like at&t does, then the very same iPhone made for at&t and the rest of the world would work on T-Mobile without any hardware changes. Then Apple wouldn’t force them into a crazy volume commitment.

  • AKC

    If T-mobile is launching a campaign to promote unlocked iPhones running on their network now, they will miss the customers who don’t know about it and renew their contract with ATT when the iPhone comes out in a few days.

  • Guest

    About 65% of Manhattan (in NYC) is now running HSPA+. I can vouch for than since i own a Nexus.

    • jzielin

      which parts?
      I’ve not seen it around penn station… nor in dumbo/Brooklyn heights.
      (i’m using the ATT focus s – get sitting shitty edge)

  • Trevnerdio

    It would be nice if they could release a city-by-city refarm list.

    • MacRat

      It would be very nice indeed.

  • Babak

    If AT&T doesn’t unlock your iPhone so you can switch to T-Mobile, you can use UnlockStreak activations for iTunes, which basically turns iTunes into iPhone unlock software. The UnlockStreak activation is executed through iTunes and does a permanent unlock just like the unlock from AT&T.

  • Soun Maokhamphiou

    For those who are wondering what Limited Functionality is, I experienced a problem with iMessage on my unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile. I noticed that on my phone bill I was charged for text messages to the U.K. It just so happens that when I activated iMessage, it sends an international text to an Apple server there. After restarting my iPhone 4 several times within the month and backing up and restoring my iPhone, my phone bill went up a few dollars. A message pops up on the screen warning me of this when I activated iMessage.

    However, when a failed iMessage occurs, a regular text is sent and when I compare the times those iMessages failed and was sent via a regular text message, those are the times on my Phone bill that claims I sent a text message to the U.K.

    I called T-Mobile and they were not aware of this issue with other iPhones.

    Anyone else out there experience unknown charges for text messages to the U.K. that you didn’t send?

    • bob90210

      Yes, text messages are sent to servers in the UK when you activate or deactivate iMessage or FaceTime.

    • Jailbreak and install an app called i5MMS. Automatically activates Facetime and iMessage for T-Mobile without sending the international text.

    • Fabian Cortez

      What T-Mobile should do is remove the SMS charges from those select iMessage activations telephone numbers.

      They should honestly be on a whitelist.

    • Soun Maokhamphiou

      Thanks for the reply guys!

  • Samir

    Today I briefly got 4g on my AT&T Gnote. I did a quick speed test and got about 5mb down. -Queens NY

    • Sal

      I live in Queens and still no 4G, Where in Queens?

  • Why doesn’t T-Mobile sell the unlocked devices? They can buy them direct from Apple Store at the mall across the street.

    • Max_Kelman

      Couldn’t they actually buy some from DT and T-Mobile Germany already unlocked? Let’s say a 5 million to start with at a tad mark up so DT makes a profit and then T-Mobile sells them unlocked already? If people bite, maybe T-mobile/Apple would have more incentive to meet in the middle or something?

  • Deceptivesmiles

    Honestly, this is a smart move by TMOUS. Don’t shell out a crap load of money just to offer the iPhone officially. Refarm the network so that the phone works just as well as TMo branded phones.

  • Tory

    Honestly.. Where does T-Mobile even use this refarmed 1900 3G.. because in Tampa Bay they definitely don’t..

  • This is perfectly fine with me. I’ll be satisfied with HSPA+ speeds on the iPhone 4S (might get a 5 in Oct/Nov). Add the fact that T-Mobile is the only network with fast unlimited data combined with low rates makes them the best option. I get 4G almost everywhere I go with them.

    As for T-Mobile as a company, this strategy won’t be able to prevent churn this month but it might be able to stop them from losing as many subscribers as they lost to the 4S launch last year. The majority of consumers still want to be able to just walk into the carrier store and buy an iPhone rather than pay a third party vendor to unlock it.

  • I’m excited! This past weekend I experienced 3G on my factory unlocked iPhone 4S and it was screaming fast, visual voice is icing on the cake. Saving hundreds a year… Priceless! My patience has finally paid off.

  • Ulysses Martin

    I do recall that 2 months ago, T-mobile was upgrading the 2G handsets of subs in LA, NY, Miami, Boston and Washington. I would think that these cities would be some of the first to go live.

  • new comment system ..gotta find how to get to my dashboard .. anyway i like this move from TMO.

  • Izzy

    Would it be a good idea to get a 3gs, or would I have to get a 4/4S iphone to get the 3g speed?

  • I think this move will harm the future possibility of Tmo getting an iPhone contract in all honesty.

  • tomnewtn

    I just go to the Apple Store in town. I purchased Apple Care. Why would I go to TMobile and let some kids mess with it?

  • blacbla

    when you are facing the loss of millions of customers you should do something Tmo. It may be too little to late. The should have been a sign for all the people waiting to see if they were going to get the new Iphone.