T-Mobile Announces September 19th Galaxy S Relay 4G Release Date

T-Mobile just dropped word via a quick press release that the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G will be available nationwide at T-Mobile retail stores, select national retailers and online via T-Mobile.com beginning September 19th. Expected to cost $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a qualifying Classic voice and data plan, the Relay 4G will also be available with a qualifying Value plan for $99.99 down and 20 equal monthly payments of $20 per month.

I pinged T-Mobile to try to clear up the processor confusion once and for all, if I receive a response I’ll update the post.

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  • Full price fool

    $500 for this? Ay yay yay

    • fixxmyhead

      yup very steep. u can get a s2 from walmart for 300$ off contract with the 30$ plan and its way better than this phone

      • Andy Richardson

        Yeah, $499 is too much for what I am seeing. I only paid $549 for my S3.

        • Guest

          Where did you get your S3 for $549??? Is it T-mobile S3 or the International S3?

        • Andy Richardson

          I got it at the T-Mobile store. The price dropped from $599 to $549 over the weekend. Same price online, but you have to jump through hoops to see the full price on the T-Mo website. They prefer to show the subsidized price. Go to account management and use the phone upgrade option, but don’t select a new plan.

        • Dakota

          yeah i called about this last month and they told me to go to a store. The rep kept saying they sell the tmo sg3 at full price online but I told her I cant find a way to order it and she couldnt either. So again what a great Tmo system, people want to pay over $500 for a handset that is tied to your network unsubsidized like you want them to – and yet your employees cant figure out a way to make the sale and turn down the potential customer. Its just ridiculous stuff like this that drives me crazy about Tmobile

      • S2 out of stock online from Walmart.

        • fixxmyhead

          oh ok i was just saying though. im sure it will be back up when they get more in.

      • Jacob

        Not to mention The Galaxy Nexus is only $349 and WAY better than the Galaxy S Relay. I guess some people need a keyboard though.

        • Dakota

          Most people don’t know much about all this stuff. Im glad Ive educated myself by reading sites like this. I talked to a few people over the last few days – 1 one an iphone user so knew absolutely nothing about Android – never even heard of things like ice cream sandwich or jelly bean and started asking me what is google chrome and whats the difference between that and google? And this is a smart business person – its just phones are not his hobby ; hes not a techie – he just needs his phone for work. Just today I spoke to someone with an Android who admired my phones big screen…talked to him for a long while- he had no clue about his phone except for the name brand…he couldnt even tell me what operating system version he had – he had no clue what version updates were – he didnt even know there were diff versions and had no idea what gingerbread/ics/jb meant or were – and honestly he didnt care as long as his phone suited his needs. I think people on tech blogs often forget that they are a small subset of the consumers out there. Lke the guy today, he cared about a phone t hat worked and a cheap rate plan – and had no desire for anything else.

      • Dakota

        am i wrong? ive been told by both tmobile and walmart reps that that $30 100 min/5gb is only for new Tmo customers. If youve bee postpaid or prepaid Tmo customer, youre not eligible unless you cancel and then sign up a new with a new phone #. Not sure if thats how it works but thats what they keep telling me- otherwise i guess you could port to something like straight talk for a month and then try to port back to Tmo and see if that works. It seems silly but Tmo plays a lot of games with its customers so it wouldnt really surprise me. Someone needs to teach me how to use Voip and Google Voice if thats the way you get around the 100 min thing. I dont know how to use that stuff My data speeds though are getting worse an worse with the Nexus +21. I average 2.5 mpbs if Im lucky – the data often cuts on and off in an area that is supposed to have great coverage and just today my speedtest showed .08 mbps -thats Sprint speeds. Dont know what to do. Nexus also seems to lose wifi for seconds several x a day.

        • fixxmyhead

          The only way u can do it is by buying a new phone through wall Mart that’s the way I did it cuz they need the activation code from the phone. U can still keep ur oldnumber. The cheapest phone they got is 30$ and then 30$ for the plan do the first month comes out to 60$ cuz u HAVE to buy the stupid phone and port ur number to it then take out SIM card and put in ur phone

        • marc12868

          It’s for new activations only yes. You might be able to port your number to a different carrier and then back although that would be more hasle than it’s worth. As for google voice and voip what you could do is port your number to google voice and pay the one time porting fee of $10 and use groove-ip from the google play store and use that to make calls which doesn’t use your minutes (since just using google voice isn’t voip on android so you have to use grooe-ip), to be able to use it ove mobile data you would have to pay the $5 fee that groove ip is on the play store. And to get a T-mobile prepaid sim you can either go to walmart and buy a cheap phone that is part of their plan or go onto t-mobile’s site and buy a prepaid sim for $1.99 plus shipping and then activate online and choose the $30/month 5gb 4g plan. Hope this helps ;D.

    • Dakota

      A nexus is still 350

  • DS

    Good news with the release date. So, what about releasing ICS for the Blaze?

  • $500 for Value / prepaid customers with those specs? LOL let’s hope for TMO’s sake consumers don’t notice the specs!

  • Chris Hickman

    Perhaps I just don’t understand – but why is everyone complaining about the $500 fee? Is the subsidized $149 price just as overpriced compared to subsidies on other phones? I’m very much interested in this phone and was hoping some user comments would better clarify why this isn’t a good value compared to other things offered. The sliding keyboard is the killer feature that isn’t available anywhere else – so of course, that needs to be taken into consideration

    • Chris, consider that not all TMO users are on Classic or the various grandfathered postpaid plans. For prepaid users (for example $30 a month 5GB) and Value plan subscribers – there is no discount on the phone. I’m on the Value Plan. If I want to buy a HTC One S from the TMO sit,e for example, it will cost me $450 for the phone.No discounts. I hope that explains why we’re complaining about the $500 “fee.”

      • UPDATE – for $500 not a bad price relative to other options! S4 processor…

  • UMA_Fan

    I think this could have gone with higher res screen for that price point.

  • Deceptivesmiles

    Don’t know how I feel about the price, I’m getting it anyway, might just go to Walmart for a few more bucks off

  • psaux

    $500 invoice for hardware specs so far behind the times is utterly ridiculous, and it’ll be even worse for the unlucky/unobservant folks they catch via their traditional hike of the invoice price during sales (so they can claim greater discounts on contract … seriously, they usually do this). I’m appalled. Given what the G2 cost when it came out (with great specs for the time), this is highway robbery.

    • Aaron Tant

      agree… when the Blaze was introduced at $400, this should have followed. With the keyboard, I may have allowed for $450, but this is over-the-top.


    I am a sales rep for T-mobile and I am just happy to see a new keyboard phone because T-mobile MyTouch is not doing the job! Yet the phone price is a lil high for the specs. but a majority of customers don’t care about specs because they don’t understand them. They just want a phone that will last 22 months or 20 months depending on the plan

  • randomnerd_number38

    Personally, I’m still curious about the whole s3 or s4 thing. With the release only 9 days away, maybe we won’t know for certain until then …

    • The s4 will won’t be out until 2013, according to most (all?) sources. Until then Samsung will sell the heck out of the S3. expect prices to drop. From TMO the price just reduced from $600 to $550 for the 16GB version. This is for Value Plan/Pre-paid customers.

      • randomnerd_number38

        I was referring to the chipset for this phone. T-Mobile’s press release says it’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor, but the Samsung website indicates that the processor is a MSM8260A, which is a MUCH better processor and is actually from the S4 line of processors. Everyone’s talking shit about how the Galaxy S Relay is using last year’s tech, but if T-Mobile goofed on the press release and it really IS the S4 processor, this becomes a much more worthy phone.

        Sheesh, if even the commentors on these websites are getting confused over the whole S3/S4/lol the Galaxy S4 isn’t even out yet, I can see how the press release might’ve been a mistake. And if this phone is $500, I’m really starting to think it actually does have the better processor.

  • Carlos Pizarro Jr.


    • Dakota

      Thats a great offer; it might be 1159 Pacific? Its `120am on the East coast and its still up but that could be a mistake. I just dont understand why Tmobile keeps having these online sales but they dont let anybody know. Do they think everyone is checking their website daily? esp potential customers? This is the type of sale they need to PROMOTE..This is the type of thing you need to do to steal attention from the iPhone launch & to spur impulse buying from users who see a flashy phone and sale price and want to jump on the bargain – Do it for a weekend or a week but for Gods sake publicize it. Ill never forget I first joined Tmobile because they had a promotion which saved me $10 every month as long as I stayed in that plan. Meanwhile you have Tmo advertising 279 on the GS3 and thats AFTER rebates so a customer has to shell out more than $100 than they would at any other carrier in the US. But here in bold type on the website is $99 after a $100 rebate…so ok, Im paying the same price as ATT or Verizon and Im getting $100 back – now thats gonna get peoples attention except no one except Carlos knew about it? I hope Tmo at least tweets about these t hings but again thats only going to get existing customers – not the new ones they need. And theres always an asterisk that you must meet requirements so I wonder if you dig down if you need to get unlimited or something higher than the 2gb that a lot of people usually get…I remember past promotions required a 5gb plan and I gave those up – especially since TMobile extends your contract for 2 years whenever you want to change your data plan – heck ATT doesnt even do that.

  • Guess I’ll need to get used to the S-Pen ……..

  • therealmikebrown

    I like this phone. With a dual core 1.5, i’m good. 800×480 is fine for 4 inches and 5 megs is fine for snapshots. If I can find it for $100, I’m in.

  • RonJeezy

    Where is everyone getting that it is going to be 500 dollars from, without an upgrade/2 year agreement?

    • Heisenberg

      Retail price is always Value down payment plus installment amount (unless there’s a flukey Monthly4G discount). Value down payment is $99.99, plus 20 installments of $20 ($400) meaning $499.99 will be the SRP at launch.

  • john

    this doesnt look like an iphone killer, release the galaxy s4

  • Guest

    price is 500 bucks

  • tomarone

    Just a bit pricey. Samsung hits another home run! NFC I assume. Wish I had $500.

  • tomarone

    All you get is 4GB that’s it?
    not much but I expect the battery will be much better.

  • Roy_G2

    i ll go for Samsung Galaxy S3… Relay 4G 4 inches isnt new to me… i have HTC G2.. this is 3.7 inches.. almost same as Relay 4G… wish this device 4.3 inches or something like… so today, i m going to buy Samsung Galaxy S3… 4.8 inches! nice!!

  • Angie

    This phone’s on the T-mobile site now and it says it has an s4 processor. http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=Samsung-Galaxy-S-Relay-4G