T-Mobile customers begin receiving Simplified Billing notices


Leading up to the Uncarrier 5.0 event last month, we received information that T-Mobile would be simplifying bills to include a clearer breakdown.  And, while it wasn’t part of the Uncarrier announcements, changes are being made. Customers will begin receiving new, simplified bills this month. But you don’t have to rely on photos sent through to us to get the full picture. If you head on over to T-Mobile.com/newbill, there’s a nice, cartoonish (bordering on patronizing) video explaining it all.

Highlights are as follows:

  • The first page provides a quick snapshot of your account: previous balances, payments, credits, and adjustments. The total due and the date it’s needed are up front and in bold.
  • T-Mobile has added a Bill Highlights box to alert you to any changes made since your last bill, or to show up other important information. 
  • Under Current Charges you can see how your plan, equipment, taxes, and fees apply to each line. Each charge is broken down and divided in to its relevant category. 
  • Along the left side, you’ll find additional boxes highlighting changes, plan data, and any current EIP balances. 

This new billing system is designed to make everything a little more transparent, and much easier to understand. Given the recent FTC allegations, that’s almost certainly a good thing. Gallery of highlights below:

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