T-Mobile Makes Changes to Port-in Offer

T-Mobile has since been offering a port-in credit to customers. This is something that customers enjoyed receiving after they ported in from a competitor. 

And since April, T-Mobile has been offering a $200 rebate credit for porting in a postpaid number. The offer can even be redeemed by up to five times per account, bringing this up to $1,000. Unfortunately, this offer doesn’t seem to last long. 

As revealed by The Mobile Report, the offer will no longer be available after today, August 16th. T-Mobile is said to be slashing the offer to just two times per account. This means that you can only get up to a $400 rebate instead of the original $1,000. 

Another important change that was made is that the offer is now only available to users porting into the Go5G Plus plan. If you will be porting to any other T-Mobile plan, you won’t be eligible for the rebate. 

This change goes into effect starting, Thursday, August 17th. 

Source: The Mobile Report