Deal Alert: Target, Walmart Offering Special Pricing On The Galaxy S III

If you’re eager to grab the Galaxy S III on the cheap, take a good look at both Walmart and Target as they are ready to draw you in with some pretty awesome deals. Walmart takes the prize with the better pricing at $148.00 for both new and upgrade eligible customers. Target may be slightly higher, but is still more than $100 less than T-Mobile’s own direct pricing.

Target’s price is good through September 22nd, though Walmart doesn’t show how long their offer will last. Given the savings over T-Mobile’s own direct pricing, I see little reason not to grab one of these right away, especially if you’ve been waiting for a price drop from T-Mobile directly. These two deals are hard to pass up.

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  • None

    None of these stores (Target, Walmart, or even Best Buy) even carry Tmobile in my area (21244 Baltimore).

    • guest87654980

      Your s .o. l must suck for you

      • Bogart

        You… Must… Edit… Your… Post.

      • Ragnar

        Your S.O.L.; must suck for you. There, fixed it for you.

  • eanfoso

    First! :) haha it’s funny to see someone else sell t-mobile phones cheaper than t-mobile itself lol

    • LC

      It’s just because they’re third party resellers of T-Mobile and have more flexibility with handset pricing. But a lot of the time you have to have particular features on the account for a certain period of time, which might be more than what you need. Plus you always sign a second contract with that reseller and if you cancel early or make a “major account change” during their period of time (6-9 months typically), you get dinged with an extra ETF per line.

    • Coolgeek

      Subsidized, yes. Take note though how full invoice is $100 more than in a T-Mobile retail location. My main assumption is that these 3rd party retailers are not out to make a profit on selling phones / phone service, but offer it to entice customers to come into their stores and buy their other merchandise. T-Mobile on the other hand has to pay rent, utilities, and commission to it’s associates.

    • Loyal

      there’s a reason for that… walmart is a multiply dept store, it curves up the overhead and expense between those depts, and they simply don’t pay the employees much more than minimal wage and cut hours for holidays, part time and no benefits. then they cut a deal with the manufacturer nationwide warehouses at half cost equipment. drop the price on the s3 so walmart make a few bucks on each contract but supercharged marketing to triple fold sales hoping to drag you into the store to buy other stuff while you’re at it; maybe even phone accessories at 300 percent mark up.

  • Michael Cameron

    dang, me and my wife both want this phone but have been waiting for a nice price drop. Wonder if I should snag these now or wait to see what the “All hands on” day will be.

    • Aaron

      Me and my wife were thinking the samething . And we are going for the walmart deal only thing is at our walmart it’s white only $148.88 . blue is regular price. I think on the 21 tmobile is just going to drop the price but walmart beat them to the punch and cheaper . I highly doubt the s3 will be free .

      • Michael Cameron

        ya i doubt free bout maybe a BOGO which would be nice. T-Mobile is gunna have to do some crazy things to try to keep people from getting the iphone

  • Larry

    Does anyone know if either places offer insurance? Costco has then for $179 and offer a $100 up front insurance deal. Replaced for any reason for$25 for 2 yrs. The cheaper price is nice but Costco’s insurance may still be a better deal

    • PiCASSiMO

      I agree on Costco being a better deal.

  • Great if you’re getting a subsidy, but if you’re Value or just buying outright, the non-contract price through T-Mobile is $599.99. Both of these places are more expensive for some reason.

    • Andy Richardson

      The price dropped to $549 at T-Mo. I see that price online and I bought it in a store just yesterday… Cheapest price I could find for an unsubsidized S3.

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        Yes, for those who aren’t aware — TMO recently dropped the full retail price of some phones — GSIII is now $549, One S is $450, etc. (They are also offering a $50 mail-in rebate if you buy the One S at full price/Value Plan; doesn’t apply to the GSIII.)

  • steve102680

    David, this has nothing to do with this post. Just curious if you ever thought about releasing a app for tmonews??

    • taron19119

      I loved to see that

    • There is an unofficial app for Windows Phone.

  • guest5509696

    must be a local store only… online shows $199 @Target and $299 @Walmart (for white) and $304 for the blue which isn’t offered by Target at all.

    • Matlock

      Online and in store have different pricing, especially at Wal-Mart. Go to your local store to make sure.

  • Mike

    I’d like to know the price of the Sensation underneath!

  • SimpleFracture

    I still don’t understand why t-mobile is charging SOO much for the S3 when everyone else is selling them for half the price. Even Verizon dropped the S3 to $149.

    • Eric

      It is because they want everyone to switch to the Value plans. 149 down on Value and it adds up to the same or cheaper on Classic.

    • g2a5b0e

      When did Verizon drop the price to $150? I haven’t heard anything about that & the website still say $200.

      • Aaron

        Go to walmart I seen the verizon gs3 for $148.88 . Me and wifey bought 2 tmobile gs3 for $319 . Loving it

        • g2a5b0e

          Yeah, but he said Verizon dropped the price, not Walmart.

      • Aaron

        Don’t go off the website .

  • This is a good deal

  • JJay

    Clearly this is regional or local. All the W.M Supercenters in my Central Florida area are quoting me $199 in store when I call the wireless departments directly. Would love to know where this was seen.

    • tmoforthewin

      I Work With Walmart stores In Central FL And When I Checked Yesterday It Was At $148. Go In And Run Through The Contract It Should Ring Up At $148

      • JJay

        Thanks for replying….. Would be awesome to get that phone for that price. What do you mean by “run through the contract?”

        • tmoforthewin

          If The Price Tag Says $198 For The Phone Go Ahead And Have The Rep Do The Upgrade Or New Line And I Will Ring Up At $148. The Store May Not Have Read The Update For The Price Change.

  • me

    I’ll wait for Sept 21 when Tmo will offer it Free to combat the Iphone release!

  • Man….and to think I just paid $179 at Costco yesterday for it….

    • SirWilliam4

      and you got a car charger, 2 cases, and a screen protector. plus a 90 in store warranty. :) id say thats worth 30 bucks.

      • That’s why I didn’t return it over $30. :)

        • Costco make you pay taxes on the pre-instant rebate price so tack on another $15 or so. I hate Costco policy so bad which is why i haven’t bought one from them yet.

  • Aaron

    I was just about to email u about this david . I just left walmart and seen this lol. I only seen the $148.88 for the white the blue is the regular price $198. Can anyone confirm blue ??? I am in fresno ca

    • Darrell

      Yep, I bought the blue from Walmart yesterday and it was $148 for the upgrade. I’m in Sunrise, FL. The Walmart guy that rung me up said that the deal will be good through the end of the week. Sorry, not sure about other regions though.

  • galaxy3

    Tmobile retention pricing is 129.99 after MIR

  • The Observer

    I dont even see those prices online

  • The Observer

    Also, best buy is selling it for $179

  • Greg

    I wonder if on Sept 21st they will offer the phone for free. If they do that have anyone signed up to get a free phone then cancel after 14days, then pay $200 cancellation fee. Therefore you’re only paying $200+$35 for the AFee, and partial service that you used within the 14days; that’s like $260 in my books compare to 549-599. lol

    • adam

      Tmobile cancels a plan at the end of cycle now so it maybe full month and some depending when they start the cycle, also add another $30 for taxes on $235. The total would be more like $300-340 plus they can ban you from signing up again in the future.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I’m done with postpaid and contract plans. Just pay full retail for the phone and use monthly4g. For my usage case, it saves so much money.

  • Jeffery Duke

    Anyone know if this is for 32GB or 16GB? (I’m thinking likely the latter)

    • Aaron

      16gb .

  • Xavi620

    I work for t-mob and we have the gs3 at 149.99 in our retail stores.

    • AARON

      I checked all tmobile stores and even called customer loyalty . And they don’t have it for $149 .so went to walmart and got 2 gs3 for $319 I will never buy directly from tmobile again.

    • T-mobile doesn’t sell gs3 for $149.99. I checked it online and you guys charge for 270 something still and same with the two t-mobile stores in my area.

  • TMoFan

    Does anyone know if I can keep my grandfathered plans?

    • Aaron

      Yes u can still keep the grandfather plan I did just haf to change my data from $30 to $35. Because I had the mytouch 4g data plan .

  • I have a question I was wondering if someone can answer for me please. What is the difference in buying a cellphone from Wal-Mart vs. directly from T-Mobile? How does that affect your account…. like as far as making your payments and your plan? My upgrade date is coming up on the 25th this month so just considering options before then.

    • Michael Cameron

      It doesnt do anything different to your account. You just save money!

    • If you buy a smartphone that requires a premium data plan, you would be forced to get the premium data plan if you don’t get the phone directly from T-mobile. If you buy it directly from T-mobile, you can keep your current data plan if you have any. I’ve always bought my phones directly from T-mobile to keep my grandfathered data plan. But this year, I had to let it go and buy my phone somewhere else because T-mobile has been super ridiculous with its pricing. It’s priced twice than most retailers -__-” I was still able to keep my grandfathered cheap ass minutes plan.. but not the data plan.

  • Aaron

    Me and the wife finally bought our galaxy s3 today .thank you walmart and tmonews :)

  • Aaron

    $319 for 2 gs3 . can’t beat that.

  • Mavic

    I’m not sure of the difference but I paid $150 at my local T-mobile store for my 16gb sgs3 migrating to the “value plan” with the unlimited data.

    • Aaron

      Is That’s $150 with $20 a month added to your bill for 20months .I seen that and told them can I get some of wat they smoking and went to walmart lol .

      • Mavic

        Even with the $20 a month my bill is cheaper than the classic plan. There really is no difference other than you know your plan isn’t subsidized and your paying separate for the devices.

  • Dakota

    It always pays to wait..heck the nexus has gone from almost 900 to 350…Tmo should match..I bet that 279 turned a lot off so they didn’t even bother to check rate plans..If they cut prices online; its less than the iPhone. Surprised that so far, the unlimited plan hasn’t even been prominently displayed on the site..its the gs3@279 for “value based customer s who expect 199

  • guest

    Depending on what State you are in, I think it might be a little bit cheaper ordering it online. I think it Target’s case they go through Simplexity like Wirefly does so no sales tax and free shipping so even at $189 or $199, it still comes out cheaper than the instore price overall.

  • Catalyn Martinez Estrella

    I’m deaf guy… what about blackfriday in November deal sale down buy one and get free one or free sgs3? david? let me know.

  • Paul Sanchez

    I just picked up my GS3 from tmobile today for $150 plus tax

  • shawn

    I hope someone could help me out . My wife bought me a gs3 from walmart sunday she upgraded us to a new 2year contract . She bought me he wrong color blue when I wanted white and its been getting really hott . Since its overheating and wrong color would they let me exchange it ???