T-Mobile outlines what senior leadership team will look like after Sprint merger


Following T-Mobile and Sprint’s victory in court, New York and California dropping their opposition, and the CPUC issuing a proposal for approval, it’s looking increasingly likely that T-Mo and Sprint’s merger will happen. Ahead of that, the two companies have detailed what the senior leadership team (SLT) of the New T-Mobile will look like.

In a letter to employees that was also shared with the SEC, T-Mobile CEO John Legere and COO Mike Sievert revealed what the New T-Mobile’s SLT will look like. It includes a mix of current T-Mobile and Sprint executives, and it’ll take effect as of the closing of the transaction.

Finance will include current T-Mobile CFO Braxon Carter (who has previously said he’d be leaving the company on July 1st) who will remain as CFO, as well as T-Mo’s Susan Loosmore. Neville Ray will continue on as President of Technology and Abdul Saad will be Chief Technology Officer reporting to Neville, as we already knew.

Current Sprint CTO John Saw will be named Executive Vice President of Advanced and Emerging Technologies and will report to Neville. Also of note is that current Dow Draper, Sprint’s current Chief Commercial Officer, will be New T-Mobile’s Executive Vice President of Emerging Products.

Deeanne King will join New T-Mobile as an Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer after working at Sprint as its Chief Human Resources Officer. Another Sprint exec joining the team is NĂ©stor Cano, who is currently Sprint’s Chief Operating Officer and will become New T-Mo’s Executive Vice President of Integration and Transformation as well as a Strategic Advisor to the CEO.

Many well-known T-Mobile execs will be sticking with the company after the merger. Jon Freier will continue on as Executive Vice President of Consumer Markets and Mike Katz will continue to be Executive Vice President of T-Mobile for Business.

Matt Staneff will continue as New T-Mobile’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Callie Field will continue on as Executive Vice President of Customer Care, and Janice Kapner will serve as Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer.

Finally, T-Mobile previously announced that CEO John Legere will step down on April 30th, with current COO Mike Sievert becoming the new CEO and President. Legere will remain a member of the board at T-Mobile.

The CPUC has said that it will vote on its proposal to approve T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger on April 16th. We’re also still waiting for the results of the Tunney Act antitrust review of the deal. While we wait for those two things to happen, you can check out T-Mobile’s full SEC filing that includes Legere and Sievert’s letter to employees at the link below.

Source: SEC

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  • vrm

    John Leger will be joining the newly formed Dish wireless. That is my educated guess. This was revealed to the judge who approved the merger.

    • Dominimmiv

      If it was revealed to the judge how is it a “guess”?

      • tekfranz

        T-Mobile and Dish tried a deal in 2015 and worked together now to get the merger approval.
        That does NOT mean John Legere will go work for Dish.
        That would violate NDA, Non-compete agreements, etc….

    • Acdc1a

      It would be very difficult for him to be any part of the new Dish provider while serving on the board at T-Mobile.

      • Thatsme2011

        You ever heard of the action RESIGN!

  • Jay Holm

    So is 4/1 still the closing date?

  • Rob C.

    I’m sure there going be a lot of Sprint employees looking for new job after the merge is done unfortunately.

    • Willie D

      They can keep looking. If they were successful at their job, Sprint wouldnt be where it is. Keeping ANY employees from Sprint, from top execs to the guy who does janitorial or landscaping for them should be terminated and not allowed to be rehired. Cause when you fail and suck at one company, you should NEVER be part of the new more successful company.

      • Kay Ba


        Sweeping generalizations? trolling or completely lacking in business sense

        • Lamont Frazier

          Kay, I completely agree with you. Willie’s comment lacks any rational business sense.

        • Thatsme2011

          Kay and Lamont must work at SPRINT????? Or could be SPRINT BOTS!

        • Kay Ba

          Looks like Willie D has two accounts – Willie D and Thatsme2011.

  • Thatsme2011

    I can’t believe they are keeping SPRINT’s POOR – OLD Leadership in these key roles. These people couldn’t even run Sprint as they only ran it into the GROUND. No wonder John L wants no part of it, just a seat at the table.