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T-Mobile Announces New Service for Easier MVNO Operations

The number of MVNOs that operate on T-Mobile’s network is about to get even bigger. Earlier today, the Un-carrier unveiled a “groundbreaking solution” that “makes it easier for traditional and non-traditional MVNOs” to kickstart their own wireless service.  T-Mobile’s new service, called Your Name, Our Wireless, offers end-to-end managed and operated solutions for those aspiring to be an MVNO. Through this service, T-Mobile simplifies the MVNO’s backend process to set up and operate the service. As a … [read full article]

T-Mobile Plans to Acquire Metronet

It looks like T-Mobile still isn’t done with its shopping spree this year. After its acquisition of Mint Mobile (and its brands) and majority of US Cellular, there is another brand that the Un-carrier is eyeing.  According to PhoneArena, T-Mobile is looking at purchasing Metronet, a fiber Internet Service Provider (ISP), through a joint venture with KKR. The report shared that the two companies will have “an equal stake in Metronet”[read full article]

T-Mobile Tops Ookla’s Speedtest® Results Third Time in a Row

Once again, T-Mobile has topped the results of a third-party network report for speed and performance. This marks the third consecutive time that T-Mobile topped Ookla’s Speedtest® Connectivity report.  Ookla released the results of its Speedtest® Connectivity United States 1H 2024 report where T-Mobile won the most number of categories. This is similar to the results that the network report published over the last couple of … [read full article]

T-Mobile, Verizon Finally Agree on One Thing

The rivalry among US carriers has always been pretty strong. It’s very rare for instances when these rival companies work together for the same goal. Recently, however, T-Mobile and Verizon seem to be on the same boat as they are hoping the US government will not award additional spectrum to AT&T. And with that, the two are now working together to stop this.  Back in 2017, AT&T decided to build a dedicated network for first responders to … [read full article]

T-Mobile Making Changes to Device Insurance Program Soon

Update (7/17/2024 8:00 PM EST): It’s official! T-Mobile postpaid customers can now add P360 anytime after purchasing a device. They are no longer limited to the 30-day window after purchase. The device insurance plan can also be added to devices that were not purchased at T-Mobile but were brought in under a BYOD protection plan. T-Mobile Business customers can also add P360 to their plans. Before protection can be added, customers will need to pass a three-point … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile’s T Life App Tends to Drain Your Battery Juice

Last January, T-Mobile rolled out the T Life app that replaced the native T-Mobile Tuesdays app for its rewards program. Months after its release, some users are discovering that this app has been draining their battery life.  A Reddit user shared his observation after using the T Life app. According to his AdGuard app, T-Mobile’s T Life app tried to push more than 54,000 ads … [read full article]

T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile Unveil Back-to-School Deals

It’s back to school season! And with that, T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile want to help bring savings to its customers. Here are some of the offers that they are currently running on their website: T-Mobile Apple iPhone 14 – Free (up to $730) when you trade in an eligible device and add a line on one of T-Mobile’s Go5G plans Apple iPhone 15 – Free (up to $830 off) when you trade in an eligible device … [read full article]

Mint Mobile Customers Getting Free Roaming in Canada Across All Plans

Mint Mobile subscribers who frequently travel to Canada are getting a free perk today.  As announced by T-Mobile, customers are getting free roaming in Canada starting today. The wireless carrier shared that all Mint plans will be getting free roaming in Canada at no additional cost.  This means that your $15 per month plan from Mint Mobile will get you unlimited talk, text, and 3GB … [read full article]

T-Mobile Running Deals on Newly Announced Samsung Z Series Devices

Samsung recently unveiled its new Samsung Z series devices. Not one to make its subscribers wait, T-Mobile has jumped in on the action and scooped up these devices. Earlier today, the Un-carrier unveiled which of the new Z series devices they will be offering. The good news is that T-Mobile is offering a few of these devices for free with its plans.  Here are the new Samsung devices that T-Mobile will be carrying: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6[read full article]