Grab The Original Galaxy Note Direct From Samsung, While Supplies Last


With the original Galaxy Note only lasting a few weeks on T-Mobile store shelves, attention has undoubtedly been re-directed to the unveiling and hopeful release of the Galaxy Note II. Still, the original Galaxy Note can be found if you look hard enough and that’s exactly what we have with Samsung’s (powered by Best Buy Mobile) website. We’re not sure exactly when the website received more inventory, but it’s just come to our attention that they have. So, if you want to take a chance with the original Note, it’s all yours for $249.99 with a two-year contract. That price is good for both new activations and qualifying upgrades.

Or you can wait and see where (and when) the Galaxy Note II ends up. Your call.


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  • jelliottz

    I’m tempted to give the original note a go. I think I have moved past having the latest and best specs as long as the device works as it should. That or I’ve just become pampered owning a Nexus.

    Either way, its a tempting device. I’m intrigued with the size.

    • The original Note is a beast, I love it.

      • jelliottz

        But would you ditch a Galaxy Nexus for it? Knowing that the Note probably won’t be getting JB or beyond?

        • Yep, in a heartbeat. After using my S3, and giving it a chance. I like ‘it’ better than the Galaxy Nexus.

        • g2a5b0e

          The Original Note is definitely getting JB. That’s already been announced.

    • bro to be honest i completley feel you but GALAXY note II is coming soon be patient Quad core + jelly bean 4.1 + 5.5 inch screen better design + 2gb of rom = BEAST

      • Coolgeek


    • GeekNerdStuff

      T-Mobile Note is awesome and a beast. It’s a great and worthy of buying device. I agree about being past all the latest and greatest. It has everything I need and ICS. It really boils down to preference. I love the form factor of the original note. My hubby will probably take on my Note when I do get the Note II so not a real loss for me. If you have a Note dont rush out for the Note II. If you dont have one yet id honestly say wait if you care about specs. If not go for the original.

    • od312

      That’s what she said

  • The EFT is $350! Why is that I wonder?

    • JP

      That’s because you’re paying T-Mobile an ETF, and also Best Buy too.

      • adam

        Best buy 150 ETF is new

      • Antonio Merkerson

        All T-Mobile ETF are $200 no matter what phone you have. So that must be including a Best Buy ETF also.

    • philyew

      The site is a mess, so who knows how accurate the $350 is? It smacks of a typo from one of the other carrier’s EFT (AT&T?) which is $350. The link to the T-Mobile T&Cs references the version from 2010, whereas there have been two updates since, and a description of the 5GB data plan talks about accessing up to 10GB of data…so nothing should be taken at face value.

  • Josue

    “Original Galaxy Note” is the European one these have 2 much “Bloatwear” ruins the whole expirience..wait all phones have that

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Perhaps T-Mo will get more in the next few days.

  • benjdm

    Why are the prices always the contract prices? Prepaid customers have to go digging on our own to find out the price?

  • Fernando

    I got mine at Costco for $160. I think they raised it to $180 recently, still cheaper than anywhere else


    I wanted this version of the Note but now that Tmo got the 1900 bands up and running in my area, hmmm Galaxy Nexus or Xperia S. Guess when I decide, the Note will be gone anyway lol

  • Evans

    I love the original galaxy note.